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Looking at Game of Thrones, in Old Norse

The endtime is coming. The night is very long indeed; sun and moon have vanished. From the east march the frost-giants, bent on the destruction of all that is living. From the south come fiery powers, swords gleaming brightly. A dragon flies overhead. And, terrifyingly, the dead are walking too. Heroes are ready and waiting; representing the best of mankind, they have trained in anticipation of the greatest of battles. Now the two mighty forces lock together in apocalyptic combat. Who will emerg...
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Weekly Roundup, Friday 26 April 2019

The longest domestic flight in the US. Discussed in the last item, below. Good morningI’m doing things a little differently today.  I’m sending out the newsletter as usual, and then I’ll send out a separate article later on Friday morning to make it more noticeable for all.In addition to this newsletter now, there’s a feature article on how to most accurately know if your flight will be on-time or not.  If you follow the steps in that article, and use the recommended apps or websites, you’ll pro...
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Inside the Dodgers: Yasiel Puig is back, and it’s going to be weird

Editor’s note: Here’s today’s Inside the Dodgers Newsletter. To sign up to receive the newsletter in your inbox, follow this link. What’s the proper way for the home team to acknowledge a former player when he returns for the first time as a visitor? It’s a tricky question, regardless of the sport. There is no predetermined set of rules. Whenever I talk to baseball officials who have to answer this for their own team, it’s clear they have only some idea what they’re doing, even with a fair amoun...
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Best canal barge cruises in Europe

Barge cruises haven’t exactly come barging onto the travel scene. They’ve been around since the 1960s, when flat-bottomed cargo ships from the pre-railroad era were prettied up and repurposed as floating hotels. But until recently, they’ve been the little guy of the European cruise industry, mostly popular with in-the-know luxury travelers. It’s fitting that the leisurely alternative to river cruises has been slow to get the press it deserves. Much of barging’s appeal lies in its relaxed pace...
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A far-away tour prompts a question: How could WWII Germans not see through the lies of a bully?

The tour bus grows quiet as we approach the next stop on our Viking river cruise. So far, it’s been all beer gardens, storybook villages, and castles along the Rhine, but that’s about to change. We’re pulling into Nuremberg, in the German state of Bavaria, where the seeds of World War II were sown, packaged, and sold to the German people by Adolph Hitler who promised to stimulate the weak economy and provide more jobs when he came to power. What he stimulated, as we all know now, was hatred. One...
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Trail Mix – Zaq Suarez

Regrettably, I hopped on the Zaq Suarez train a bit late. I fell in love with the former Asheville based songwriter’s last band, The Hermit Kings, just before they disbanded. Since then, I managed to catch him live just once, though it was a terrific songwriter showcase that so aptly put on display Suarez’s songwriting acumen. Since I last saw him, Suarez his up and moved to Barcelona, Spain. According to Suarez, he just needed a change. “At some point, I could feel that the sponge of ...
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Best spring break trips in the US

You don’t have to do five-story beer bongs off a beachfront balcony to have a great spring break. Though let’s be honest, it’s a better story if you do. The annual respite from school and work that runs from the beginning of March to mid-April is one of the great American traditions, where college kids create memories they won’t remember, and families finally have time for some peace and quiet. Even if you can’t afford a week of debauchery in Mexico or a family jaunt to Europe, each state has...
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Thyssenkrupp improves logistics after Rhine low water crisis

Thyssenkrupp will spend a mid double-digit million euro sum over five years to safeguard against a repeat of last year's low water crisis on the river Rhine, which hurt commodities flows and pushed up costs, a company official said.
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Main River Overview

The Main River is sandwiched between the Rhine and the Danube and a mere 326 miles long. The headwaters begin… The post Main River Overview appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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What were the 'dancing plagues' of the Middle Ages?

In 1518, Strasbourg, 400 men and women danced until collapsing from exhaustion.These "dancing plagues" occurred throughout the Middle Ages. Similar spontaneous, mass compulsions have occurred throughout history, some very recently. What are they, and why do they happen? None On a July day in 1518, a woman named Frau Troffea began to dance in the streets of Strasbourg, part of the Holy Roman Empire in modern-day France. There wasn't all that much to do for entertainment in medieval Strasbourg, so...
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Is Climate Change Drying Up German Rivers — and Growth?

