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6 things I wish I knew before quitting my job without a backup plan

Lindsay Yaw Rogers.Lindsay Yaw Rogers. Lindsay Yaw Rogers is an entrepreneur and brand story coach based in Aspen, Colorado. After quitting her job in tech, she says becoming an entrepreneur was a journey of trial and error. Rogers says it's important to have a solid business foundation to enable steady, long-term growth. See more stories on Insider's business page. I'm a risk-taker. But leaving my high-paying job at a tech startup in 2012 with a one-week old baby — with no plan —...
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Hear Hawkeye’s Rogers: The Musical song, and how Marvel pulled it off

The Avengers are never far from their past, as fans of the Marvel were reminded in the first episode of Disney Plus’ new series Hawkeye. The episode introduces young Kate Bishop in 2012, when she... #battleofnewyork #disneyplus #clintbartonakahawkeye #clintbarton #hawkeye #theavengers #rogersthemusical #jeremyrenner #katebishop
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Listen To The Full Song From Hawkeye's Rogers: The Musical

If you've watched the first episode of "Hawkeye," Marvel's latest Disney+ offering, you've seen a bit of "Rogers: The Musical." Even if you've only checked out the trailer, you've seen a glimpse of it. In my former musical theatre world, it's been speculated on more than the plot of the show. I'm pretty sure it wasn't just my friends talking about it. If you're dying for more, we have great news for you — you can listen to the entire song. Sadly, there is no video of the whole thing on stage, bu...
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Marvel's Trinh Tran Wanted Hawkeye To Reveal A New Side Of Clint Barton [Interview]

Trinh Tran is the Executive of Production & Development at Marvel Studios, but she's been with the comic book movie company since as far back as "Iron Man," when she worked as an assistant to production manager Charlie Davis and finance executive Matt Finick. A decade later, and she's the executive producer of "Avengers: Endgame," one of the biggest blockbuster events in cinema history. Now she has her sights focused on the small screen as the executive producer of "Hawkeye," where she wants to ...
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Street Gang Trailer: The Sesame Street Documentary Heads To HBO Max

"Street Gang: How We Got to Sesame Street" first premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival all the way back in January. Releasing to critical acclaim -- you can read /Film's review by Ethan Anderton here -- the documentary special focuses specifically on the makings of "Sesame Street" and charts an inside look at all facets of the seminal children's production. More than simply a time-filling program to keep kids occupied during the day, the creators and crew went above and beyond to provide ...
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Hawkeye Review: Jeremy Renner And Hailee Steinfeld Are Superb In Marvel's Street-Level Superhero Series

More often than not, Hawkeye has been a punchline in Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only is he one of only two members of the Avengers without superpowers, but his weapon of choice is a bow and arrow. However, in the pages of comics, Matt Fraction and David Aja revealed a new side to the archery-adept Avenger, and Marvel Studios is about to do the same by adapting their comic book run into the "Hawkeye" TV series coming to Disney+ on November 24.Based on the first two episo...
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Hawkeye Director Rhys Thomas Explains How SNL Prepared Him For Marvel Studios And More [Interview]

"Hawkeye" is nearly upon us, with the first two episodes of the Marvel Studios series arriving on Disney+ on November 24 this week. Before the series premieres, we spoke with director Rhys Thomas ("Documentary Now!") about stepping into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with experience from "Saturday Night Live" helping him. In our discussion, Thomas reveals the lessons he learned at "SNL" that ultimately prepared him for working at Marvel Studios. Plus, we talk about creating "Rogers: The Musical" ...
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Movie Minute: Roy Rogers Double Feature

Verdugo Entertainment is launching a collectors Blu-ray Box Set featuring “King of the Cowboys” Roy Rogers’ first and final starring role films. The box set, which bookends Rogers’ career, includes the newly remastered 1938 film Under Western Stars , and the newly restored 4K version of the 1975 modern western classic Mackintosh and T.J.Brought to you by: Frugal Focus
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Live: Follow Saturday's state high school football semifinals here

