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5 restaurants to try near Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park has a wealth of both sit-down and walk-up eateries throughout the park, as well as the Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant just a short stroll from its entrance, but if you visit often you might want to try something different. Knott’s passholders often discuss their favorite places to eat outside the park on Knott’s fan pages on Facebook so we conducted an informal poll to find out some of their favorites. From there, we asked some of the passholders to tell ...
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March Amazon First Reads

Amazon’s Kindle First program is now called Amazon First Reads. In addition to letting members pick one of the selected books for free (to keep), Prime members can now purchase the hardcover edition of these books for $9.99 or less and there are free Short Stories and Kindle Singles, as well, for those with Kindle Unlimited. The new picks for this month’s have been available long enough that we can now look at the reviews before making a selection. If you are an Member, you can pick any on...
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6 places to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the San Fernando Valley

I am not Irish. But I grew up in an Irish neighborhood, in an Irish city, wishing I was. For awhile, I suggested my last name was O’Shindler, in the hope that I would pass. When I got out of college, I made a beeline for Dublin, where I spent many happy days (and nights) wandering from pub to pub, drinking Guinness and listening to old fellows (in Dublin, everyone seemed to be an old fellow) telling long tales about the old days and old ways. I never got tired of listening. I suspect in part it ...
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UK data center operator Global Switch picks banks for $1 billion HK IPO, say sources: Reuters

UK-based data center operator Global Switch has chosen CLSA, Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan as sponsors for its Hong Kong initial public offering (IPO) of up to $1 billion, two people with direct knowledge of the matter said on Friday. Founded in 1998 and owned by Britain’s billionaire Reuben brothers, Global Switch operates 11 data centers across Europe and Asia, including in Hong Kong and Singapore. The company met banks in London in January to pick the sponsors, according to another person with k...
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March 12: Mort Gerberg at Kramerbooks

Mort Gerberg for Mort Gerberg on the Scene, Moderated by Ann Telanes Tuesday, March 12th 6:30pm Mort Gerberg broke into print with irreverent drawings in The Realist in the early '60s, whose social-justice-minded—and bitingly f...
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Make Any Veggie Sandwich Better by Treating It Like a Reuben

A reuben is not a reuben without corned beef, but that doesn’t mean that reuben toppings can’t be used to upgrade other, vegetable-heavy sandwiches, because vegetables is a good practice. Tangy Russian dressing, melted Swiss cheeses, and funky sauerkraut bring joy to everyone they hang out with, and vegetable lovers…Read more...
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Trilobites: What’s Pink and Pinstriped and Digests Wood? This New Shipworm

Scientists are eager to learn more about the bacteria that live in this recently-discovered clam with an extremely long digestive system.
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Best vegetarian places in Chicago

Chicago has such a long history as a meatpacking town that one of the city’s nicknames was once “hog butcher to the world.” The legacy of that era has evidently caused Chicago to remain a meat and potatoes kind of town, where it’s almost always easier to get a gyro, Polish sausage, or Italian beef than it is to get a good salad. But the city is also a world-class metropolis so of course there are tons of great vegetarian and vegan restaurants all over. For the non-meat eaters out there, or if...
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In Memory of Mike

  This morning the brocante market did disappoint, it rarely does, but today it exceeded my hefty expectations it was off the charts good. If money grew on trees and a chateau or two were at my disposable they would be full this evening. The colors, textures, variety, period pieces, the wealth of history surrounded the brocante market today. Our car was full. Maybe today was so good because a shining star looked down wished it so. A man that taught me a great deal about the antique business ...
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In Memory of Mike

