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L.A. County watchdog panel asks for review of secret deputy cliques

The watchdog panel that oversees the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department asked the county’s inspector general Tuesday to conduct an inquiry into secret deputy cliques that have proliferated for years and been implicated in violence against jail inmates and harassment of fellow deputies. “This is an issue that requires bold leadership and action from the commission,” said Brian Williams, the executive director of the Civilian Oversight Commission. “We are working to create transparency and ac...
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I Used to Work for Google. I Am a Conscientious Objector.

American companies continue to build surveillance tools that are used to violate human rights. Workers who refuse to comply deserve protections.
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Tech Needs More Conscientious Objectors

American companies continue to build surveillance tools that are used to violate human rights. Workers who refuse to comply deserve protections.
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It’s the worst time to buy a PlayStation 4

Sony's PlayStation 4 is one of the most popular game consoles ever made, with nearly 100 million units sold since launch in 2013. But if you haven't already bought one, there's at least one very good reason to wait for the PlayStation 5: It's going to run PlayStation 4 games as well. And the next PlayStation is coming soon — it's expected to launch in 2020. Visit for more stories. With somewhere around 7 billion people on the planet, there's still a decent chance you're pa...
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Scientists take DNA test, learn they’re cousins who’ve collaborated in science journal

When people submit their DNA to companies such as 23andMe for testing, they’re usually not too surprised to find out they have relatives they haven’t met. But, it’s a bit different when you realize you have a cousin who works in the same field, shares some colleagues and friends, and once collaborated with you on research that appeared in a science journal back in the 1970s. Byron Rubin and Bruce Gaber aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill septuagenarians. Rubin’s a PhD scientist and an incredibl...
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Larry Page and Sergey Brin have reportedly failed to attend a single Google all-hands meeting in 2019

Google cofounders Larry Page and Sergey Brin have stopped turning up to Google's weekly town hall meetings, BuzzFeed reports. According to BuzzFeed, the pair haven't made an appearance at any of the 2019 meetings. The meetings — known as TGIF — have historically been a space where employees can question the cofounders about anything. Google has recently been contending with a series of internal backlashes. Visit for more stories. Although Google's cofounders Larry Page and...
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Oculus on the Sort of Features an ‘Oculus Rift 2’ Would Need

Jason Rubin can envision an Oculus Rift 2, how Facebook’s virtual reality headset would need to evolve to earn a number, rather than a letter after its name. And it’s clearly much more than what the Oculus Rift S will deliver this spring. Rubin, vice president in charge of content at Oculus, tells Variety that […]
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The Gurus of Tidiness: If You Like Marie Kondo …

The Japanese organizer may be the star of the moment, but others have equally appealing theories and strategies for decluttering your home.
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Google has scaled back, moved forward with robotics

In 2013, Google went big on robotics. Under the leadership of Android father Andy Rubin, the company went on a shopping spree that included marquee companies like Boston Dynamics. The division was named Replicant, in an homage to Blade Runner that worked with the whole Alphabet motif. It was big and secretive and expensive, and within a few years, everything kind of went to hell. The past few years have found the company picking up the pieces and moving on. It recently felt ready to give The...
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Google is revitalizing its robotics division, according to report, but this time it will focus on AI-software instead of human-like mobility (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google is getting back into robotics after giving up on earlier, high-profile attempts, according to a report in the New York Times. Today, Google's new effort — known as Robotics at Google — is led by Vincent Vanhoucke, who served as a key player in the company's artificial intelligence project, Google Brain.  Perhaps a result of Vanhoucke background in AI, Robitics at Google will focus more on advanced software that can train a robot to learn new tasks, instead of expensive devices that c...
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Inside Google’s Rebooted Robotics Program

In 2013, the company started an ambitious, flashy effort to create robots. Now, its goals are more modest, but the technology is subtly more advanced.
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‘Critters: A New Binge’ Director on Giving the Crites More Dialogue and Leaning Into Comedy [Interview]

Last year, we interviewed director Jordan Rubin at the winter Television Critics Association press tour when Warner Brothers’ Blue Ribbon Content introduced his new series,  Critters: A New Binge . Today, that series premieres on the Shudder streaming service and we had a chance to catch up with Rubin again. 1986’s Critters was New Line Cinema’s answer to Gremlins . The Crites are evil little furballs who shoot poison quills and are pursued on Earth by bounty hunters with no faces...
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Southern California thieves are targeting cars for parts like seats and catalytic converters — but there are ways to deter them

