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Paris In The Snow 2021-Series 2

Here’s series 2 of my snow photos I took in the Tuileries, Place de la Concorde, Place des Vosges and at the Louvre.   CLiCK HERE to view series 1 if you missed seeing them yesterday.   Photo prints for any of the photos from today and yesterday.  Below  are sizes and prices.  If you  would like to order a print(s) please email me at [email protected] to place your order. If you order two photos or more, I will give a 10% discount.  10 X 13 inches Price $65  11 X 14 in...
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Paris In The Snow 2021-Series 1

The last time in snowed in Paris was March 2018, so when snow was predicted for last Saturday, I was ecstatic. While playing in the snow for most people consists of snowball fights, building snowmen, and snow sports, my idea of playing in the snow is taking photos. Some of my best and happiest photographic moments have been walking through the snow in parks, gardens, and squares, braving the cold, fighting the snow so it doesn’t sting my eyes, and balancing my camera so it doesn’t get wet.   ...
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Palais Royal & Louvre Photos-Series 2

Here’s series two of the Palais Royal and Louvre Photos I shot last Sunday. Click here to view series one if you didn’t see them the other day.   I want to thank everyone who watched my Live Facebook-Emily in Paris event yesterday,  Hope  you enjoyed it.  If you missed it, CLICK HERE to watch the  video. I received many positive comments about the black and white photo  just below. I want to let you know that this photo is for sale and print can be made and sent to you . Belo...
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Palais Royal & Louvre Photos-Series 1

It was a rare, clear and sunny day on Sunday, and while I was at the Palais Royal preparing for my Facebook Live Emily in Paris event this Wednesday, the late afternoon sun, light, and shadows was glorious. I hadn’t been taking much in the way of photos since Christmas, so it felt good to finally give my camera a workout. After I left the Palais Royal, I walked down rue de Rivoli facing the Louvre and there were some interesting reflections in the windows. I walked further down heading toward...
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Literal Street Art – Musée D’Art Moderne de Paris

Last October, when there was a short break in between lockdowns, almost all the museums in Paris had reopened.   I rushed to Chanel exhibit at the Palais Galliera, and after, I crossed the street to see the Sarah Moon photo exhibit at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris.   It was a rainy day and as I exited the museum, the large plaza of marble stones in various colors and shapes were shiny from the rain. Something about them caught my eye, perhaps the glistening surfaces and textures of...
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Correction For January 13 Emily in Paris Facebook Live Tour

I am sorry but some of the information for my live Emily in Paris Facebook Live Tour which I have been posting has been incorrect.  The date is Wednesday, January 13 from 10am to 11am EST CLICK HERE   to reserve your place for this exciting event and I look forward to seeing you there.   [Author: richard nahem]
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La Galette de Rois -2021

Every year starting on January 6th, la galette de Rois (the cake of the three kings), a cake made of frangipane (almond cream paste) and a buttery crust, is sold in patisseries all over France. These delicious cakes celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, where the three wise men came to see the baby Jesus. In certain parts of France the cake is made with brioche and filled with glazed fruit. A feve- a little china figure is hidden inside of the cake, and whoever gets it, (without breaking a ...
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Tribute To Pierre Cardin

Designer Pierre Cardin died at 98 years old last week, still working until the end of his life. In a tribute to the late, great Cardin, today is a repost of a blog I wrote in 2015 about the Pierre Cardin Museum in the Marais and also of the Paris premiere of the wonderful documentary House of Cardin, which I attended last September. Pierre Cardin, one of the most prolific fashion designers of the 20th century and the first designer to mass market his name and products, is still going stron...
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Save The Date- January 13 Emily in Paris Facebook Live Tour

  Happy 2021 and I hope you had a great New Year’s. Thanks to everyone who sent holiday emails and messages.   I am kicking off 2021 with an exciting, free event: I am partnering with to bring you an Emily in Paris Facebook Live Tour. As many of you know, I recently filmed a 24-minute video showing off the fabulous locations of Emily in Paris and sharing some cool insider tips about them. In this event, I'll be taking you to see a few of the iconic sites featured in the show. ...
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Happy New Year 2021

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Door(s) of the Month: December 2020-Rue du Pre aux Clercs, 75007

