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Court Rules Trump Can Withhold Grant Money to States With ‘Sanctuary’ Policies

(NEW YORK) — The Trump administration can withhold millions of dollars in law enforcement grants to force states to cooperate with U.S. immigration enforcement, a federal appeals court in New York ruled Wednesday in a decision that conflicted with three other federal appeals courts. The decision by the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan overturned a lower court’s decision ordering the administration to release funding to New York City and seven states — New York, Connecticut, Ne...
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Court Rules Trump Admin Can Withhold Federal Grants to NYC, Seven States over Sanctuary Policies

A federal court on Wednesday ruled that the Trump administration could withhold grants to New York City, as well as seven states, due to their refusal to cooperate with the federal immigration enforcement efforts.The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled that the federal government could withhold funds from New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, Massachusetts, Virginia and Rhode Island, over the states' "sanctuary" laws. The states currently contain a number of cities, incl...
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Stop Talking Corporate Speak, Cybersecurity Trends for 2020, Preparing for an Economic Downturn and Other Things Entrepreneurs Need to Know

18 Things Small Business Owners Need to Know   1—Most Hated Corporate Speak Using corporate jargon reflects on you and your business. The business communication experts from Rice University say people who overuse corporate jargon are actually more likely to lose credibility. One Rice finance professor even said that business buzzwords are red flags that signal what you’re hearing is likely shallow and meaningless. So it’s time to drop the corporate speak and talk like a normal person. What are...
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CULTIVATED: The next trendy cannabinoid, inside the world of cannabis influencers, and more

Welcome to Cultivated, our weekly newsletter where we're bringing you an inside look at the deals, trends, and personalities driving the multibillion-dollar global cannabis boom. Sign up here to get it in your inbox every week. If you want a discount to BI Prime to read our stories, sign up here! Happy Friday everybody! I hope everyone enjoyed the shortened week.  I'll keep it quick: we've got some great stories on tap for you in this edition. First, I interviewed Richard Acosta, the CEO of t...
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United States: Rhode Island Governor Proposes Recreational Cannabis With State-Owned Dispensaries - Foley Hoag LLP

Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo's fiscal year 2021 budget includes over $20 million in revenue that the Governor expects to be generated by legalizing cannabis for recreational use.
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Woman Meets Man on Dating App and is Forced to Be His Getaway Driver When He Robs Bank on Their First Date

Even with all the online dating apps (or perhaps, because of the many online dating apps) finding true love in the age of the internet can be difficult. Just take it from a 40-year-old Massachusetts woman, Shelby Sampson, who thought she’d swiped right on her soul mate only to be conned into robbing a bank on the short-lived couple’s first date. On December 5th, 2016, Sampson agreed to meet up with 33-year-old Christopher Castillo for their first date, and right away, she should’ve known that sh...
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The smallest state is a major Foreign Trade Zone contender - by Jesse Saglio

Jesse Saglio, Rhode Island Commerce As th...
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From Elon Musk to Tim Cook, here's where the world's most influential tech founders and CEOs went to college — and what they studied

College is where many figure out what they're actually interested in and determine the career they want to pursue. We researched the degrees and schools attended by well-known tech CEOs, many of whom launched their companies or landed on the idea for their first startup while studying at college. Here's where 52 CEOs and founders in the tech industry went to school, and what they studied. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. For new college students, choosing a major can feel l...
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State Tax Websites for Your Small Business

Understanding and fulfilling your tax obligations remain one of the biggest challenges with running a business. You usually complete your personal tax returns once a year with a few forms. But preparing and filing your business taxes can prove, for lack of a better term, taxing. Even more so if you do not know about your state’s particular tax regulations. As a result, everyone faces the chore of gathering various documents to complete the annual ritual of filling of IRS Form 1040. And the same...
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Toppin's 22 points lead No. 6 Dayton over Rhode Island 81-67

