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Blind date: ‘I asked if he could grow a proper beard’

Kieran, 36, hospital pharmacist, meets Tony, 28, marketing consultantWhat were you hoping for?The romcom fantasy – the restaurant bursts into spontaneous song kind. More realistically, someone with a pulse who can look beyond the fact that a professional hasn’t touched my hair all year. Continue reading...
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How to Talk About Mental Illness in a New Relationship

Dating can be tricky for anyone, but for those living with mental illness things can get a little more complicated. Putting aside how having an anxiety disorder makes the whole process much harder—you’re deliberately introducing new potential sources of anxiety into your life—there’s also the issue of how and when to…Read more...
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Feeling Shattered? Coping With the Aftermath of a Break-In

There are things in life that throw us off balance. You may have spent a long time working to stay fit and healthy, only to have a bad day throw you off course. When we feel our privacy has been... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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What stops people from changing their minds?

When you want someone to see things differently and to abandon their previous stance, sometimes persistence is not key. "Too often we think change is about pushing," says Jonah Berger, author of the book The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone's Mind, and a marketing professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. "We think if we just come up with one more way people will eventually come around." Through speaking with people who have successfully changed minds of others, Berg...
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What Managers Should Do (Or Not Do) When You Get Promoted

Getting promoted is great – but what do you do now? Image Credit: Martin Terber Congratulations to you! You’ve just been promoted! Finally all of that great work (and the great work of your team) along with your manager skills have been recognized. Umm, now what should you be doing? The world that you used to know has gone away. You are now in a new position and the people who promoted you and for that matter the rest of the company have new expectations of you. Just exactly what i...
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How to Have Morning Sex

Most people think of sex as a nighttime activity—but it can be even more enjoyable first thing in the morning. You were going to hit the snooze button a few times anyway, so why not do something fun instead? Here’s how to have fantastic morning sex. Read more...
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Resolving the Unresolved

Sometimes people don’t look at certain dark corners of their lives because they either want to keep their options open or they don’t want to “collapse the wave function” to a negative outcome. For instance, suppose you’re in a relationship and you suspect that your partner is secretly cheating on you. Or suppose you have a job and want a promotion, and you’re worried that your boss has already excluded you from consideration. Maybe you figure that looking for the truth is worse than not knowi...
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What blinking slowly means to cats, according to science

Cats accept the presence of humans with whom they exchange a slow blink.A slow blink is likely a visual statement of nonaggression.Owners and strangers alike can bond with a cat using the slow-blink greeting. For many animals, a direct gaze into their eyes constitutes a challenge. Gaze into the eyes of a dog you don't know well and you'll be picking a fight, and a cat on edge will keep their eyes laser-locked on a perceived threat.As cat aficionados have long suspected, you can break the ice wi...
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Why You Should Define 'Cheating' in Your Relationship

The first stages of dating can be fun—figuring out whether you’d willingly give up your limited alone time to get to know a new person. But between all the sibling- and hobby-listing, chances are these early conversations don’t include how each of you define “cheating.” And why would they?Read more...
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Your Teenager Needs a Hug Right Now

Our teenagers, like the rest of us, are struggling. They’ve been stuck at home, having lost the ability to socialize with their friends in person in any sort of normal way—right at the time when their relationships outside of the home have become so important to them. What they’ve lost during these many months is…Read more...
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How to Get Along With Your Ex After a Breakup

Learning to get along with an ex can be necessary if you have mutual friends, children, or for professional reasons. Aside from accommodating others outside the relationship, though, maintaining a positive relationship with an ex could be beneficial to you both, and a mature way to acknowledge that while that person…Read more...
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Why referrals should have a place in your sales strategy

Both prospecting and marketing are important, but your sales strategy is not a two-legged stool. It is a three-legged stool, and the third leg should be your referral plan.
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Never Stop Flirting With Your Partner

My wife is a great flirt. With me, with her friends, with an audience. She knows that flirtation isn’t just for people you’re just getting to know. Flirtation is just as important years into a relationship as it is at the start. Maybe even more so. Read more...
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"Gloria Scott decided it was time to call an electrician in early August after she flipped on a light switch in her kitchen and sparks flew out of an overhead fixture, tripping her circuit breaker..."

"Electrician John Kinney fixed the problem... But.... he couldn’t stop thinking about Scott, 72, living with her dog in her dilapidated house in Woburn, Mass., a suburban working-class community about 12 miles outside of Boston. 'She reminded me of my nana, who passed away 10 years ago,' said Kinney, 37, who runs Kinney Electric... The following Monday, Kinney returned to Scott’s home with an offer: 'I have a lot of friends — how about if I put together a group to come over and help you fix th...
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Defining Your Own Spiritual Path

Have you ever connected with someone who had strong preconceived notions about what your spiritual path should look like? Apparently there’s a rulebook for being spiritual, and you have to satisfy certain criteria for how you’re supposed to think, feel, and behave in order to consider yourself a spiritual person. You got the memo summarizing those rules, right? Being spiritual is a label and lens. But it’s not the same lens for everyone. We all assign different meanings to what it means to...
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Divvy up chores fairly, keep arguments single-issue: how to survive being cooped up with your partner

Lockdown and working from home can put stress on relationships, but the new normal could provide opportunities for positive changes – if we are thoughtfulThe coronavirus crisis has presented couples with an unusual relationship problem: a surfeit of togetherness. Where busy partners once struggled to find the time to be together, they now ration scraps of privacy. Not only has the pandemic reduced our love lives to one, endless quiet night in, it also obliged many people to work from home, to sp...
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Lesson Learned: Fall in love with your clients

In this column, real estate agents across the nation share stories of the lessons they’ve learned during their time in the industry. This week: Find out how Northrop Realty’s Creig Northrop succeeds by putting the client first.
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1 in 5 vegetative patients is conscious. This neuroscientist finds them.