Rue du Pre aux Clercs is a quiet side street off of Blvd. Saint Germain in the 7th arrondissement. It’s a one block street, beginning at rue Saint Guillaume and ending at rue de l’Université.   The street was named is after a field where duels originally took place and before that it was occupied by the abbey of Saint Germain which was connected to the church.  [Author: richard nahem]
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Christmas in Paris 2020: Vincent’s Art Gift

Our Christmas Eve celebration this year was just the two of us. Vincent cooked a grand, festive meal of Steak Diane- tournedos of beef with a reduced mustard and cream sauce, potatoes with lemon and rosemary, and a salad of pears, radiccio, and mozzarella. Dessert was three slices of buche de Noel, each with a different filling from Maison Aleph.   The usual Christmas ritual is that we don’t exchange any gifts until Christmas morning, but this year Vincent, in a break-through moment, deci...
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Happy Holidays 2020

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Christmas in Paris 2020: Hotel de Ville

After taking photos of BHV Marais the other night, I walked across the street to Hotel de Ville, where there was a Christmas market in the front plaza. The market was festively decorated with an abundance of trees, some small shops, two carousels, lanterns, stars, and wood moose.   The highlight is the beautiful electric blue light bathing the outside of the building with animated snowflakes falling.   This is the last of my Christmas in Paris 2020 articles. Did you enjoy the series? ...
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Christmas in Paris 2020: BHV Marais

Buon Natale! It’s an Italian Christmas at the BHV Marais store. The windows are decorated with Italian inspired figures such as Pinocchio (the original Italian figure from 1881 before it became a Disney film) along with cats and birds. Inside the store is a pop-up movie theater featuring Italian films every week including Pinocchio, Life is Beautiful, We All Loved Each Other So Much, The White Sheik, Call Me By Your Name and The Great Beauty. There’s also a branch of the Italian gourmet groce...
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Christmas in Paris 2020- Rue Saint Honoré & Saint Germain-Part 2

Here are more photos of Christmas displays from rue Saint Honoré and Saint Germain des Pres.   Just a reminder, if you still would like to order holiday gifts of either Eye Prefer Paris photos and/or postcards from my Etsy shop, order them by Friday of this week to get them in time for Christmas. Click here to go to my Etsy shop. There’s more info about my Etsy shop on the bottom of this post.  Le Village Royal Lanvin Laura Piana Cartier ...
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Christmas in Paris 2020- Rue Saint Honoré & Saint Germain-Part 1

After photographing the Christmas windows at Galeries Lafayette and Printemps, I walked to rue Saint Honoré to view the holiday windows at the luxury boutiques. Last Friday during the day, I took photos of holiday displays in Saint Germain des Pres. Just a reminder, if you still would like to order holiday gifts of either Eye Prefer Paris photos and/or postcards from my Etsy shop, order them by Friday of this week to get them in time for Christmas. Click here to go to my Etsy shop. There’...
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Christmas in Paris 2020-Printemps

Today I am featuring photos of the holiday windows at Printemps for the Christmas in Paris 2020 series.   The theme of the windows this season is “Let’s share Christmas”. Illustrator Beax has created fun and imaginative windows of nine families celebrating Christmas, in their own individual way. Scenes in the four windows with animations include Christmas at a chalet, on ski slopes, and on the Paris rooftops. Just a reminder, if you still would like to order holiday gifts of either Eye...
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Christmas in Paris 2020- Galeries Lafayette

Here’s the first of  my annual blog posts about the Christmas decorations and shop windows in Paris.   Instead of saving the best for last, I’m giving you the best, first. Hands down  Galeries Lafayette has the best Christmas windows this year . They are colorful, delightful, fun, enchanting, and whimsical.   The theme for 2020 is the Christmas Voyage led by Céleste, a young intrepid explorer who finds a vintage airplane on the roof of Galeries Lafayette that belongs to the daring ...
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Trip to Nimes

In the beginning of October, I took a last minute trip to Nimes because another trip I was supposed to go on was cancelled. The train fare was only 40€ round trip and the ride was an easy three-hour voyage from the Gare de Lyon station, which is two metro stops from my apartment.   Nimes was a significant city of the Roman Empire dating back from 28 B.C. with a population of close to 55,000 people. A major number of  structures from the Roman reign in France are still standing including an...
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Jacqueline Ngo MPII and Little Africa

Jacqueline Ngo MPII is on a mission which I greatly admire.   Her company, Little Africa, is dedicated to all things African in Paris. In the last five years Jacqueline has tirelessly been promoting the rich culture of the African community in Paris. She has accomplished this in numerous ways, first by creating a Little Africa tour, which is called La Goutte D’or in the 18th arrondissement just below Montmartre, and she shares the vivacious, colorful, neighborhood, that very few tourists ...
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Chateau Clarisse Wine

