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Real Estate Webmasters Helps Usher RISMedia Into Next Era of Information With New Website

New SEO- and User-Friendly Site Improves Deliverability of RISMedia’s High-Quality Content In what’s been nothing short of a break-out year for Real Estate Webmasters (REW), the web design, branding and SEO powerhouse whose Renaissance website platform helps brokers compete with the Zillows and Compasses of the world, the firm also delivered a highly custom, transformational rebrand of RISMedia, as well as a complete overhaul and relaunch of the firm’s real estate news and events website, RISMe...
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Is It Time for a Blog Redesign?

Change is good. Also, change is constant. Resiliency is one of the key things to remember when creating anything online. As bloggers, we need to be able to adapt to the changes that happen all around us. This is why from time to time, we should ask ourselves – is it time for a blog redesign? Blog redesigns are not a question of if, it is a question of when.   How do we really know if it is time for a blog redesign? There are many things to factor in. Here are some of the scenarios that ...
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6 Great Software To Help You Redesign Your Hotel

Are you now considering redesigning your hotel, but don’t know what software to choose?  In... The post 6 Great Software To Help You Redesign Your Hotel appeared first on Are Morch, Digital Marketing Coach.
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How to Make the Most of Facebook's New Redesign

Old Facebook is going away; long live New Facebook, a redesign that will soon become permanent. Facebook has been taking to, well, Facebook, to warn its users that the old-school look will disappear in September. And unlike the current test of “New Facebook,” there will be no way to switch back if you’re not a fan.Read more...
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Facebook’s redesign goes live with simplified navigation and dark mode

After months of testing, Facebook’s redesign is finally official. Announced last year at F8, the more minimalist approach to its desktop design has been rolled out in waves. In March, the company added an option to try out the new version. Users could switch back and leave feedback for why they had done so. This week, the redesign becomes official (and until you get it, the option to update manually is available, too).  Change is hard, especially when it comes to redesigning a popular website...
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Facebook Messenger ditches Discover, demotes chat bots

Chat bots were central to Facebook Messenger’s strategy three years ago. Now they’re being hidden from view in the app along with games and businesses. Facebook Messenger is removing the Discover tab this week as it focuses on speed and simplicity instead of broad utility like China’s WeChat. The changes are part of a larger Messenger redesign that reorients the People tab around Stories as Facebook continues to try to dominate the ephemeral social media format it copied from Snapchat. The Pe...
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Get to know: Spotify Mobile’s fresh new look

Spotify have updated their mobile apps with a fresh new look that cuts down on words and makes streaming easier. Spotify has a new design for their app on iOS devices that they say will make streaming music even more streamlined than ever. Their new interface has brand new button designs and actions to play music. Here are the new designs to get to know if you’re listening to Spotify on iOS: Simpler and more universal Shuffle Play button Spotify’s new green “shuffle play” ...
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Artist Redesignes Celebrities, Cartoon And Comic Characters To Look More “Serious”

Marge Simpson According to Kostis Pavlou: “Comic book and cartoon characters are an integral part of our lives. We grew up with them, loved them, made them friends, and in some cases still enjoy their company. We have learned to recognize them immediately by their voice, some of their special features (big ears, funny noses, etc.), and even by their dress. They all have a slight exaggeration... Source
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Roland have re-designed the Grand Piano for 2020

The Grand Piano has never looked more different with this prize-winning design come to fruition by Roland. Roland have premiered the GPX-F1 ‘Facet’ grand piano, a concept that has been years in the making. The piano looks entirely different to any piano you’ve seen before and looks like it’s fresh out of a sci-fi comic book based on musicians of the future. The design of the Facet Grand Piano is based upon Jong Chan Kim’s design that won the competition for Roland Digital Piano Design A...
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Artist Redesigned Famous Logos, Printed Them Out And Repackaged Them In A Way That Will Mess With Your Head … In A Good Way

