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Announcing the final agenda for Robotics + AI — March 3 at UC Berkeley

TechCrunch is returning to U.C. Berkeley on March 3 to bring together some of the most influential minds in robotics and artificial intelligence. Each year we strive to bring together a cross-section of big companies and exciting new startups, along with top researchers, VCs and thinkers. In addition to a main stage that includes the likes of Amazon’s Tye Brady, U .C. Berkeley’s Stuart Russell, Anca Dragan of Waymo, Claire Delaunay of NVIDIA, James Kuffner of Toyota’s TRI-AD, and a surpris...
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Is resurrecting Google’s BookBot the need of the hour?

Everyone in Silicon Valley is trying to design something straight out of the future. We treat science and technology as the end all be all of our issues and rightfully so, but here is an unpopular opinion – do we REALLY need technology in every aspect of our lives to make it better? A decade ago, robots doing all our tasks were just a thing of movies and today we don’t go a day without interacting with a robot – think about it, even if you call a place there is a 99% chance an automated voice ...
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NVIDIA VP Claire Delaunay will discuss empowering robotics startups at TC Sessions: Robotics+AI

Robotics, AI and automation are the future of business. This much seemingly everyone can agree on. Finding the resources to implement these technologies, on the other hand, is a different question entirely. Resource strapped startups and even established companies with sufficient know-how may find it difficult to adapt to changing technologies. NVIDIA’s VP of Engineering Claire Delaunay will be returning to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI at U.C. Berkeley on March 3 to discuss the component giant...
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Watch experts from Boston Dynamics, Built, Dusty and Toggle discuss robotic construction at TC Sessions: Robotics

After recently doing a survey of the top robotics investment rounds, it became pretty clear: construction is going to be huge for this industry. Global construction is expected to hit $13 trillion by 2022 (with China alone hitting that number in 2030), and there are plenty of dull, dirty and dangerous jobs that seem well positioned for potential automation. With that in mind, we’ve put together a fantastic — and packed — panel set to examine how robotics, AI and automation are poised to tran...
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Last day for early-bird tickets to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020

Today’s your last day to score early-bird pricing on tickets to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020, which takes place on March 3. If you want to keep $150 in your wallet, beat the deadline and buy your ticket here before the clock strikes 11:59 p.m. (PT) tonight! Our one-day conference dedicated to robotics and AI — the good, the bad and the challenging — features interviews, panel discussions, Q&As, workshops and demos. Join roughly 1,500 experts, visionaries, creators, founders, investors, resear...
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One day left for early-bird tickets to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020

No one ever wants to pay more, and that’s as true for well-financed companies as it is for early-stage startup founders on a shoe-string budget. So if you love robots and machine learning, why spend more on your ticket to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020? Prices go up on January 31, which means you have just one day left to buy an early-bird ticket. You’ll save a tidy $150 in the process. Sweet! On March 3, roughly 1,500 attendees will spend the day delving into the future of robots, the AI that ...
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Stanford’s Doggo quadrupedal robot and siblings Pupper and Woofer are coming to TC Sessions: Robotics+AI

Animal-like, four-legged robots have been a crowd pleaser since Boston Dynamics’ BigDog, and Stanford’s Doggo shows how the technology can be made open source, accessible, and educational. Doggo’s creators will bring the diminutive robot, plus its smaller and larger siblings Pupper and Woofer, to TC Sessions: Robotics+AI on March 3. P.S. Early bird ticket sales end this Friday – book your tickets today and save $150. We first heard of Doggo last year when the Stanford Robotics Club showed off...
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Meet the robot helping doctors treat coronavirus patients

Doctors are using a robot to treat a coronavirus patient without exposing themselves to the spreading illness.
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Five reasons you (really) don’t want to miss TechCrunch’s AI and Robotics show on March 3

TechCrunch’s fourth Robotics and AI show is coming up on March 3 at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall. If past experience is any guide, the show is sure to draw a big crowd (cheap student rates here!) but there’s still time to grab a pass. If you’re wondering why you want to take a day out to catch a full day of interviews and audience Q&A with the world’s top robotics and AI experts, read on.   It’s the software / AI,  stupid. So said (in so many words) the legendary surgical robotics founder Dr...
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72 hours left to save $150 on tickets to TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020

