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Sakuna: of Rice & Ruin Worldwide Shipments Soar Past 500,000

The Marvelous published Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin has secured vast success as the rice-centric title’s worldwide shipments (and digital sales) have surpassed 500,000, with such a victory attained by a Japanese title bound to have those constantly criticizing the Western gaming industry ecstatic. Marvelous and developer Edelweiss announced this vital happening – a summary […]
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USC looks to freshman star Evan Mobley as uncertain season approaches

As USC senior Jonah Mathews backpedaled up the Galen Center floor following his step-back, last-second three against UCLA in the regular-season finale on March 7, the Trojans looked poised for their best postseason in more than a decade. Stocked with five seniors and a future NBA lottery pick, USC was the trendy dark horse pick for a deep NCAA Tournament run. Mathews’ game-winner, though, was the last of the season. Five days later the NCAA canceled March Madness as the coronavirus pandemic shut...
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How The Houston Symphony Returned To The Stage For Live Performances

To be honest, part of the reason this could even be tried was that the governor of Texas didn’t institute a wide lockdown. That said, the symphony, which resumed weekly live concerts in July, consulted researchers from Rice to figure out where “microparticles” from musicians go within the symphony hall, and to institute better ventilation and filtration systems. (But the concerts have a livestreaming option for audience members who are not persuaded.) – Houston Chronicle
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Transfer Drew Peterson granted immediate eligibility for USC men’s basketball

The USC men’s basketball rotation for the 2020-21 season got a little deeper on Friday with the announcement that Rice transfer Drew Peterson has been granted immediate eligibility by the NCAA. Peterson, a junior, averaged 11.1 points, 6.5 rebounds and 3.5 assists per game as a sophomore at Rice. At 6-foot-8, he provides the versatility to guard multiple positions. “Drew’s really impressed us as a staff with his ability to pick up a different system,” USC head coach Andy Enfield said on his Frid...
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Instant Pot Tomato Rice

It’s mid-week. Which just means that energy levels of us regular 9-5 folk are slowly dying out. It’s also raining heavily outside, which means that a warm comfort meal ranks high on the wishlist! The simple solution – a one-pot meal like this Instant Pot Tomato Rice warming enough to drive away those heebee-jeebees! One-pot... The post Instant Pot Tomato Rice appeared first on Hooked on Heat.
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Joe Biden administration: president-elect assembles a diverse cabinet

Susan Rice is being considered for secretary of state and Michele Flournoy is reportedly top choice for defence secretaryJoe Biden is piecing together what he has promised to be a diverse cabinet, with Michele Flournoy reportedly top choice for US defence secretary and Susan Rice considered a frontrunner for secretary of state.Flournoy was previously a senior defense adviser in Bill Clinton and Barack Obama’s administrations and is considered a political moderate. Since leaving government she ha...
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Trump supporters gather in Washington as president refuses to concede – live

Trump comes close to admitting defeat but stops short of concessionIs Biden walking into a Republican trap?Georgia Senate runoffs battle is already onUS sees record 184,000 new daily Covid casesSign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email 5.24pm GMT More from Samira Sadeque in Washington, with the Trump supporters …Stevan Roknic, from Hobart, Indiana, a son of Yugoslav immigrants, said he flew in for the rally, spending close to $400 to be able to attend. Related: US sees ...
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When ABBA Wrote Music for the Cold War-Themed Musical, Chess: “One of the Best Rock Scores Ever Produced for the Theatre” (1984) Chess is amazing. The simplicity of its characters and plot (capture the king!) can be appreciated and understood by children; the complexity of its tactics can consume an adult life. Despite its medieval origins—and stumpers for us moderns like the strategic importance of a bishop on the battlefield—chess remains as much a potent allegory for power and its tactics as it was 1,500 years ago in India when it was called “chaturanga.”  The game ha...
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Sweet Potato and Apple Braid #BreadBakers