One or more thieves crawled under Andrew Olewicz’s Prius as he was fast asleep on the evening of Sept. 26. It was parked on the street in front of his house in Costa Mesa, so he didn’t hear a thing as someone used a saw to cut out his car’s catalytic converter. However, the god-awful noise made by the typically silent-running vehicle the next morning didn’t go unnoticed as he began an hour-long commute to San Diego. The same goes for the $500 insurance deductible he paid to get the car fixed, as...
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Daily Crunch: Facebook pulls Warren ads criticizing Facebook

The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Facebook’s advertising department pulled Elizabeth Warren campaign ads touting the senator’s proposal to break up big tech. According to , the offending ads were pulled over their use of the Facebook brand in their copy. The removal appears to be short-lived, but it has given the Warren campaign ...
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Former Google exec Amit Singhal exec was awarded a $45 million exit deal amid accusations of sexual harassment, according to lawsuit (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google's former senior VP of search operations Amit Singhal was awarded a $45 million exit package upon his departure, amid accusations that the executive sexually harassed a subordinate.  The ammount was disclosed in a complaint filed in a lawsuit made public on Monday.  In the end, Singhal received $15 million from the deal because of a clause in the deal that limited payout if he joined a competitor.  Details of Singhal's exit package, combined with Android creator Andy Rubin's $...
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Larry Page approved $150M stock grant to Andy Rubin despite sex abuse allegations & without board's OK, lawsuit claims

Alphabet and Google co-founder Larry Page did not ask his company's board of directors for approval before personally approving a $150 million dollar stock grant to disgraced Android executive Andy Rubin, despite the sexual harassment allegations that led to Rubin's ouster. These are the claims in an investor lawsuit, which says the company covered up the sexual misconduct of Rubin and others. From Joel Rosenblatt and Gerrit De Vynck at Bloomberg: Alphabet Inc. Chief Executive Officer Larry Pa...
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Larry Page 'bypassed' Alphabet's board to personally give Andy Rubin a $150 million stock package while he was under investigation for sexual misconduct, according to lawsuit (GOOG, GOOGL)

Alphabet CEO and cofounder Larry Page "bypassed" the board of directors and personally approved a $150 million stock-option package for Android creator Andy Rubin, according to a lawsuit cited in a Bloomberg report on Monday. The $150 million stock package was awarded to Rubin while he was under an internal investigation for sexual-misconduct complaints, the report said. According to the filing, Alphabet's leadership committee ultimately finalized the stock-option deal, but it was Page wh...
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Larry Page 'bypassed' Alphabet's board to personally give Andy Rubin a $150M stock package while he was under investigation for sexual misconduct (GOOG, GOOGL)

Alphabet CEO and co-founder Larry Page "bypassed" the board of directors and personally approved the $150 million stock-option package for Android creator Andy Rubin , according to a lawsuit which Bloomberg reported about on Monday. The $150 million stock package was awarded to Rubin while he was under internal investigation for sexual misconduct complaints, the report says. According to the filing, Alphabet's leadership committee ultimately finalized the stock option deal, but it was Pag...
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Google paid $105 million to two executives accused of sexual harassment

Google paid a total of $105 million to Andy Rubin and Amit Singhal after they were accused of sexual harassment at the company, the Wall Street Journal first reported. This confirms the New York Times report that Google paid $90 million to Rubin and reveals Google also paid $15 million to Singhal, who left Uber after it was revealed that he did not disclose the sexual harassment allegation. The suit, filed by shareholder James Martin, confirms the board of directors approved a $90 million exi...
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Google Approved $45 Million Exit Package for Executive Accused of Misconduct

The payment to Amit Singhal, who ran Google’s search division and was accused of groping an employee, was revealed on Monday in a shareholder lawsuit.
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Vegan dog food company continues its international expansion

V-planet, the San Francisco-based company that manufactures 100 percent vegan products for dogs, has just expanded its market to Israel. Israeli shoppers can now buy vegan pet food through Vegpet, v-planet’s online store. Why Israel? “Israel is one of the most vegan-friendly countries in the world, with more self-identified vegans per capita than any other country,” said Lindsay Rubin, vice president of v-dog. “With so many consumers interested in transitioning their dogs to a vegan diet, expan...
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How to let go of pointless possessions, in 6 easy steps

