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Budget 2021: Furloughed and unemployed – can Rishi help?

More support for jobs is expected in Chancellor Rishi Sunak's Budget, but will it be enough?
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20 brilliant cooking hacks from the pros

During these pandemic times, when kitchen time has ratcheted up to three squares a day, day after day, there’s no such thing as too many tips and tricks to make life easier. We want all the clever hacks, from short cuts and time savers to kitchen tools put to unintended use. (Handheld mixer, may you shred our chicken for a lifetime!) So we’ve compiled 20 of our favorite ways to make cooking simpler, faster or more successful. Some of these hacks hail from chef and cookbook author interviews over...
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20 last-minute gifts for tea lovers - from new brews to fun teapots and more

When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Numi Tea Tea lovers can never have too much tea or too many tea-themed items at home.We've rounded up the best gifts for tea lovers so you can surprise your giftee with some fun, new items.If you're still shopping for other gifts, you can check out all our gift guides here.Sign up for Insider Reviews' weekly newsletter for more buying advice and great deals.There's nothing better than a steaming cu...
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Former Sabras Radio presenter Rishi Modi dies

Former Sabras Radio breakfast presenter Rishi Modi has died at the age of 35 after catching COVID-19. Rishi had been with the station since 2012 before leaving earlier this year. He was in Kenya visiting family but was admitted into hospital with breathing difficulties on November 28th and sadly passed away on December 7th. Rishi’s friend and former colleague Meera Majithia set up a fundraising page last week to help with his medical bills whilst in hospital. She writes: “Sadly, Rishi lost hi...
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Rishi Sunak, U.K. finance minister, wins praise for staying calm during Covid

While he has been dubbed "Dishy Rishi" by tabloids and benefits from a slick social media brand, Sunak's in-tray is bursting with...
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New to Netflix November 2020: All Movies & Shows Coming and Going

New to Netflix November 2020: All Movies & Shows Coming and Going The list for the new Netflix November 2020 movies and TV titles has been released, which you can now view below along with the titles that are set to leave from the streaming service next month. The November slate includes the premieres of The Crown Season 4, Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, and more! You can check out the full list below! (via Vital Thrills) PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone...
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Rishi Sunak: The 'whatever it takes' chancellor

He's been dubbed "Dishy Rishi" and "an economic Jedi" but who is the man steering the UK economy?
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Irrfan Khan, Rishi Kapoor: Bollywood Reels From Deaths of 2 Stars

Irrfan Khan, a beloved actor, had cancer and died of an infection. Another movie giant, Rishi Kapoor, who had leukemia, also died. The coronavirus lockdown ruled out big funerals for either.
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Rishi Kapoor, Bollywood Leading Man From a Film Dynasty, Dies at 67

He was one of India’s best-known actors for decades, and was hailed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “multifaceted, endearing and lively.”
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#Day18 NaPoWriMo R for Sri Ramana Maharshi- Your Real Nature is Happiness

You are the real Rishi..the sage and your thoughts inspire all ages How true that the hands can still work when the mind remains silent and still How can we stop whats destined to happen So when the act of God is certain, remain silent Happiness should be our Nature And why regret when we truly desire it The repeated search of self of 'Who am I'? sometimes make you dissolve in true self clinging to the feet of the G...
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The coronavirus crash: as told by the Monevator community

R arely has a week felt so short. Everything seemed to happen on fast-forward and the past was consigned to another era. The best thing I did during the crash was just to stop. Standstill happened on Saturday. I sat on my couch and WhatsApped friends. Some I haven’t spoken to for years because, well, when do you get the time? God, I felt better for hearing those friendly voices. The next best thing I did was catch up on the Monevator comment threads. In line with best passive investor practice,...
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'There's Something About Sweetie' — Something Irrepressibly Joyous

Sandhya Menon's followup to her hit young adult novel When Dimple Met Rishi follows a young woman with a big voice, a big personality — and to her family's dismay (though not her own), a big body.(Image credit: Beth Novey/NPR)
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7 Contemporary Stories That Tackle Everyday Issues

