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If 'Seinfeld' were a horror movie

The trailer for The Nothing may keep you awake at night. Coincidentally, it's the 10th anniversary of the Pig Man trailer this month. Image: Vimeo / Max Gold
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'Blade Runner' opening redone with aerials of illegal Los Angeles fireworks

Fireworks are illegal in Los Angeles, but that doesn't stop the whole city from shimmering with home-grown displays on July 4. Thanks to a recut by Mike Dent, KTLA's viral footage of this year's especially impressive showing looks a lot like the classic Blade Runner opening. Here's the original for comparison:   Image: Vimeo / Mach_Dent via KTLA
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Apocalypse Now Final Cut Will Arrive in Theaters This August

Apocalypse Now Final Cut will arrive in theaters this August Legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola has revealed that he will unveil his classic war film Apocalypse Now Final Cut in theaters on August 15 for a limited release ahead of its 4K Blu-ray release on August 27. According to JoBlo, the filmmaker screened the latest cut of the film for viewers at the Tribeca Film Festival over the weekend. Check out the trailer for Apocalypse Now Final Cut below! PB = P...
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'How Scandal Fatigue Works In The Time of Trump,' explained by The Simpsons

“Are you sure it’s not a witch hunt?” This is the best GIF adaptation of all time, as one commenter already said. IMGURian TheGhostofElizabethShue made a killer cut-up political explainer out of a Simpsons clip that made the rounds in GIF form. Watch and enjoy. How Scandal Fatigue Works [via]
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