When I stayed at Villa Clarisse in Ile de Ré in September, I received a complimentary bottle of Chateau Clarisse wine. I brought it home with me and shared it with Vincent. We both really liked the taste of it and longed for more.   Last month I received an email from Chateau Clarisse announcing that James Suckling, a major wine critic and wine connoisseur, had reviewed a few vintages of Chateau Clarisse and gave them high marks, rating them from 90 to 94 out of a hundred.   The revie...
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Eye Prefer Paris Postcards Subscriptions: Another Holiday Gift Offer

Here’s another holiday gift offer today and another way to support Eye Prefer Paris.   In 2015, I launched Eye Prefer Paris Postcards, a 6 and 12-month subscription service where the subscriber receives three physical postcards of my iconic Paris photos every month.   For 2020, I am relaunching Eye Prefer Paris Postcards with a 3 month and 6 month subscription.     A 3-month subscription costs $25 plus $10 shipping. Click here to order   A 6-month subscription costs $50 plus ...
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A Holiday Proposal

It’s holiday gift time, and what could be better than the gift of Paris. Most people were denied the joy of visiting Paris this year with the travel restrictions, so what better way to remind you or people on your gift list of the city than a great photo.  It’s been a challenging year to say the least for everyone I know. Personally, it’s been challenging because I’ve seen my tour business, from which I make most of my income from, dwindle to practically zero since March. A good thing to c...
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Happy Thanksgiving 2020

Here is my annual Thanksgiving blog. Enjoy! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and for the last fourteen years I have published this French Thanksgiving vocabulary list, courtesy of my former New York French teacher, Luc Georges. Since Thanksgiving is not an official holiday in France, many ex-pats postpone their Thanksgiving dinner for Friday or Saturday, but some are traditionalists and make it on Thursday. The advantage is that if you play your cards right, you may get invi...
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Door(s) of the Month: Ile de Ré

Dear Subscribers, I posted the wrong link for the Connie Fredericks Malone video concert last Friday. Click here for the correct link. When I was in Ile de Re´ in mid-September, I took a walk in the late afternoon and discovered lots of wonderful doors. The late day light was casting a golden hue, saturating the colors and details of the doors. Many of the doors were bordered with late summer flowers and vines.   Do you have some favorites here?   ...
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Connie Fredericks Malone: A Great Online Concert

I met Connie Fredericks Malone in 2013 when she wanted to share with me about her sister Carole Fredericks, who moved to Paris from Boston in 1979. Carole went on to have a super successful singing career with the group Fredericks, Goldman, Jones, which sold over a million records and she also put out three successful solo albums. Unfortunately, Carole died unexpectedly in 2001 at the age of 49 while on a fundraising tour of Dakar. The family was shocked, and grief stricken, and Connie wanted...
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Papier Tigre Stationery Boutique

I love paper and stationery shops and so do the French, and we are blessed with such an abundance of them in Paris.   I discovered one last month with really fun, inventive, and colorful products, Papier Tigre, located in the northern Marais just off of rue de Bretagne.   The company was founded in 2012 by Maxime Brenon and Julien Crespel and now has a team of 13 employees. On their website they say, “With every collection, we strive to make Papier Tigre more local, environmentally re...
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Trailer for Emily In Paris Video Tour

I want to thank everyone who purchased the Emily In Paris Video Tour and for your great feedback and comments.   Vincent has created a short trailer for the video, so you get a tidbit of what the tour is like.   Click here to view video  If you haven’t watched the video yet, click here to send $12 to my Paypal account, and after I receive your payment, I will then send you the link with a code to watch. I request that you don’t share the link with anyone else. As a special o...
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City of Immortals: Pere-Lachaise Cemetery Paris- Interview With Author Carolyn Campbell

Today I am happy to publish an interview with Carolyn Campbell, author of the bestselling book City of Immortals: Pere-Lachaise Cemetery Paris. The informative and entertaining book captures the history, mystery, romance, and the factual elements of the beloved cemetery, along with sumptuous photos from Campbell and contributing photographer Joe Cornish.   The book highlights 84 of the most impressive luminaries buried in Pere-Lachaise and in chapter 3, Conversations with the Immortals, C...
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