I don't know about you, but my May bookshelf is overflowing with a wide range of fantastic reads. My lineup includes history and memoir, cookbooks and crafty books, literary fiction and fantasy and much more. I'm particularly impressed with some of this month's books for young adult (and older) readers, and that's what this post is all about. Wait! Don't click away. You might be surprised by the depth of contemporary YA stories, so stick around and take a look. You'll find memoir, thrill...
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Why Stop At One Book? Sandhya Menon Wrote A Rom-Com Universe

Sandya Menon is the author of three books. Her debut novel, When Dimple Met Rishi , about a first generation Indian-American teenager who might just be falling for the guy her parents chose for her, appeared on the New York Times best-seller list and launched a series of interconnected rom-coms. As part of Refinery29’s YA Month, Menon reflects on starting a universe telling the stories of two Indian-American teenagers, which resonated with readers. As one Goodreads , “My Indian heart is happy....
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My Travel Diary 2018 .....

 Coimbatore - Ooty - Jan 2018   Isha Yoga Lord Shiva - Jan 2018 Marudhamalai Murugan Temple Jan 2018  Positive Welfare Association Tiruvallur Feb 2018 Aishu learning Sandal Pattern making from Expert Cobbler Mitu anna in Mahabalipuram Feb 2018 Midnight flight catching to attend weekend Moot Court in Bangalore ....what an experience! The year started with exam in Bangalore Mom's last trip with family - a month before her passing-  July 2018 - Wish I was there with them ...
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No Site Is Perfect. Can We Improve Conversions on Any Site in the World?

Hi there! My name is Preston and I work with Rishi at Frictionless Commerce as a conversion optimization specialist. I’ll be contributing a bit to Better Retail, so I just wanted to say it’s great to talk with you all and share some of what I’ve learned and worked on with Rishi. One of the … Continue reading No Site Is Perfect. Can We Improve Conversions on Any Site in the World?
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Post 3- CSC One final week to go….CSCCAN1…Halifax…

How this whole assignment happens to be a different experience from the regular Volunteering? This assignment actually transforms you from what you are to what the Organizations need…..  planned, trained, performing Leaders!  The whole journey starts from being your application selection (which is around 10–15% from the overall applications ) and then giving you adequate time to get trained, motivated, network and integrate with the objectives of CSC. This is a team experience. Team...
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Thessalus Capital adds junior partner to team

Thessalus Capital LLC, a biotech and healthcare investment firm, has appointed Rishi Bagaria as a junior partner. Also, the firm has nominated John Ennis to its advisory board. PRESS RELEASE PRINCETON, N.J., Aug. 29, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Thessalus Capital LLC, a leading biotech and healthcare investment firm, has appointed Rishi Bagaria its youngest Junior Partner, and nominated John Ennis to its Advisory Board. The appointments are part of a continuing drive to expand the firm’s fundraising and ...
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New York’s RRE Ventures raises $265M for its new fund

RRE Ventures has raised $265 million for its latest fund. The firm was founded back in 1994, and this is its seventh fund (eighth if you include a separate “opportunity” fund for making follow-on investments). Exits in the last few years include Bitly (acquired by Spectrum Equity), Business Insider (acquired by Axel Springer) and TapCommerce (acquired by Twitter). General Partner Raju Rishi said that RRE will continue to follow its current investment strategy. That means putting about 60 percent...
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Two Free Audiobooks from Sync

It’s time for this week’s free audiobooks from Sync. I’ve linked in the info from the ebook or audiobook version of each title (Amazon has the best reviews), followed by the link to get your copies free, with directions to ensure you get the complete download. You’ll need the Overdrive Console loaded (directions are on Sync’s website) and I suggest you use the desktop app to ensure you download a copy for backup purposes. Start off with When Dimple Met Rishi ($10.99 Kindle; $34.99 Audible), by S...
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Developing Solutions for Non English users: Meet Reverie team @ProductGeeks Conf

Bharat presents a huge opportunity and is the NextBigWhat for companies who are trying to win the Indian market. This year India crossed the 400 million internet user mark. Most of the new users are not English speaking users – which means the very fundamental definition of Internet needs a new look now. At ProductGeeks Conf, Rishi from Reverie will share insights on developing solutions and products for non-English users which takes into account online journey for first-time internet users and ...
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This Serum Was Developed By MIT Scientists — & It's Only $28

