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Luke Bryan’s ‘Born Here Live Here Die Here’: Album Review

Want to get a fresh perspective on a Luke Bryan album? Play the second half first. As much as any artist in mainstream country, the affable superstar and “American Idol” judge sequences like a man with the vinyl format foremost in his mind. Ever since 2009’s “Doin’ My Thing,” Side Two — or, for streamers […]
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‘Lovecraft Country’ Uses Horror Traditions to Tell a Story of American Racism: TV Review

“Lovecraft Country,” a new drama on HBO, begins with a scene of degradation; soldier Atticus Freeman (Jonathan Majors) emerges from a foxhole to see a winged, tentacled creature flying overhead. Another fantastical monster is destroyed by Jackie Robinson, then reconstitutes itself to devour the pathbreaking baseball player when Atticus wakes up from this dream in […]
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Stevie Stone – “Black Lion” (Album Review)

Stevie Stone is a 39 year old MC from Columbia, Missouri who first gained attention as one of the very last 2 artists to ever sign with Ruthless Records alongside Hopsin. Both of their full-length debuts New Kid Comin’ & Gazing at the Moonlight received little to no promotion, leading both artists to leave the crumbling label. Hopsin went on to form Funk Volume shortly after before closing shop in 2016 whereas Stevie signed to Strange Music in 2012. He eventually became one of the label’s bigge...
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Jay Royale – “The Baltimore Housing Project” (Album Review)

This is the highly anticipated sophomore album from Baltimore emcee Jay Royale, who came onto my radar not too long ago with the release of his 2018 full-length debut The Ivory Stoop. But after a couple of big features on Vinnie Paz & Daniel Son’s latest albums, he’s back on his own for The Baltimore Housing Project. The intro is pretty much Jay setting the tone for the whole album on top of a minimal yet punchy beat whereas the next song “Thousand Gram Figero” with Skyzoo sees the 2 coming w...
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SOTD 7.8.2020

Perfume PosseSOTD 7.8.2020 A SOTD (Scent Of The Day) thread is a really good conversation generator. The idea is you’ll chime in through the week with whatever scent you are wearing. You don’t need to be super knowledgable, have high faluting tastes or… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseSOTD 7.8.2020
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‘Get Duked!’ Review: An Unhinged Eddie Izzard Hunts Four High Schoolers in This Can’t-Miss Cult Comedy

What surely would have made a good reality-TV series — three juvenile delinquents from the big city, plus an awkward kid with no friends, are dropped in the Scottish Highlands and left to find their way back to civilization — works even better as a dark comedy goof when a couple of lunatics start shooting […]
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‘Spinster’ Review: Chelsea Peretti Celebrates the Single Life in Likably Low-Key Romcom

Among the oldest stories in the romantic comedy playbook is that of the bright, brashly independent heroine who claims she doesn’t need a man, only for the perfect one to waltz into her life at that very moment. The genre exists to defeat singledom: A romcom without a life-changing romance, after all, is just a […]
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‘Paydirt’ Review: Val Kilmer Lays Down the Law in Derivative Crime Thriller

Surely, it can’t be long before we see a new addition to “The Film Critic’s Lexicon,” in the chapter devoted to such shorthand similes as “feels like a Hallmark movie,” “resembles an after-school special” and that old standby, “Tarantinoesque.” Chances are very good there will be something on the order of “good enough for lockdown” […]
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Dougie Fir – “The Basement” (Album Review)

Dougie Fir is a rising mc from Missoula, Montana. Following up on his 2019 project “Wilderness”, he has just released his brand new album “The Basement“. With such a unique upbringing, will this young MC be able to leave his distinct mark on the rap game? Lyrically, Dougie Fir is a powerful, profound, and tenacious rapper. The self-titled intro track,”The Basement”, introduces us to Fir’s world as he allows listeners to step into his unheard mind. Following this up, cuts like “The Hill Is St...
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PsiloSage – “Dior Psilo” (EP Review)

PsiloSage is a rising artist coming to us from Inland Empire, California. Following up on the success of his 2019 tape “Spore 2”, he has just released his brand new album “DiorPsilo“. With this record, will Psilo be able to become a distinguished force in the underground scene, or will he stumble into mediocrity? Having a unique style is something many are derived from in the modern scape of music, but PsiloSage is not one of them. From the intro “SeaShore” it can be drawn that Sage relies...
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‘Work It’ Review: A Cast of Young Up-and-Comelies Takes on the Dance-Off Genre

