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Not a nationality but an individuality / Plagiat sans frontières?

THE ORIGINAL? Mc Donald’s Restaurants Recruitment – 2008 “(…) we hire individuals” Source : Adeevee Agency : DDB Stockholm (Sweden) LESS ORIGINAL Norrdzee Restaurant Recruitment – 2021 “(…) we hire individuals” In store posters & Facebook campaign Agency : Unknown, Brussels (Belgium) [Author: Joe La Pompe]
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eqtble, a platform that uses data analytics to create healthier workplaces, raises $2.7M seed

eqtble founders (from l to r): Ethan Veres, Gabe Horwitz and Joseph Ifiegbu “People are the backbone of any organization. People are more important than the product. Without people, you don’t have a product,” says Joseph Ifiegbu, who is Snap’s former head of human resources technology and also previous lead of WeWork’s People Analytics team. Ifiegbu’s startup, called eqtble, wants to give HR teams the same kind of detailed analytics that product, sales and marketing departments have had for a...
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Gloat raises $57M to reinvent the internal job board

A lot of the focus in recruitment these days has been on better technology to connect people to job opportunities at new organizations, but that also leaves a wide opening to focus on one of the other big funnels for finding work: internal transfers. Today, a startup that is building tools to improve that experience is announcing a big round of funding to expand its business. Gloat, which has built an AI-based platform that it sells to organizations to power their internal job boards, has picked...
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Do Startups No Longer Need Recruitment Agencies?

Any business startup involved in the technical industry from aerospace to specialist IT may benefit from professional help or even just advice from a technical recruitment agency. The post Do Startups No Longer Need Recruitment Agencies? appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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As the economy reopens, startups are uniquely positioned to recruit talent

Art Zeile Contributor Share on Twitter Art Zeile is the CEO of DHI Group, which operates Dice, the leading tech career marketplace connecting employers with skilled technology professionals. We are amidst a sprawling renegotiation between employers and employees as to the very nature of work, and no one has more leverage than skilled technologists — many of whom feel unmoored from their current jobs. Our 2021 Technologist Sent...
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How to find a job in Dubai

The job market in Dubai is competitive due to the number of foreigners attracted to living and working there. Dubai is expecting an economic growth of at least 5% this year. The economy is booming comparatively to recession infested economies of UK, Europe and America. If you are eager to find a job in Dubai, […] The post How to find a job in Dubai appeared first on Dubai Expat Blog.
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Corporate Culture Begins with The Recruitment Process (And How You Treat Candidates Throughout It)

Corporate culture is the lifeblood of a company, it’s who you are. Crafting a strong corporate culture can be the difference in a company’s survival. An employee will work harder and fight for a company if they believe that that company will fight for them and if they believe in the organization as a whole. But where does corporate culture begin? That answer is simpler than most companies make it, recruiting. Recruiting is the seed from which your corporate culture grows and that includes how ...
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How Financial Institutions Can Snag Top Tech Talent

Digital transformation demands talented staff. Banks and credit unions that want to draw the best expertise must sell themselves. The post How Financial Institutions Can Snag Top Tech Talent appeared first on The Financial Brand - Banking Trends, Analysis & Insights.
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How Financial Institutions Can Snag Top Software Engineering Talent

Digital transformation demands talented staff. Banks and credit unions that want to draw the best expertise must sell themselves. The post How Financial Institutions Can Snag Top Software Engineering Talent appeared first on The Financial Brand - Banking Trends, Analysis & Insights.
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Vacancy: #4510 DITA Product Marketing Manager, Côte d’Azur/Provence France, €50k-€70k

This client develops software for Technical Publications teams, and it looking for someone to promote and market their products. This would be a good opportunity for a Technical Author who is looking... [[ For the full article, see]]
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Poor onboarding is the enemy of good hiring

Daniel Chait Contributor Share on Twitter Daniel Chait is co-founder and CEO of Greenhouse Software, a recruiting software company that automates and simplifies best practices for hiring talent, and co-author of "Talent Makers: How the Best Organizations Win Through Structured and Inclusive Hiring." The world of hybrid work is here, and the usual 10-minute intro call, swag bag and first-day team lunch are just not enough to ma...
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Recruitment Solutions to Reach More Passive Candidates

We’re coming out of an unprecedented (yes, it’s overused, but there’s a reason for that, it’s a perfect way to describe the last 15 months) time, and now we’re in the new normal. And that new normal includes more passive candidates than anyone anticipated. Many industries are struggling to fill positions and maybe it’s because there’s a higher health risk, some people need to be home to care for loved ones, and some are re-evaluating their career paths and moving into recession (and pandemic) pr...
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10 Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Job Search (and How to Fix Them)

When you’re looking for a new job there’s a lot that can go wrong, from formatting your resume improperly to being tripped up by questions during the job interview. Mistakes will happen—some bigger than others—and most of them are survivable...but there are certain pitfalls to avoid that can make your job search run a…Read more...
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6 Employee Recruitment Strategies to Improve Your Hiring Process

The people that work for your company are not only the ones that actually get things done, they are the ones that represent what your company is all about. 
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RE/MAX sues eXp Realty over recruitment, ‘false advertising’

