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Boston Dynamics showcases new uses for SpotMini ahead of commercial production

Last year at our TC Sessions: Robotics event, Boston Dynamics announced its intention to commercialize SpotMini. It was a big step for the secretive company. After a quarter of building some of the world’s most sophisticated robots, it was finally taking a step into the commercial realm, making the quadrupedal robot available to anyone with the need and financial resources for the device. CEO Marc Raibert made a return appearance at our event this week to discuss the progress Boston Dynamics ...
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Imandra, Innovapptive, Nesh, Kroger Delivery Robots & More TX Tech

Let’s catch up with the latest innovation news in Texas.—Austin-based LiveOak Venture Partners is one of three organizations that led a $5 million investment in Imandra, an artificial intelligence startup based in London, according to a press release. With the funding, Imandra says it will open a US headquarters in the Texas state capital. Other investors were AlbionVC and IQ Capital, based in London and Cambridge, England, respectively. The four-year-old startup makes AI software with tools to...
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A new robotic arm design for future home robots that do our chores

Remember UC Berkeley researcher Pieter Abbeel's fantastic towel-folding robot? Now, Abbeel and his team have prototyped a new kind of robot arm design meant for the home and other human environments. Compared to robot arms common in factories, this manipulator, called Blue, is less expensive ( From an interview in IEEE Spectrum: Your demo videos show Blue doing the kinds of household tasks that are very difficult for robots to do right now—why choose those tasks to introduce Blue? David Ge...
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Russia’s robot news anchor gives human TV presenters hope

Human news anchors anxious about robots taking their jobs will be feeling reassured this week after the appearance on Russian TV of a news-reading android that clearly needs a bit of work. The post Russia’s robot news anchor gives human TV presenters hope appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Breeze Automation is building soft robots for the Navy and NASA

San Francisco soft robotics startup Breeze Automation made its debut today onstage at TechCrunch’s TC Sessions: Robotics + AI event at UC Berkeley. Co-founder and CEO Gui Cavalcanti joined us onstage at the event to showcase the contract work the company has been doing for organizations like NASA and the U.S. Navy. Cavalcanti last joined TechCrunch onstage in September 2016, decked out in aviator sunglasses and full American flag regalia as a co-founder of fighting robot league MegaBots. Thes...
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Boston Dynamics debuts the production version of SpotMini

Last year at our TC Sessions: Robotics conference, Boston Dynamics announced that SpotMini will be its first commercially available product. A revamped version of the product would use the company’s decades of quadrupedal robotics learnings as a basis for a robot designed to patrol office spaces. At today’s event, founder and CEO Marc Raibert took to the stage to debut the production version of the electric robot. As noted last year, the company plans to produce around 100 models this year. R...
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Industrial robotics giant Fanuc is using AI to make automation even more automated

Industrial automation is already streamlining the manufacturing process, but first those machines must be painstakingly trained by skilled engineers. Industrial robotics giant Fanuc wants to make robots easier to train, therefore making automation more accessible to a wider range of industries, including pharmaceuticals. The company announced a new artificial intelligence-based tool at TechCrunch’s Robotics/AI Sessions event today that teaches robots how to pick the right objects out of a bin wi...
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Nvidia launches its Isaac SDK to help democratize AI-powered robot development

Today at TechCrunch’s TC Sessions: Robotics + AI event at UC Berkeley, Nvidia VP of Engineering Claire Delaunay announced that the company’s Isaac SDK is available for download. Announced last month, the software development kit is part of the chipmaker’s ongoing push to help make robotics development more accessible for a wider range of users. The system is designed to improve accessibility to key features of robotics AI and ML, including obstacle detection, speech recognition and stereo dep...
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Aptiv takes its self-driving car ambitions (and tech) to China

Aptiv, the U.S. auto supplier and self-driving software company, is opening an autonomous mobility center in Shanghai to focus on the development and eventual deployment of its technology on public roads. The expansion marks the fifth market where Aptiv has set up R&D, testing or operational facilities. Aptiv has autonomous driving operations in Boston, Las Vegas, Pittsburgh and Singapore. But China is perhaps its most ambitious endeavor yet. Aptiv has never had any AV operations in China,...
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Watch a pack of SpotMini robot dogs perform a terrifying feat of strength

Boston Dynamics' SpotMini robotic dog is now going around in packs, and the results are somewhat concerning. Check out the video to see what kind of shenanigans 10 of them got up to recently ... The post Watch a pack of SpotMini robot dogs perform a terrifying feat of strength appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Will robots really take our jobs?

