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Ikea UK to buy back unwanted furniture in recycling push

Group pledges to shift towards model where items for sale can be reused, recycled or rejiggedThe UK’s biggest furniture retailer, Ikea, will launch a scheme to buy back unwanted furniture from customers to resell as part of the Swedish group’s efforts to reduce its impact on the environment.The group has pledged to shift towards a circular model of consumption where items it sells can be reused, recycled or rejigged rather than dumped. Continue reading...
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Your Old Phone Number Could Get You Hacked, Researchers Say

When you get a new phone number, mobile carriers will often “recycle” your old one—assigning it to a new phone and, therefore, a new customer. Carriers say the reason they do this is to stave off a hypothetical future of “number exhaustion”—a sort of “peak oil” for phone numbers, when every possible number that could…Read more...
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Why parents are choosing to rent their kids’ clothes

The secondhand clothing market is growing fast – and not just for adults. Meet the parents changing the way we’ll dress our children in the futureErick Bouwer’s baby son Joshua was, to use a technical term, a whopper: 4.5kg, or almost 10lb in old money. “That was a big guy indeed, he’s 11 years old now and he still is,” says Bouwer, on the line from Amsterdam. Bouwer and his wife had nested assiduously before Joshua’s arrival, supplemented with presents from friends and family, but arriving home...
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New Technique Could Turn Plastic Back Into Oil, Which Is … Something

There is way too much plastic in the world—and we’re making more every day, even as we struggle to find a way to get rid of the old stuff. A new study poses an interesting solution: Melting plastic bags and bottles back into the oil it was originally made from.Read more...
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7 Accused Of Trucking Tons Of Trash Into California In Massive Recycling Scam

SACRAMENTO (AP/CBS13) — Six men have been charged with running a recycling fraud scheme that trucked tons of trash from Las Vegas casinos into California in order to collect state redemption money, authorities announced Wednesday. A criminal complaint filed in February in San Bernardino County charged seven men with conspiracy, grand theft and unlawful recycling, including the owner of West Coast Waste Industries, the state’s third-largest recycling processor, authorities said. Six have been arr...
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Work smarter! 10 creative ways to reuse and repurpose your evergreen content

Creating fresh and unique content is not easy, and it can be quite time-consuming. Recycling content reduces the effort required; allows you to expand your reach across multiple platforms; and gives consumers, prospects, and search engines what they're looking for.
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Net gains: how India trawlers’ plastic catch is helping to rebuild roads

The waste caught by fishing boats used to be thrown back into the sea but in Kerala it is now turned into black goldFor years, plastic caught by fishing communities on the Kollam coast in India’s southern state of Kerala was thrown back into the water, damaging aquatic ecosystems and killing fish. But fishers are spearheading an innovative initiative to clean up the ocean – along with their daily hauls of fish, they pull in and collect the waste that gets enmeshed in their nets.
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Recycling startup Redwood Materials is partnering with Proterra to supply EV battery materials sustainably

A growing number of companies have emerged over the last few years determined to reduce waste in the electric vehicle battery market. Chief among these is recycling firm Redwood Materials, which has quickly expanded since its launch in 2017 by Tesla co-founder JB Straubel to become the largest lithium-ion battery recycler in North America. Now the firm is teaming up with electric commercial vehicle manufacturer Proterra in a deal that may help boost the domestic battery supply chain. This is ...
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Brazil’s iFood outlines sustainability initiatives aiming to reduce its carbon footprint

The Brazilian-based pan-Latin American food delivery startup iFood has announced a series of initiatives designed to reduce the company’s environmental impact as consumers push companies to focus more on sustainability. The program has two main components — one focused on plastic pollution and waste and another aiming to become carbon neutral in its operations by 2025. Perhaps the most ambitious, and surely the most capital intensive of the company’s waste reduction initiatives is the developmen...
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Brazil’s iFood launches outlines sustainability initiatives aiming to reduce its carbon footprint

The Brazilian-based pan-Latin American food delivery startup iFood has announced a series of initiatives designed to reduce the company’s environmental impact as consumers push companies to focus more on sustainability. The program has two main components — one focused on plastic pollution and waste and another aiming to become carbon neutral in its operations by 2025. Perhaps the most ambitious, and surely the most capital intensive of the company’s waste reduction initiatives is the developmen...
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Chariots of steel: Barcelona's hidden army of scrap recyclers

Thousands of migrants play a key role in collecting Catalonia’s waste but must live on the marginsThey are everywhere and yet they are almost invisible, living below the social radar as they crisscross the city pushing supermarket trolleys piled with metal tubing, old microwaves and empty beer cans.The chatarreros are Barcelona’s itinerant scrap-metal collectors, and there are thousands of them. Most are undocumented migrants and so there is no official census, but Federico Demaria, a social sci...
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Modular laptops won’t save the planet, but manufacturers should pay attention

Modular laptops sound cool and could be good for the planet, but they are not enough -- and have plenty of problems of their own. Much more needs to be done.
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Polystyrene to be phased out next year under Australia's plastic waste plan

Conservation groups welcome aspects of the largely voluntary packaging and recycling targets but warn regulation will be necessaryPolystyrene foam commonly used to package consumer goods will be phased out in Australia by mid-2022 as part of a national plan to combat mounting plastic waste.Conservation groups have welcomed many aspects of the plan, which also includes an end to polystyrene food and beverage containers by the end of 2022, but also criticised its largely voluntary approach to reac...
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How one company is turning used chopsticks into furniture, shelves, and countertops

