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Meet the 63-year-old college athlete with a killer golf swing

Debbie Blount is a 63-year-old sophomore at Reinhardt University and a beloved member of the women's golf team. As one of the oldest student athletes in the US, her friends call her "Ancient Eagle," after Reinhardt's mascot.
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Fangs – review

Director: James Ian Mair Release date: 2021 Contains spoilers This was a low budget vampire flick that I found free to view on YouTube. There was an aspect that reminded me of the film the Return of Dracula - although the device used worked in the 1958 film and became a plot hole in this. It is also a monster mash with a Mummy (Benjamin Mair) involved. It starts with a voice-over telling us about vampires and how really real they are. It also suggests that the most powerful vampires can daywalk...
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Overwatch unveils horrifying new Reinhardt Halloween Terror skin

Just a few days before the start of Halloween Terror 2021 Blizzard has given us a preview of an awesome new Reinhardt skin.
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The 10 Best Guillermo Del Toro Characters Ranked

Guillermo del Toro will gladly tell anyone who will listen that his movies are meant to be love letters to monsters. The Academy Award-winning director is happy to honor the rubber suited critters that light the fires of his imagination; he even turned his home, the Bleak House, into a cabinet of curiosities honoring them. But the idea of monstrosity that del Toro is obsessed with inverts H.P. Lovecraft's racist notion of "the Other." Del Toro's creatures may look or act horrific, but the direct...
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Movies Like Interstellar That Are Definitely Worth Watching

"Interstellar" is the closest thing to a classic science fiction movie that Christopher Nolan' has made so far, blending hard sci-fi tropes with an earnest exploration of humanity's drive to survive. For science fiction fans, it's instantly familiar stuff. Nolan's storytelling doesn't always land as powerfully as the movie's visual effects, but "Interstellar" still works as a thoughtful, understated love-letter to the stories that built the science fiction genre.Stripped to its basics, "Interste...
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PRIDE in the Courts: Judge Deborah A. Batts

Marcelo Rodriguez and Judge Deborah Batts at an event in the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in New York, NY, June 2019. Let me tell you about someone I met a couple of years ago. Her name was Judge Deborah A. Batts. In 1994, the Honorable Judge Batts became the first openly gay person to be appointed as an Article III federal judge in the United States. She held this position for over 25 years in the Southern District of New York. As part of the library team in my previous position, we commemora...
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Segment launches customer journey tool to build fine-grained personal experiences

Twilio Segment announced a tool, which is available starting today, to help marketers create fine-grained customer journeys. Until now the company has enabled marketers to build buyer personas and broader audiences, but this enables users to have much greater control of their interactions with a customer. Company co-founder and CEO Peter Reinhardt says that marketers have been craving the ability to build more customized customer journeys and this tool gives them that. “It’s basically taking the...
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San Francisco bread Staling

San Francisco bread Staling Submitted by Chrisunger on March 27, 2021 - 7:26pm. Hi,I bake P Reinhardt’s San Francisco loaves.  Love the flavour and rise beautifully.  Also T Greenway’s salt fermented San Francisco.  However they really stale fast.  I usually place half loaves in a freezer bag into the freezer, keeping one out to use in a bread box wrapped in a tea towel.  The next day the crumb is dry and starting to stale.  This week I tried placing it within a plastic bag in the b...
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‘No Activity’ Season 4 Arrives On April 8

Season 4 of ‘No Activity’ will be the show’s first fully animated season Season four of No Activity, the first fully animated season, arrives on Paramount+ April 8. This season will find Special Agent Nick Cullen (Brammall) finally realizing his dream of joining the FBI — but his excitement won’t last for long, as he quickly discovers this job is not at all what he expected it to be. A seemingly dull observation detail takes a turn and becomes the potential beginnings of a career-defi...
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‘No Activity’ Season 4 Guest Stars Just Announced