The "ex-factor test" is imagining wearing an outfit and determining whether you'd feel good in it if you saw your ex on the street.Another tip is to place stray accessories in a box and determine whether they are handy in your everyday life. If not, especially after a long period of time, get rid of the items. If there's something you can do in less than a minute that will make your life easier in the long run, do it immediately. "You're getting rid of the scum on the surface of life," says Rubi...
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Syfy Reportedly Making a Critters Movie with Dee Wallace to Star

Syfy reportedly making a Critters movie with Dee Wallace to star According to JoBlo, Syfy is secretly making a Critters movie based on director Stephen Herek’s 1986 sci-fi horror comedy of the same name. The project has reportedly finished its production in South Africa with Bobby Miller (The Cleanse) as the film’s director. Further details about the new Critters movie are still being kept under wraps. In addition, the original film’s lead actress Dee Wallace (The Hills Have Eyes, E.T.) migh...
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The Critters Are Back For A New Binge In First Series Trailer

The Critters are back for a new binge in first Shudder trailer It’s been almost 30 years since the hairy little aliens called Krites last attacked humanity, and now they are coming back for another invasion in the upcoming eight-part Shudder series, Critters: A New Binge, which just debuted its first trailer that can be viewed in the player below! PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds...
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Google ends forced arbitration contracts for workers after googler uprising

The waves of protests and walkouts that swept Google last year had many grievances and concerns, from the company's Pentagon contract to supply AI for drones to the secret creation of a censored search tool for the Chinese market, but one central flashpoint was the revelation that the company had paid Android exec $90 million to quietly leave the company after a string of disturbing sexual harassment and abuse incidents came to light. The Rubin incident was compounded by the company's prac...
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Monday round-up

Amy Howe covers last week’s Supreme Court news, including action “in cases asking the justices to intervene in cases involving the death penalty and abortion,” in a podcast at Howe on the Court. At First Mondays (podcast), Howe joins the hosts to expand on those topics. At The Daily Signal, Elizabeth Slattery observes that after last Thursday’s order in in June Medical Services v. Gee, in which a divided court blocked a Louisiana law that would require abortion providers to have admitting privil...
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Cybersecurity startup Illumio just raised $65 million and hired its first CFO, as it pushes a new kind of cloud security tech

On Thursday, cybersecurity startup Illumio announced it closed $64 million in Series E funding. It also hired Anup Singh, who previously worked at Anaplan, as CFO. Illumio says that having Singh on board as CFO will help build a durable company for the long run, but won't commit to holding an IPO.  Illumio, a competitor of Cisco and VMware, helps its customers tackle cybersecurity by isolating individual apps on a network, securing them separately from each other.  Cybersecurity startup Illu...
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Jordan Peterson accepts bitcoin after leaving Patreon

Alongside Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson left Patreon over "free speech" issues to launch their own platform.In the interim, Peterson is accepting bitcoin, which might hint at the "extra features" their platform will include. They point to anti-feminist Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad, as the impetus for leaving Patreon — ironic, considering how often Peterson points to identity politics as a problem. None It's been more than a decade since Satoshi Nakamoto published his/her/their famous white paper tha...
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Lessons from the Brilliant Screenplay for Groundhog Day

Using screenwriter Danny Rubin’s book How To Write Groundhog Day as a guide, Lessons from the Screenplay examines how the protagonist in the Bill Murray comedy classic is forced by his circumstances to undergo the hero’s journey and emerging at the end having changed. This passage from Rubin’s book sets the stage: The conversation I was having with myself about immortality was naturally rephrased in my mind as a movie idea: “Okay, there’s this guy that lives forever…” Movie stories are by n...
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Rich Kids Are Cheating in School With Apple Watches

An anonymous reader shares a report: There is, however, one demographic that has embraced the Apple Watch with open arms: tech-savvy, upper middle-class teens and tweens. The watch is a convenient workaround for classroom cell-phone bans; it can be used for everything from texting to cheating on tests. [...] Julia Rubin, a former middle-school teacher at a private school in New York City, said that when the Apple Watch first came out in 2014, a handful of students got them as presents for the ho...
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