Once in a weird while, a movie mimics the flaws — and charms — of its protagonist’s journey to an uncanny degree. Like high schooler Quinn Ackermann, a two-left-footer who does a crash course in dancing in order to get into her first-choice college, “Work It” often feels like it too crammed in hopes a […]
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Escort MAX 360c & M1 Bundle Review: An Expensive Radar Detector Worth Every Penny

Escort MAX 360c & M1 Bundle Pros Detection Range Quick Installation Minimal False Alerts Cons Price Camera Mounts Various Modes Take Time to Learn 90 Where to Buy {"@context": "", "@type": "Organization", "name": "Escort MAX 360c & M1 Bundle ","image": [ "" ],"review": { "@type": "Review", "reviewRating": { "@type": "...
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First impressions & actual weights of new Schwalbe Nobby Nic + Super Race, Trail, Gravity tires

Admittedly, the actual decade for Schwalbe’s Decade of Super launch didn’t start off so well. Initially, Schwalbe had planned a big launch event for their new tire constructions where we could ride them and get the scoop. Then the pandemic put a hold on all travel plans, and Schwalbe had to rethink their approach. The […] The post First impressions & actual weights of new Schwalbe Nobby Nic + Super Race, Trail, Gravity tires appeared first on Bikerumor.
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REVIEW: Limited Edition Volcano Queso and Scorpion BBQ Takis

Because Photoshop exists, I will not be posting on the internet pictures of my face with my blue-green colored tongue to show Limited Edition Volcano Queso and Scorpion BBQ Takis’ new color-changing effect. But I will post my thoughts about how two limited time only tortilla chips taste. Volcano Queso is described as habanero pepper cheese flavored tortilla chips. With it including habanero, I was expecting the spiciness to be a bit more extreme. But I found the heat level to be less than any...
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Apple 27-inch iMac review

At its first virtual World Wide Developers Conference back in June, Apple unveiled a huge piece of news about the future of the Mac. After years of rumors, the company finally confirmed plans to wean itself off of Intel processors in favor of its own in-house ARM-based chips. Apple noted that the process would be a gradual one, taking around two years to transition the entire line. It was a rare peek behind the curtain for the company, owing to the fact that it needed to prep developers ahead...
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Sony Has Practically Perfected Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

With the release of the WH-1000XM2 headphones three years ago, Sony succeeded in besting the feature Bose’s headphones were best known for: noise-canceling. A year after that, Sony’s WH-1000XM3 update included some welcome improvements when it came to comfort, and while the new WH-1000XM4 continue to refine the…Read more...
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HBO Max’s ‘On the Trail’ Is a Campaign Documentary That Already Feels Dated: TV Review

The 2020 election has strangely felt both more and less present a part of life than it’d have seemed likely on January 1: It’s more with us because of the heightened tensions stoked by our president, with his supporters and detractors feeling a sense of urgency about how they’ll vote, and it’s less with us […]
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‘Star Trek: Lower Decks’ Expands Gene Roddenberry’s Universe, With Mixed Results: TV Review

“Star Trek: Lower Decks,” the latest series in the franchise kicked off by Gene Roddenberry in 1966, doesn’t take place on the Enterprise, or the Voyager, or any of the similarly inspiringly-named ships in the fleet. This animated show depicts the comings and goings of the support staff on the U.S.S. Cerritos, a ship sharing […]
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Wazamba by Parfum d’Empire

Perfume PosseWazamba by Parfum d’Empire Hi there Posse! Wazamba by Parfum d’Empire is a fragrance I bought a few years ago and then it sat in the wardrobe wishing for attention while I wore the CdG Incense series, L’Heure Mysterieuse XII by Cartier and Exultat by… Continue Reading → Perfume PosseWazamba by Parfum d’Empire
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‘The Swamp’ Review: An HBO Documentary About Three ‘Drain the Swamp!’ Republicans Who Can’t See Their Own Swamp

If you want to meet a Republican politician who’s the ultimate poster boy for shameless apple-polishing — the kind of eager conservative loyalist who would crawl across broken glass to shine Donald Trump’s shoes — you should watch “The Swamp,” the new HBO documentary, and get a load of Matt Gaetz, a congressman from Florida […]
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‘I Used to Go Here’ Review: A Writer Returns to College With Much to Learn in This Alexander Payne-Like Comedy