Obi Toppin saw his younger brother, Jacob, going up for a shot. Dayton's fabulous forward stretch out his long arm and swatted it away. ''I wasn't going to let little brother score on me,'' Toppin said.
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A Catholic priest in Rhode Island suggests abortion is more heinous than pedophilia

Days earlier, the priest had sent a letter to lawmakers who support Rhode Island's abortion law, saying they should be barred from receiving communion.
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A Catholic priest in Rhode Island suggests abortion is more heinous a crime than pedophilia

Days earlier, the priest had sent a letter to lawmakers who support Rhode Island's abortion law, saying they should be barred from receiving communion.
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Rhode Island priest claims 'pedophilia doesn't kill anyone' in abortion row

The Rev Richard Bucci made comment after barring 44 pro-choice lawmakers from communion last weekA Rhode Island priest who sought to ban pro-choice lawmakers from receiving communion has suggested abortion is worse than child abuse.“We are not talking about any other moral issue, where some may make it a comparison between pedophilia and abortion,” the Rev Richard Bucci told local TV station WJAR. “Pedophilia doesn’t kill anyone and this does.” Continue reading...
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The Solo Woman’s Guide to House Sitting While Traveling

Have you ever considered house sitting as a solo female traveler? If you enjoy traveling slowly, taking care of animals, and getting to know a destination like a local, house sitting might be a great choice for you. You can get free accommodation in exchange for taking care of homes and pets around the world. But what’s house sitting like when you’re a woman traveling on her own? Is it still a good idea? Is it safe? Look around and most of the posts you see about house sitting are written ...
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NEW LEASE ON LIFE: 1979 Kawasaki KZ1000 by Motorelic

When the KZ1000 first rolled off the factory floor in 1976, it was the fastest production bike with a 1015cc inline four motor that produced a very respectable 83 horses. In recent years, these KZ’s have been in high demand and have been fetching some high prices. So when Steve Meyer from Maui, Hawaii inherited his late uncle’s 1979 KZ1000 he wanted to bring it back to its former glory but with a custom twist. He had seen the work of Sean Skinner from Motorelic and decided to give him a call o...
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2020 Hyundai Ioniq Electric: Longer Range & Faster Charging

The Hyundai Ioniq Electric is more widely available in the United States. Standard DC fast charge provides 136 miles (80% of range) in 54 minutes. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and navigation are among the tech features. The 2020 Hyundai Ioniq Electric is welcoming the new year with a longer range and faster charging capabilities. In truth, the Ioniq Electric is a sterling choice in the compact EV segment. But two things are holding it back from being truly great. First, it’s how Hyundai init...
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Most endangered plants in the US

A rose by any other name may smell just as sweet, but what about a blackspore spillwort? Or cabbage on a stick? Do you even know what cabbage on a stick is supposed to smell like? A lot better than you think, most likely, but the problem is you’ll likely never get to smell either of those because they are gravely endangered. In pursuing NetCredit’s research on the most endangered plants in every state, you’ll not only notice the plant names are absolutely fantastic, you’ll also see how human ...
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Bernie Sanders Is the Favorite

Bernie Sanders has by far the best chance of any candidate to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for president, according to the Nate Silver model. Moreover, the odds that Sanders wins that prize outright are twice as good as the odds for a brokered convention in Milwaukee, in Silver’s view. Sanders has a better chance than anyone else to win the Nevada caucuses, according to Silver’s site, FiveThirtyEight, and a better chance than Joe Biden to win the South Carolina primary.California? Sanders. ...
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To boost bottom lines, single-payer may be just what these restaurateurs ordered

Last winter, James Mark was a 2018 James Beard Award finalist. A few months later, both GQ and Bon Appétit ranked Big King, his newest Rhode Island restaurant, as one of the country's best places to eat.
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The Uncannily Realistic Landscapes Of Carolyn H. Edlund

Scrolling through Carolyn Hutchings Edlund’s Instagram page, it’s hard to tell at first which of her shared posts are paintings and which are photographs. Recognized for her uncanny realistic style, her paintings capture the natural world in great detail. More: Carolyn Edlund, Instagram h/t: playjunkie Born in Rhode Island and currently based in New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley... Source
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Bubble Banter: Rhode Island and Tennessee land key victories

