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Hyundai and Kia Invest In … Rimac?

In today’s episode of Surprising Bedfellows, we find the corporate duo of Hyundai/Kia throwing money in the general direction of Rimac. Technically titled Rimac Automobili, it’s the Croatian high-performance EV company known for making the outrageously fast Concept One supercar, a vehicle thrust into the public eye when Richard Hammond binned one at a Swiss […] The post Hyundai and Kia Invest In … Rimac? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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EV startup Rimac scores $90M investment from Hyundai and Kia

Rimac Automobili, the European EV startup that landed an investment from Porsche last year, has again gained the backing of traditional automakers after Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors jointly invested €80 million, or around $90 million. Beyond the significant cash infusion, the three parties said the deal includes “a strategic partnership to collaborate on the development of high-performance electric vehicles.” In other words, Hyundai and Kia — both of which fall under the ownership of ...
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Hyundai invests $90M in Croatian startup Rimac to build an electric super-hatch

Croatian startup Rimac is attracting the attention and money of big-name automakers. After taking an investment from Porsche, it has announced it will help Hyundai develop an electric super-hatch and a high-performance hydrogen-powered car. The post Hyundai invests $90M in Croatian startup Rimac to build an electric super-hatch appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Hyundai plots performance EVs with Rimac

Korean-Croatian collaboration will yield two new models, starting from next yea
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9 Tips for Your Trip to Machu Picchu

I went to Peru’s Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley with a dear friend of mine to celebrate the big 4-0. To mark this milestone birthday, I had a certain scenario in mind. After an absolutely punishing year that included a health scare, job loss, a move, the aftermath of a nasty breakup and a family tragedy, I imagined myself standing powerfully on top of Machu Picchu, where I’d throw my hands up in the air and shout: “Hey world, look at ME! I am a goddess! A superheroine! A doer of great things!” ...
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Pininfarina’s $2 million electric ‘Battista’ hypercar is faster than a Formula 1 race car

Automobili Pininfarina, the automaker brand infused with Pininfarina design house DNA and owned by India’s Mahindra Group, revealed its first production car this week at the Geneva International Motor Show. And it’s an audacious inaugural effort. The Pininfarina Battista — a nod to design house founder Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina — is an all-electric beast of a hypercar that is faster than a current Formula 1 race car and can travel from 0 to 62 miles an hour in under two seconds. Automobili Pininfa...
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The Pininfarina Battista: Italy’s most powerful car ever

When you create a car that literally is made to stand at the pinnacle of your legacy, you give it a special christening. Pininfarina has unveiled their most powerful automobile yet. Named after the person who began it all, the car (which was referred to as Project PF0 until now) is being called Pininfarina Battista, after the company’s founder, Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina.The Battista seals Pininfarina’s reputation as one of the leading automotive design studios in the world. It’s touted to be Italy...
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Pininfarina Has Secured Rimac Power For The 1900bhp PF0 Hypercar

With a former project boss from the Porsche Mission E team and official support from Rimac with bonkers powertrain technology, the PF0 hypercar is taking shape
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The One-off California Edition Rimac C_Two Includes A Champagne Holder

A champagne compartment, fresh wheels and special paint are among this one-off Rimac’s trinkets
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5 Cars That Were Made With Help From Porsche

Porsche's tie-up with Rimac is only the latest in a long line of Stuttgart collaborations, as these cars prove
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Porsche buys a 10-percent stake in the Croatian brand building a 2,000-hp EV

Croatian start-up Rimac introduced a 2,000-horsepower electric car at the Geneva auto show. The Concept Two caught the attention of Porsche, and the firm has purchased a 10-percent stake in Rimac. The post Porsche buys a 10-percent stake in the Croatian brand building a 2,000-hp EV appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Porsche just took a 10% stake in electric car maker Rimac Automobili

Porsche AG is taking a 10% stake in Rimac Automobili, the Croatian hypercar and electric vehicle components company behind the world’s fastest electric car.  This isn’t just a big-storied-automaker-takes-an-interest-in-a-startup kind of story. Rimac has street cred and not just because of its latest electric hypercar, the C Two, which debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2018.  The two-seater C Two is certainly a standout. The electric hypercar has a 1,914-horsepower engine that enable...
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Porsche Takes Stake in Rimac

To bolster its EV strategy, Porsche is taking a 10 percent stake in Rimac, the Croatian technology and electric sports car company. “We feel that Rimac’s ideas and approaches are extremely promising, which is why we hope to enter into close collaboration with the company in the form of a development partnership,” said Porsche Finance and IT boss Lutz Meschke in a statement. Rimac debuted the C Two hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show in March, featuring 2,000 hp and a range of 650 kilometers (404 m...
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Porsche acquires stake in Rimac

Porsche's push to electrification continues with Croatian collaboration
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Pininfarina Relaunches as Electric Car Brand

Pininfarina has rolled out a slew of electrified car concepts, and now we know why. The renowned Italian design firm, acquired by Mahindra & Mahindra a few years ago, is relaunching as an electric car brand. Headquartered in Europe, Automobili Pininfarina will design, engineer, and manufacture luxury electric vehicles. The brand will utilize Pininfarina’s design background as well as the knowledge Mahindra has gained from its experience in the Formula E championship. As of this writing, Mahindra...
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XING Mobility’s Miss R: Tesla Roadster Has Taiwanese Competitor With Off-Road Capability

