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Ship bows

A new visit to the “Palais Royal” …, but first something about the address of my blog.  I’m back to my original blogspot address. Some bad experience about a “lost blog” (for a couple of days) a few years ago made me consider using a “domain” and I got, via Google, a www-address, which you have to pay for (not much). This has to be renewed on an annual basis. I have paid, but the www-address can’t be reached: "This domain registration expired on 01/31/2019" . I spent a very long mome...
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"A common theory is that [mayonnaise] is named for Port Mahon in Menorca, in honor of the 3rd Duke of Richelieu's victory over the British in 1756..."

"... and in fact the name 'mahonnaise' is used by some authors. But the name is only attested long after that event. One version of this theory says that it was originally known as salsa mahonesa in Spanish, but that spelling is only attested later. Grimod de La Reynière rejected the name 'mayonnaise' because the word 'is not French'; he rejected 'mahonnaise' because Port Mahon 'is not known for good food,' and thus he preferred 'bayonnaise,' after the city of Bayonne, which 'has many innovative...
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Ship bows

A new visit to the “Palais Royal” …, but first something about the address of my blog.  I’m back to my original blogspot address. Some bad experience about a “lost blog” (for a couple of days) a few years ago made me consider using a “domain” and I got, via Google, a www-address, which you have to pay for (not much). This has to be renewed on an annual basis. I have paid, but the www-address can’t be reached: "This domain registration expired on 01/31/2019" . I spent a very long mome...
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Free Noctural Entrance to the Louvre Every 1st Saturday

The Louvre Museum is already open evenings until 9:45pm every Wednesday and Friday, but now it's also open every first Saturday of the month FOR FREE from 6pm-9:45pm.  Meant to entice the locals to visit the museum again (or for the first time), the main two wings Denon and Sully are open to freely visit on your own, while the Richelieu wing is open for guided visits only (in French), which can be reserved on the Louvre's FB page a week before the first Saturday. These extra activities incl...
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What is soup?

1. Cream soup .. This "soup" was invented by the French Cardinal Richelieu in the early 17th century ... As is known from History, Richelieu had a stomach disease, so he ordered "to prepare such a soup" ... ------------------ You will be surprised, but no "French cuisine" exists ... This is a fake. :D: Why? In Europe, before the Renaissance, there was no Hygiene. How can a simple peasant in Europe in the Middle Ages eat "fried meat"? He has no teeth! ============================ 2. So...
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The insiders’ guide to Pays de la Loire

From artisanal ice-cream to swimming lakes, the Pays de la Loire region of western France has lots to offer families planning their next summer holiday. Seven locals share their tips for what to see, do and eat ...Fun for all the family in Nantes“Spend an hour or so browsing at le passage Pommeraye, a beautiful arcade on two levels with some really cool shops,” suggests Angele Copik, a lamp designer and English teacher who lives close to Nantes in Château-Thébaud. “And don’t miss the giant eleph...
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The Louvre, Art and Gastronomy

The Louvre needs no introduction, with nearly six million visitors each year. But did you know that it is possible to have lunch inside? Opened in September 2010, only a few steps from the apartments of Napoleon III, the Café Richelieu has a delicious selection of pastries and cakes. It is a refined setting where gastronomy and history are married in a way that only the French know how. The café’s large patio doors open out on to the Cour Napoléon and the Louvre’s famous glass Pyramid. There’s ...
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I'm Richelieu Dennis, Owner of Essence and Sundial Brands, and This Is How I Work

Richelieu Dennis runs a family business. He, his mother, and his sister named their beauty brand SheaMoisture after the shea butter products that Richelieu’s grandmother made and sold in West Africa. Richelieu built his company into Sundial Brands (acquired in 2017 by Unilever), which sells hair and skincare products…Read more...
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New Leaf Book Club • June 2018 Discussion • The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

Thread locked until start of discussion on June 15 2018. The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas is the June selection for the New Leaf Book Club. Quote: This swashbuckling epic of chivalry, honor, and derring-do, set in France during the 1620s, is richly populated with romantic heroes, unattainable heroines, kings, queens, cavaliers, and criminals in a whirl of adventure, espionage, conspiracy, murder, vengeance, love, scandal, and suspense. Dumas transfor...
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New Leaf Book Club • Vote for June 2018 • I'll be There for You: Best Friends

Let's select the book we'll read and discuss in June 2018! All are welcome to vote, but please don't vote unless you plan to participate in the discussion, whatever the selection. This is a poll. Vote for as many books as you'd like. Questions? FAQs |
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Personal privacy vs. public security: fight!