Watch ‘No Activity’ on CBS All Access Season four of No Activity, the first fully animated season, will find Special Agent Nick Cullen (Brammall) finally realizing his dream of joining the FBI — but his excitement won’t last for long, as he quickly discovers this job is not at all what he expected it to be. A seemingly dull observation detail takes a turn and becomes the potential beginnings of a career-defining case when he learns of an emerging cult, and when a massive operation tak...
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How startups can shake up their first idea and still crush the market

When Quibi announced it was shutting its doors recently after raising $1.75 billion, it begged an obvious question: If the original idea didn’t work, why not adjust its model or do something completely different while it still had capital? It wouldn’t have been the first company to decide to shift gears. Perhaps because of the unusually large amount of money it burned through in just six months of public operation, pivoting wasn’t an option for Quibi, but it has been for countless other successf...
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Gérard Rubaud

Gérard Rubaud Submitted by roberte on September 4, 2020 - 12:27pm. AP has 50%  Central Milling's 110 substituted. Starter from P.Reinhardt's 100%rye starter.Recipe/formula/procedure mostly dmsnyder - except after two foldings, was refrigerated overnight, and boules instead.
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Repeated Amazon Purchases Sufficient to Impute Notice of Arbitration Clause

We blogged Nicosia v. Amazon in 2015 and 2016. (See “The “Browsewrap”/”Clickwrap” Distinction Is Falling Apart”; “Anarchy Has Ensued In Courts’ Handling of Online Contract Formation (Round Up Post).”) A recent Second Circuit ruling in favor of Amazon, while unpublished, warrants a mention. This lawsuit involved weight-loss products, purchased on Amazon, which had been removed from the market at the FDA’s request. The district court initially found in favor of Amazon with respect to its argument...
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First try with Reinhardt's Whole Grain book

First try with Reinhardt's Whole Grain book Submitted by Joderale on July 1, 2020 - 8:12pm.  This is my first attempt with fresh ground while grain bread. Its the first and most basic recipe, Whole Wheat Sandwich bread. I followed the recipe exactly except  for one thing; I baked it in a dutch oven at 475. The recipe called for 425, then turn down to 350. Lower temp because of the added honey. It did have some burnt bitterness to it. It sure is a different way to bake. I u...
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Soupy seed culture

Soupy seed culture Submitted by bigsur3 on May 21, 2020 - 1:39pm. Hi all,I'm trying to start a sourdough seed culture based on Peter Reinhardt's recipe in the Bread Baker's Apprentice. I had no issues when doing it before in a wetter and cooler climate but I'm in a desert climate now and nothing seems to work.In my previous attempts, I left the seed culture out, but our house is pretty warm (76-78 degrees) and it ended up a wet soupy mess with no rise. This time I've put it in a coo...
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These enterprise tech companies have had layoffs, furloughs, or cut employee benefits due to the COVID-19 crisis

Some enterprise tech companies — like cloud providers and makers of collaboration and video conferencing tools — have gotten a lift during the coronavirus crisis thanks to the shift to remote work.  Other types of enterprise tech companies haven't fared as well though and have been forced to dramatically slash costs. Here's a list of tech companies that have begun cutting jobs, furloughing employees, or making deep cuts in their benefits. Click here for more BI Prime stories. The coronavirus ...
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Segment, the $1.5 billion data analytics startup taking on Oracle and Salesforce, has cut 10% of its total staff amid the downturn

Data analytics unicorn Segment cut 10% of its staff as it navigates the difficulties brought by the coronavirus-driven downturn. The company, last valued at $1.5 billion, offers a customer data platform aimed to take on industry giants like Oracle and Salesforce. It's attracted about $284 million in total funding from investors such as Accel and Alphabet's GV.  At last count, Segment CEO Peter Reinhardt told Business Insider that the company had over 19,000 customers, including direct-to-consu...
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Zen And The Art Of Law School Management — See Also

