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University of Pennsylvania researchers lead project studying phytoliths in biofuel feedstocks

In Pennsylvania, an international, multidisciplinary team led by University of Pennsylvania mineralogists used highly sensitive microscopy to study phytoliths, small deposits of minerals containing silicon or calcium present in certain plants. These chemical elements are absorbed from the soil along with other nutrients. The phytoliths lend plants strength and structure and are common in some plant families commonly used for biofuel, such as grasses. Reporting in Industrial Crops and Products, t...
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Dayton Mayor Endorses Ballot Issue on Gun Sale Background Checks

The group, Ohioans for Gun Safety , is moving full steam ahead on its drive to put a ballot issue on gun sale background checks before Ohio voters. It continues collecting signatures for the petition effort, and it got a boost Wednesday from the mayor of a city that recently dealt with a mass shooting. Last week, Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley stood with Gov. Mike DeWine as he laid out his gun reform plan. She said she was not happy that universal background checks are not part of it. Now, Whaley is en...
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A New Skill Could Let Smart Speakers Monitor a Sleeping Baby's Breathing and Movement

For the first few months, life with a new baby at home is filled with stress and worry. Are they sleeping okay? Have they rolled over too far? Are they still breathing? But there could soon be some relief to all the anxiety as researchers have come up with a clever new trick for smart speakers that allows them to …Read more...
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What Are the Benefits of CBD?

More than 60 percent of CBD users were taking it for anxiety, according to a survey of 5,000 people. Does it help?
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2019 Nobel Prize: How Research Is Key to Ending Global Poverty

The recipients of the 2019 Nobel Prize in economics are advancing the need for research on what works and what doesn’t in poverty alleviation: something Compassion is actively practicing! Read the full article: 2019 Nobel Prize: How Research Is Key to Ending Global Poverty
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What Are the Benefits of Turmeric?

Famed for purported anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, the botanical is hailed for helping a host of conditions. Is that true?
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Are There Benefits to Drinking Kombucha?

If by “benefits” you mean being wildly popular and sometimes unpredictably alcoholic, then yes.
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Washington State researchers develop 3D plastic composite using coffee grounds

In Washington state, plastic composite made partly from waste coffee grounds is a tough but environmentally friendly material for 3D printing, according to new Washington State University research. The work could lead to new applications for 3D printing as well as make better use of waste materials. Reporting in the journal, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, the researchers found that their material, made from up to 20 percent coffee waste, had a more than 400 percent increase in toughn...
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If a Robotic Hand Solves a Rubik’s Cube, Does It Prove Something?

A five-fingered feat could show important progress in A.I. research. It is also a stunt.
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91% of Customers Prefer Small Businesses When Convenient

Tailored offerings and great customer service allow Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) to forge deeper personal relationships with customers, according to a survey conducted by Zendesk. The Big Expectations, Small businesses: What Customers Want survey (PDF) indicates that 91% of respondents prefer small businesses when convenient, while 74% actively search for opportunities to support SMBs even when it is not convenient. The advantage small businesses have is their ability to provide nic...
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Five Reasons the Diet Soda Myth Won’t Die

Repeated studies on a health bogeyman help explain wider problems with food research.
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European researchers awarded more than EUR7 million to research photosynthesis

In the UK, a University of Sheffield academic is part of a research team which has been awarded over EUR7 million to continue pioneering research into photosynthesis by the European Research Council (ERC). Photosynthesis is a fundamental process on Earth, harnessing the energy of sunlight to generate the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat. However, plants and other photosynthetic organisms absorb only a fraction of the available solar energy and incur further losses converting this energy int...
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82% of Business Failure is Due to Poor Cash Management (INFOGRAPHIC)

The first year of operation for small businesses is full of challenges. And when it comes to capital, most of them rely on personal savings and income from another job. The data comes from SCORE’s second part of a three-part series titled Megaphone of Main Street. In the first part, which is titled Finding Your Way, Finding Customers, SCORE looked at starting a business and finding customers. So, it makes sense the second part is addressing the challenges of financing. Why, because of the lack ...
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The Twitch That Helps Your Intestines Grow

Pulsing movements in an embryo are crucial to helping intestines grow into the wonder tube that it is, a study finds.
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Wood for skin: nanocellulose sensor developed for human skin health

In Switzerland, a team of Empa researchers, together with scientists from Canada, have produced a novel flexible sensor that lies on the skin surface and is biocompatible because it is made of nanocellulose. Nanocellulose is an inexpensive, renewable raw material, which can be obtained in form of crystals and fibers, for example from wood. Its mechanical properties also make the “super pudding” an interesting product. For instance, new composite materials based on nanocellulose can be developed ...
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Berkeley researchers produce diesel fuel precursors from crop residues, municipal solid waste