We’re counting the days (35 to be precise) until TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2020 takes place on March 3 in Berkeley, Calif. But we’re also counting the days that you can save on the price of admission. The early-bird pricing ends in just three days on January 31. Buy your ticket right here before that bird flies south, and you’ll save $150. This single-day conference features interviews, panel discussions, Q&As and demos with the leaders, founders and investors focused on the future of robotics ...
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Early bird savings end next Friday on tickets to Robotics+AI 2020

TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics+AI 2020 is gearing up to be one amazing show. This annual day-long event draws the brightest minds and makers from these two industries — 1,500 attendees last year alone. And if you really want to make 2020 a game-changing year, grab yourself an early-bird ticket and save $150 on tickets before prices go up after January 31. Not convinced yet? Check out some agenda highlights featuring some of today’s leading robotics and AI leaders. Saving Humanity from AI with Stu...
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Agility’s two-legged robot Digit is for sale and Ford is the first customer

Agility Robotics is putting Digit — a two-legged robot that can lift 40 pound packages — on the market. And Ford Motor is the first customer. Ford, which has been involved in a research project with the robotics startup since last year, said Sunday night ahead of CES 2020 in Las Vegas that it will receive the first two robots off of the production line. Ford has been testing how Digit and self-driving vehicles might work together to solve what CTO Ken Washington has called the last 50-feet pr...
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Trifo’s Lucy robot vacuum won’t run over poop, doubles as a security system

Trifo, a home robotics company, unveiled its latest robot on January 2. Its name is Lucy, and it's basically a robot vacuum and a security system all-in-one.
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North Carolina couple call cops on midnight intruder that turns out to be their robot vacuum

[The moral of this story is buy a Roomba, they last longer and have better software.] A man and a woman in Forsyth County, North Carolina, called for help just after midnight when they awoke to loud noises and crashing downstairs, and hid in their closet to dial 911. Deputies searched the home and found... a Eufy robotic vacuum running amok. As robot vacuums sometimes do, it “had somehow turned itself on, got stuck and began banging on a wall.” The couple says they're embarrassed about what ha...
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Review: 'Mr. Robot' powers off with a finale that's weird even by 'Mr. Robot' standards

After a bounce-back year, "Mr. Robot" served up a finale that was weird even by the standards of "Mr. Robot." While the series lent itself to that -- living extensively, as it does, inside one character's head -- it was a reminder that while this show flamed very brightly, four seasons was too much for it to consistently sustain.
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Terradepth raises $8 million to build a fleet of autonomous deep-ocean data robots

Plenty of the ocean remains unexplored, even though it’s a huge trove of potentially valuable information. Current methods for mapping and gathering ocean data, especially deep-ocean data, generally require humans in the mix (even if controlling vehicles remotely), are immensely expensive and are not designed for long periods of operation. Startup Terradepth, founded by two ex-Navy SEALs and based in Austin, Texas, is aiming to change all that using autonomous submersible vehicles that can, if d...
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What to Watch on TV This Week: ‘The Witcher’ Season 1, ‘Mr. Robot’ Series Finale

Welcome back to Tune In: our weekly newsletter offering a guide to the best of the week’s TV. Each week, Variety’s TV team combs through the week’s schedule, selecting our picks of what to watch and when/how to watch them. This week, “The Witcher” debuts on Netflix and “Mr. Robot” comes to an end on […]
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Building robotic safety inspectors nabs Gecko Robotics $40 million

Gecko Robotics has landed $40 million in financing as it looks to build an additional 40 robots over the next year to meet what the company sees as growing demand for its safety and infrastructure monitoring services. “We are growing fast solving a critical infrastructure problems that affect our lives, and can even save lives ,” says Jake Loosararian, Gecko Robotics’ 28-year-old co-founder and chief executive officer, in a statement. “At our core, we are a robot-enabled software company tha...
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Peeping on Toms

Peeping on Toms   Many of us have a lovable tomcat who stays at home while we are at work.  We all love our pets! Now taking care of them is getting even easier with the advent of an assortment of digital and technological devices. This sector is growing exponentially with m illennial pet owners s...
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FedEx robot sent packing by NYC

