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Rome readies for Colosseum Good Friday event, led by pope

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Rome is busily preparing for the Colosseum Way of the Cross procession, presided over by Pope Francis. Buses and other traffic were being re-routed away from the ancient Roman arena for the Good Friday night ritual, which draws thousands of pilgrims and tourists. This year’s meditations, to be read aloud during […]
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Vatican displays Holy Stairs for the first time in 300 years

Visitors to Rome this Easter can have a once-in-a-lifetime experience: climbing the original stairs that Jesus is said to have walked on before his crucifixion.
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A man arrested carrying gas and lighters to St. Patrick's Cathedral booked a one-way flight to Rome

For more than an hour, Marc Lamparello drove and walked around St. Patrick's Cathedral before he entered the church carrying gallons of gasoline, lighter fluid and lighters, New York police said.
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Roman Holy Stairs bared for pilgrims

For the first time in 300 years, worshippers will be able to ascend Rome’s Holy Stairs (or “Scala Santa”) — located in the Santuario della Scala Santa e Sancta Sanctorum — without its protective casing, lending the pilgrimage there an even greater significance. Said to have originally been located in Pontius Pilate’s palace in Jerusalem until they were transported to Rome in 326 AD, these are the stairs that many believe Jesus climbed before receiving his death sentence from Pontius Pilate. ...
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Italy: Gravestone maker suspected of cemetery drug stash

ROME (AP) — Italian police say they have arrested a 42-year-old gravestone maker after they found more than a kilogram (2.4 pounds) of cocaine hidden in two burial chambers at a Rome cemetery. Police say Thursday that officers in pain clothes entered the Verano Monumental Cemetery after noticing a car going in at high speed. […]
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Airline Baggage Fees for US to Europe Carriers

When flying between the United States and Europe, you probably know that it’s best to pack light. After all, the less luggage you have to haul around town the better. Related: 10 tips for packing for a two-week European trip For Cheapos, there’s one more obvious reason to keep the amount of luggage to a minimum: checked-baggage charges. Pre-“Great Recession,” many transatlantic carriers allowed you to check two bags for free on international flights. After years of financial turbulence in the ai...
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4 Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit from Automation

By Lily Wachtor In the business world, there are always more tasks than time, and it’s tempting to take everything on yourself. However, one study suggests that delegation can increase your revenue and quality of life. Here’s the best part: if you’re ready to divide the load, there are tools that can automate processes with the press of a button. That’s right, we’re talking about technology. Outdated tech has probably added plenty of headaches to your business over the years, but new a...
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Tensions flare with Italy’s ruling coalition over corruption

ROME (AP) — Italy’s deputy transport minister has been placed under investigation in a corruption probe, becoming the latest political pawn in Italy’s uneasy ruling coalition between the right-wing, anti-migrant League party and the populist 5-Star Movement. League member Armando Siri “categorically denied” wrongdoing and asked Thursday to immediately respond to prosecutors’ questions. That didn’t […]
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Juventus’ failure linked to Italy’s ‘catenaccio’ past

ROME (AP) — Nearly 70 years after the tactic was invented, Italian clubs are still struggling to shed their “catenaccio” past. Juventus has come in for harsh criticism over its defensive play during a surprising elimination by a young and exciting Ajax squad in the Champions League this week. “In Italy, soccer is still defensive […]
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Who invented modern democracy?

Did modern democracy start its long career in the North Atlantic? Was it invented by the Americans, the French and the British? The French Revolution certainly helped to inject modern meaning into a term previously chiefly associated with the ancient world, with ancient Greece and republican Rome. In the 1830s the French commentator Alexis de Tocqueville concluded from his trip to the United States that it was possible for a modern state to function as a democracy (in both a political and a soci...
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Sights to See in London

If you’re traveling to London, congratulations. You are going to enjoy yourself. The capital of the United Kingdom has something for everyone – history, theater , art, and of course, the monarchy. Before you go, make sure to learn speaking languages in London . It will make your trip all the more enjoyable. While there is much to do across the pond, make sure you put these destinations on your must-see list. British Museum Considered by many to be the best museum in England, this archi...
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Lazio back in Champions League chase with Udinese win