The fear of automation technology and its potential to displace a large portion of the global labor force is nearly ubiquitous.  A 2018 survey from the Pew Research Center reports that almost 80 percent of respondents across 10 countries believe that robots and computers are likely to take over much of the work currently done by humans sometime in the next 50 years and this change will cause much more harm than good, including job loss and rising inequality.A certain unease about technology is w...
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Economic Impact of Self-driving Trucks

Trucks are the backbone of the supply-chain delivery system. 70% of goods are delivered by truck. The U.S. trucking industry generated $700.3 billion in economic activity in 2017. Self-driving trucks... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Disney/Lucasfilm donates $1.5 million to FIRST

A day after the big Episode IX reveal, Disney and subsidiary Lucas film announced that it will be donating $1.5 million to FIRST . The non-profit group was founded by Dean Kamen in 1989 to help teach STEM through initiatives like robotics competitions. Disney’s money will go to provide education and outreach to the underserved communities on which FIRST focuses. Details are pretty thin on precisely what the partnership will entail, but Disney’s certainly got a lot to gain from this sort of out...
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IAM Robotics puts a unique spin on warehouse automation

Before robots get to do the fun stuff, they’re going to be tasked with all of the things humans don’t want to do. It’s a driving tenet of automation — developing robotics and AI designed to replace dull, dirty and dangerous tasks. It’s no surprise, then, that warehouses and fulfillment centers have been major drivers in the field. Earlier this week, we reported that Amazon would be acquiring Canvas, adding another piece to its portfolio, adding to the 100,000 or so robotics it currently deploys ...
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Uber spent $457 million on self-driving and flying car R&D last year

Uber spent $457 million last year on research and development of autonomous vehicles, flying cars (known as eVTOLs) and other “technology programs” and will continue to invest heavily in the futuristic tech even though it expects to rely on human drivers for years to come, according to the company’s IPO prospectus filed Thursday. R&D costs at Uber ATG, the company’s autonomous vehicle unit, its eVTOL unit Uber Elevate and other related technology represented one-third of its total R&D spen...
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Claire Delaunay will be speaking at TC Sessions: Robotics + AI next week at UC Berkeley

We’re a week out from our third-annual TC Sessions: Robotics event, and we still have some surprises left to announce. I know, we’re just as surprised as you are. We’ve already announced that Marc Raibert, Colin Angle, Melonee Wise and Anthony Levandowski will be joining us in Berkeley next week, and today we’re adding Claire Delaunay to the list of distinguished names. Delaunay is VP of engineering at NVIDIA. Prior to NVIDIA, she worked as the director of Engineering at Uber, after the ride...
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MIT’s recycling sorting robot can ‘feel’ the difference between materials

RoCycle is, naturally, short for “recycling robot,” the latest offering out of MIT’s CSAIL lab. The pick and place ‘bot utilizes a unique combination of sensors to help distinguish the material differences of objects, in order to sort them ahead of the recycling process. Built on top of a Rethink Robotics Baxter, the system utilizes a teflon gripper with built in sensors that are capable of determining an object’s makeup based on size and stiffness. It’s not completely perfect just yet. The tech...
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Hanson recruits Softbank Robotics scientist as CTO

Hanson Robotics announced this morning that it has hired Amit Kumar Pandey, Softbank Europe’s Chief Scientist, as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Science Officer (CSO). In his six years at Softbank, Pandey ran a various robotics initiatives, including the company’s Social Interaction and Intelligence of the Robot program. At Hanson, he will be charged with leading the company’s commercial products and fostering its AI applications. The Hong Kong-based robotics company is likely best ...
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Amazon acquires autonomous warehouse robotics startup Canvas Technology

Amazon has acquired Boulder, Colo.-based warehouse robotics startup Canvas Technology, TechCrunch has learned. The deal makes a lot of sense from the outside, adding another important piece to Amazon Robotics’ growing portfolio of fulfillment center machines. Amazon confirmed the acquisition with TechCrunch. “We are inspired by Canvas Technology’s innovations, and share a common vision for a future where people work alongside robotics to further improve safety and the workplace experience,...
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The startup behind Walmart’s shelf-scanning robots

Earlier this week, Walmart announced a wide-scale expansion of in-store technology. The news came, of course, as the superstore chain is fighting Amazon’s encroachment with everything it has. The list includes several robotics technologies — a category in which Amazon has been invested for several years, beginning with the acquisition of Kiva systems in 2012. Pittsburgh startup Bossa Nova Robotics has been a big player in Walmart’s ambitions for a while now, as well. Back in 2017, the retail ...
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Robot invasion: Walmart to deploy thousands of automated assistants

