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Think Outside the Building

SYSTEMIC SOCIAL ISSUES cannot be solved by a few people working in isolation. They can be better addressed by breaking out of traditional approaches and collaborating with others. Rosabeth Moss Kanter likens these traditional approaches to castles. In Think Outside the Building, she writes, “Castles are any set of institutional structures that loom large and feel permanent. Castles are monuments to the past and to past thinking, museums of preservation.” Moving outside of these castles is the b...
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Advanced Leadership Requires More Than Outside-The-Box Thinking

In a new book, Rosabeth Moss Kanter encourages leaders to "think outside the building" to overcome establishment paralysis and generate powerful innovation. [Author: by Sean Silverthorne]
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It's time for Boeing's new CEO to restore trust by putting people first

Boeing's new CEO and leadership team must root out arrogance and approach stakeholders with humility and a listening stance, writes Rosabeth Moss Kanter, the Arbuckle Professor at Harvard Business School.
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First Look: Leadership Books for January 2020

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in January 2020. Don't miss out on other great new and future releases. Teaching by Heart: One Professor's Journey to Inspire by Thomas J. DeLong Teaching by Heart summarizes the author's key insights gained from more than forty years of teaching and managing. It illustrates how teachers can both lift people up and let them down. It proposes that the best teachers are also leaders, and the best leaders are also teachers. In exam...
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WeWork's saga is a cautionary tale about golden parachutes and CEO pay

WeWork co-founder Adam Neumann's golden parachute has dealt another blow to already-low public confidence in business, but it should also strengthen cries for fundamental changes to a system that offers supersized compensation for undersized performance, writes Rosabeth Moss Kanter, the Arbuckle Professor at Harvard Business School.
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Celebrating 'The Men and Women of the Corporation' 40 Years Later

Rosabeth Moss Kanter’s "Men and Women of the Corporation," published 41 years ago this year, has inspired and informed a generation of scholars studying gender, status, and power. Robin J. Ely interviews Kanter about the seminal work and why it remain relevant today. [Author: by Robin J. Ely]
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Op-Ed: In Tackling #MeToo, Don’t Ignore Micro-Insults That Harm Women’s Careers

The #MeToo movement is giving women power to speak out against sexual harrassment, but Rosabeth Moss Kanter worries about less visible, but still harmful, "micro-insults" that undermine careers of women. [Author: Re: Rosabeth M. Kanter]
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Can “Zebras” Fix What “Unicorns” Break?

Long Now Partners with Zebra Movement to Help Bring Long-Term Thinking to Startups and Venture Capital The disruptive potential of Silicon Valley, epitomized in the mantra to “move fast and break things”, was once praised as its killer feature. These days, it is increasingly perceived as a bug .  Startups come and go, but the underlying structure of tech and venture capital persists. Entrepreneurs and investors have grown accustomed to the idea of limited runway, quick exits, and s...
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What Is The Power Of Onlyness?

As she dropped off her twelve-year-old daughter at coding camp, Kim Bryant became aware that, despite the bucolic setting of the Stanford University campus, things might not go smoothly for Kai. Although there were 200 kids in the program, Kim was able to total the number of girls enrolled “with my fingers and toes.” And, she noticed, “the class was pretty white, too. Lily white.”Her response to this observation started Kim on her six-year journey: to change the world of tech to include more pe...
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The Leader as Witness

My mother is north of 100 years old and still active. She resides in an assisted living facility in a tiny town in South Georgia. With Mother’s Day approaching, my wife and I treated my mother to lunch at an old-fashioned barbeque restaurant in a nearby town that sported one traffic light, two gas stations, and five churches.   Now, before I go any further, you should know this geographical area is ground zero for the Bible belt in its purest form. Almost all residents are unabashedly faith-...
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Why Uber Is Worth Saving and How To Do It

For many, Uber is a cautionary tale of corporate hubris gone crazy. But Rosabeth Moss Kanter argues the innovator deserves a second chance. [Author: by Dina Gerdeman]
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How Brand Purpose Propels Brand Profits

We’ve all been in those meetings. The subject of the company’s brand purpose comes up and the C-level executives around the table roll their eyes or become fidgety. For them, the P-word is a soft thing, nice words, lofty and aspirational, and notoriously difficult to measure. Purpose may remind them of a plaque in the boardroom which makes employees cynical about hollow leadership initiatives and mantras. Or it may sound like a branding, public relations or Corporate Social Responsibility (C...
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Juggling Machetes and Torches

How Today’s Leaders Manage Culture Change The scene was the 2016 ZurichFest, a three-day street fair that envelops the Swiss city every three years.  Among the gazillion food tents, cavalcade of exciting rides, air shows, high wire aerialists over the LImmat River through the middle of the city, magicians and high divers was an amazing juggler. Not the usual balls or bowling pens, he was juggling sharp machetes and lighted torches. And, he was smiling like he was having the time of his life. I ...
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45 Quotes on Innovation and Execution

Innovation is not just about coming up with new ideas —we have plenty of good ideas already. Execution is where innovation comes to fruition. But execution is work, so it sounds less sexy. In the spirit of inquiry, given our lifelong pursuit of good questions —mostly why questions— I've collected interesting nuggets from books and other readings that talk about execution and innovation to inspire us to lead with the questions. +++ 1. “Advocates of knowledge management as the next big thin...
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3 Reasons Why Women Don't Help Other Women

One evening in a reserved room of a pub, perched on a barstool next to a screen that captured the projected image of my PowerPoint slide, I presented to an executive women's group on the topic of women helping or not helping each other advance in the workplace. I talked about Harvard Business School professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter's observation that women who reach executive status simply feel obligated to distance themselves from other women. And then I asked the group of 45 women to discuss t...
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Expert Advice: Win By Taking Responsibility

I'm working on WLE's newest soon-to-be launched leadership program and in so doing, I'm reading everything relevant I can get my eyes on...Knowing my thirst for leadership material, WLE Cofounder Andrea March gave me a copy of a summer '08 Leader to Leader Institute publication. I was totally engaged by an article written by the brilliant Rosabeth Moss Kanter, prolific writer and Harvard leadership professor. Her article "Six Opportunities for Renewing America," while published in 2007, could...
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