Watch your moves, Tesla and Rimac, there is a new contender in the market for the fastest electric car: XING Mobility’s Miss R. The offering from the Taiwanese carmaker also allows drivers to indulge in some off-road shenanigans.
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Rimac and Corbellati present exceptional hypercars at Geneva Motor Show

Visitors to the Geneva Motor Show -- which opens to the public Thursday, March 8, 2018 -- can admire some of the world's finest supercars and hypercars. There are also several curiosities to discover this year, including two exceptional new vehicles promising power-packed performance, the Rimac Concept Two and the Corbellati Missile. Croatian carmaker Rimac packs a punch with the Concept Two and its off-the-scale performances.
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Rimac creates an electric supercar with almost 2,000 horsepower!

The name Rimac may not be that familiar to you, but that could soon change with the Crotian automaker’s debut of the supercar of all supercars. Unveiled with significant fanfare at the Geneva Motor Show, the Rimac C_Two comes with almost 2,000 horsepower on tap and a suite of other impressive features; it’s basically what all electric carmakers should aspire to create. The Rimac C_Two has four electric motors, two in the front and two in the back that generate a combined 1,914 horsepower and ...
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The all-electric Rimac Concept 2 is a 1,900-hp bolt of lightning

Following in the footsteps of the all-electric, hyperfast Concept One, the Rimac Concept Two has debuted in Geneva with 1,914 horsepower and a 0-60 claim of 1.85 seconds. The post The all-electric Rimac Concept 2 is a 1,900-hp bolt of lightning appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Rimac looking to dethrone Tesla with newest supercar

The Rimac Concept 2 electric supercar is giving the upcoming Tesla Roadster major competition, hitting 0-60 mph in 1.85 seconds.            [Author: Buzz60]
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Not exactly a Prius: New Rimac electric hypercar is packing 1,900 horsepower

Land Rover's new SV Coupe comes at a price, Rimac's C-Two hypercar again proves that electric cars will rule, Pizza Hut brings back the Pie Tops in time for March Madness. The post Not exactly a Prius: New Rimac electric hypercar is packing 1,900 horsepower appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Rimac C_Two Is Here With 1888bhp And Active Aero

Rimac's all-new hypercar doesn't share a single part with its predecessor, and it's spectacularly quick
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Take A Closer Look At Rimac's New Hypercar In This Latest Teaser

As the debut of Rimac's all-new hypercar draws nearer, the Croatian company has released a video teaser to whet your appetite
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Rimac Concept Two Set for GMS 2018 Debut

You are all familiar, I am sure, with the Croatian hyper car maker Rimac, the creators of the giant-slayer that is the Concept One. Currently they are hard at work developing their second model, code-named Rimac Concept Two, to have it ready for debut at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.  Given the specs of Concept One, one would expect Rimac Concept Two to take a different approach and give luxury and comfort a hyper priority than performance. After all, Rimac has nothing to prove anymore in that...
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Prepare Yourselves: Rimac's Next Hypercar Will Arrive Early 2018

Rimac has teased its new hypercar, which will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next March
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Prepare Yourselves: Rimac's Hypercar Will Arrive Early 2018

Rimac has teased its new hypercar, which will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next March
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Electric news: Bosch and Nikola team up on hydrogen semis, Camel Group invests in Rimac

Two major movements occurred this week on the alternative-propulsion front. First, Croatian firm Rimac, responsible for the insane Concept_One supercar, announced Chinese battery manufacturer Camel Group has invested $36 million into its future operations. Second, Bosch announced it will join forces with startup Nikola Motor to bring its... [Author: [email protected] (Sean Szymkowski)]
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First details on Rimac's next electric supercar emerge

Rimac isn't sitting on its hands. The oddball Croatian electric supercar firm is preparing to unveil its second supercar next year. It will follow the Rimac Concept_One. With a working title of Concept_Two, Rimac's chief operating officer Monika Mikac told Autocar the supercar will be more comfortable and luxurious than the Concept_One. But don't... [Author: [email protected] (Sean Szymkowski)]
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Swiss hill climb organizers fined after Hammond Concept_One crash

Richard Hammond had a rather big off recently. While shooting footage for the upcoming season of the "The Grand Tour," the presenter lost control of the Rimac Concept_One he was driving and plunged down a hill, clipped a house, and had the car burst into flames. He escaped with some serious knee damage but he's otherwise intact. The organizers of... [Author: [email protected] (Jeff Glucker)]
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Jeremy Clarkson Hospitalized, Out of Action for a While

Well, looks like James May is the currently the only intact member of The Grand Tour motoring show, which is gearing up for its second season to be aired this fall. After Richard Hammond took out his own knee in a huge Rimac crash, now Jeremy Clarkson is in hospital and, according to his own words, out of action for quite some time.  Clarkson’s route to hospital wasn’t as exciting as Hammond’s. Jezaa was apparently on holiday with his family in Majorca when he came down a pretty bad case of ...
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