Walmart is planning a major rollout of thousands of robot assistants capable of performing a range of routine tasks at its stores. The idea is that they'll free up time for human workers so they can spend more time with customers. The post Robot invasion: Walmart to deploy thousands of automated assistants appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Walmart to expand in-store tech, including Pickup Towers for online orders and robots

Walmart is doubling down on its technology innovations in its brick-and-mortar stores in an effort to better compete with Amazon. The retailer today announced the expanded rollout of several technologies – ranging from in-store Pickup Towers to help customers quickly grab their online orders to floor scrubbing robots. These jobs were, in many cases, previously handled by people instead of machines. The retailer says it will add 1,500 new autonomous floor cleaners, 300 more shelf scanners, 1,200 ...
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Uber, Lyft, and the challenge of transportation startup profits

How much does transportation cost you? In most cities, bus or subway fare might set you back $3 or so. A tank of gas, maybe $30 or $40 depending on your car. An hour of street parking? Sometimes it’s free, sometimes it’s a few bucks. And you can usually snag an economy seat on a round-trip U.S. domestic flight for under $300. These numbers probably ring true for most people. There’s just one problem: Everything you know about the cost of transportation is wrong. Despite a massive infusion of ven...
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Voyage CEO Oliver Cameron at TC Sessions: Mobility on July 10

Some of the first users of autonomous taxis are senior citizens living in a massive retirement community in Florida. It’s there, in a 40-square-mile area known as The Villages, that autonomous driving startup Voyage has planted its flag. Once the door-to-door self-driving taxi service is fully operational, all 125,000 residents will have the ability to summon a self-driving car to their doorstep using the Voyage mobile app. Voyage’s strategy to target retirement communities makes the startup,...
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Only 2 startup demo tables left for TC Sessions: Robotics + AI 2019

Are you geared up to experience the current state of robotics and AI? We’re just 9 days away from TC Sessions: Robotics + AI, TechCrunch’s day-long intensive event featuring interviews, workshops, demos and networking opportunities with top robotics and AI technologists, founders, investors and researchers. And what’s more, we’ve only got two Startup Demo Table Packages left for the event! Demo tables are available to startups with less than $3 million in funding. For $1,500 get three attendee p...
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RightHand Robotics debuts a new pick and place system

Reliable pick and place systems have long been a kind of holy grail among industrial robotics. The job of moving products in and out of bins is high among the jobs that many warehouse and fulfillment centers are looking to automate. For a few years now, RightHand Robotics has been one of the more exciting starts in the space. The company has managed to drum up $34 million in funding from investors like Menlo Ventures, GV and Playground Global. This week at the ProMat conference in Chicago, the c...
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Watch Toyota's robot basketball player hit three-pointers

Toyota Engineering Society's CUE 3 is a 6'3" humanoid robot reportedly hits free throws with nearly 100 percent accuracy. From the AP: (The robot) computes as a three-dimensional image where the basket is, using sensors on its torso, and adjusts motors inside its arm and knees to give the shot the right angle and propulsion for a swish... Stanford University Professor Oussama Khatib, who directs the university's robotics lab, said Cue 3 demonstrates complex activities such as using sensor...
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CMU’s robotic arm attaches to a backpack to lend a helping hand

Carnegie Mellon’s Biorobotics Lab is probably best known as the birthplace of the modular snake robot. Initially designed to squeeze into tight spots for search and rescue missions and infrastructure inspections, the lab’s snake robot has given rise to an army of different projects, and at least one Pittsburgh-area startup. Several years ago, the robot became modular, allowing engineers to mix and match pieces and replace malfunctioning segments. From those modules, the team of CMU students have...
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TX Tech: Made In,, Vital Farms, BBL & Advice from Mark Cuban

Let’s catch up with the latest innovation news in Texas.—Newchip, an Austin online market of crowdfunded deals, has accepted 45 startups into its remote accelerator program, according to a press release. The startups, sorted by Newchip into seed, pre-seed, and MVP/beta stages, will go through the company’s 10-week program. Unlike many accelerators, Newchip doesn’t require that the companies give up equity to participate. In June, Newchip said it raised $2 million in seed funding from investors ...
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Reserve your demo table at TC Sessions: Mobility 2019

Viva la revolution! And by that we mean the tech revolution taking place in mobility and transportation. If you’re an early-stage startup founder in either field, don’t miss your chance to demo your company in front of top influencers at TC Sessions: Mobility 2019. It’s a prime opportunity to showcase your tech startup in front of a very large, very targeted audience — the mobility and transportation industry’s movers and shakers. Why wait? Book a demo table right now. TC Sessions: Mobility 2019...
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