In California, researchers at Berkeley Lab have created six blends that combined MSW items (non-recyclable paper and grass clippings) with biomass (corn stover and switchgrass). Using an ionic liquid-based process, they converted these blends into methyl ketones, which are chemical compounds that can be used as diesel fuel precursors. This is the first report on the conversion of MSW to methyl ketones using an ionic liquid process, an efficient biomass pretreatment process that is becoming more ...
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Blue light for bike riders part of detection research project

See the new sign and blue light in upper right.(Photos: J. Maus/BikePortland) PBOT has been trying to educate bicycle riders how to get green lights for a long time now. I spotted their latest effort at a north Portland intersection earlier this week. First they put little bicycle markings over the signal sensor. Then they added signs telling people to stop over the markings. Then they added a blue light that could detect your presence and offer assurance that your request had been submit...
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Rollerski Safety Best Practices

Making yourself visible while rollerskiing is a must. And with a recent reminder from U.S. Ski Team (USST) World Cup coach Matt Whitcomb, the time of year has come when many skiers are training on roads in lower angle sunlight as we tip away from the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere. Below we are including the rollerskiing safety bullet-points and slides from Whitcomb’s presentation on the topic at the recent National Coaches’ Symposium. Before that, we recognize that rollerskiing on roads open to...
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Berkeley Lab creates six blends with MSW and biomass

In California, in a new study published in the journal ChemSusChem, researchers at Berkeley Lab created six blends that combined MSW items (non-recyclable paper and grass clippings) with biomass (corn stover and switchgrass). Using an ionic liquid-based process, they converted these blends into methyl ketones, which are chemical compounds that can be used as diesel fuel precursors. This is the first report on the conversion of MSW to methyl ketones using an ionic liquid process, an efficient bio...
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MIT Confirms a Bridge Leonardo da Vinci Designed 500 Years Ago Was an Ancient Engineering Marvel

Some 500 years after his death, researchers are still discovering just how talented and brilliant Leonardo da Vinci was. Architects and civil engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used a 3D printer to create a replica of a bridge da Vinci designed, but never built. To their surprise, not only did it…Read more...
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Morgan State University nabs nearly $500,000 NSF grant to study nanoparticles in cyanobacterium

In Maryland, Morgan State University’s School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences has announced its receipt of a $499,999 grant award from the National Science Foundation). The Excellence in Research (EiR) grant will be used to advance interdisciplinary research at the interface of biology, chemistry and engineering with a focus on studying the role of nanoparticles in cyanobacterium for enhanced biofuel production. Morgan is one of several Historically Black Colleges or Universities ...
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What Was Kept in This Stone Age Meat Locker? Bone Marrow

In an Israeli cave, paleontologists unearthed what may be the earliest example of humans storing food for later consumption.
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Researchers Created Lenses a Thousand Times Thinner to Hopefully Eliminate Ugly Smartphone Camera Bumps

Smartphones are currently plagued by a host of ugly design features that compromise aesthetics for functionality, including holes and notches in their screens, and protrusions on the back to accommodate camera optics. But those bumps might soon go away thanks to a team of researchers at the University of Utah who’ve …Read more...
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A Breakdown of HTML Usage Across ~8 Million Pages (& What It Means for Modern SEO)

Posted by Catalin.RosuNot long ago, my colleagues and I at Advanced Web Ranking came up with an HTML study based on about 8 million index pages gathered from the top twenty Google results for more than 30 million keywords. We wrote about the markup results and how the top twenty Google results pages implement them, then went even further and obtained HTML usage insights on them. What does this have to do with SEO? The way HTML is written dictates what users see and how search engines interpret...
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Australian government to invest A$35 million in synthetic biology research center

In Australia, the government is investing in the development of an Australian biomanufacturing sector that will use biological systems to produce commercial products, creating jobs and business opportunities. Minister for Education Dan Tehan announced the government was providing A$35 million to establish a research center that combines engineering with molecular biology to design and construct biological systems with commercial applications. The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excel...
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Was Heidi the Octopus Really Dreaming?

They’re far from us on the tree of life, and their brains are very different, and some scientists say we should take care before we assume that cephalopods sleep like we do.
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Why Audience Analysis Is Crucial

One of the most important things you can do as a speaker is study your audience. This is a crucial step toward building a message that meets the needs of those who will be listening to you. Why? It allows you to examine what their expectations and questions are ahead of time, and to make sure you address those. If you don’t understand what your audience needs from your presentation, you risk missing the mark altogether. Before the Speech The thing about audience analysis is that it takes time ...
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