  This morning the brocante market did disappoint, it rarely does, but today it exceeded my hefty expectations it was off the charts good. If money grew on trees and a chateau or two were at my disposable they would be full this evening. The colors, textures, variety, period pieces, the wealth of history surrounded the brocante market today. Our car was full. Maybe today was so good because a shining star looked down wished it so. A man that taught me a great deal about the antique business ...
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My 5x great grandfather Reuben Packard was a Revolutionary War veteran (as were several other relatives). He was a sergeant in the company from Bridgewater led by Captain Hayden. He was one of the leading citizens of the town when the war broke out, married to Anne Perkins and by age 38 the father of eight children. After the war he and his oldest son Ichabod had moved to Sheperdsfield, Me. which is now Hebron, Me.Reuben  followed the family tradition of being active in the formation of a new to...
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I found my 6x great grandfather James Packard's probate file and will on the FamilySearch website. Here's  my transcription:   In The Nname of God Amen.The tentyfourth day of September in the year of our Lord one thous-and , seven hundred & sixtyfive; I james Packard of Bridgewater in thecolony of Plimouth & Province of the Massachusetts Bay in New Englandyeoman, being in declining state of bodily health, but of perfect mind& memory thanks be to God therefor, and calling to mind the mort-ality ...
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My 6x great grandfather James Packard came from a family that was very active in the local church. Several of  his brothers were ministers while James was a deacon and is usually referred to as Deacon James.He owned several mills and a farm.Here's his entry in  Bradford Kingman's History of North Bridgewater...":55 JAMEs (son of Zaccheus 14) married Jemima, daughter of Joseph Keith, June 7, 1722; lived on the place now occupied by Marcus Holmes. Children : —56 James, b. Sept. 23, 1724 [169]; m. ...
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10 Best Jennifer Aniston Roles

Everyone knows Jennifer Aniston—her decade-long role as Rachel Green in the sitcom Friends made her a household name. Indeed, her relationship with Brad Pitt was and continues to be tabloid fodder—but she really broke through with Friends . Prior to the hit show, she replaced Jennifer Grey as Jeannie Bueller, Ferris’s older sister in the sitcom spinoff of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off . She has had a number of great roles in films since—but has stayed mostly true to her comedy roots. For good re...
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Zesty Chipotle Rachel Sandwich

I know that most people like to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with lots and lots of booze. I like that part, too, but what I really like to celebrate is the food. Every year my family hits an Irish buffet and we stuff ourselves to the gills with corned beef, Irish potatoes, and every cabbage dish under the sun. Most people wake up the next day with a beer hangover – I wake up with a cabbage hangover. I wanted a recipe to get myself in the spirit of the holiday (and to train my stomach for the buff...
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Bruce Guthrie's photos of Rob Rogers and Ann Telnaes

DC -- Corcoran School of the Arts and Design -- Event: "Spiked": A Conversation with Rob Rogers & Ann Telnaes: Bruce Guthrie Photos Home Page: [Click here] to go to Bruce Guthrie Photos home page. Description of Pictures: "Spiked": A Conversation with Rob Rogers & Other Editorial Cartoonists by The Corcoran School of the Arts and Design @ GW Join us on the evening of October 3 to hear Rob Rogers and Ann Telnae...
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Milli Vanilli And 5 Infomous Lip Sync Disasters

A tradition of the modern music industry, lip syncing has been a mainstay for many "live" performances for years, however the format is such that when it fails, the show truly crashes and burns. Here we look at the 1989 debacle of Milli Vanilli, as well as five other infamous lip syncing disasters. ____________________ Guest post by Jon Chattman from Soundfly's Flypaper Lip-syncing has been a time-honored… well not honored… tradition in the music industry for decades. If you don’t b...
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Sony Walkman Turns 30

In this trip down memory lane, Jon Chattman looks back on the history of one of the most iconic music players to exist, the Sony Walkman, taking us through the device's development and evolution, thirty years since its creation. ___________________________ Guest post by Jon Chattman from Soundfly's Flypaper The struggle was real, and we loved it. Let me paint a nostalgic picture of a time before streaming existed, when making a single playlist could take days or sometimes weeks. It w...
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06292018 – Mountain Bike

We are camping with friends in Cuyuna Country State Recreation area, which means that we’ll be getting some great mountain biking in! Since we needed two cars, I was able to leave before the family and get some riding in. We were there two years ago and that was my introduction to mountain biking.  I didn’t ride a lot of trails that weekend, but this weekend I hope to get quite a bit in.  Today was a good start for that. They have recently opened a bunch of new trails and basically you ride out ...
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Lens: Photographing (and Singing) at a Brooklyn Karaoke Bar

The photo series “Humans Against Music” chronicles the weekly, low-tech karaoke sessions at Freddy’s Bar and Backroom in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
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‘Ocean’s 8’ Director Gary Ross Talks Missing Cameos, But There’s Only One We’re Curious About

Ocean’s 8 hit theaters this weekend and the Sandra Bullock-starring spin-off from the Ocean’s 11 series debuted at the top of the box office with $41.5 million. That’s enough to give it the biggest opening in the entire heist franchise. It should come as no surprise that a movie featuring some of the biggest actresses working today did so well at the box office. Audiences have been hungry for female-led movies like this for some time, and why wouldn’t you want to see Sandra Bullock having some ...
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The Changeling Blu-ray Brings the Classic Horror Thriller Home

