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Bandcamp is an ecosystem; this guide explains how that can help your music grow

Bandcamp can work best when you’re both an artist and a fan on the platform. And if you care about actually connected with people, that’s a big deal. I’ve again teamed up with Riemann Kollektion to develop free tutorial material. It’s pretty fitting I think that this falls on Valentine’s Day. I remember a favorite grade school ritual was getting a shoebox and then spreading as many cute affectionate notecards to everyone in the class. (Definitely, you wanted some candy taped to it for bonus ...
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Unlock sound tricks in Ableton Live 10’s effects: new tips

There are some powerful sound creation possibilities lurking beneath Live’s built-in devices. Finding inspiration from Live effects is the topic of my second collaboration with Riemann Kollektion. In the first part of this tutorial series, I told you how to finish tracks faster using some of the latest shortcuts in Ableton Live 10.1. This time, I’ve down a round-up of some of tricks and tips with Echo, Delay, Convolution, and other devices: Tutorial: Hidden Sound Inspiration in Ableton Liv...
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Modular for dancing: Florian Meindl and Leonard de Leonard

Yes, nests of patch cords and racks of modules will make noodle-y noise for chin scratching. It can also make pounding techno – and we’re going inside some of the sonic brains who’ve mastered that. Our mission: let’s learn how people are actually using modular synthesis to express their musical ideas, and demystify some of the basic concepts in sound creation behind all those cool flashing lights and tangles of wire. To do that, we need musicians like Florian and Leonard. Join the Facebook eve...
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