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Barrie – “Dig”

Barrie, the musical project of Barrie Lindsay, has always specialized in crisp metropolitan indie-pop. Both on stage and on record, the band has carved out a distinct stylistic identity, one adjacent to the likes of Yumi Zouma and Alvvays, like a dreamier spin on Fleetwood Mac. On her new single, she tweaks that identity somewhat.
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Spirit Was – “I Saw The Wheel”

Since LVL UP a few years ago, the band’s three main songwriters have all dedicated themselves to their own projects: Dave Benton, who just announced a new Trace Mountains album; Mike Caridi with the Glow; and Nick Corbo, who heads up the band Spirit Was, which gets its name from a LVL UP song. Corbo was responsible for some of the heaviest moments in his old band’s discography and he continues digging into muddy and abrasive textures on Heaven’s Just A Cloud, Spirit Was’ debut album.
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New Frankie Cosmos video: Wannago

Video: Frankie Cosmos – “Wannago” Directed by Robert Kolodny. From Close it Quietly, September 6 on Sub Pop. The video is a little distracting but the song has everything you want from this band: sad melodies, earnest vocals, delicate harmonies, and shimmery guitars. Greta Kline says, “Wannago is an older song that I thought would … Continue reading New Frankie Cosmos video: Wannago → Read more at Glorious Noise...
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Palehound – “Worthy” Video

Back in February, Boston-based Palehound returned with a new track called "Killer," which we called one of the best songs of the week. It was a welcome comeback, and it continued last month with the release of "Aaron" and news of a new album called Black … More »
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Palehound – “Aaron” Video

A couple months back, Palehound re-emerged with a new track, "Killer," that earned a spot on our best songs of the week list. Today, Ellen Kempner's Boston-based band are announcing the release of a new album, called Black Friday, that'll be out in June. They're sharing another song from it, too, … More »
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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

This column didn't run last week because I had to go deal with a family emergency. (If you've got a potentially dangerous dog, take the proper fucking precautions, people.) So this week's column actually has two weeks' worth of videos, which means it's a total murderer's row. This week's picks are below. More »
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Palehound – “Carnations” Video

Last year, Ellen Kempner released Palehound's great sophomore album, A Place I'll Always Go, and the band just started a co-headlining tour with Weaves. Recently, a video for "Carnations" came out -- it was originally an Apple Music exclusive, but now it's available to watch elsewhere. The video was directed by Robert Kolodny. It … More »
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LVL UP – “The Closing Door” Video + Stream Return To Love

LVL UP's fantastic third album (and Sub Pop debut) Return To Love comes out tomorrow (though you can stream it below now), and today the band has shared a video for "The Closing Door," a track that first appeared on last year's Three Songs EP, but shows up in rejuvenated form on the new … More »
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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Just sitting down to write this intro right now, I noticed that almost all of the videos I've picked for this week's list are, in one way or another, suffocatingly dark. Happy Friday, everyone! This week's picks are below. More »
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Big Ups – “National Parks” Video

When Big Ups released "National Parks" earlier this year, I wrote a short but impassioned screed about how much this band means to me and why this single in particular gives me that happy/sad feeling that only expertly crafted, thoughtful lyrics give you. This is a song about lead singer Joe Galarraga's mom, but … More »
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