If $28 — including the cost of shipping — seems like a suspiciously low price to pay for a serum that comes out of the finest luxury laboratories in the beauty business, that's because it is. But that's exactly what Maelove CEO Jackie Kim wants you to think when you're first introduced to The Glow Maker, the new serum from her "radically affordable" skin-care startup. "I didn't see a great balance of quality and value anywhere," Kim says. "So, I decided to make it on my own."With proven ingredi...
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The Best YA Books To Get Excited About

If you're shopping for the YA lover in your life (or if you're a YA lover yourself!), it's time to look beyond the adventures of Katniss Everdeen. YA has only gotten more popular in the years since The Hunger Games came out in 2008. Blockbuster adaptations of stand-alone novels and series like The Fault in Our Stars, The Maze Runner, and Divergent have made YA familiar even to those who haven't picked up a book written for teens since they were a teen themselves. But just because the box office...
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The Book Smugglers’ Best Books of 2017

In which we Book Smugglers present our top 10 books of 2017 and other assorted goodies… Ana: Hello, I’m Ana. Thea: And I’m Thea. Ana & Thea: And we are…BOOK SMUGGLERS!!!!!!! *play facemelting riffs on air guitars* We’ve brought you some of our favorite authors and bloggers with their reflections on 2017… We’ve once again proved that the hardest Feat of Strength is to restrain ourselves NOT TO BUY ALL THE THINGS after so many awesome lists… And now it’s finally time to get our own hands dirty! ...
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My Top Five (Accidental) Favorite Contemporary YA Novels of 2017 by Jessi Cole Jackson

Welcome to Smugglivus 2017! Throughout this month, we will have guests – authors and bloggers alike – looking back at their favorite reads of 2017, looking forward to events and upcoming books in 2018, and more. Next on Smugglivus: one of our Gods and Monsters authors, Jessi Cole Jackson, writer of “The Waters and Wild of Winter Street” Please give it up for Jessi! My Top Five (Accidental) Favorite Contemporary YA Novels of 2017 I’ll admit that I don’t read a lot of straight-up contemporary ...
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Authors' Favorites: The Best Contemporary Romances of 2017

Cowboys, bodyguards, billionaires, and rock stars... Contemporary romance can cover a lot of territory, and sometimes it's a challenge to figure out which novel to pick up next. Talented contemporary authors Donna Grant, Alisha Rai, Maisey Yates, Brenda Jackson, and Christina Lauren (all of whom have appeared on our best romances of the month lists) offer their own recommendations based on the novels that won their hearts this year.   Donna Grant Steal by Rachel Van Dyken - One of my fav...
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Five Books I Read in 2017 about Nice People Trying Their Best (and One Where Everyone’s a Monster) – A Smugglivus Post by Reading the End’s Jenny Hamilton

Welcome to Smugglivus 2017! Throughout this month, we will have guests – authors and bloggers alike – looking back at their favorite reads of 2017, looking forward to events and upcoming books in 2018, and more. Today’s Smugglivus guest is Jenny Hamilton, blogger, reader, podcaster at Reading the End Please give it up for Jenny, everybody! Five Books I Read in 2017 about Nice People Trying Their Best (and One Where Everyone’s a Monster) In a year where the world has been so much on fire that...
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Accordion hires former General Atlantic exec as MD

Accordion, a private equity-focused financial consulting firm, has appointed John M. Jureller as managing director. Jureller is a former operating executive at General Atlantic and ex-chief financial officer at Frontier Communications. PRESS RELEASE NEW YORK, NOVEMBER 30, 2017 — Accordion, the private equity focused financial consulting firm, today announced that it has hired John M. Jureller as Managing Director. Jureller’s hiring underscores Accordion’s commitment to supporting private equity ...
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Autism assistance dog Rishi helps 11-year-old Jake

Autism assistance dog Rishi has enhanced 11-year-old Jake's life, his family says.
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Sanaya Dalal: A Parsi Woman’s Perspective On Being Denied Basic Rights

“You knew what you were getting into.” “A child inherits his father’s name and religion, not his mother’s.” “Women with non-Parsi spouses will have their kids navjoted only to avail of housing and monetary benefits from our wealthy community trusts.” “Our religion does not allow intermarriage or conversion.” Article by Sanaya Dalal | NDTV “Recognising the children of intermarried Parsi men was a mistake, and recognising those of women will be another one. Two wrongs don’t make a right.” These a...
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