Likable enough, but a little too tame to make much of an impact, Kris Rey’s slight — and slightly autobiographical — “you can’t go home again” comedy “I Used to Go Here” was supposed to debut at this year’s SXSW Film Festival, only to have its premiere canceled at the last minute by the coronavirus […]
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TFB Review: Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XP50 Thermal Imaging Riflescope

Earlier this year we gave you a head’s up about the new upcoming products from Pulsar Thermal Imaging. Time flies and I’ve had the opportunity to examine and use both the Pulsar Accolade 2 LRF XP50 thermal binoculars and the Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XP50 thermal riflescope for a few months. This review will cover the […] Read More … The post TFB Review: Pulsar Trail 2 LRF XP50 Thermal Imaging Riflescope appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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‘Made in Italy’ Review: Liam Neeson and Son Micheál Richardson Go South in Soft Family Melodrama

Early in “Made in Italy,” a cringingly syrupy tale of overdue bonding between an estranged father and his only offspring, someone describes Liam Neeson’s character as “a selfish prick.” Thus we learn, even before Neeson has made his entrance, that the Irish star will be playing the polar opposite of the all-caring and ultra-capable dad […]
Tags: Reviews, Italy, Liam Neeson, Made In Italy, Neeson, James Darcy, Micheál Richardson, Micheál Richardson Go South

Townscaper is a relaxing city-builder

Townscaper is a charming and beautiful toy by Oskar Stålberg (previously at BB), available now for Windows and MacOS. It approaches the city-builing genre, but subtracts all the things that make such games distressing and frustrating, leaving you to create the waterside town of your dreams without worrying about resources, enemies, natural disasters or other limitations. Yet I don't want to trivialize it as less than a game, because it has such a wealth of creative possibility and polish, all a...
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What About Worms!? Book

I received a copy of this book to facilitate my review. We had the privilege of reading a super cute book this weekend, What About Worms!? Tiger is big. Tiger is tough. And Tiger has an important note for you. Dear Reader, WATCH OUT FOR WORMS! They are everywhere! They might even be in this book! Your friend, Tiger P. S. Tiger is afraid of worms. My take: You will immediately be captivated by Tiger who is very afraid of worms which leads him to miss out on several activities that...
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REVIEW: Snapple Name the Flav Juice Drink

What is the Snapple Name the Flav! Juice Drink? Get out your Nancy Drew magnifying glasses – it’s another mystery flavor! This time, iced tea and juice slingers Snapple are dropping a nameless, unidentified juice with an associated contest – buy a bottle, guess the flavor, text in a proposed name, go to their website to vote for your favorite. The prize? Well, keep that magnifying glass handy… How is it? Enjoyment-wise, it’s a pretty good juice. Not too heavy, not too sweet, but bright and...
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‘Nadia, Butterfly’ Review: Canadian Swimming Movie Asks, ‘Is There Life After Sports?’

Directed by former competitive swimmer Pascal Plante and featuring a two-time Olympic athlete in the title role, “Nadia, Butterfly” qualifies as both a sports movie and not-a-sports movie — which is to say, Plante’s aloof, oddly unengaging second feature takes a backstage look at a defining moment in a swimmer’s career, but it does so […]
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Genki’s Covert Dock is the perfect dock for the Nintendo Switch – and other gadgets, too

The Nintendo Switch’s ability to quickly transition from portable to home console is definitely one of its major selling points, but Nintendo’s official dock never really made much sense with the portable nature of the Switch itself. Luckily, third-party accessory maker Genki created the Covert Dock, a device no larger than a smartphone USB charger that easily connects your Switch to any TV. Plus, it actually is a USB charger for all your devices, too. The basics The Covert Dock includes...
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Viotek GFT27CXB 27-inch 240 Hz Gaming Monitor Review

The Viotek GFT27CXB is a 27-inch 1080p monitor which features a TN panel, 240 Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time (overdrive), 99% sRGB coverage, and much more. The post Viotek GFT27CXB 27-inch 240 Hz Gaming Monitor Review appeared first on
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‘The Secret Garden’ Review: A New Version Substitutes Visual Overkill for Storytelling Magic

Ever since David Lynch, decades ago, flirted with the prospect of making a film of “The Secret Garden,” Frances Hodgson Burnett’s 1911 children’s novel, I’ve always leaned toward thinking it could make a great movie — and I’ve always imagined that movie as a spooky, earthy Lynchian dream, since that so connects with my memories […]
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