  Now this is Fall on a plate! A rich, slightly sweet whole grain yeast dough (fortified with @nakednutrition Naked Rice protein powder) is braided over creamy sweet potato apple butter custard and diced local Honeycrisps tossed with raw sugar. Enjoyed for breakfast or with ice cream as dessert, its a decadent twist on a classic pie. This year has been weird on many levels, but for me the strangest part so far is that the holidays have been a lot easier for me to deal with. I am a t...
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Rice has many fathers but only two mothers

University of Queensland scientists studied more than 3000 rice genotypes and found diversity was inherited through two maternal genomes identified in all rice varieties.
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How to Cook Red Beans and Rice in a Pressure Cooker #LifeInCheck #EBTSNAPapp

The post How to Cook Red Beans and Rice in a Pressure Cooker #LifeInCheck #EBTSNAPapp appeared first on The Experimental Mommy. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Meal Prep Veggies Rice Bowl

This convenient meal prep veggies rice bowl is made with rice and toppings that were made in advance and keep well in the fridge for 3-7 days.
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Tony Blinken Will Get a Top Job in Biden Admin, Sources Say

Before all votes were counted in the states that will determine the next president, conversations within Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s foreign policy orbit had intensified around one person: Tony Blinken.According to multiple sources who spoke to The Daily Beast, Blinken, who served as deputy secretary of state during former President Barack Obama’s second term, is being considered for two influential positions in a potential Biden administration: secretary of state and national security advise...
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Pac-12 cancels Arizona-Utah, second game in two days

The season opener scheduled for Saturday between Utah and Arizona in Salt Lake City was canceled following a request from the Utes due to what the Pac-12 said were a number of COVID-19 cases among Utah players. The cancellation announced Friday is the second in two days for the Pac-12, which is just preparing to kick off a seven-game football season after watching while other conferences began playing in recent weeks. The game between Washington and California was canceled Thursday. The league s...
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Tua Tagovailoa: Do Dolphins receivers need more reps with lefty spin?

So Rice had assistant equipment manager Ted Walsh throw... and throw... and throw... to him, until he felt more comfortable catching passes from Young, the lefty. As Young has explained, a right-handed ball spins clockwise off the passer"s
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Justice Dept. Is Said to Quietly Quash Inquiry Into Tamir Rice Killing

WASHINGTON -- The Justice Department decided more than a year ago to effectively shut down its civil rights investigation into the high-profile killing of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old Black boy carrying a pellet gun who was shot by a Cleveland police officer in 2014, according to people familiar with the matter.Career prosecutors had asked in 2017 to use a grand jury to gather evidence in their investigation, setting off tensions inside the department. In an unusual move, department supervisors let...
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Rice finds path to nanodiamond from graphene

Rice University researchers expand their theory on converting graphene into 2D diamond, or diamane.
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An Alternative to your PSL: Arbonne Pea Protein Shake – Pumpkin Spice

One of my favorite parts of fall (and there really are a lot, for such a short season), is a delicious Pumpkin Spice Latte. Pumpkin-Spice-all-the-things if I’m being honest. So, when I discovered that Arbonne has a new limited edition Pea Protein Shake in Pumpkin Spice flavor, I was ON IT. Featuring 20 g of vegan protein and over 20 vitamins and minerals, this cozy fall treat is perfect as a delicious shake or in your favorite seasonal recipes! It didn’t even occur to me to use it fo...
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Discovery adds new species to Rice lab's ghoulish insect menagerie

A horrifying insect soap opera with vampires, mummies and infant-eating parasites plays out on the stems and leaves of oak trees every day, and Rice University evolutionary biologist Scott Egan found the latest player, a new species of predatory wasp, within walking distance of his lab.
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Rice rolls out next-gen nanocars

Rice University researchers continue to advance the science of single-molecule machines with a new lineup of nanocars, in anticipation of the next international Nanocar Race in 2022.
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Rice loses after kicker's game-winning field goal bounces off the uprights an unbelievable four times

Collin Riccitelli's kick makes Cody Parkey's infamous NFL playoff miss look boring.
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Mimesis Nosferatu – review

