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New face

I mentioned in this space the other day that “personal distractions” were among the things that had kept me from posting for three weeks. The main one is the fact that I have fallen in love.  The woman in question is Cheril Mulligan, a theater-and-film buff from and lifelong resident of Long Island. We became acquainted through Twitter, on which she tweets under a pseudonym, and “Three on the Aisle,” the theatrical podcast that I do with Peter Marks and Elisabeth Vincentelli. We got to k...
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Ed Asner's 10 Best Roles, Ranked

We lost a giant of acting over the weekend, with the loss of Ed Asner at the age of 91. Asner had been an omnipresent persona in films, TV, live-action and animated storytelling, and even video games throughout his career. Spanning more than six decades, Asner's filmography is massive — even though most people may know him best for a few key roles. Today, in his honor, let's look back at ten of his greatest roles on the big and small screens. Lou Grant: The Mary Tyler Moore Show And Lou Grant Th...
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Biden pays respects to the 13 fallen US service members killed in Afghanistan at Dover Air Force Base

President Joe Biden, First lady Jill Biden, and other officials attend the dignified transfer of the remains of a fallen service member at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware, on August, 29, 2021. SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images President Biden on Sunday went to Dover to pay tribute to the service members killed in Afghanistan. The service members who died were assisting in the evacuation efforts at the Kabul airport. In a statement, Biden lauded the "bravery and selflessness" of the fa...
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The 20 Best Westerns Of All Time

Since the earliest days of cinema, westerns have been one of Hollywood's favorite genres. 1908's "The Great Train Robbery" was one of the most successful early films, while 1939's "Stagecoach" kicked off a golden age of westerns that lasted until the mid-20th century, making stars out of actors like Gary Cooper, James Stewart, Robert Mitchum, Henry Fonda, Glenn Ford, and Walter Brennan.While thought of as a hallmark of American movies, international westerns grew in popularity, too. European fil...
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Rossi Announces New Rio Bravo .22LR Lever-Action

Bainbridge, Georgia-based Rossi have announced the launch of a new lever action rimfire rifle – the Rio Bravo. Chambered in .22LR the Rio Bravo is based on Rossi’s line of center-fire R92 lever-action firearms. Available in either German beechwood or black synthetic stocks, the Rio Bravo has a 15 round tube magazine and is available with traditional […] Read More … The post Rossi Announces New Rio Bravo .22LR Lever-Action appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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Rossi Unveils Rio Bravo .22LR Lever-Action Carbine

Rossi just unveiled their latest lever-gun, the 18in hardwood Rio Bravo. IMG RossiUSA U.S.A. -( Rossi, the manufacturer of specialty rimfire rifles, break-action shotguns, and straight-wall cartridge lever-action and revolver rifles, introduces a new .22 LR long gun called the Rio Bravo. The Rossi Rio Bravo is based on the company's popular line of R92 lever-action firearms. Featuring a rich German beechwood or rugged black polymer forearm and stock with polished black metal fini...
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Mexico is Doing the U.S.’s ‘Dirty Work,’ Say Researchers as Border Apprehensions Decline For 7th Month In a Row

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced Thursday that apprehensions at the U.S. Mexico border — a figure generally considered the most accurate measure of migrants who have attempted to enter the U.S. — have decreased for the seventh consecutive month. But immigration experts and advocates say that trend is likely the result of a crackdown on migration by the Mexican government. According to data released Thursday, 32,858 people were apprehended at the border in December 2019, in...
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Creative Passion: Five Filmmakers and their Inspirations

A smart film critic (possibly Ken Hanke) once wrote, “filmmakers start by remaking things they admired in childhood.” I am not able to find out exactly who wrote this, partly because it could be applied to any film critic. Every filmmaker has their ideas and obsessions implanted into them at an early age. No matter how much they change or how their subject matter may shift, they’re looking to recreate that moment they saw John Carpenter’s The Thing to experience that feeling they felt when they ...
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Kushner To Meet With Incoming Mexico President

MEXICO CITY — Leftist President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is enjoying a bit of a honeymoon with U.S. President Donald Trump, and he was effusive Tuesday in praising the U.S. leader’s restraint in not bringing up his proposed border wall. Instead of confrontational talk, Lopez Obrador will get a visit by Trump’s son-in-law and adviser, Jared Kushner, and U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Friday. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen als...
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'Immigration killed her': Guatemalan woman shot dead by US Border Patrol