Rome (AFP) – Lazio kept their Champions League ambitions alive on Wednesday thanks to a routine 2-0 Serie A win over Udinese. Simone Inzaghi’s seventh-placed side ended a three-game winless run to move three points... Visit for the rest of the story.
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Bannon Is Converting An Italian Monastery Into A Bootcamp For Populists

Steve Bannon, former White House chief strategist, is gunning for a new institution now that his work in America is done: make the Vatican great again. Bannon is converting a $1 million, 800-year-old monastery outside of Rome into an “academy” for the training of “modern gladiators,” or the next generation’s populist leaders. “I think the populist nationalist sovereignty movement is about the reinforcement of the traditional Judeo-Christian West,” Bannon told MSNBC’s Richard Engel. “What we’r...
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Lazio revives Champions League chances with win over Udinese

ROME (AP) — Lazio revived its chances of qualifying for the Champions League with a 2-0 win over relegation-threatened Udinese in Serie A on Wednesday. In seventh place, Lazio moved within three-points of fourth-place AC Milan and the final Champions League berth. Udinese remained 16th, three points above the drop zone. Despite a modest budget, […]
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Rome's 'Holy Stairs' bared for first time in 300 years

Rome's "Holy Stairs," which some Catholics believe were climbed by Jesus in Jerusalem, have been uncovered from a protective wooden casing for the first time in nearly three centuries and restored. The 28 marble steps will remain bare temporarily for devout pilgrims to climb on their knees with direct contact with the stone until they are covered again in June. According to tradition, the stairs, known as the "Scala Sancta," were part of Pontius Pilate's palace in Jerusalem and brought to Rome...
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Teen climate change activist Greta Thunberg meets Pope Francis ahead of protest

Teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg met the pope in Rome Wednesday ahead of a youth rally against climate change this week. "The Holy Father thanked and encouraged Greta Thunberg for her commitment in defense of the environment, and in turn Greta, who had requested the meeting, thanked the Holy Father for his great commitment in defense of creation," the director of the Holy See Press Office, Alessandro Gisotti, told reporters about the meeting Wednesday morning in the Vatican. The ...
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Napoli defender Koulibaly soldiers on after racist incidents

ROME (AP) — A mountain of a man, Kalidou Koulibaly has a fitting nickname in “K2.” At 6-foot-4 (1.95 meters) and nearly 200 pounds (90 kilograms), the Senegal center back is an immovable force in Napoli’s defense. He’s also been bold enough to soldier on through a trying season marred by acts of racism in […]
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Wehrlein: Cold conditions could be hurting Mahindra Formula E team

Pascal Wehrlein suspects his Mahindra Racing team is struggling in cold conditions as the Rome E-Prix was the third "not so great" ABB FIA Formula E race in a row
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Study the New Testament with N.T. Wright

There’s no better way to grow in your faith than to get God’s Word into each day—or rather, to let God’s Word get into you. To gain a truly deep understanding of the Bible, you have to learn to study it inductively—to suspend judgment about a text’s message and let the text speak for itself. That’s exactly what N.T. Wright shows you how to do in his For Everyone New Testament Bible Study Guides (19 vols.). A sought-after commentator, author, and research professor, Wright has had a profound...
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10 Easy Pieces: Italian-Designed Flatware

In the four months I spent traveling through Italy over the last couple years, I like to think I’ve become a micro-expert on Italian design. From the time spent in museums, historic buildings, modern additions, and the converted houses of iconic Italian designers, I can safely say that Italian design is sublimely idiosyncratic. It’s hard to explain in a few words (is there an Italian phrase for je ne sais quoi?), sometimes a little kooky, and with many different eras and faces, but there’s a thr...
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1 day in Naples: a first-timer’s itinerary

