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How to Avoid Paying Extra Fees on Your Car Rental When You're Under 25

When you’re over the age of 24, your options in life are endless—at least when it comes to renting a car. But if you’re a young driver, you better saddle up to the idea of renting an old minivan with crazy, added fees. Read more...
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Piston Slap: A Big Problem with PODS?

David writes: Sajeev, Almost every rental car I’ve driven, regardless of make or model, in the last 18 to 24 months, particularly in the Bay Area and especially if the car has 20,000 or more miles, has the passenger detection system for turning the airbag on/off broken. Ford, GM, Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, it doesn’t matter. […] The post Piston Slap: A Big Problem with PODS? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Very Specific Tips for Protecting Yourself During Your Car Rental

It’s only within the last couple of years that I’ve actively started renting cars. This was, in part, due to a general fear of driving in various foreign countries, my inability to drive manual, and a casual sense of befuddlement when it came to the tidal wave of fees and shady practices that seem to go hand in hand with rentals in many countries. I’m freshly returned from Iceland where taking a number of steps and following some basic best practices ended up saving us over $300. Based on feedba...
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Avrios has quietly raised $14M for an AI-fueled fleet management platform

Swiss startup Avrios reckons business mobility is going to get a whole lot more interesting as companies adopt more tailored mobility solutions, rather than sticking with the traditional one car per person model. And at the same time as businesses are seeking to accelerate their progressive cred by moving away from combustion cars to greener alternatives, new urban mobility choices are starting to spring up to offer consumers a multi-modal spectrum of personal transport choice. So the days of bu...
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Car of the Future Weekly Roundup for May 23, 2018

In this week’s Car of the Future Weekly Roundup –National Survey shows Americans have increased their fear of AVs— –AV backers push for federal framework— –AAA survey says drivers are distracted by in-car tech— Click on the colored title to see the full story NMA Car of the Future Story of the Week National survey shows increasing fear of driverless vehicles There’s a growing distrust of driverless vehicles similar to an autonomous bus that crashed on its first day of testing in downtown Las Veg...
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In this week’s Roundup! –NTSB examines school bus fatalities– –Traffic school has no safety benefit– –TX AG says no more public money for toll roads– Friday, May 18, 2018 NTSB Investigation Examines Preventable School Bus Fatalities The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will meet Tuesday to discuss a pair of tragic school bus accidents that took a dozen lives in 2016. While some school administrators have cited school bus fatality numbers as a reason to install stop a...
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The Court Stands Up For Motorists: NMA Weekly E-Newsletter #488

“Few protections are as essential to individual liberty as the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. The Framers made that right explicit in the Bill of Rights following their experience with the indignities and invasions of privacy wrought by ‘general warrants and warrantless searches that had so alienated the colonists and had helped speed the movement for independence.’” Those words are from the majority opinion of the U.S. Supreme Court as delivered by Justice Anthony Ken...
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NMA Driving News Weekly Roundup for May 18, 2018

In this week’s Driving News Roundup: –US Supreme Court Upholds Ride Sharing Privacy— –Close to 50,000 People in Waco, TX could be headed for jail due to non-payment of traffic fines— –Truck Driver Shortage will affect all of us– –TX AG says no more public funds can be used for toll roads— –CAF Settlement shines light on NYCPD transparency– Click on the color headline to read the full story. NMA Driving News Stories of the Week US Supreme Court Upholds Ride Sharing Privacy Drivers of borrowed veh...
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3 Hacks For Saving Money On A Rental Car

Rental cars are the way to go if you are out of the country, a business trip, a quick getaway, or even a luxurious vacation to the Caribbean. In some countries, it is very time-consuming to wait for public transport to take you wherever you are going. Therefore, it would be best if you relied on an excellent rental vehicle. If you are new to that state, and you do not have a car there, then find a good rental company who can give you numerous renting options. In this article, we will highlig...
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Rental Review – Mishaps With Maven

General Motors launched its Maven rideshare service in 2016 with the goal of providing renters with a taste of its vehicles, while also bringing in a little extra revenue. The service offers a wide array of vehicles ranging from small hatchbacks like the Chevrolet Spark to large SUVs like the Tahoe. The service is available […] The post Rental Review – Mishaps With Maven appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