The suit claims eXp tried to solicit franchisees whose contracts with RE/MAX weren't over yet, and that it misrepresented RE/MAX's commission splits, among other things.
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Upstream, a Miami-based professional networking platform, raises a $2.75M seed round

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you have a LinkedIn profile with your digital resume and hundreds — if not thousands — of professional connections. But how many of those people do you actually know well, and, more importantly, do you ever connect with them and meet others from their networks? “You don’t go to LinkedIn to meet people. You don’t hang out and spend meaningful time there,” said Alex Taub, co-founder and CEO of Upstream, a new professional networking platform ...
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How to Figure Out What a Job Pays When Glassdoor Can’t Help

When you’re job-hunting, salary is the first thing you think about but the last thing you’re technically allowed to talk about. It’s a bitter irony of hiring etiquette: You do your best to market yourself in such a way that you’ll secure an offer, but don’t you dare talk about money until the time is right.Read more...
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Do You Really Need to Send a Thank-You Note After a Job Interview?

It’s a corporate custom that might seem outdated, or even like a trivial formality. Yet anyone with a good deal of job hunting experience will tell you how important it is to send a thank-you note after an interview. That’s the conventional wisdom, at least. How much does it really matter?Interview best practices…Read more...
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Leak of a Reported 500 Million Profiles Actually Very Boring, LinkedIn Assures Users

Less than a week after personal information from a half-billion scraped Facebook profiles were leaked to the digital underworld, the world’s largest professional network seems to have suffered a similar fate. It would appear that, like Facebook, approximately 500 million scraped LinkedIn profiles are now being sold on…Read more...
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4 Ways You Can Use An Applicant Tracking System For Your Business This Year

Luring the best of best candidates to your company is fairly not as much a complicated process that you might sometimes think it is. One of the most important factors… Read more » The post 4 Ways You Can Use An Applicant Tracking System For Your Business This Year appeared first on
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'Cheat' Your Way to a Great Remote Job Interview

Chances are that if you’ve landed a job interview in this pandemic-stricken economy, you’re doing it over a video conferencing tool like Zoom or Google Meet. But even if you’re a friendly type who thrives off the organic energy of face-to-face interaction, the remote interview format can work to your advantage. Read more...
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Traditional recruitment is hurting young job seekers, not helping

Businesses should focus on developing the type of talent they need because those ‘unicorns’ they are hoping to recruit are just that – fictitious The post Traditional recruitment is hurting young job seekers, not helping appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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LinkedIn Also Has a Clubhouse Rival in the Works Now

The latest platform dipping its toes into the tepid waters of the “social audio experience” is LinkedIn, which confirmed on Tuesday that it’s developing an audio networking integration for its app that will rival the existing voice-only chat app Clubhouse.Read more...
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How to Shoot a Great LinkedIn Video Cover Story

LinkedIn is launching a brand-new tool that you can use to make an impression on those who might want to hire you. The service’s new “Video Cover Stories” are just one more lever you’ll have to pull to make yourself as competitive as everyone else, so you might as well start planning now.Read more...
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LinkedIn Adds Stories-Like Cover Letter Videos to Profiles to Help You Impress Potential Employers

Many of LinkedIn’s newest features makes it feel less like a job-seeking platform and even more like Instagram. But that seems to be what it’s going for.Read more...
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5 unconventional ways to source and hire diverse talent for your business

Niche job boards can help employers find candidates with specified talents. SDI Productions/Getty Images Leaders looking to diversify their talent pool should go beyond typical platforms to find top talent. Recruiting expert Clair Kim suggests searching through niche job boards or networking groups. Limiting your search to typical platforms like LinkedIn may exclude a larger pool of candidates. See more stories on Insider's business page. If you're an organizational leader who...
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Hire More Failures to Have an Innovative Team

Innovation and failure are often bedfellows. Many of the great intentions and inventors of our times left behind a trail of failures in the path to their victory. One of the reasons for this is that you can only fail if you try, and any person who tells you they have never failed is either lying or has never taken a big risk. The people who made their mark in any given industry are always those who aren’t afraid to fail which opens up the possibilities of greater success.Now, how does one use th...
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4 ways businesses can better attract and recruit new talent

Recruiters should go beyond LinkedIn to source potential employees. SDI Productions/Getty Images Office culture is important to people in their job search, says employee engagement and diversity expert Bernard Coleman. Businesses can attract new talent by proving they care about what matters most to future employees. Coleman believes recruiters can source better talent by expanding their search pool and engaging with those that's right for their company. Visit the Business section of Insid...
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Ask These Questions at Your Next Job Interview

Interviews are a two-way street. As much as the interviewer is taking a microscope to you and your skills, you’re analyzing whether the company is genuinely the right fit for you. Asking questions during your interview helps you understand the company culture and is key to a successful interview. Job hunting site…Read more...
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How Effective Is Your Recruitment Process? 4 Simple Ways To Improve

Employees are the most crucial resource for any company. Look at improving your recruitment process to hire the best employees. The post How Effective Is Your Recruitment Process? 4 Simple Ways To Improve appeared first on Young Upstarts.
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