Personal privacy is a fairly new concept. Most people used to live in tight-knit communities, constantly enmeshed in each other’s lives. The notion that privacy is an important part of personal security is even newer, and often contested, while the need for public security — walls which must be guarded, doors which must be kept locked — is undisputed. Even anti-state anarchists concede the existence of violent enemies and monsters. Rich people can afford their own high walls and closed doors. Pr...
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Innoltek buys QFI’s Quebecois biodiesel plant

In Canada, INNOLTEK Inc. announced the acquisition of QFI’s biodiesel assets, a biodiesel production facility with a capacity of 19 million liters per year in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. Using recycled cooking oils as feedstock, the St-Jean-sur-Richelieu plant never reached full production capacity due to market difficulties. Innoltek plans to invest in the facility to improve operating costs and capacity logistics. The amount of the investment will be announced at a later date. INNOLTEK wi...
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PE-backed Convenience Valet appoints Jungmann as president and CEO

Convenience Valet, a portfolio company of Weinberg Capital Group, has named Steve Jungmann as president and CEO. Previously, Jungmann worked at Richelieu Foods where he was president of sales. Based in Melrose, Illinois, Convenience Valet is a distributor of branded products sold in small-portion packages. PRESS RELEASE CLEVELAND, Jan. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Cleveland, Ohio-based family office Weinberg Capital Group announced today that its portfolio company Mechanical Servants LLC D/B/A Conveni...
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With Sale, Essence Is Once Again a Fully Black-Owned Magazine

Richelieu Dennis, the founder of Sundial Brands, said he bought the publication “to serve and empower women of color.”
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Marquise de Laborde

A frequent question I am asked is “Where can I buy good French linens” and I am at a loss to answer the question. Most of the handful of French linen brands are very commercial and pretty much the same as you can buy anywhere. In August I received an email from Mandy Kerlann, a woman who just opened a new linen and home accessory boutique Marquise de Laborde near Palais Royal. She invited me to come to her shop and I paid her a visit a few days later. Mandy is a Canadian ex-pat, moving to ...
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Unilever to acquire PE-backed Sundial Brands

Unilever has agreed to acquire New York-based Sundial Brands, a maker of personal care products. No financial terms were disclosed. The deal is expected to close in the first quarter of next year. Sundial Brands was backed by Bain Capital Private Equity. PRESS RELEASE ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Unilever today announced an agreement to acquire Sundial Brands, a New York-based personal care products company. Sundial Brands is a leading haircare and skincare company recognized for its i...
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Michelangelo on the top floor.

Referring to my latest post - In front of the shops, workshops, galleries… on Avenue Daumesnil, there is a rather surprising building, in an art deco style, but built as late as 1991. It holds a police station on the bottom floors and normal living quarters on the upper floors. The surprising thing is to find the top floor decorated by 12 giant reproductions of a Michelangelo statue, the Dying Slave. Michelangelo (1475-1564) made two slave sculptures, the Dying one and the Reb...
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Trump's courtiers bring chaotic and capricious style to White House

Two weeks in, the new administration resembles the court of a Renaissance king, with favorites infighting and Steve Bannon a Cardinal Richelieu in cargo pantsAfter 15 days of chaotic activity when he made heads spin around the world, President Donald Trump flew from Washington on Friday for the Florida mansion he calls the Winter White House, leaving behind a faintly traumatised US capital.The exhausting first two weeks of the Trump presidency were bookended by an obsessive fixation with his ina...
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Tonic or Poison? The History of Eau de Melissa and Carmelite Water

Imagine for a moment how different the well-known story recounted by Dumas in The Three Musketeers would be if the (fictionally evil) Cardinal Richelieu had been poisoned by his beloved Eau de Melissa, which factual history assures us he carried everywhere to partake of to aid his heart and chase away migraines instilled by the worries of running the most powerful state of his times. One da... Read full article: Tonic or Poison? The History of Eau de Melissa and Carmelite Water from Frag...
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Ukraine: Reflections on the Maidan Revolution, a Voyage to Odessa, Donald Trump, Trans-Atlantic Disarray and Ironies of "Western Modernity"

Aghast at the rise of Donald Trump and the slow disintegration of the European Union, many Ukrainians may certainly wonder about the legacy of Maidan. Foremost in the minds of many revolutionaries who sought to topple the unpopular government of Viktor Yanukovych was the overarching need to bring Ukraine into line with supposedly western standards of modernity. Yet, if anything, recent developments have served to underscore that the West is hardly a paragon of modern, pluralistic and tolerant ...
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Chelsea fans face jail terms for racist violence

Paris (AFP) – Four Chelsea football fans, including an ex-policeman, battled charges of racist violence in a Paris court on Tuesday for which they could face prison terms. In the Paris metro, the four were among Chelsea fans who chanted “we are racist, we are racist and that’s the way we like it” as they pushed back a black man trying to board the train. In court, the fans denied their acts were racist in nature. Joshua Parsons, 22, a former pupil of the elite Millfield school in England, now w...
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Old buildings.