Five more games are on the schedule for today, starting with the 9-man semifinal at 9 a.m. and finishing with Rogers vs. Mankato West in Class 5A at 7 p.m.
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'Determination and technology': How police ID'd killer in 9-year-old girl's 1959 homicide

In 1959 Candice Rogers, who was just 9-years-old, was murdered. In November 2021, with the help of DNA, police ID'd John Reigh Hoff as Rogers' killer.       [Author: USA TODAY]
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Canada: Securities Insights: Rogers Court Ruling A Cautionary Tale For B.C. Companies - Minden Gross LLP

The Rogers family power struggle has come to a swift resolution, but corporate governance issues linger, particularly for public companies incorporated in British Columbia.
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Canada: Critics Call For Regulation Of Dual-Class Shares In The Wake Of The Recent Rogers Family Saga - Cassels

On Friday, November 5, 2021, the British Columbia Supreme Court released its decision in Rogers v. Rogers Communications Inc., the hotly contested and highly public dispute between members...
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Rogers Replaces Natale, Appoints Staffieri as Interim CEO

(Reuters) -Rogers Communications Inc has appointed Tony Staffieri as the interim chief executive officer to replace Joe Natale, the company said on...
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How Bowling Balls Are Made

I have been a fan of how things are made videos since my Mister Rogers and Sesame Street days, so I was not expecting to be so surprised watching the video above about how bowling balls are made. It’s a ball — how complicated could it be? Well, it turns out that modern bowling balls contain an asymmetric weight block in the middle that looks a little like a car’s starter. Weird, right? As I started to wonder why it would be advantageous to include such a lopsided core in a ball you want to ...
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Canada: Lessons From The Rogers And Roy Family Rivalries: A Succession Lawyer Weighs In - Minden Gross LLP

The term Succession has been a mainstream media fixture over the past few weeks due to the ongoing Rogers family saga and the timely return of HBO's smash-hit series of the same name.
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The musical genius of Tommy Tune: “old plus old equals new”

From the beginning, Tommy Tune was pulled as if by centrifugal force toward dance and the Broadway musical. He was taking dancing lessons by the age of five, but his early ambition to be a ballet dancer was abandoned when he shot up in height during his teenage years. He later joked about his extreme height, saying, “Sometimes, instead of thinking of myself as six-foot-six, I tell myself I’m only five-foot-eighteen.” Nevertheless, he made a smooth transition from staging backyard musicals in his...
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The 12 Best Sci-Fi Western Movies Ranked

The western and science fiction genres have always been closely intertwined. Both require signature imagery, exciting action-adventure setpieces, and instantly recognizable heroes and villains; both can be utilized to reflect on larger societal issues. If westerns look at the past from a more nuanced perspective, sci-fi projects explore the future based on the reality that currently exists.Western heroes were highly influential in the early days of science fiction. There wouldn't be modern sci-f...
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Top Stories: Tim Cook on Sideloading, iOS 15.2 Features, Apple Silicon Roadmap, and More

Apple is continuing to work on its next set of operating system updates, and the new beta of iOS 15.2 seeded to developers and public beta testers this week includes a number of tweaks and improvements. Tim Cook also spoke at this week's DealBook online summit, addressing some of the recent controversy about whether Apple should be required to allow "sideloading" of apps from outside the App Store, among other topics. Beyond those two stories, this week saw popular stories on a variety of top...
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WIRTW #604: the “I promise I’m a real lawyer” edition

The post was not meant to be controversial. Aaron Rogers admittedly lied about his vaccination status. I merely suggested that he not get a free pass because of who he is, and should be treated like any other employee caught lying on the job. Then, LinkedIn featured my post in their Breaking News sidebar. And all hell broke loose.More than a few people called me a Nazi (which, for the record, Linkedin does not consider a violation of its Professional Community Policies.) Others joyfully outed th...
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Hawkeye Early Buzz: Hailee Steinfeld Shines In A Street Level Superhero Story