Personally, it’s taken me half a lifetime to get to love Naples; maybe I’m becoming more attune to the ways of Southern Italy, because I love both Naples and Palermo, their craziness and quiet pockets, their warm welcomes and lilting accents. After numerous visits, I’m starting to get to know the capital of Campania a bit better, but I’m no expert. That’s why I asked my friend and colleague Vincenzo, who hails from neighbouring Caserta, to write a one-day Naples itinerary, an easy walking tour f...
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As Notre Dame burns, France called to re-set world ablaze

As Notre Dame burns, France called to re-set world ablaze Like most big stories, the world discovered last night’s fire devouring Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral at breakneck speed on social media. Images and video reached billions within a few minutes, nearly as fast as the dramatic flames took to completely engulf the ancient roof and send its tallest spire hurdling into a billowing smoky abyss. The images were horrifying, especially to those have person...
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DS Techeetah: Rome showed the 'best' of Formula E attack mode

The ABB FIA Formula E attack mode battle between Mitch Evans and Andre Lotterer in Rome showcased the "best" the system can be, reckons DS Techeetah team boss Mark Preston
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'Holy Stairs' Opened for 1st Time in Nearly 300 Years. But Did Jesus Really Climb Them?

Over the past week, several news outlets have reported that the "Holy Stairs" -- said to have been climbed by Jesus on his way to face trial -- have been restored and reopened in Rome.Yes, the stairs are restored, the wooden casing covering them has been removed for the first time in nearly 300 years, and they will remain open until June 9. But experts told Live Science that it's highly unlikely Jesus actually climbed these stairs.The Holy Stairs (also known as the Scala Sancta or Scala Sant...
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Lotterer: Evans' Rome Formula E overtake to win 'good racing'

DS Techeetah driver Andre Lotterer says Mitch Evans pass to win ABB FIA Formula E's Rome E-Prix was "good racing"
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Ten Ways to Meditate on Christ’s Passion

Saint Ignatius of Loyola in the Spiritual Exercises — in the third week of the month retreat which is dedicated to the contemplation of the Passion of our Lord — accentuates the fact that Jesus suffered all in His Passion for me… This is very intimate and personal! In other words, instead of viewing the Passion from afar, Saint Ignatius brings it to us right now.  Jesus suffered all of the details of His bitter passion for me.  The Agony in the Garden; the scourging at the pillar; His crown...
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The Burning Of Notre Dame

I neither listen to the radio nor watch television.  But today while driving my radio had turned on because I had just stopped for petrol and restarted the truck.  Unfortunately, I was listening to Shep Smith with Fox News. The man is a child, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Speaking with the utmost unction and dramatic pauses for effect, he stated something like that even if one is not religious, the Cathedral of Notre Dame was a testament and tribute to “the highest aspirations of man...
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7 Reasons to Discover La Passione!

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my new book: LA PASSIONE: How Italy Seduced the World. Like any author, I’m eager for people to read my book. But with more than 8 million titles on Amazon alone, why choose mine? Let me offer seven reasons, based on my discoveries as I traveled through Italy in search of la passione italiana. 1.The places you’ll go:The Aeolian islands, where I learned the danger of angering ancient gods. The food markets of Bologna in the “fat belly” of Italy. The ...
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Lesser-known UNESCO sites in the US

Of the 1,092 UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world, there are 23 in the United States. The big ones — the Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon National Park, and Independence Hall — draw millions of visitors every year. While these places certainly deserve all the hype they get, they’re not the only UNESCO sites worthy of your travel plans. In honor of World Heritage Day on April 15, we’re highlighting some of the lesser-known UNESCO sites in the United States. From the deserts of New Mexico to...
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America today feels like the last days of the Soviet Union

Umair Haque (previously) writes about how the last days of the Soviet Union were filled with "forced apathy" (an inability to care about what was going on because just surviving took everything you had) and "self-referentialism" (an obsession with domestic affairs to the exclusion of everything else going on elsewhere in the world)> Haque also remembers those days for the "one party rule" and notes that while the US is dominated by a single party (one that cheated its way into control over ...
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