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'Like a prison sentence': the couples separated by Covid-19

A campaign has highlighted plight of unmarried couples from different countries parted for monthsCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverage Sarah flew home to Germany in April, leaving her boyfriend, Fares, behind in Jordan, unsure when they might see each other again. “She thought it might take a couple of months,” Fares said.Inside, he was steeling himself for as long as six months apart, although “I didn’t tell her that,” he says. Continue reading...
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My Past Makes My Boyfriend Have Panic Attacks

From a young woman in Pakistan: Coming from a conservative society, I did not tell my boyfriend about my past physical relations, even though I know I should have. Instead I lied to him that they were non consensual. And he later found out by my ex about them, after I had lied to him about the problem for months. The one thing he asked me was not to break his trust or lie to him and I did the same exact thing. I was too scared to tell him because I felt I might lose him, although I know if I had...
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How can you actively boost your low libido?

Low libido, or sudden changes in your sex drive, can be overwhelming and cause embarrassment or shame, but this is a common problem that could have many different solutions.According to research, managing your anxiety/stress levels, maintaining a healthy diet and proper sleeping habits, and cutting down on things such as alcohol or smoking can all boost your libido. Low libido can have many causes (physical, emotional, medical, etc). If you find you are struggling with this and are not able to f...
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Family Is Making My Choose Between Them and My Boyfriend

When I was 18, I started dating my boyfriend. My mom did not approve and refused to meet him. After a year and a half, we broke up because I couldn’t deal with the constant disapproval and I have always regretted it. When I was 26, we reconnected as friends and a year and a half ago, we started a relationship again. However, I didn’t want to upset my mom so I kept most of our relationship a secret until recently, when my family found out the entire truth. Now, of course, they are furious with me...
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In the months my husband and I were apart, the world changed completely | Helen Sullivan

We didn’t know the pandemic would separate us for five months. ‘People in love never give up,’ a man at his hotel said to meIn March, when I left Beirut, where my husband Felix and I were living, for a new job in Sydney, I knew we would be apart for a little while. It wasn’t a huge deal – if the worst came to the worst, one of us could just jump on a plane.But 10 days after I arrived in Australia, Lebanon closed its only airport. Ten days after that, Australia introduced a mandatory fortnight of...
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Could Things I Did when We Were Young Affect My Sister Now?

From a 15 year old girl in the U.S.  When i was much younger, about 6 or 7, i did things with my sister that are considered sexual. She’s three years younger than me, so she was about 3 or 4 at the time. We were extremely sheltered as children (i didn’t even know the word “vagina” until 3rd/4th grade) so i had no way of knowing that this was sexual/harmful. So, describing the things i did: sometimes, when i was told to wake her up, i would sit lightly on her and maybe (? idk its fuzzy) grind on ...
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‘I'm 21 and I've never been kissed’: six people on big experiences they haven’t had

We all remember our first kiss… but what if it hasn’t happened yet? And what about swimming in the ocean, riding a bike or going to the cinema? Amelia Tait talks to six people about things they haven’t doneLauren, 21, Michigan Continue reading...
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Kanojo Okarishimasu Luxuriously Bathes With Old People

Intimacy is the highlight of the fifth episode of Kanojo Okarishimasu as the aftermath of last week’s cliffhanger is deftly resolved, leading to a surplus of bathing with main heroine Chizuru (as a needed counterbalance to Kazuya’s unsightly masturbation scene), though perhaps ruining the sexiness completely as the protagonist’s grandmother joins her in the bath. […]
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‘We were sexually frustrated’: did it work out for people who texted an ex in lockdown?

It’s never been easier to track down your first love online, and during the pandemic many people did just thatDressed up for the first time in lockdown, and wearing a full face of makeup, Annabelle Richards went to meet her first love. The last time she had seen Junior St Clair was in the summer of 1992. She was 17, and on a bus bound for London. He was 20 and standing outside Ipswich bus station, bawling. “As the coach pulled away there were tears pouring down his cheeks,” Annabelle recalls, “a...
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Lessons learned from the move to remote working – Interview with Dean Robison of ServiceNow

Today’s interview is with Dean Robison who is the SVP of Global Technical Support at ServiceNow. Dean joins me today to talk about his experience of […]
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Do I Have Borderline Personality Disorder?