FedEx’s autonomous delivery bot got a cold reception from New York City officials. After the company’s SameDay Bots — named Roxo — popped up on New York City streets last week, Mayor Bill de Blasio and transportation officials delivered a sharp response: Get out. FedEx told TechCrunch that the bots were there for a preview party for its Small Business Saturday event and are not testing in New York. Even this promotional event was too much for city officials concerned with congestion and bo...
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The iRobot Roomba s9+ and Braava m6 are the robots you should trust to clean your house well

This holiday season, we’re going to be looking back at some of the best tech of the past year, and providing fresh reviews in a sort of ‘greatest hits’ across a range of categories. First up: iRobot’s top-end home cleaning robots, the Roomba s9+ robot vacuum, and the Braava m6 robot mop and floor sweeper. Both of these represent the current peak of iRobot’s technology, and while that shows up in the price tag, it also shows up in performance. iRobot Roomba S9+ The iRobot Roomba S9+ is actu...
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MIT develops a way for autonomous delivery robots to find your front door

Researchers at MIT have developed a new method of navigation for robots that could be very useful for the range of companies working on autonomous last-mile delivery. In short, the team has worked out how a robot can figure out the location of a front door, without being provided a specific map in advance. Most last-mile autonomous delivery robots today, including the “wheeled cooler”-style variety that was pioneered by Starship and has since been adopted by a number of other companies, includin...
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MIT’s self-propelled block robots can now manage basic swarm coordination

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has come up with a clever way for its small cube-like robots, which can move on their own, to communicate and coordinate with one another for self-assembly. The behavior is described by MIT researchers as somewhat ‘hive-like,’ and in the video above you can see what they mean by that. These cube bots can roll across the ground, navigate up and across each other, and even jump short distances. And thanks to recent improvements made ...
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“Robot” Gunslinger by Bosstown Dynamics Fools Many ~ VIDEO

U.S.A. –-( A new Bosstown Dynamics video created by Corridor has gone viral. The video has over two million views so far. Many are fooled by the well-done video, assuming that the images are real. It is not hard to understand.  There are videos of actual Russian robots shooting guns, videos of dog-like American military experimental robots, and others. We are on in the process of breakthrough technologies. It is a continuing revolution that started about 500 years ago. We can ca...
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Robotics company is offering $125K if you’ll let a robot use your face

Running short on cash? U.K.-based additive manufacturing company Geomiq is currently offering $125,000 to the person willing to sign over face rights to let their appearance be used for a new line of humanoid robots. Here's how you can get involved with this unusual offer.
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Robots are used to carry out daily health inspections at schools across China

China has installed health-checking robots at more than 2,000 preschools across the country. The robot uses cameras and an infrared thermometer to look for signs of possible disease in kids. The post Robots are used to carry out daily health inspections at schools across China appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Tamagotchi Effect: How digital pets shaped the tech habits of a generation

Ahead of their attempted comeback, we take a look at how Tamagotchis helped shape the lives and tech views of an entire generation of kids, now well into their twenties and thirties. The post The Tamagotchi Effect: How digital pets shaped the tech habits of a generation appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Mr. Robot Season 4 Poster Shows Its Holiday Spirit

BEGIN SLIDESHOW The Mr. Robot season 4 poster shows its holiday spirit USA has just revealed the Mr. Robot season 4 poster, which will bring the cyber-security series to a close. While it’s light on specifics, it does tease the final season’s Christmas setting. You can check it out in the post below! The series stars Rami Malek (the role for which he won an Emmy) alongside Christian Slater, Portia Doubleday, Carly Chaikin, Martin Wallstrom, Grace Gummer, Michael Cristofer, Bobby Cannaval...
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USC’s penny-sized robotic bee is the most sci-fi thing you’ll see all week

Engineers at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles have built a bee-inspired robot that weighs just 95 grams and is smaller than a penny. Check it out in action here. The post USC’s penny-sized robotic bee is the most sci-fi thing you’ll see all week appeared first on Digital Trends.
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These self-driving robo-palettes will park your car while you go shopping

Perhaps the most useful application for self-driving tech is in the area of driving that annoys most drivers. Parking. Parking is perhaps the one reason I don’t enjoy driving. Looking for a spot, and then struggling to parallel park (and eventually take out) your car from said spot requires patience, skill, and willpower… virtues that I don’t possess, but a robot could.Hik Vision’s award-winning self-driving palette helps out by doing that task for you. Unlike other parking-assistant-robots th...
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