People around the world use an estimated 80 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks every year.ChopValue is a Canadian company that collects used chopsticks and turns them into a variety of products like furniture and countertops.We visited ChopValue's "micro-factory" to see how workers pulverize chopsticks and turn them into something new.Visit the Business section of Insider for more stories. Read the original article on Business Insider [Author: [email protected] (Daniel T. ...
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Tech for Change

From 3D-printed prostheses to burgers grown in science labs to smarter mobility for the elderly or infirm (or just helping us get more sleep at night), tech improves our lives every day in a million ways beyond simply making things more convenient. Tech can have a meaningful impact — that’s why we call it Tech […]
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Amazon Is Creating an Empire of Trash

Amazon has been making a mint during the pandemic. That business has resulted in multi-billion dollar pay days for the company’s soon-to-be former CEO, and millions of the company’s iconic cardboard boxes being left on doorsteps, and in lobbies and mailboxes every day. And when those piles of boxes climb higher, the…Read more...
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EVs Are Gaining Steam. Here's What Will Happen To All Those Dead Batteries

Volkswagen announced a pilot program for EV battery recycling in Salzgitter, Germany, and it’s about time one of the biggest carmakers started addressing the inevitable EV question: What about the batteries?Read more...
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Minecraft Has a New Sustainable City Map to Explore

Mojang Studios released a free sustainability city map on Thursday that teaches players how to create a sustainable environment in the real world by exploring a virtual one. The focus is on educating students on how things like recycling plants and clean energy work, while being fun and interactive.Read more...
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What to Consider When Choosing an Oil Recycling Company for Your Used Cooking Oil

As the world continues to grapple with the harsh reality of global warming and the role played by humans in driving the catastrophe, it has become increasingly clear how important… Read more » The post What to Consider When Choosing an Oil Recycling Company for Your Used Cooking Oil appeared first on
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Creating a UV curing oven for resin using grocery bags

If you get Amazon Fresh or similar food deliveries, you are likely familiar with the silver-foil insulated freezer bags that frozen foods come in. These quickly multiply in Tribbles-like numbers. I'm always looking for ways to reuse these bags. I regularly use the material to create silvery envelopes for sending out eBay sales and as packing inside of shipping boxes. — Read the rest
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7 new tech products every agent should know about

Held virtually, the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show revealed the latest in home and business technology, including a home recycling solution, wearable joysticks for hands-free control and even a "smart tub" from Kohler.
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How China ended the lie of recyclable plastic

The plastics industry did a great job of convincing everyone that their product was easily recyclable, but China finally put an end to that pleasant fiction in 2017. A 2017 memo sent by China to the World Trade Center sent the global recycling industry into a tailspin. — Read the rest
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The Lasso Robot Wants to Make Recycling at Home Easier

Recycling is important but it’s also a pain. Separating glass from plastic from paper isn’t a terrible task but what wouldn’t it be nicer if a robot did it instead? That’s why one inventor built the Lasso, a robot that claims to accept, indentify, and prepare recycling for proper reuse.Read more...
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Futuristic new appliance uses A.I. to sort and prep your recycling

Hate sorting the recycling? This machine will do the time-saving (and planet-saving) job on your behalf.
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New-sprung: the project turning PPE offcuts into Covid patient mattresses

Cheap, hygienic and sustainable, the mattresses made by Indian fashion designer Lakshmi Menon also generate income for rural womenCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageAt the height of the pandemic in the Indian state of Kerala, fashion designer Lakshmi Menon, 46, heard that every new Covid care centre had to have 50 beds. Mattresses were in short supply. Every time a patient was discharged, the mattress had to be incinerated. “I thought: that’s a lot of mattresses and a lo...
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Waste not, wontons: innovator recycled 32m restaurant chopsticks

Felix Böck started small but has built up a business that transforms the utensils into everything from new dining tables to staircasesThe idea was born over trays of sushi. Felix Böck, then a PhD student at Canada’s University of British Columbia, was venting his frustration over the scant interest in his proposal to use waste wood from demolition and construction sites. How, he wondered, could he convince people that there’s no such thing as waste, but rather just wasted resources?Chopsticks in...
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Don't Recycle Your Holiday Ribbons and Bows

Some holiday waste can be recycled, but others are actually harmful to the recycling process. For the most part, wrapping paper is recyclable; paper with glitter, foil, or plastics is unfortunately not recyclable and would need to go out with the garbage. Read more...
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How to Repurpose Your Dried-Out Christmas Tree

This was a year of many “firsts,” as it seems an isolating pandemic has a way of spurring us on to try new things, to find little glimpses of joy wherever we can. (Remember all that bread we baked in March?) For many families, being stuck at home for the holidays was the perfect excuse to finally buy a real tree to…Read more...
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How to recycle your old computer

Need to rid yourself of old computers or components that are collecting dust? Here's how to properly wipe, reuse, or recycle your hardware and electronics.
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Are EV Batteries an Environmental Hot Mess?

Are EV batteries an environmental hazard? The European Commission (EC) is proposing stricter regulations on EV battery sustainability. A 2006 Battery Directive dealt with safe recycling and disposal of Pb-acid and Ni-Cd batteries when Li-ion batteries used in electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids were still in their infancy. These new rules will supposedly improve Li-ion […] The post Are EV Batteries an Environmental Hot Mess? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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