At the age of 5 I lost my father to suicide following the traumatic event I began to act out a lot more. Around age 7 I began to scream or cry and have extreme outbursts. Continuing on throughout my childhood I suffered repeated emotional and physical abuse from my mother. As well as being in a domestic violent home my needs were almost never met. I found myself taking care of myself and my brothers and constantly being on edge or in fear. As a child I was always changing my hair color as well a...
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Pre-Consent in Relationships

One of the most delicious phrases to hear in a sexual encounter is, “You can do whatever you want with me.” Mmmm! That’s a form of pre-consent. In that case it’s perhaps overly broad, and there may be some hidden boundaries to discover along the way, but it really opens the door to less constrained exploration together. Even when pre-consent is more limited, it can speed a connection along towards the more fun and interesting parts. When you’re beginning to explore a new connection with...
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How to Play With Testicles

A lot of people get squirrely about touching the testicles because they’re afraid of hurting the person attached to them. They are sensitive, true, but that can work both ways—handling them can also be extremely pleasurable for the testicle-haver. Here’s your guide to playing with balls.Read more...
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David Epstein: Thinking tools for 'wicked' problems

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Malcolm Gladwell was not able to make the live stream due to scheduling issues. Fortunately, David Epstein was able to jump in at a moment's notice. We hope you enjoy this great yet unexpected episode of Big Think Live. Our thanks to David and Maria for helping us deliver a show, it is much appreciated. --In this Big Think Live session, Malcolm Gladwell and host Maria Konnikova will explore the quirks of the human mind, the ins and outs of writing about psychology, and t...
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Have you heard of the NPS? Here’s why it’s a great referral tool

The core thesis behind the NPS is that there's one question you can ask clients that reveals what they really think of your business. Here's how you can use it to ramp up referrals.
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What really happens in your body and brain when you orgasm?

An orgasm is described as a feeling of intense pleasure that happens during sexual activity. By studying the brain activity of people experiencing orgasms, researchers have been able to pinpoint some of the key changes that occur.These changes include heightened sensitivity to areas of the brain that control how we feel pain, making us less sensitive to it. An orgasm is described as a feeling of intense pleasure that happens during sexual activity. While some people experience orgasms differentl...
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Hulu's original movie "Palm Springs" is the comedy we needed this summer

Two wedding guests discover they're trapped in an infinite time loop, waking up in Palm Springs over and over and over. As the reality of their situation sets in, Nyles and Sarah decide to enjoy the repetitive awakenings. The film is perfectly timed for a world sheltering at home during a pandemic. Everyone remembers Bill Murray's hilarious time loop in the 1993 film Groundhog Day. While covering the infamous annual event in Punxsutawney, Murray comes to terms with waking up over and over again...
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Who are these people who say No Regrets!?

I was wondering, after blogging that WaPo article "I cut off all contact with my mother," where the author had "interviewed more than 50 people who have estranged themselves from family members" and had "yet to meet a single one who regrets it."No Regrets is kind of slogan for some people, isn't it? Do you have no regrets? Here, listen to Edith Piaf sing "Non, je ne regrette rien" while you gather your thoughts:And here's Elvis ("Regrets, I've had a few, but then again, too few to mention"):I Go...
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Inviting Disappointment

If you’re active in online discussions, remember to invite discussions on topics that interest you. Don’t just post memes or trivial updates about your life. Don’t just read or respond to other people’s topics. Actually invite discussions to explore and advance what interests you. This may expose a weak social circle or a weak platform. You may feel resistance to inviting such discussions because you know a certain social circle isn’t up to the task. Maybe you’ve tested this a few times...
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What's up with the Washington Post? The #1 most-read article right now is a piece from January 2019 about somebody's happiness at cutting off all contact with her mother.