Please Fill Out A Comment Card: Florida's dean did not get great reviews from her faculty. No Words: Yes, Trump's saying that a black juror mind-controlled everyone into convicting Roger Stone. Solidarity Among Clerks: Clerks coming forward to back Olivia Warren's account of Judge Reinhardt's harassment. Focusing On Substance Abuse: Biglaw chair speaks about alcoholism.
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Former Clerk Alleges Sexual Harassment by Appellate Judge

The former clerk told a House committee that Judge Stephen R. Reinhardt, a prominent liberal judge who died in 2018, routinely sexually harassed her and other women who worked for him.
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Holy Crap! The Sexual Harassment Allegations Against The Late Judge Stephen Reinhardt Are Shocking

Behind closed doors, Judge Reinhardt was allegedly far from the ideal liberal.
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Short ferment, long proof?

Short ferment, long proof? Submitted by Gadjowheaty on December 31, 2019 - 9:52pm. First, happy 2020 to all of you. I'm really enjoying bread builders, early musings on building my own brick or mud oven.  I've more or less pursued baking using Hamelman, though I've recently picked up Reinhardt as well.  I baked a lot over the years, but it was never any kind of "school of thought" approach, just an agglomeration of techniques and recipes that worked, and more or less stayed static. ...
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The 26 best books to read if you want to shape healthcare policy, according to top DC power players in the $3.5 trillion industry

For the first time, Business Insider has put together a list of DC healthcare power players who are shaping healthcare policy and legislation in Washington. With healthcare policy taking center stage in the political arena, Business Insider asked the nominees for book recommendations for people looking to make a difference in healthcare policy. We asked: What is your best book recommendation for people who want to change health policy? And why?  Here are the top book picks. Click here for more...
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Meet 22 of the most important executives shaping the future of marketing technology

From cloud giants to small startups, tech firms are capitalizing on marketing technology — a market pegged to make $100 billion this year. Business Insider has rounded up 22 top executives leading "martech" companies. Our list reflects the array of companies that specialize in measurement, e-commerce, and data. Click here for more BI Prime stories. Cloud giants are making billion-dollar bets to build out marketing-tech stacks that crunch reams of data and promise marketers the ability to meas...
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BLM to move to Colorado

The Bureau of Land Management is moving over 200 jobs from Washington, DC, to the western United States, with its new agency headquarters soon to open in the city of Grand Junction, Colorado. The move is concerning, in part because the agency’s headquarters will share a building with oil and gas companies, according to a report from Colorado Public Radio. But through activism and constant engagement, residents of the West can turn the decision into a positive for conservation efforts. Here’s ...
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The Developer Obsession With Code Names, 186 Interesting Examples

Code names can be about secrecy, but when it comes to software development, it’s usually not so much about secrecy as it is about the convenience of having a name for a specific version of the software. It can be very practical to have a unique identifier for a project to get everyone on the same page and avoid confusion. And we want to name our darlings, don’t we? So what kind of code names are developers out there coming up with? Here is a collection of code names for software products from co...
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CrimsonHeart2 Top 10 Android Games

CrimsonHeart2 was made and distributed by “Anbsoft” organization, and it is accessible to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS stages. CrimsonHeart2 was made and distributed by “Anbsoft” organization, and it is accessible to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS stages. We need to advise our perusers with the party time: sign in the middle of 6pm~12AM to get 15 gold 3D shapes each day. The CrimsonHeart2 cheats will likewise compensate you with huge amounts of gold solid shap...
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This CEO just raised $175 million in funding to take on Oracle and Salesforce with a smarter way to build customer relationships (CRM, ORCL)

Segment raised $175 million in Series D funding, bringing their total fundraise to $284 million since 2012. Accel, GV, and Meritech Capital co-led the round. Taking aim at legacy cloud suites like Salesforce and Oracle, Cofounder and CEO Peter Reinhardt claims s traditional CRM “isn’t enough” to maintain a seamless customer experience in an increasingly segmented online environment. Reinhardt points to the increase in headliner acquisitions by Salesforce and Oracle as an attempt to “glue toge...
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