TENNESSEE (NET: 70, NBC: Off the bubble): Just when it looked like we could write the Vols off, they turn around and erase a 15 point deficit at Alabama (41) to pick up their third Quad 1 win of the season. They are still just 13-9 overall with three Quad 2 losses and a Quad 3 loss, but the Vols still play eight Quad 1 games, and that doesn't include Florida at home. They can survive this if they get hot.
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What the Hell Is China Doing on the Dark Side of the Moon?

One year ago last month, a Chinese robot touched down on the dark side of the moon. It was the first probe to land on the side of the moon that permanently faces away from Earth as both bodies circle around the sun. And if Beijing realizes its ambitions in coming years, it won’t be the last time it makes history—and threatens U.S. dominance in space.The Chang’e 4 probe and the Yutu 2 rover it carried have stayed busy photographing and scanning minerals, cultivating cotton, potato and rapeseeds, ...
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"How America’s prisons and jails perpetuate the opioid epidemic"

The title of this post is the headline of this new Vox piece by German Lopez.  Here are excerpts: Just Rhode Island and Vermont officially offer all three federally approved opioid addiction medications (buprenorphine, methadone, and naltrexone) to jail and prison inmates.  The 48 other states and the federal government offer them only in limited circumstances or not at all. The lack of adequate treatment in jails and prisons puts a vulnerable population of around 2.3 million people at risk. Ab...
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Average U.S. Home Seller Profits Hit $65,500 In 2019, Another New High

Median Home Sales Prices Reach Record High of $258,000 in 2019; Homeowners Staying Put Longer as Average Homeownership Tenure Rises to New High Irvine, CA – Jan. 23, 2020 (PRNewswire) ATTOM Data Solutions, curator of the nation’s premier property database and first property data provider of Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), today released its Year-End 2019 U.S. Home Sales Report, which shows that home sellers nationwide in 2019 realized a home price gain of $65,500 on the typical sale, up from $58,1...
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Thinking of Going Cashless with Your Business? Don’t!

Are you thinking about going cashless with your business? Before you start investing in only cashless solutions as part of your Point of Sale (POS) system, take a minute. This is because more cities and states are introducing legislation banning cashless businesses. New York City is the latest city to jump on the movement and ban restaurants and other retailers from rejecting cash payments. As with other states who have similar laws that are pending or already in the books, the fines are hefty....
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Demetrius Andrade Is The Man Canelo And GGG Seem To Be Avoiding

Undefeated WBO Middleweight Champion Demetrius “Boo Boo” Andrade (28-0, 17 KO) is the boogeyman in the middleweight division that casual fans don't know, but he might be one of the five best fighters in the world. Perhaps that's why Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin are ignoring/avoiding the Rhode Island native. The 6'1” 31-year-old is in Miami to defend his title against Luke Keeler (17-2-1, 5 KO) on an odd Thursday night card on DAZN that also features the latest YouTuber scra...
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Mark Shean, Instructor & Author Riding Shotgun With Charlie #068 ~ VIDEO

USA – -( I got a message last summer from an FB friend in New Jersey, John Petrolino, who said he just finished editing a book of gun laws from an instructor in Massachusetts. He sent me Mark Shean’s info and we had a nice quick conversation. I read Mark’s book before we set up the interview. Mark started shooting at 7 with his siblings. He joined the NRA Junior Rifle Team and has his photo in the book they published. But back then they didn’t use eye or ear protection. He’s ha...
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Rhode Island man accidentally shot himself in the scrotum while in bed (Thanks to pharmaross)
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Protest for prisons, skeleton on board, monarch slump: News from around our 50 states

Mizzou tracks students' cellphones to see if they're in class, Rhode Island official wants window-tinting exception for officials only, and more         [Author: USA TODAY]
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