This is disturbing:I mean, I understand. Given the choice, I'd rather find out what happened in "I cut off all contact with my mother. It made my life much better" than wade through the latest rumors about how almost entirely peaceful things are in Portland and how some Republican isn't handling coronavirus optimally. I don't need to know about an isolated shooting somewhere and I make a point of looking away from the Boston Marathon bomber.I guess WaPo correctly anticipated that the time was ri...
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How to win a negotiation

There are many variables in every negotiation, which means there is no silver bullet or magic phrase you can use to win every single time. On top of that, the idea of "winning" changes depending on the situation. The key to success is being able to identify the type of negotiation and use a strategy that gets you what you want."Successful negotiation is not about getting to yes," says former FBI negotiator Chris Voss. "It's about mastering no and understanding what the path to an agreement is."I...
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How I sell in ‘hidden gem’ markets

For many of today’s luxury buyers, the perfect vacation property may be closer than they think. As international travel remains restricted, buyers are taking note of the second-home markets that have always been in their backyards — world-class treasures hidden in plain sight.
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Sexual and Virtuous

Yesterday Rachelle and I watched an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise where the crew goes into the Dark Mirror universe. This alternative universe shows up in multiple Star Trek series and novels. All the characters have identical looking mirror versions with different personalities and values. It’s a place of violence, belligerence, war, and conquest. Imagine waking up in a reality with all the same people, but almost everyone is openly evil. One way to advance in this world is to kill a supe...
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Improve your relationships – with advice from counter-terrorism experts

Emily and Laurence Alison specialise in communication and co-operation with criminal suspects. But their methods work in the home and at work, too“The more you push someone, the more they close up,” say Emily and Laurence Alison, a husband-and-wife psychology team. “The hungrier you are for information, the harder it will be to get that out of someone. But give the person a choice about what they say; give them some autonomy and you begin to build the rapport that may lead to a better conversati...
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Kanojo Okarishimasu Doles out a Beach Beatdown

Kanojo Okarishimasu‘s beach episode has done the unthinkable and extended into a second episode, albeit utilizing the extra time to instead delve further into its romance-based drama as protagonist Kazuya and one of his male friends get into quite the scuffle. Omake:
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My Boyfriend Has Problems Communicating with Me

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years. I’m an American and he is originally from Portugal, so English isn’t his first language. I met him a week after he came to America and we have been together ever since. I have always struggled with communicating with him, not so much because of a language barrier, but because I think he’s so passive or submissive in life, nothing is ever an issue to him. When we “fight” it’s always because of something that annoys me, and it’s never a discussi...
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I’m Interested, He’s not

From a woman in Australia: My love interest asked me to leave him alone and stop pursuing him, even though i know he is interested. I met this man through mutual friends. We had lunch together a few months ago where he told me he is having a mental breakdown and has PTSD. He had been withdrawing for months and was concerned about his relationship with his friends. Months later I find out he also has bipolar disorder. After our lunch, I try to organize another get together, but he seemed to lose ...
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Does porn cause erectile dysfunction...or not?

According to UW Health, around 5 percent of men that are 40 years old have complete erectile dysfunction. That number increases to about 15 percent by age 70.While there are many things that can cause or contribute to ED (such as high blood pressure, smoking, the use of drugs or alcohol, depression, and anxiety), there has been wide debate over the impacts of pornography use. Several studies outlined in this article look at the supposed link between ED and pornography use.Erectile dysfunction (c...
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How to Figure Out If You're Dating a Narcissist

When Lisa* met Adam* in graduate school, she thought she’d hit the dating jackpot. “He was very wealthy, very charismatic, and at first he was very charming,” she says. “He was constantly showering me with gifts, fancy dinners, and romanic nights out. He was playing by this 1950s courtship rulebook.” But over time,…Read more...
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How Do We Help Our Teen Daughter Get Over a Relationship?

From a mom in the U.S.: 3 days ago we found out that our daughter’s boyfriend of 8 months was posting sexually inappropriate videos of himself on social media. We are appalled and disgusted with this behavior and do not want my daughter or ourselves associated with him. We told her she is forbidden from seeing him again. They are both 16. My daughter thinks we are overreacting. She is mourning her relationship and is angry with us. My husband and I are heart broken that she is so upset, but ther...
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