The phenomenon, caused by a year of extraordinarily warm and dry weather, was almost certainly related to human-driven climate change. The damage to the economy makes it even more urgent for Germany and other countries to start figuring out what weather anomalies will be more frequent because of climate change. Rivers, especially the Rhine, play a central role in moving fuel, raw and construction materials in Germany.
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Best European cities on a budget

With expensive flights (assuming you don’t want to be a sardine in a rickety budget carrier) and even more expensive cities, a big European vacation isn’t always cheap. There is, however, good news for those who feel they can’t afford to go short of hitting the lotto. Don’t let money keep you from an amazing European trip. The trick is to avoid major tourist cities like Paris or London, and instead visit places where your dollar will go much further. In these cities, you might even be able to...
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The Strange Dancing Plague of 1518: When Hundreds of People in France Could Not Stop Dancing for Months

If you find yourself thinking you aren’t a victim of fashion, maybe take another look. Yes, we can consciously train ourselves to resist trends through force of habit. We can declare our preferences and stand on principle. But we aren't consciously aware of what's happening in the hidden turnings of our brains. Maybe what we call the unconscious has more control over us than we would like to think. Inexplicable episodes of mass obsession and compulsion serve as disquieting examples. Mass panics...
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Cruising the River Rhine

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California gears up for round 2 on controversial battle over more homes near transit

It’s back. A controversial bill with the potential to add millions of apartments and condominiums near transit — which died in its first committee hearing earlier this year — was resurrected Monday, but with a number of significant changes. Already, some of the changes are raising eyebrows. When San Francisco state Sen. Scott Wiener introduced SB 827, his proposal sparked a red-hot debate over how and where we build housing in the Golden State. The measure would have required cities to allow hou...
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Cruises cancel because low water

What is a cruise without water? A ruined vacation. A hot, dry summer has left European rivers with record-low water levels this year, causing travel disruptions and other challenges to cruise companies who operate on the Danube, Rhine, and Rhône rivers. Jana Tvedt, vice president of Riviera Cruises’ US branch, told The New York Times that the unpredictable water levels can be a nightmare for cruise operators. “Sometimes it’s tough to decide if we should cancel before a trip starts,” she said...
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Low Rhine forces BASF to limit production at German plant

BERLIN (AP) — Chemical giant BASF says it will have to stop production of a component of polyurethanes at its main plant in Germany because low water levels in the Rhine river are impeding its ability to transport raw materials to... [Author: [email protected]]
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The Most Beautiful Places in Germany (Map Included)

Germany is a vast European country with plenty of attractions for visitors. We round up the most beautiful places in Germany from its busiest cities to picturesque German towns and villages. We also share the most beautiful castles in Germany and some stunning natural wonders to explore. Andrew and I have visited quite a few areas of Germany, but we still feel we’ve barely scratched the surface of this fantastic country. When I decided to round up the most beautiful places in Germany, of cours...
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An all white urban winter wedding in Cincinnati

We gotta say, the 100LC inboxes are pretty magical come November. We start to see winter weddings and get super inspired for all our friends planning to say I Do during this most festive season. One such couple is Aana + Jeremy, who have the most amazing winter wedding style you’ll ever see. From her sequin wedding dress to a bridal party full of white jumpsuits and vintage fur coats, their classic style was just made for a wedding in November. Scroll on for more photos of their urban Cincinnat...
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EU rapeseed-based biodiesel prices hit record high as Rhine challenges continue to bite

In the Netherlands, Platts reports that ongoing logistical challenges due to the Rhine River’s continued low levels have pushed rapeseed-based biodiesel to an all-time high of $1,422/mt FOB ARA, more than $100 per ton higher than the week prior. In line with higher RME prices, the premium for RME over FAME 0 also hit an all-time high of $765.25/mt FOB ARA, up nearly $120 on the week. Rapeseed for feedstock can’t be moved around nor can biodiesel reach its markets.
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6 Holiday Girlfriend Traditions You Can Start This Year!