The latest Disney+ Marvel series is giving fans some alone time with their favorite arrow slinging archer — Kate Bishop. And we hear Clint will be there too! I jest, I jest — "Hawkeye" is giving Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton his moment in the sun, with a dash of holiday cheer and a teenage trainee to drive him crazy.Taking inspiration from the acclaimed Matt Fraction/David Aja comic storyline, the series follows a post-Endgame Clint as he grapples with enemies made from his past. Working with you...
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How The Captain America Musical In The Hawkeye Series Came Together

Marvel's upcoming Disney+ series "Hawkeye" will allow us to spend a little more time with everyone's favorite bow and arrow specialist around the holidays. Unfortunately for Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), that means he won't be heading home for the holidays with his family as soon as he'd like. The superhero finds himself keeping an aspiring archer (and Hawkeye fangirl) named Kate Bishop out of harm's way when she inadvertently puts herself square in the sights of some dangerous people after comi...
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Coronavirus Update 11-8-2021: Let’s talk about Aaron Rogers

Last Wednesday, Aaron Rodgers, future Hall of Fame quarterback for the first-place Green Bay Packers, tested positive for Covid-19. This fact, in and of itself, might be newsworthy because of who he is, but in and of itself it's not earth-shattering. That is, it's not earth-shattering news until you couple it with the fact that: (1) it appears Rogers is not fully vaccinated against Covid-19; and (2) in August, when a reporter asked if he had received the Covid-19 vaccine, Rodgers said, "Yeah, I...
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Apple Can't Delay App Store December Deadline As Epic Legal Battle Continues

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: Apple failed to persuade a federal judge to push back a December deadline to change the lucrative business model for its App Store while the iPhone maker's legal fight with Epic Games is appealed. Unless the iPhone maker wins a reprieve from an appeals court, it will soon have to start allowing developers to steer customers to payment methods outside the App Store, an overhaul the judge ordered in September that could cost the tech giant a few ...
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Coronavirus Update 11-8-2021: Let’s talk about Aaron Rogers

Last Wednesday, Aaron Rodgers, future Hall of Fame quarterback for the first-place Green Bay Packers, tested positive for Covid-19. This fact, in and of itself, might be newsworthy because of who he is, but in and of itself it's not earth-shattering. That is, it's not earth-shattering news until you couple it with the fact that: (1) it appears Rogers is not fully vaccinated against Covid-19; and (2) in August, when a reporter asked if he had received the Covid-19 vaccine, Rodgers said, "Yeah, I...
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Army Maj. Gen. Charles Calvin Rogers ~ Medal of Honor Monday

By Katie Lange Medal of Honor Monday USA – -( From the 1950’s to the 1980’s, a lot changed in America and abroad, and Army Maj. Gen. Charles Calvin Rogers served through all of it. As a Black man, he worked for gender and race equality while in the service. But he’s perhaps most well-known for his leadership during an intense battle in Vietnam, which earned him the Medal of Honor. Rogers was born on Sept. 6, 1929, and grew up with his brother and three sisters outside of the c...
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Packers’ Aaron Rodgers Says He’s Taking Joe Rogan’s Advice On Treating COVID, Is Using Ivermectin

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NFL Week 9 AFC West Preview: Against Broncos, ‘Cowboys Come Away With Win Sunday No Problem’

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DuPont to Buy Engineering Materials Maker Rogers for $5.2 Billion

(Reuters) -DuPont de Nemours Inc said on Tuesday it would buy engineering materials technology maker Rogers Corp for $5.2 billion, to capitalize on...
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Mister Rogers honored with larger-than-life bronze statue at the Florida college he attended

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, despite the steady rain, as Florida's Rollins College unveiled an enormous statue of legendary children's TV host Fred Rogers this week.
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Beautiful Day for a Neighbor: Mister Rogers Has a Sculpture

A little rain didn’t stop it from being a beautiful day at Rollins College in Florida this week as a bronze sculpture to beloved children’s TV host Mister Rogers was unveiled.
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