Egyptian Ahmed Morshedi is an art director by profession and creates some very interesting art as well. “I redesigned the logos, printed them out and repackaged well known brands in a way that will mess with your head … in a good way,” he says. More: Facebook... Source
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The Best and Worst Branding of 2018

Design can be powerful. Thriving businesses know this and regularly rely on good design to create influential and impressive brand identities and brands. As we recently wrote, No successful company has ever left its brand and branding to chance. Instead, smart companies are intentional and public about their mission and values, among other things. There’s a good reason for this. 87% of consumers will purchase a product solely because of brand values. In 2018, we saw some terrific examples of st...
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Uber’s Powerful Rebrand and What Your Business Can Learn From It

Brand identity constantly evolves and changes in public opinion and bad press can tarnish a company’s brand. That’s exactly what happened with Uber when it rebranded for the second time in three years. The Uber brand became associated with negative attention rather than a positive brand experience, and its existing branding was undermining Uber’s marketing efforts. Let’s take a look at why Uber rebranded, the lessons you can learn from their rebrand, and how smart businesses can do the same to ...
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IKEA subtly redesigns its products for each country/culture

With its first Indian store launching only a day ago, IKEA proved that it understands its consumers and environment better than any other company in its industry.Allegedly, IKEA has been planning to open its flagship store in India for years now (I remember getting wind of it as long as 5 years ago). Now that the store is finally up and running, there’s one thing worth noticing and appreciating. In every country that IKEA runs its business, the catalog stays true to the company’s signature low-c...
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7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Small Business Website

Is your small business website helping or hindering your business? If you’re like most small businesses, your website is outdated, and not helping you to increase revenues and sales. Even worse, your website might be completely disconnected from the brand you’ve been building. Here are 7 key reasons why you should consider redesigning your website. You aren’t getting the results you want You updated your brand or marketing strategy but not your site Your website is designed for you, not for ...
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Seven Compelling Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Website

It’s a given by this point that your business should have a website. Establishing a presence on the web was probably one of the first things you set up, after your logo and branding strategy. But is your website as effective as it could be? And is it helping or hindering your business? As we wrote recently, If your website isn’t well-designed, quick-to-load, and easy-to-navigate, you’re sabotaging your brand’s valuable online presence. A 2016 article in Fortune revealed that for the first time,...
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Ernie Ball’s ‘Special’ new StingRay basses re-invent the classic

Any self-respecting bass player knows how special Ernie Ball StingRays are and their new Special models bring that innovation into the 21st century. Ernie Ball are back with a brand new rap for a veteran rapper, announcing the StingRay Special in 4 and 5 strings. The re-invented classic has been rebuilt from the ground up to be optimised for modern playing and gear whilst retaining the innovative and sleek design that made the Ernie Ball Stingray special. The StingRay bass guitar was first r...
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The Highest-Paid CEO in the Country Reportedly Decided to Fuck Up Snapchat All By Himself

Snap’s stock price is now hovering around its lowest point ever since the company went public last year. Yet, its whiz-kid founder, Evan Spiegel, was 2017's highest-paid CEO, taking home $504 million. And according to a new report, Spiegel is almost single-handedly responsible for Snapchat’s biggest mistake.Read more...
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Spotify’s re-designed app brings on-demand streaming to free users

For the first time free streamers can choose what they want to listen to as Spotify launch the new version of their app. As rumoured last week, Spotify yesterday revealed the new look for their app which brings more than just a fresh design for freemium users. The new app brings the first change to their free streaming tier in four years, and will allow them to have more control over their experience listening on mobile. Free Spotify users now have on-demand access to 15 playlists meaning th...
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Walmart aims to win shoppers from Amazon with an all-new website

Walmart is giving its website a makeover that it's planning to unveil in May. Besides a new design with fresh fonts and colors, visitors to the site can also expect an experience more tailored to their personal shopping habits. The post Walmart aims to win shoppers from Amazon with an all-new website appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Reddit refurbishes its bland style, adds an endless scroll, new view options

After over a year of planning, the new Reddit is now available for a small percentage of users before a widespread rollout. The update includes an endless scroll, posts editor, and three different view options. The post Reddit refurbishes its bland style, adds an endless scroll, new view options appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Welcome to the new TechCrunch

It’s been five years since we last refreshed our site, during which time the web has evolved considerably. And we have too, so much so that we outgrew our site. As a high traffic outlet supporting editorial efforts, events, networking and resources with a three-person engineering team, we did our best to build on what […]
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A legacy updated!

