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Visualizing Dubious Spelling with Flow Diagrams

Colin Morris recently analyzed a corpus of comments from Reddit for misspellings by searching for words near uncertainty indicators like “(sp?)”. Among the words that provoked the most doubt were Kaepernick, comradery, adderall, Minaj, seizure, Galifianakis, loogie, and Gyllenhaal. Morris then used a Sankey diagram to visualize how people misspelled “Gyllenhaal” in different ways (with the arrow thickness denoting the frequency of each spelling): Tag yourself! (I’m probably on the yellow “LL”...
Tags: Jake Gyllenhaal, Reddit, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jason Kottke, Gyllenhaal, Galifianakis, Sankey, Colin Morris, Gyllenhaal Morris

The CEO behind 'Pokémon Go' says the company is cash-flow positive as it becomes worth almost $4 billion

Niantic, the developer of "Pokémon Go" and the forthcoming "Harry Potter: Wizards Unite," announced that it's raised $245 million in a deal valuing it at "almost $4 billion." CEO John Hanke tells us that Niantic is cash-flow positive, but the money helps it bunker down for a possible venture capital crunch as it starts the years-long road towards a possible IPO. The funding round brings in Samsung and Axiomatic Games as strategic investors — two companies that Hanke says are very important for...
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GOP Rep. Says He Was ‘Unaware’ Of Holocaust Denier Chuck Johnson’s ‘Previous Associations’

Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) confirmed to TPM Wednesday that he’d had “a discussion” with Holocaust denier and right-wing troll Chuck C. Johnson in the halls of the Cannon House Office Building. In a statement Harris’ press secretary shared with TPM Wednesday evening, the congressman said he was “unaware of his previous associations.” “I am unaware of his previous associations, but we had a discussion involving his business with genetic sequencing,” the statement read. “Of course I disavow and c...
Tags: London, News, Congress, Gop, Reddit, Julian Assange, Johnson, Wikileaks, Chuck Johnson, Matt Fuller, HARRIS, Mother Jones, HuffPost, Andy Harris, Sen Rand Paul R Ky, Richard Spencer

This Woman's $545 Winter Beauty Routine Is Going Viral On Reddit

Call it the Reddit effect: What started as an unassuming selfie shared by London-based YouTube vlogger Michele Manteaw showcasing her poreless skin, perfectly curled lashes, and glossy, glazed lips — has accumulated hundreds of upvotes and comments, with admirers desperate for a breakdown of the routine she titled "Glowy Winter Makeup on Dark Skin."Over 16,000 upvotes later, Manteaw tells us she never thought her post would drum up so much interest. "The original Reddit post was actually made o...
Tags: Fashion, Music, London, Youtube, Reddit, Michele Manteaw, Manteaw

Everything You Need To Know About Influencer Caroline Calloway & Her Disastrous $165 Mason Jar Meet-Up

When Caroline Calloway, a 27-year-old Instagram influencer and writer, abruptly cancelled her tour of creativity workshops scheduled across America, all eyes were watching. Her lofty endeavors had gained notoriety on Twitter after writer Kayleigh Donaldson began documenting what she felt were Calloway's ill-advised attempts to throw together a multi-city tour that promised teachings, lunch, care packages, and personalized letters for every attendee."This woman is a blatant scammer who's now org...
Tags: Fashion, Music, New York, Instagram, Washington, New York City, America, Paris, Oscar, Cambridge, Reddit, Manhattan, Seth Rogen, Cambridge University, Eventbrite, Insta

The Films of M. Night Shyamalan Revisited: The Twists, the Triumphs, and the Turkeys

Early reviews of Glass, the first big movie of 2019, have mentioned how writer-director M. Night Shyamalan was once seen as the next Alfred Hitchcock or Steven Spielberg . For at least a three-year stretch at the turn of the millennium (five, if you count the two years after Signs, but before The Village), Shyamalan stood as a worthy successor to the throne of populist filmmaking, capable of delivering high-concept thrills in an intimate, character-based way. Maybe the world at large needs re...
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Unity to Update Terms of Service Following Improbable Dispute