Claudia Patricia Gómez Gonzáles, 20, died on Wednesday after she was shot in the head by an agent in Rio Bravo, TexasA Guatemalan woman shot dead by a border patrol agent in Texas has been named as Claudia Patricia Gómez Gonzáles by local media outlets which reported that she travelled to the US in the hope of finding work to pay for her education.Gómez, a 20-year-old Maya-Mam indigenous woman, died on Wednesday after she was shot in the head by an agent in the border town Rio Bravo, Texas. Cont...
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Texas mayor, 3 others charged in $150M health care scheme

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — A South Texas mayor and three other men have been indicted on federal charges that they conspired to fraudulently bill Medicare for more than $150 million in hospice and home health services. Federal prosecutors announced Wednesday that Rio Bravo Mayor Francisco Pena and the others each are charged with conspiracy to […]
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From the Daily Sip: Eating with a man on the road

This originally appeared as part of the Daily Sip, a website from Charles LaFond, an Episcopal Priest who raises money for the homeless and lives on a horse farm in New Mexico with his dog Kai. offering daily meditations and reflections   We, at Heading Home (an Albuquerque agency which seeks to make homelessness rare, short-lived and non-recurring) recently met as a staff to discuss our culture.  One of the most powerful moments in that presentation was the spoken awareness that working to end ...
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The Best Western Movies Ever Made

Few figures in history have had as powerful an impact on American masculinity as the cowboy. While the mythologization of the cowboy began all the way back in the late 1800s with dime novels and Wild West shows, it wasn’t until the advent of twentieth century cinema that the cowboy cemented his place as an icon of manliness. In the same may the myths of the Greeks and the legends of the Vikings espoused certain ideals and inspired men of the past, Western films contain lessons in heroism, epic ...
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The Book of Life Sequel Announced!

The Book of Life sequel announced! According to Variety, the 2014 Day of the Dead-themed animated film The Book of Life is getting a follow-up! Dallas-based Reel FX Animation Studios and original director Jorge R. Gutierrez will be back for the Book of Life sequel, which will be made in stereoscopic 3D. “The sequel grew from that and people asking what was gonna happen with the characters, what’s gonna happen to the gods?” Gutierrez said. “The sequel embraces all these things and, in a weird ...
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Seven Years Ago, A Mexican Artist Turned The U.S.-Mexico Border Into A Bridge

“The term ‘political activist’ is problematic,” Mexican artist Minerva Cuevas proclaims in a video for Art 21, premiering on The Huffington Post on Friday. “I think the challenge is to stop using the references to activism, because everyone has this agency to react to daily life and therefore generate political action.” In 2010, Cuevas created “Crossing of the Rio Bravo,” a project that took place near the U.S.-Mexico border. For the work, she operated on a simple premise: “If there is a border...
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Mexican Gun Battles

Do you think it doesn’t matter that we’re bringing in Mexican cartels and their killers to America?  Do you think law and order America will be able to get these warlords under control? Breitbart notes one recent gun battle in the streets of Rio Bravo. Machine gunfire and rolling battles along the main avenues of this city spread terror among townspeople who tried to hide inside homes and businesses. Stray bullets went through the walls of some houses. The violence took place on Friday morning ...
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AmmoLand Gift List For Men Who Like Guns

AmmoLand’s Tactical Gift Wish List AmmoLand Gun News USA –  -(  With the holidays and Black Friday coming up fast we had to make our obligatory list of some of the coolest gear we have seen.But this list is purely self-motivated, since we are hoping if anyone was feeling generous and wanted to send the crew at AmmoLand News some sweet Christmas presents we would publish our own tactical gift wish list. (One can always dream,,,right?)So without further delay here is our cut li...
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The wall and the beast: Trump's triumph from the Mexican side of the border

Jose Luis Gonzalez/Reuters Luis Gómez Romero, University of Wollongong Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States, even though political pundits predicted that he would not even win the Republican presidential nomination. In the end, more 59 million Americans voted for him. On inauguration day in January, many of Trump's voters will be looking forward - among other campaign promises - to the construction of a wall along the Mexican border. This means a physical barrier over 3,0...
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Is that really how you see us? A Mexican response to US election season

Is that really how you see us? A Mexican response to US election season Carlos Bravo Regidor, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas During the 2012 US presidential election, Mexico - or rather, the idea of Mexico - wasn't an issue. Romney and Obama may have mentioned it during discussions on immigration reform, the border separating the two countries, or drug policy, but this was in passing, offhand. Mexico itself as a country was not a topic of conversation. Back then, some of my co...
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13 of the Weirdest Westerns Ever Made