Director: Douglas Schulze Release date: 2018 Contains spoilers The 2011 film Mimesis, which was subtitled Night of the Living Dead, was a fantastic concept. Mimesis means to imitate reality in art, though in the case of the film it took the concept to imitate art in reality. The story saw a group of people at a horror con tricked to an exclusive party, drugged and waking up in a recreation of the Night of the Living Dead. Those that did it were recreating the film, and acting as the zombies, i...
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Dive Into Fall With This Cranberry Pumpkin Sourdough Bread Recipe

This cranberry pumpkin sourdough bread recipe is the perfect thing to bake all fall—and you can swap in chocolate chips for an even sweeter treat if you like. There are two kinds of people in the world: Those irritated at the arrival of pumpkin products well before the leaves change and those who can’t get enough. I’m unashamedly in the latter category. In fact, I’m that person who stocks up on cans of the stuff, so I can make pumpkin cookies, muffins, and focaccia whenever the mood strikes, yea...
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At our cores, we're all strengthened by 'dumbbells'

Scientists at Rice's Center for Theoretical Biological Physics detail the structure of dumbbell-like sequences in DNA during interphase that suggest several unseen aspects of chromosome configuration and function.
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The best rice cookers

A high-quality rice cooker is simple to use, does an excellent job of producing several styles of delicious rice, and cleans up effortlessly when you're done. The Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker is our top pick because it doesn't take up too much counter space and uses fuzzy logic to create outstanding rice.Read more: How to cook rice on the stove or with a rice cookerAs a regular maker of sushi, I can tell you that cooking rice perfectly is an art. You must pick your rice carefully, rinse it ...
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News from the Mississippi Delta regarding jobs.

My good friend farms Rice, beans and corn in the Mississippi Delta. He has hired many farm hands over the years, some black and some white. He just informed me that he is in the process of hiring Mexicans because he can't get the local black men to fill his labor intensive positions. The Mexicans come from an agency and return to Mexico during the off season. They are given housing. They are there to work, make money and do not cause any problems. Many other farmers in the area are hiring ...
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How farmers in Thailand are using armies of 10,000 ducks to keep rice paddies pest-free

Farmers in Thailand use armies of 10,000 "field chasing ducks" to eat their way through rice paddies after a harvest. The tradition has long been practiced in Thailand and surrounding countries to rid rice paddies of pests and rice husks and reduce the cost of feeding the ducks. Studies have shown this method of farming is not only beneficial to the environment, but can also increase crop yield. View more episodes of Business Insider Today on Facebook. At a farm in central Thailand, an army of ...
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Boosted Hot Cocoa Mix with @nakednutrition

This Boosted Hot Cocoa Mix is rich, sweet and full of nutrition thanks to Naked Nutrition's Collagen Peptides powder and Naked Rice Protein. A jar makes a great gift for a loved one, or yourself! I am by far a Summer person. Give me 30C weather, sun and balmy breezes all day and I am a happy camper. Once the weather gets cold, it seems like my whole body revolts and retreats into the confines of sweaters, coats (yes, even inside), blankets, hats and scarves. In addition, the cold weather...
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Danni's wild rice & cranberry bread, as baguettes of course...

Danni's wild rice & cranberry bread, as baguettes of course... Submitted by alfanso on October 10, 2020 - 6:09pm.  Danni's recent post of a SD wild rice and cranberry boule had me intrigued.  However changes were in store.Subbed out the kamut & einkorn for semola rimacinata Dropped honey and yogurt, replaced by an equal amount of water.Dropped overall hydration to 75%.Added bassinage of 10% of the water after the 20 min autolyse.  5 min rest. 2 sets of 20 French Folds with...
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Unbelievable photos caught a NASA rocket mission flying in front of the moon. A photographer explains the crazy steps he took to get the rare images and video

A 133-foot-tall Antares rocket launches NASA's Cygnus NG-14 cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station. A carefully orchestrated photo caught the flight transiting in front of a nearly full moon on October 2, 2020. Steven Rice Northrop Grumman launched a cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station at 9:16 p.m. ET on October 2. An enterprising photographer from Philadelphia managed to record the 14-story rocket flying in front of a nearly full moon. Professi...
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