Unity will be updating its terms of service on Wednesday, and will be hosting an AMA on Reddit “to help clear up outstanding questions,” a spokesperson told Variety. Unity CEO John Riccitiello and co-founder Joachim Ante will be participating in the AMA, scheduled for 10am PST in the r/unity3d subreddit. They will be answering from […]
Tags: News, Reddit, Improbable, Ama, Unity, John Riccitiello, Joachim Ante, SpatialOS, Variety Unity

Find Specialty Subreddits With This Tool

The cool thing about Reddit is that you can subscribe to just the subreddits you like, and ignore everything you don’t. The smaller, more specialized subreddits are the best, but they’re harder to find. The new tool sayit helps you find them.Read more...
Tags: Discovery, Reddit, Lifehacks, Time Wasters, Subreddit

This Musician Found a Community of Fans on Reddit. Now, He Leads Brand Strategy for the Platform

As a musician, Will Cady knows just how hard it can be to attract an audience. But on Reddit, Cady found himself a thriving community of fans who not only listened to and shared his music, but even went so far as to find him a new venue in 2013 when show plans fell apart...
Tags: Advertising, Magazine, Reddit, Cady, Publishers & Platforms, Will Cady

5 types of climate change deniers, and how to change their minds

Climate change is easily one of humanity's greatest threats, and a mountain of data and evidence support this assertion.Despite the evidence, only 71% of Americans believe that climate change is real and primarily driven by human activities.People can and do change their minds about climate change. Trying to convince people to change their minds is often more about picking the right target than it is providing the right arguments. None Do facts matter? In an objective sense, yes, of course they ...
Tags: Psychology, Science, Identity, Climate Change, Iraq, Environment, Earth, Nature, Innovation, Reddit, North Carolina, Carl Sagan, Don, Michael Shermer, Shermer, Tali Sharot

Google Reportedly Blacklists 'Ethereum' As a Google Ad Keyword, Startup Claims

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Yahoo: Google has reportedly blacklisted keywords mentioning Ethereum (ETH) on its advertising platform Google Ads, smart contract auditing startup Decenter tweeted on Jan. 10. The official Google Ads account replied to the tweet stating that cryptocurrency exchanges targeting the United States and Japan can be advertised on the platform, and that targeting other countries could be the reason for the ad rejection. When Decenter explained that they are a...
Tags: Google, Japan, Tech, United States, Reddit, Ethereum ETH, Google Ad Keyword Startup Claims, Decenter

Canadian air traffic controllers send pizza to U.S. colleagues working without pay

It's the fourth week of Donald Trump's government shutdown, with around 800,000 federal employees working without pay since Dec. 22. That includes air traffic controllers, like those working in the New York Air Traffic Control Center, who, while they're still waiting for their paychecks, received a tasty symbol of solidarity from their colleagues across the Canadian border. SEE ALSO: Jimmy Kimmel gives federal employees work during Trump's shutdown Canadian air traffic control...
Tags: England, News, Jimmy Kimmel, Minneapolis, Church, US, Canada, Reddit, Seattle, Cleveland, Donald Trump, Long Island, Edmonton, Cbc, Trump, Joseph

Reddit users share naughty mantras and other ‘gay words to live by’

"Play with his _____, not with his heart."
Tags: Life, Advice, Lifestyle, Reddit, Queerty, Relationship Advice, Dating Advice, Reddit Advice, Gay Advice

The Morning Watch: ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ VFX Breakdown, Andy Samberg’s Unused Golden Globes Jokes & More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows. In this edition, check out an Ant-Man and the Wasp visual effects breakdown from key action sequences. Plus, Andy Samberg reveals some of the jokes written for his hosting stint on the Golden Globes that ended up being rejec...
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Watch out for These Common Workplace Red Flags

This Reddit thread is everything you wanted to help you pick your next job. It's got all the massive red flags that will help you weed out toxic workplaces.
Tags: Life, Society, Gallery, Reddit

Reddit locks out users with poor password hygiene after spotting 'unusual activity'

Forum admin blames recycled credentials for 'security concern' Some Redditors have been locked out of their accounts over a mysterious security problem that the internet forum's admins have blamed on people reusing old passwords.…
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Check Your Favorite Website's Status Page if You Can't Connect