What if vegetative patients are conscious? Neuroscientist Adrian Owen, author of Into The Gray Zone and a professor at Western University in Canada, is using fMRI technology to try to reach the people who may still be aware of their surroundings.Consciousness has traditionally been assessed by asking patients to respond to verbal commands. Through brain imaging, Dr Owen and his team were able to prove that these tests are inadequate, and it's estimated that 20 percent of vegetative patients are ...
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Stop Ghosting and Date With More Empathy

If you’re looking for a quick and dirty exit to a romantic entanglement with someone you’re not too likely to run into again, ghosting can seem like a tempting, blissfully simple option. (Especially when social venues are closed, and online dating makes for countless relationship options that are easy to enter, and…Read more...
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Children know what makes a leader more than some adults

5-year-olds recognize social hierarchies and are aware when others don't contribute their fair share.Children of this age consider someone a leader only when they sacrifice toward achieving the common goal."Leaders" who take more than they give are considered unacceptable to young children. To some, attaining leadership is like winning the ultimate prize, while for others it represents an opportunity to help. A new study in Child Development finds that young children have a very clear opinion a...
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Study: 33% of people fantasize about being in a sexually open relationship

The study involved 822 Americans who were in monogamous relationships at the time.Participants answered questions about their personalities, sexual fantasies, and intentions to act on those fantasies.Research suggests practicing consent, comfort, and communication makes open relationships more likely to succeed. New research suggests one-third of Americans in monogamous relationships fantasize about being in a sexually open relationship. Of that one-third, most want to act out their desire. Som...
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Language is the most basic form of personalisation and it plays a huge role in a customer’s experience – Interview with Allison McDougall of Amplexor

Today’s interview is with Allison McDougall who is the SVP of Global Revenue at Amplexor, a leading digital solution provider offering global compliance, digital experience and […] The post Language is the most basic form of personalisation and it plays a huge role in a customer’s experience - Interview with Allison McDougall of Amplexor first appeared on Adrian Swinscoe.
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How to Make Lasting Connections

Our show is a tribute to a woman who was called a connector. You’ll see why and learn some of her secrets to making lasting connections. We met Liz Strauss through Chris Brogan many years ago, who recommended we reach out to her. Liz had a successful blog with tens of thousands of comments. She […] The post How to Make Lasting Connections appeared first on Bigg Success. [click the title link above to read our full post]
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We studied what happens when guys add their cats to their dating app profiles

If you've used a dating app, you'll know the importance of choosing good profile pics.These photos don't just relay attractiveness; a recent study suggested that 43% of people think they can get a sense of someone's personality by their picture. You might guess that someone who has included a photo of themselves hiking is an outdoorsy type of person. But as scientists who study human-animal interactions, we wanted to know what this meant for pet owners – in particular, male cat owners. If you're...
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Declining Vibrational Mismatches

Do you ever get invitations that are vibrationally (or emotionally) out of sync with what you’d like to experience? Do you get invited to boring events when you’re in the mood for some excitement? Do you get invited to tediously slow experiences when you’d prefer faster pacing? Do you get invitations that feel obligatory when you find freedom and flexibility more appealing? Do you get sucked into disempowering invitations (like a pity party or whinefest) when you’re shifting into emp...
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My husband and I stopped dividing chores into 'his' and 'her' jobs, and now things are actually getting done

Melissa Petro works part-time from home while caring for her young children. Melissa Petro Melissa Petro is a freelance writer based in New York where she lives with her husband and two small children.  In their marriage, Petro says she and her husband found themselves dividing household chores into stereotypically male and female responsibilities — and then struggled with what felt like unequal workloads. Petro says her chores of cooking and cleaning felt like more because they're done on...
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The man who texted me during lockdown has now gone quiet | Dear Mariella

That sun-soaked pause in life triggered nostalgia for many, says Mariella Frostrup. If it’s a real relationship you want focus on one driven by current connectionThe dilemma An acquaintance I didn’t know very well from 15 years ago added me on Facebook last year, then over lockdown asked for my number and started texting. He had split from his wife last year and moved out. The messaging became quite frequent and he indicated on several occasions that he was interested in meeting up. It definitel...
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7 steps to successfully merge finances with your significant other

A compatible financial plan involves planning and setting goals for your future life together. PeopleImages/Getty Images When it comes to combining finances with your significant other, it's critical to determine a budget and discuss your long-term financial goals. Set goals early and often, and map out a plan that includes joint accounts for shared essentials and separate accounts for more "fun" purchases.  You'll likely experience major life changes as the years go by, so regularly revis...
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Not Always in the Mood: The New Science of Men, Sex, and Relationships

Not Always in the Mood: The New Science of Men, Sex, and Relationships $15 from Amazon Sex and science are my butter and bread. I think my readers know this already. Though, I have sadly fallen behind on Science of Sex posts. Still, don’t fear! Because I’m here to talk to you about an entire book about science and sex, and one that aims to examine something that we take for granted: male sexual desire. In Not Always in the Mood, author Sarah Hunter Murray relies on her experience as a coup...
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Being in a frisky mood may improve your chances in the dating world

Fear of rejection, self-doubt, and anxiety are just some of the obstacles humans need to overcome to make a meaningful, romantic connection with another person.According to a 2020 project by a group of psychologists at the University of Rochester (and the Israeli-based Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya), humans see possible romantic partners as a lot more attractive if they go into the interaction with a "sexy mindset."Across three separate studies, this team discovered that this sexual activati...
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