I know what I’m getting for Christmas from my girlfriend Terri. I get it every year, and every year I love it! It’s a compilation CD of songs released from the radio station I listened to when I lived in Minnesota. (And that I still listen to online, because I like their music but more because I like feeling like I’m not that far away from my great MN friends.) It’s our holiday girlfriend tradition – and I love that. Often we have family traditions like going to the grandparent’s house or speci...
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Rapeseed-based biodiesel hits five-year high as low Rhine continues to hinder trade

In Germany, Platts reports that rapeseed-based biodiesel has soared to five-year highs at $1,260.50/ton FOB ARA as low levels on the Rhine River continue to pose logistical bottlenecks for both biodiesel flows as well as trade of rapeseed. With prices up nearly 5% on the week, the premium over FAME 0 also hit a new high of $382/ton, up $85/ton on the week, the seventh new high this season. The river was only 62 centimeters at a key point on the river, far below the minimum 1.5 meters required fo...
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Swiss allow diesel release as Rhine water levels hit imports

The Swiss government has authorised the temporary release of diesel from the country's compulsory stockpile after low water levels on the Rhine reduced supplies to the country.
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Low Rhine levels weigh on ethanol prices but sees biodiesel soar

In Germany, record low levels on the Rhine river are impeding biodiesel and ethanol production and trade, among challenges for a host of other energy and agri commodities. Without ethanol able to move, stocks are building and pushing prices to five-month lows in the ARA region. Movement of rapeseed to biodiesel producers has drawn to a halt, pushing up biodiesel prices and their associated margins but there are few who can take advantage due to the lack of feedstock supply. Biodiesel prices are ...
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ArcelorMittal declares force majeure for Duisburg-Ruhrort site

ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steelmaker, has declared force majeure for its Duisburg-Ruhrort site in Germany due to the Rhine river's low water levels, a spokesman for the group said in e-mailed comments on Monday.
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Water woes as drought leaves Germany's Rhine shallow

Months of drought have left water levels on Germany's Rhine river at a record low, exposing a World War II bomb and forcing ship operators to halt services to prevent vessels from running aground. The water level on the Rhine on Friday reached just 77 centimetres (30 inches), 4 cm below a previous record low of 81 cm recorded in 2003, Cologne's waterworks authorities said. Although rainfall is expected next week, forecasters said it would not suffice to bring up water levels in Germany's most ...
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The Best Christmas Markets in Germany

Adi shares her top picks for the best Christmas Markets in Germany and all her tips to make the most of the festive German Christmas holiday season. There is no doubt I love Christmas more than any other holiday. Living in Germany means the Christmas season is filled with gorgeous Christmas Markets, twinkling lights, mulled wine and sweet treats in many German cities, large and small. Every time Christmas comes around, people who live in Europe try to decide which Christmas Markets in German...
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Teaching ‘Ukulele in Freiburg, Germany

In February I got a really cheap plane ticket from Hilo to Milan, Italy. I wasn’t planning on traveling this year. But somehow I found my credit card out and a confirmation email from United in my inbox five minutes later. Huh. So I contacted my friend, Annette. I met her a while back when she was visiting the Big Island and wanted some ‘ukulele lessons. She said to be in touch if I ever got to Southwest Germany; maybe she could pull some strings and set some things up for me. Almost instantly ...
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Over the Rhine to Kehl

Kehl is across the Rhine from Strasbourg.Kehl and Strasbourg share the history of this area with both being affected by the activity first to create France and Germany and then to see which of those countries would 'own' either or both of the cities. K
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Our favorite cheap hotels in Strasbourg, France

Nestled just along the Rhine and the border of Germany, Strasbourg is a city you must add to your itinerary — whether it is your sole destination or a stop on a longer journey. Fans of architecture and design will find an array of styles throughout the city that meld together beautifully. Similarly, visitors will find an exciting blend of French and German culture. It’s easy to fall in love with the old roads, houses and charming canals and bridges, too. This city, rich in beauty and history, ca...
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