A typical part of morning routine—right after the “really?” side-eye I toss at my smartphone alarm—is checking to see what’s new and good on a few subreddits I care about. Imagine my surprise this morning when Reddit started shooting out various error messages whenever I tried to pull up the site.Read more...
Tags: How To, Reddit, Websites, Lifehacks, Status, WebApp

South Korean taxi drivers are setting themselves on fire in protest of a proposed ride-sharing app

South Korean taxi drivers are protesting a new ride-sharing app from popular tech company Kakao.  They say the app would make it impossible to make ends meet.  Two taxi drivers have reportedly died after setting themselves on fire to protest the app.  Up to tens of thousands of South Korean cab drivers have been protesting in Seoul for months against a ride-sharing service called Kakao T Carpool . Cabbies said Kakao T Carpool, which would be a ride-sharing app similar to Uber,  would underc...
Tags: Lyft, Asia, South Korea, London, US, Trends, Korea, Reddit, Kakaotalk, Seoul, Daum, Kakao, Reuters, Lim, Lee, Yonhap

James Blake Details New Album Assume Form, Out Next Week

A week from Friday, we will have a new James Blake album in our lives. We learned of the existence of Assume Form, Blake's latest full-length, thanks to an accidental early Amazon listing and some eagle-eyed Reddit commenters, and Blake has been teasing the album ever since. And this morning, Blake … More »
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An ex-Morgan Stanley banker and a 25-year-old engineer created the first global matchmaking app for Muslims, and it's about to hit one million users

Muzmatch is the first global matchmaking app for Muslims. It was founded by 34-year-old Shahzad Younas, a former Morgan Stanley banker, and 25-year-old iOS engineer Ryan Brodie. The app says it is close to hitting one million users, and claims 20,000 people have got married after meeting on Muzmatch. Younas and Brodie told Business Insider they have declined attractive aquisition offers as they aim to become "the biggest app for Muslims worldwide." With pun-filled taglines like "Halal, is it ...
Tags: London, India, San Francisco, Trends, Canada, Reddit, Silicon Valley, Morgan Stanley, Muslims, Business Insider, Ryan, UK US, Brodie, Harvard He, Muzmatch, Shahzad Younas

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hits out at 'disgusting' media publishing fake nude image

Congresswoman says attacks were ‘just a matter of time’, adding that women in leadership face more scrutinyAlexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the rapidly rising star of the Democratic party, has lashed out at conservative media for its treatment of women in leadership positions after the Daily Caller published a fake photo of the politician nude in a bath-tub.The rightwing website published the image showing a woman’s bare feet in the bath, under the headline: “Here’s the photo some people described as a...
Tags: World news, US news, US politics, Reddit, Daily Caller, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ocasio Cortez

Unemployed 20-year-old who lives with his parents confesses to massive German political dox

When top German officials had their emails and social media hacked and dumped, people wondered whether the attack was some kind of well-financed act of political extremism, given that the targets were so high-profile (even Chancellor Angela Merkel wasn't spared) and that politicians from the neofascist Alternative for Germany were passed over by the hacker. Now, a politically unaffiliated, unemployed, 20-year-old male German citizen who lives with his parents in the state of Hesse has confe...
Tags: Post, Politics, News, Germany, Angela Merkel, Infosec, Reddit, Opsec, Hacktivism, AFD, Hesse, Manbabies, Dobush Handelsblatt

‘Star Wars Episode 9’ Crew Gift Teases a Return to a Familiar Planet and Another Mystery

We’re over a week into 2019, and we still don’t have a teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode 9. Word on the street is that might change sooner than later, but at this point, who knows when director J.J. Abrams wants to start opening the mystery box to let some secrets out. In the meantime, it looks like a gift given to crew members may have revealed a new detail about one of the locations featured in Star Wars Episode 9. However, the source of this latest reveal also raises another mysterious qu...
Tags: Movies, Sci-fi, Sequels, Reddit, Lucasfilm, J J Abrams, Star-Wars, Disney/Pixar, Star Wars Episode 9, Tatooine Jedha

Lionsgate accused of abusing YouTube's contentID system to remove criticism of its movies