This pharmacy, at no. 115, Rue Saint Honoré , is there since 1715. On the wall you can read “Fabrique d’extraits évaporés à la vapeur et dans le vide” (Makes extracts, evaporated, steamed in the void). This is where Axel von Fersen bought the invisible ink he used in his correspondence with Marie Antoinette. (I trust you know about the flight to Varennes and the possible more or less close relationship between Marie Antoinette and Axel - if not, you may read e.g. here, here, here or here...
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The Leisure Society - God Has Taken a Vacation (Richelieu Acoustic Demo)

In advance of their forthcoming UK acoustic trio tour, The Leisure Society have shared an acoustic demo of new song God has taken a Vacation. The acoustic track was recorded it in a vast 17th-century house in Richelieu,… (in post The Leisure Society: New Song & Acoustic Trio UK Tour from Folk Radio UK. More by this artist at )
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Get Ready for Hot Air Balloons and even Hotter Music

Party people, family guys and culture vultures, head to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu this August, just 45 minutes from central Montreal! The International des Montgolfières Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, from August 13 to 21, is a high colour date for all that’s simply not to be missed. With top acts like Half Moon Run (on August13), Metric (August 13), Redfoo (August 17), Francesco Yates (August 20) and OMI (August 20) sharing the lineup with local luminaries Koriass (August 15), Ariane Moffatt (A...
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Chic Beach Hotels in France

(c) Ti Al Lannec Nowhere does chic and stylish quite like France, and nothing is more relaxing than a seaside holiday. Whether you choose a hotel in a sleepy village by the sea, on the dramatic coastline or on the glamorous Riviera, The Good Hotel Guide has a great recommendation. Here are their top picks from their collection of the best beach hotels in France. 1. Grand Hotel Des Bains, Brittany (c) Grand Hotel Des Bains Gloriously positioned on a peninsula in a fishing port on the north Brit...
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Free Audiobook – The Three Musketeers

The audiobook edition of The Three Musketeers (varies Kindle, $34.99 Audible), by Alexandre Dumas, narrated by John Lee [Tantor Audio], is this month’s Free Whispersync Deal from Amazon and Audible. You can get another audiobook by the author, The Count of Monte Cristo, for $2.99 as a Whispersync deal with a linked Kindle edition; I have this one from Open Road (which is currently $0.99) and qualify and there may be a free one in the store that does, as well. Book Description Mixing a bit of ...
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MobileRead March 2016 Book Club Vote

March 2016 MobileRead Book Club Vote Help us choose a book as the March 2016 eBook for the MobileRead Book Club. The poll will be open for 5 days. There will be no runoff vote unless the voting results a tie, in which case there will be a 3 day run-off poll. This is a visible poll: others can see how you voted. It is You may cast a vote for each book that appeals to you. We will start the discussion thread for this book on March 20th. Select from the following Official Choices with ...
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Commentary: Et tu, Brute

By Jean H Charles This sentence, reported by Suetonius, a Roman historian, and popularized by William Shakespeare through his play Julius Caesar, was uttered by the Emperor around 44 BC when the Roman Senate came to assassinate him and he recognized Marcus Brutus, his confidant and adviser, amongst the conspirators. He would have said: You too, Brutus! You are amongst those who commit treason against the Emperor! In this conflicting situation opposing the people of Haiti against its Provisional ...
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Action Henty, G. A: Won by the Sword. v1. 13 Nov 2014

George Alfred Henty (8 December 1832 – 16 November 1902), was a prolific English novelist and a special correspondent. He is best known for his historical adventure stories that were popular in the late 19th century. His works include The Dragon & The Raven (1886), For The Temple (1888), Under Drake's Flag (1883) and In Freedom's Cause (1885). The scene of this story is laid in France during latter part of the Thirty Years' War---the time of Richelieu, of Mazarin and Anne of Austria. The hero, ...
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