  In honor of the premiere of Westworld, we look at 13 of the greatest horror/fantasy/western hybrid movies in film history HBO’s much hyped Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy created series Westworld premiered tonight to almost universal critical acclaim (you can read our glowing preview here), with many calling it the new dark fantasy successor to the cable network’s Game of Thrones; a an expensive, violent and erotic bauble that will be your next Sunday night addiction. The show (whose first seas...
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Moments that Can Change a Debate and the Race

Moments that Can Change a Debate and the Race On Monday night, like an eclipse, much of America will darken to watch the first 2016 presidential debate between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump. As many as 100 million people are expected to watch this verbal bout between the oldest contender for a first term and the first woman nominated to run. Right now, it is impossible to guess who will win, but there will be clues throughout. Sometimes it comes down to simple style. Th...
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Gracias, Mr. Trump

This post was written for the launch of HuffPost Mexico on September 1st. To read this article in Spanish from HuffPost Mexico, click here. America's current presidential race is not only one of the longest in living memory (it started over a year ago, with an array of floundering candidates), but also one of the most atypical. "Who knows?" answers Juan, a smiling Mexican-American from Tlaxcalteca heritage, to the question of who will win on November 8th. The surprise in this case is not that J...
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China's Fosun to 'acquire' Brazil investment firm

China's Fosun on Saturday signed an agreement to acquire Brazil-based investment management firm Rio Bravo, according to a statement, just a day after the Chinese conglomerate announced another massive overseas deal. Fosun, which has interests ranging from property to mining, said it will buy the controlling share of privately-owned Rio Bravo Investimentos, but did not give a value for the deal. Fosun did not immediately respond to request for comment.
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Court Rules Luc Besson’s ‘Lockout’ Totally Ripped Off John Carpenter’s ‘Escape from New York’

When the sci-fi action flick Lockout arrived in theaters in 2012, many reviews pegged the film written by Luc Besson as a half-ass remake of John Carpenter‘s 1981 classic Escape from New York with the action transported to a space prison instead of a dark future. It appears critics weren’t the only ones annoyed with the similarities between the two films because director John Carpenter actually ended up suing writer Luc Besson because the script plagiarized the 1981 movie. Previously, a court r...
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China’s Fosun nears Brazil fund purchase, says source: Reuters

Fosun International Ltd is in advanced talks to buy Brazilian fund manager Rio Bravo Investimentos Ltda, a source familiar with the matter said on Wednesday, in what would be the Chinese firm’s first investment in Brazil. The source, who requested anonymity because the deal is private, did not elaborate on terms or a timetable for the deal. Finance blog Brazil Journal first reported the talks on Wednesday. Rio Bravo’s three main partners, former Brazilian central bank president Gustavo Franco, P...
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New drama on autism and the classic ‘Rio Bravo’ lead Wednesday’s TV Picks

TV Picks for Wednesday, July 20, include a new dramatic series about a family facing autism, a Mariners game and a new offering from Reel NW, which features independent films from and about the Pacific Northwest.
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Managing an endangered river across the US-Mexico border

The Rio Grande (called Rio Bravo in Mexico) is the lifeline to an expansive desert in the southwest USA and northern Mexico. From Colorado to the Gulf of Mexico, over 3000 km, people depend on the river to quench their thirst and irrigate their crops. The river also forms the boundary between the USA and Mexico for 2034 km.
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Drought and Management Actions Affect World Waterway--the Rio Grande

Summary: New research can help water managers along the Rio Grande make wise decisions about how to best use the flow of a river vital for drinking water, agriculture and aquatic habitat. These studies also show how conditions from the prolonged drought in the West have affected the Rio Grande watershed Contact Information: Heidi Koontz ( Phone: 303-202-4763 ); Jennifer LaVista ( Phone: 720-480-7875 );   In re...
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Drought and Management Actions Affect World Waterway—the Rio Grande

Summary: New research can help water managers along the Rio Grande make wise decisions about how to best use the flow of a river vital for drinking water, agriculture and aquatic habitat. These studies also show how conditions from the prolonged drought in the West have affected the Rio Grande watershed Contact Information: Heidi Koontz ( Phone: 303-202-4763 ); Jennifer LaVista ( Phone: 720-480-7875 );     In ...
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Dean Martin in Rio Bravo .

Howard Hawks' splendid 1959 Western is the defining example of what Quentin Tarantino calls a hangout movie, where the plot is essentially an excuse to spend time with the characters. Sheriff John Wayne, town drunk Dean Martin and showgirl Angie Dickinson are among the independent-minded heroes who join forces to fend off a band of killers.
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