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Should you buy someone a phone for the holidays?

The answer is yes, if you can make sure you get them something they like, and you’re not saddling your loved one with a monthly bill. Here’s how to do it right.
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Boston Tech Watch: Indigo Ag, GE, Algo Capital,, Cybric

Venture capital deals, acquisitions, and spin-offs made up much of this week’s Boston technology news.—Boston-based agtech startup Indigo Ag has acquired TellusLabs, an A.I. satellite technology company that was founded in Somerville, MA. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Indigo says it plans to integrate TellusLabs’ agricultural technology with its on-the-ground data to hopefully help growers increase crop yields. In September, Indigo raised a $250 million Series E funding round and launch...
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This early GDPR adtech strike puts the spotlight on consent

What does consent as a valid legal basis for processing personal data look like under Europe’s updated privacy rules? It may sound like an abstract concern but for online services that rely on things being done with user data in order to monetize free-to-access content this is a key question now the region’s General Data Protection Regulation is firmly fixed in place. The GDPR is actually clear about consent. But if you haven’t bothered to read the text of the regulation, and instead just go and...
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Costco blows past expectations with $767 million quarterly profit

The warehouse club retailer remains a sales juggernaut, with $34.3 billion in fiscal 2019 first-quarter revenue, up 10.3 percent.
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Starbucks to expand coffee delivery service to about 2,000 U.S. stores next year

After a test run in Miami this fall, Starbucks is significantly expanding delivery service from stores across the U.S. It's already an important part of its business in China.
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Qubit Data and Consumer Survey Reveal US Holiday Shopping Peak Periods are Getting Longer Each Year

Research also shows nearly 68 percent of consumers are comfortable sharing preferences with brands to receive a more personalized experience [LONDON and New York – December 13, 2018] — Qubit, a leader in marketing personalization technology, today announced findings from its Read more… The post Qubit Data and Consumer Survey Reveal US Holiday Shopping Peak Periods are Getting Longer Each Year appeared first on TechRecur: Latest Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, Analysis, Press Releases.
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Starbucks opens next Reserve Roastery in New York

The fancy store, one of some 350 Starbucks stores spread across the five boroughs, will feature coffee roasting, cocktails and a Princi bakery.
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SquareTrade mobile device protection boosts revenue and customer satisfaction for MediaMarkt in Spain and Portugal

Holistic mobile device care broadens offering as retailer looks to drive differentiation during forthcoming busy sales period LONDON – December 13, 2018 – SquareTrade, the global insurtech provider, today announced the significant value its mobile device protection service has delivered to Read more… The post SquareTrade mobile device protection boosts revenue and customer satisfaction for MediaMarkt in Spain and Portugal appeared first on TechRecur: Latest Telecom Media & Technology News, Tren...
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Here Everything’s Better

H-E-B. These three letters roll off of Texans’ tongues as easily and as frequently as barbacoa. HE Butt Grocery—founded in Kerrville, Texas, in 1905—has the kind of cult following few retailers in any category enjoy. Eater helps to explain the draw. H-E-B has just tapped into one of the most powerful cultural forces in existence: […] The post Here Everything’s Better appeared first on Adpulp.
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Smaller Amazon Go store tested in Seattle as retailer eyes new venues

The company opened a 450-square-foot Amazon Go store — about a quarter the size of existing Go stores — on the sixth floor of the Macy’s department store building in downtown Seattle. Amazon began leasing the top six floors of the landmark retail location in 2017.
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McDonald’s tightens policy on antibiotics and beef

As consumers have grown increasingly concerned about how their food is made, they have demanded a number of changes, including antibiotic-free meat and poultry
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Holiday Staffing 101: How to Ensure a Smooth Holiday Season

Ah, the hustle and bustle of the holidays. This is the time of year when retailers stock up on inventory and manpower. The rushes are inevitable as shoppers try to find the perfect gifts for everyone on their list. There’s just one problem: with the influx of shoppers and stressed out gift buyers, your team is going to be put to the test. To ensure your store continues to run smoothly this year, it’s time to start hiring. Here are a few tips to help you put together the perfect crew to make your...
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How AI Is Intruding Into the Commerce World

Shopping has clearly outgrown its traditional definition, morphing into a sophisticated customer journey. Modern consumers expect retail to offer them more than just the act of a purchase. In pursuit of exquisite experiences, AI-enabled products and services are fitting in extremely well.  New Retail, introduced by Alibaba founder Jack Ma, is gaining momentum as an amalgamation of the best practices of AI. It empowers customers to acquire the most out of each retail excursion as if they wer...
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Blake Nordstrom discloses cancer diagnosis, plans to keep working through treatment

The company co-president said his doctors are optimistic by the prognosis of treatable lymphoma.
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’Tis the Season: Can Your Small Business Benefit From Seasonal Packaging?