Rolls-Royce is more brand than car. Yes, they make some stunning automobiles (sometimes painted with real diamonds), but they’re selling you the idea of luxury rather than a product). The company is known for its large, unassuming cars, with their perfect paint-jobs, stellar interiors, and the Spirit of Ecstacy, but what if they were also known for their automotive design??Ivan Venkov thinks RR needs an aesthetic refresh. Their work is remarkable but is far from contemporary, he says. The concep...
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Snapchat Will Not Snap Out Of It

Snapchat recently launched a product redesign to the dismay of power users and relief of Snapchat newbs. Its original ephemeral messaging and scavenger hunt of a UX appealed to an exploratory young audience. The app’s overhaul is a classic case of a company losing sight of what’s most important: the core customer. Snapchat has prioritized […]
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Stock Price Tumble Teaches Snapchat What Happens When You Disappoint Kylie Jenner

Snapchat has long positioned itself as the place for advertisers to reach millennials while its closest competitor, Facebook, is stuck with the olds. But on Thursday, Snap executives got a lesson in the terrifying, fickle nature of its young influencers, to the tune of a $1.3 billion loss.Read more...
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Snapchat’s Redesign Isn’t Going Anywhere

This month, more than a million keyboard-wielding, moderately frustrated users petitioned Snapchat to roll back its big redesign—the one Snap delicately introduced over the course of a few months and said would be “disruptive.” Miraculously, this petition has achieved something, albeit on the smallest of…Read more...
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Snapchat responds to the petition complaining about the app’s redesign

 Snapchat has posted an official response to users who signed a petition on asking the company to reverse its controversial update, which people say makes the app more difficult to use. In the response, Snapchat promises to make a few more changes to the Friends and Discover section in order to address user complaints. These changes were announced yesterday, along with GIF stickers… Read More
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A million Snapchatters protest app redesign but CEO sticks by it

Snapchat's major update, which is still being rolled out, created "a whole new Snapchat," according to its CEO. But it seems to have upset a lot of people, with more than a million users having so far signed a protest petition. The post A million Snapchatters protest app redesign but CEO sticks by it appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Diet Coke Relaunches in North America With New Design and Flavors

The Diet Coke Twitter feed has been quiet since last August, when it congratulated Taylor Swift on her upcoming album. On Wednesday, the feed exploded with colors and glimpses of a sleek new can design and rainbow of new flavors. #SoManyFlavors. literal thirst trap. #SoManyFlavors — Diet Coke (@DietCoke) January 10, 2018 same great taste + four fizzing delicious new flavors. ❤️️ — Diet Coke (@DietCoke) January 10, 2018 same great flavo...
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Just How Fucked Is Snapchat?

Snap is fucked. Following an earnings call on Tuesday, a fifth of the company’s value disappeared in after-hours trading, Mark Zuckerberg is eating its lunch, Snap Spectacles are in the toilet. Yes, things are bad. But are they Vine-levels of bad? Or Twitter-bad? Trick question, Twitter’s very fucked!Read more...
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Kids get an exciting new YouTube with a cool new look and their own profiles

Children are getting a whole new look to YouTube which brings with it an enhanced experience for kids of all ages. YouTube say that they’ve spoken with “parents all over” to find out that kids who love using YouTube want the platform to grow with them as they get older. A big overhaul of YouTube Kids brings an enhanced experience for children of all ages. Sign in with your Google Account to set up your children’s new YouTube experience: Kid profiles to customize your kids’ experience: Now you...
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