Entertainment giant Lionsgate is allegedly using contentID, YouTube's internal copyright arbitation process, to remove criticism of its movies. (Note that "Angry Joe", the author of the viral video embedded above, uses a lot of NSFW language and gets very angry indeed.) The top comment on the main Reddit thread sums up the key problem with contentID: if the claimant refuses to back down, the claimant wins automatically after it manually affirms the claim. Counterclaims are a sham that dooms...
Tags: Video, News, Lionsgate, Youtube, Reddit, Copyfraud, Jim Sterling, YouTubes, Contentid

Google AJAX Crawling Scheme Workarounds?

I spotted John Mueller of Google giving a Reddit user advice on how to handle helping Google index content that still uses some of the old AJAX crawling scheme that Google deprecated long ago. I don't fully understand the advice but here it is.
Tags: Google, Seo, Ajax, Reddit, Google Search Engine Optimization, John Mueller

wikiFeet: how online foot fetishists debunked Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s fake nude

The site where users rate celebrity feet proved a photo apparently showing the congresswoman in a bath was fabricated – using toe length as evidenceName: wikiFeet.Age: 11 years old. Continue reading...
Tags: Technology, Internet, US news, Reddit, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Superhero Bits: ‘Justice League vs. The Fatal Five’ Voice Cast, ‘Aquaman’ B-Roll Footage & More

Who is providing voices for the animated Justice League vs The Fatal Five film? Is there a Superman: Red Son animated movie on the way? Who is playing Pat Dugan in the Stargirl series? Which superhero movies landed Art Directors Guild awards? What would classic movie stars look like as the Justice League? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Get an introduction to Marvel’s long-running superhero family Fantastic Four in the latest edition of Marvel 101. Kevin Conroy, Susan ...
Tags: Movies, Spider-Man, Superman, Reddit, Justice-League, Harley Quinn, Avengers, Luke Wilson, Aquaman, Comic Book/Superhero, Superhero Bits, Captain Marvel, Captain-America, The-Punisher, Fantastic-Four, StarGirl

Google worker behind 'anti-diversity memo' claims role in censored Chinese Search engine

A Google worker fired for “perpetuating gender stereotypes” has claimed he was working on the company’s controversial Chinese search engine before he was sacked. James Damore, a computer engineer who whipped up a storm in Silicon Valley after claiming that the gender gap among technology workers was down to biological differences between men and women, said that he was one of the 100 workers working on the top secret Project Dragonfly. Google was forced to admit the existence of a censored Searc...
Tags: Google, News, Harvard University, Reddit, Silicon Valley, Mountain View, Julian Assange, Nlrb, Damore, James Damore

Most Influential Music Blogs 2019

Never underestimate the power of music blogs in a marketplace where an almost unlimited number of voices are screaming for attention. We look at the Top 25 of the 200 most influential music blogs of 2019, whether you're trying to find new music to listen to or get your music 'discovered'. ____________________________ Guest post from Artist Development and Production Looking to get your music out there amongst the tastemakers? Well first you need amazing music, because contacting top ...
Tags: Music, UK, Berlin, US, Indianapolis, Reddit, Npr, Sirius, Brooklyn Vegan, Alex Houton, Culture My Old Kentucky Blog, Birp, Elicit Magazine, Popjustice, AHM Media and Spotlight 87 Entertainment Group, Brian Vibberts

Superhero Bits: Jubilee Not in ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’, Fans Trying to Save ‘Daredevil’ & More

How many signatures are behind a petition to bring Daredevil back from cancellation? Is Baron Zemo really responsible for Thanos‘ victory in Avengers: Infinity War? Why won’t Jubilee be part of X-Men: Dark Phoenix? How will Avengers: Endgame marketing avoid spoilers? What Aquaman scene was cut in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Here’s a new clip from the upcoming second season of The Punisher featuring Billy Russo getting some therapy. Assa...
Tags: Movies, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Superman, Reddit, Avengers, X-men, Daredevil, Aquaman, Marvel Studios, Comic Book/Superhero, The-Flash, Superhero Bits, Captain Marvel, The-Punisher, Andy Park

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