BEGIN SLIDESHOW The Changeling Blu-ray brings the classic horror thriller Home On August 7, Severin Films is bringing the film that Martin Scorsese calls “one of the scariest movies ever made” to disc. Peter Medak’s classic ghost story The Changeling has been out of circulation for years on home video, but is now looking better than ever in a new HD transfer created from a 4K scan of the inter-positive film element. Check out more The Changeling Blu-ray details below along with a new trai...
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Spox: George H.W. Bush ‘Responding And Recovering’ To Infection Treatment

HOUSTON (AP) — Former President George H.W. Bush was “responding and recovering” to treatment at a Houston hospital on Tuesday for an infection that had spread to his blood, according to a family spokesman. Bush has been hospitalized since Sunday, a day after attending the funeral of his wife, Barbara, who died last week at age 92. The couple was married 73 years, longer than any other U.S. presidential couple. In a brief post on Twitter, family spokesman Jim McGrath said he could “happily” echo...
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H.W. Bush Hospitalized With Infection Just After Barbara Bush’s Funeral

HOUSTON (AP) — Former President George H.W. Bush has been hospitalized in Houston with an infection, just after attending the funeral of his wife, Barbara, a spokesman said. Jim McGrath said Monday on Twitter that the 93-year-old Bush is “responding to treatments and appears to be recovering.” He was admitted Sunday morning to Houston Methodist Hospital after an infection spread to his blood, McGrath said. Barbara Bush was laid to rest Saturday in a ceremony attended by her husband and former pr...
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Thai-Inspired Salmon Salad by Erica

Last winter Reuben and I took a week-long trip to the Sarasota, Florida area. At a little health-focused cafe where we dined on a couple of occasions, they served a peanut salmon salad that was delicious. Not only was the peanut dressing full of flavor, the salmon fillet was also very tasty. This impressed me, […]
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Taranaki Tunnel Tour - Part 2

So where was I?  Oh, that's right, we'd just popped out of tunnel 2 or 4 and it was time to head for Whangamomona for a late lunch.  But first there was a little more gravel on Junction Road to get us back onto the Forgotten Highway.Our last little bit of excitement was the Whanga Saddle and all its neat twists and turns before dropping back down into Whanga itself.  As per usual on a weekend we weren't the only bikes there, two filthy trail bikes and an even filthier 1190 were parked up having ...
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How to Stock Up for Last-Minute Cooking by Erica

The other day, I threw in the towel and had Reuben pick up supper for us. He was already in town, it had been a long day, and we had eaten up all of the meals that I had planned for the week. So takeout sounded pretty good to me. But after indulging in that […]
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Obama and Trump aren't invited to Harry and Meghan's wedding, but these inspiring people are

Among the 2,640 people attending the Royal Wedding on May 19, 1,200 will be members of the public. SEE ALSO: The acting roles of Meghan Markle before her royal engagement According to a press statement from Kensington Palace on Tuesday, the couple asked the Lord Lieutenants to invite 1,200 people including "young people who have shown strong leadership, and those who have served their communities." They shared the stories of some of the people invited. Philip Gillespie from Ballymena who lost h...
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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Have Left The Obamas, The Trumps, & More OFF Their Wedding Guest List!

Like his late mother Princess Diana, Prince Harry is a royal for the people! On Monday, it was revealed that the ginger prince and fiancée Meghan Markle have chosen to keep politics out of their wedding. Meaning, the twosome have decided that they WON'T extend wedding invitations to Barack and Michelle Obama OR Donald and Melania Trump. In fact, not even British Prime Minister Theresa May made the guest list for the May 19 nuptials. Related: Bethenny Frankel Once Dated Meghan's Ex-Husband! What ...
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Dropbox just went public and is now worth $20 billion — now read the CEO's application for its first round of funding (DBX)

Dropbox went public on Friday, and is now worth $20 billion. In 2007, Houston was just trying to get his startup off the ground as a solo founder, and applied to the presitigous Y Combinator program for his first funding.  On the application, he says he would have sold Dropbox for $1 million after taxes in the first six months, if someone had made the offer. Now, his stake in Dropbox is almost certainly worth billions. Read Houston's full application below. In 2007, an MIT graduate named Dre...
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