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Bio Roundup: Clinical Trials Paused, New MS Drug, Kallyope’s Cash & More

Finding and enrolling patients for clinical trials is always challenging. The coronavirus pandemic has made it nearly impossible.Fallout from the spread of COVID-19 infections led several companies to declare this week that they would stop enrolling patients in clinical trials or postpone studies that have not yet started. Eli Lilly (NYSE: LLY) said that many healthcare systems are devoting their resources to treating COVID-19 patients, which makes it difficult for these sites to also start new...
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Pharma Giant Gilead Retracts Request FDA Extend Monopoly Status on Experimental Covid-19 Drug

Pharmaceutical giant Gilead Sciences on Wednesday retracted its effort to score extended monopoly rights and tax breaks on its antiviral drug remdesivir, which scientists are evaluating as a possible treatment in the novel coronavirus pandemic.Read more...
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Hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine and other potential COVID-19 treatments explained

During two of this week’s White House briefings, President Trump referred specifically to two potential treatments that have been identified by medical researchers and clinicians, and that have undergone various degrees of investigation and testing in the ongoing fight against the global coronavirus pandemic. It’s important to note upfront that regardless of what you may have heard, from Trump or any other sources, no drugs or treatments have been proven as effective for either the prevention of...
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FDA testing coronavirus treatments including chloroquine, plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients

U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn addressed the ongoing work of the agency in terms of its work on potential treatments and vaccines for the COVID-19 coronavirus currently spreading globally. Despite a claim early in Thursday’s White House briefing on the pandemic by President Donald Trump that one proposed treatment, anti-malarial chloroquine, had already been approved by the FDA for COVID-19 treatment, Hahn said that in fact the agency is currently looking at wide-...
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Japanese flu drug appears ‘effective’ in coronavirus treatment in Chinese clinical trials

Japanese-made flu drug favipiravir (also known as Avigan) has been shown to be effective in both reducing the duration of the COVID-19 virus in patients, and to have improved the lung conditions of those who received treatment with the drug, based on results of clinical trials conducted with affected patients in both Wuhan and Shenzhen by Chinese medical authorities. The trials involved 340 patients in total, and since they drug has already been developed and approved for use in treating flu, it...
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Remdesivir prevents MERS coronavirus disease in monkeys

The experimental antiviral remdesivir successfully prevented disease in rhesus macaques infected with Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), according to a new study from National Institutes of Health scientists. Remdesivir prevented disease when administered before infection and improved the condition of macaques when given after the animals already were infected.
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