  The person behind the counter displays a menu of insurance options and recommends you purchase them for your rental car.  You stare at the paper like a deer in the headlights and wonder what to do.   Many people play it safe and purchase the insurance. Do you need rental car insurance, or does your current car insurance cover rental cars? Does My Car Insurance Cover Rental Cars? In most cases, rental cars are covered by the renter’s personal auto insurance policy and no additional insurance...
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Road Trip Rage: The Dodge Durango GT, All Buttoned Up and Going Nowhere Fast

This past week, your humble author spent three days on vacation with a rented 2017 Dodge Durango GT. The black wagon you see above is the result of terseness at the Enterprise counter, where I had a reservation for a “Standard, Buick Verano or similar” vehicle, but where a base model Elantra with 25,000 miles, stained […] The post Road Trip Rage: The Dodge Durango GT, All Buttoned Up and Going Nowhere Fast appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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2016 Nissan Pathfinder S Rental Review – Eighteen Grand

I have zero patience with people who make pricing comparisons between new cars and used cars. It is almost always done to show off the supposedly superior financial acumen, automotive knowledge, or enthusiast credentials of the person making the comparison. “I sure feel bad for that single mother emergency-room nurse who just wasted her money […] The post 2016 Nissan Pathfinder S Rental Review – Eighteen Grand appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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How IT Managers Can Get Their Boss To Say “Yes” To Attend A Conference

The key to getting your boss to say “yes” is to have a persuasive pitch Image Credit: Kai Friis By this point in your career I’m pretty sure that all of us have at one time or another attended one of our industry’s conferences. You know the drill: you fly in, check into your hotel, go register for the conference, determine what sessions you want to attend, mix and mingle with other people attending the conference and maybe even go out at night and close down a bar or two,. You know and I ...
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Ridiculously Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Family Vacation

Vacations can be expensive, especially when you’re traveling overseas and you have the whole family with you. But you may be surprised to know that there are many ways you can save money on your vacation, by taking just a few simple steps. Here are some ideas to help you.   Book Directly With the Airline Booking with the airline directly can save you big bucks, especially if you have a two-leg journey involving separate airlines operating under the same alliance. For example, if the first leg o...
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Shattered! When Rental Cars Go (Sort Of) Wild

I closed the driver’s door and the back window of the 2017 Hyundai Sonata simply fell into the passenger compartment, a thousand little pieces sprinkled over my luggage, my spare pair of shoes, my son’s child seat. It was about 10:45 on a Saturday night. Danger Girl, my son, and I were nearly 400 miles away […] The post Shattered! When Rental Cars Go (Sort Of) Wild appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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What to Consider When Choosing to Travel by Train or Rental Car on Vacation

If you’re traveling to Europe, getting a rental car or taking the train both have pros and cons that can make it hard to choose. Travel guru Rick Steves lays out what to consider when deciding between the two for your next vacation.Read more...
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Lyft and GM partner on Express Drive, a rental service that paves the way for autonomous cars

 Two months after General Motors announced a $500 million investment in transportation startup Lyft to work on autonomous cars, the pair are launching their first service together. No, it’s not a self-driving car fleet (yet); it’s a short-term rental program called Express Drive: GM will provide all-in rental cars to Lyft drivers, who will pay between $99/week plus mileage… Read More
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Family Fun in the Mitsubishi Outlander SEL #DriveMitsubishi

Sponsored by #DriveMitsubishi. We had our bags packed and the Mitsubishi Outlander SEL awaiting our arrival at the Miami airport. We were excited to get on the road for our family adventure in the Florida Keys. My parents thought we were a little crazy to travel with a baby, but we were feeling desperate to escape […] The post Family Fun in the Mitsubishi Outlander SEL #DriveMitsubishi appeared first on Baby Loving Mama.
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Avoid the Underage Car Rental Surcharge by Renting from USAA

Most car rental companies charge you extra if you're under 25. If you're a military service member (or have one in the family), you can rent from USAA to avoid the fee.Read more...
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How to Decide Whether You Need Rental Car Insurance

When renting a car, combing through the fine print of insurance coverage options can be daunting and, let's face it, not all that stimulating. It's not as exciting as choosing between a flashy convertible, a sensible compact or the seven-seat mammoth SUV.Read more...
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