By Katie Shabi It’s that time of year. Since October the shelves at the grocery store have been stocked with food, drinks, and household items covered in packaging featuring the colors and themes of the season. Special seasonal packaging has become an important part of the holiday season for big brands over the last few years, but is designing and producing seasonal packaging really a worthwhile endeavor for your small business? Getting seasonal packaging right can be difficult for companies big...
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China’s teams up with Intel to develop ‘smart’ retail experiences

Months after it landed a major $550 million investment from Google, China’s — the country’s second highest-profile investor behind Alibaba — has teamed up with another U.S. tech giant: Intel. JD and Intel said today that they will set up a “lab” focused on bringing internet-of-things technology into the retail process. That could include new-generation vending machines, advertising experiences, and more. That future is mostly offline — or, in China tech speak, ‘online-to-offline’ retail —...
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The future is bright for the video games of yesterday

Video game makers and retailers are trying to capitalize on the nostalgia for older video games.
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Monday Memo: Costco earnings, Starbucks investor day, Google testimony

A look at the business week ahead
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Costco tightens standards for antibiotics use by meat producers

The warehouse retailer took steps to control use of medically important antibiotics, the overuse of which in animal agriculture presents a risk to human health as bacteria become resistant to the drugs. The move is in keeping with a shift in beef and dairy industry practices over the last decade and come as Costco is investing hundreds of millions of dollars to control more of its poultry supply chain.
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On the edge of town, Walmart floats ‘Town Center’ retail concept

Walmart lists Tumwater and Shelton stores for the experiment, but so far has not advanced redevelopment plans.
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Alto Lands $50M as Pharmacy Sector Embraces E-Commerce Lessons

The pharmacy industry’s transformation is accelerating, as traditional drug retailers strike deals to expand their businesses and fend off technology startups encroaching on their territory.The latest salvo in the increasingly competitive sector is a $50 million investment in Alto Pharmacy, a San Francisco-based “digital pharmacy” startup that has offices in Denver. Like others in its industry, Alto offers online ordering and delivery (including same-day delivery) of prescription drugs.Alto lau...
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Shoe Fetish? Zappos Is On Your Side

Do you need new shoes? It’s okay if you do. No one we know wants to check your closet for Imelda-like tendencies. Let them eat cake and buy shoes. Let them eat cake, knit an afghan and buy shoes. Let them eat cake, knit an afghan, buy shoes and anticipate the delivery of the Zappos […] The post Shoe Fetish? Zappos Is On Your Side appeared first on Adpulp.
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Moms start companies to fill demand for Spanish-language children’s books

Small companies are stepping in to answer the growing demand for Spanish-language books in the U.S.
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Trump panel seeks higher postal rates for commercial shippers after Amazon criticism

Trump created the panel after repeatedly criticizing Amazon, which he has accused of contributing to the Postal Service’s financial losses.
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From Canada With Love: A Little Generosity Goes A Long Way

If you’ve ever been to Canada you may have dined at a Tim Horton’s. The quick-serve restaurant is one of the largest in North America. This holiday season, the brand brings Canadian values to life through its iconic True Stories campaign, inspired by the lives of Canadians across the country. Chosen from almost 18,000 stories […] The post From Canada With Love: A Little Generosity Goes A Long Way appeared first on Adpulp.
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Christmas lights start and end their lives in China, and could soon cost more

When the Christmas lights go out, you can recycle them, beginning a trans-Pacific journey that's poised to get more expensive thanks to the U.S.-China trade war.
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Where are the drone deliveries? Amazon’s customers are still waiting

Overcoming the regulatory hurdles and safety issues posed by drones appears to be a challenge even for the online retail giant.
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Amazon's Experiment in Getting Rid of Cashiers Said to Expand to Larger Test Stores

E-commerce titan Amazon—not exactly known as a place that appreciates having to deal with human employees, and that in fact would seem to rather replace many of them with nightmarish robotic jellyfish—is reportedly expanding its tests of cashier-less stores to include larger retail environments, the Wall Street…Read more...
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B&H is now collecting sales tax on orders from 22 US states

As a result of South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., photo & video retail giant B&H is now collecting sales tax in 22 states across America. Until this year, B&H only collected sales tax in New York and New Jersey, the only two states where B&H had a physical presence. If you live in Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, […] The post B&H is now collecting sales tax on orders from 22 US states appeared first on DIY Photography.
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PayPal: Black Friday & Cyber Monday broke records with $1B+ in mobile payment volume

Black Friday broke records in terms of sales made from mobile devices, according to reports last week from Adobe. This week, PayPal said it saw a similar trend during the Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday shopping event. PayPal saw a record-breaking $1 billion+ in mobile payment volume for the first time ever on Black Friday – a milestone it hit again on Cyber Monday. Mobile payment volume on Black Friday was up 42 percent over Black Friday 2017, the company said, and it even outpaced the mobile paym...
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