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People Either Adore Or Despise The Rothko Chapel — Could Its Restoration Change The Haters’ Minds?

“The space, which features fourteen dark paintings by Rothko, is famous for being dim and moody. It’s a sensory deprivation chamber that also functions as a theological deprivation chamber.” For its “devotees,” it’s “a space that seems sacred for a post-religious world” and can induce truly spiritual experiences. Others, well, disagree: one artist called it “a place where art and life and imagination go to die” and one critic who loved Rothko’s work called it “at worst a well-designed crematori...
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Fast Company Previews Rothko Chapel Reopening

Fast Company has a piece on the renovation of the Rothko Chapel in Houston and a look at the space’s improvements. “The Chapel was built with a vision that brought together modern art and a sacred space to promote human unity, solidarity, justice and peace,” says Christopher Rothko, Opening Spaces chairman and the artist’s son. “The universality of this vision […]
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Rothko Chapel to Reopen in June

The Rothko Chapel in Houston is set to reopen to the public in June of 2020.  The institution announced its new dates this month, preparing to unveil its restoration work and enhanced security systems. Read more at Rothko Chapel  
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Rothko Chapel Opening Delayed Over Wind Issues

Discovery of a vulnerability to powerful winds has once again delayed the reopening of the Rothko Chapel.  “This is a simple matter of stewardship,” says executive director David Leslie. “I don’t like to use double negatives, but we cannot not do it. … If a weather incident hit the walls at just the right angle, […]
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Rothko Chapel Prepares for $30 Million Renovation

The Rothko Chapel in Houston will close for the first step of a $30 million restoration and campus expansion by Architecture Research Office. “We’re trying to restore the sanctity of the chapel, very close to what my father had intended for the space,” says Christopher Rothko, the artist’s son who is steering the building committee and capital campaign. Read […]
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Noteworthy in 2018: Schell’s picks

Unlike those big-media favorites lists that appear in mid-December to grease the skids of the Great Shopping Season, my year-end reckonings dawdle until the last moment and don’t claim to define the best of anything. But with audio streaming, social media and other factors pushing the contemporary music landscape into an increasingly variegated but fragmented state, some measure of thoughtful inventorying seems both prudent and practical. In that spirit, here’s a biased and opinionated survey of...
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Letter of Recommendation: The Rothko Chapel

A quiet, lonely place to share the grief of solitude.
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