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Actor Rick Cosnett makes surprise announcement: “Hi, everyone… Dramatic pause… I’m gay!”

Well, this is a welcome surprise. Actor Rick Cosnett of The Flash and The Vampire Diaries just came out as gay. “Hi, everyone… Dramatic pause… I’m gay,” Cosnett said in the short, one-minute video posted to Instagram on Thursday. He continued, “I just wanted everyone to know, because I’ve made a promise to myself to live my truth every day, and sometimes that is a really hard thing to do, when you have all these subconscious things you don’t even know about from childhood, and from society, and...
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Beyoncé's twins Sir and Rumi are adorable in newly released photo at their party

Beyoncé's twins have been kept out of the spotlight for the majority of their...
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Beyoncé im Interview über ihre Fehlgeburten

Eine Fehlgeburt ist für jede Mutter ein schmerzhaftes Ereignis. Wenn dein Name dazu auch noch Beyoncé ist, schaut dir aber die ganze Welt dabei zu, wie du deine Trauer bewältigst. Umso schöner ist es, dass Queen Bey nicht schwieg, sondern ihre Medienwirksamkeit nutzte, um offen darüber zu reden, wie sehr die Fehlgeburten sie in ihrem Denken beeinflusst haben. Im Interview für die Januar 2020-Ausgabe von Elle beantwortete die 38-jährige Sängerin, Songwriterin und Schauspielerin Fragen, d...
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Beyoncé Tells Elle Magazine She’s Tired of People Asking Her If She’s Pregnant: “Get Off My Ovaries!”

Beyoncé says she’s sick and tired of people trying to figure out what’s going on inside her womb, and she has a message for the folks who are always saying she’s pregnant: “Get off my ovaries!” Queen Bey covers the January 2020 issue of Elle magazine, and in a rare interview, the 38-year-old superstar gets candid about how her legacy and motherhood, as well as the miscarriages she’s suffered along the way, has shaped the way she looks at herself and her career. “I began to search for deeper mea...
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Beyoncé Reportedly Planning Las Vegas Residency That Will Make Her the “Highest Paid Star on the Strip”

Beyoncé is reportedly bringing her talents to Las Vegas for a residency that will make her even richer than she already is and will give fans possibly the greatest show of her career. According to our friends over at, the 23-time Grammy winner is “preparing to embark” on a residency in Vegas that will make her “the highest paid entertainer in the city.” B. Scott’s sources say we can expect an official announcement sometime next year, so prepare your wallets! Of course nothing has ...
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Anime NYC 2019: Wrap

This year, Anime NYC brought in some mad luxury guests. Kugimiya Rie probably is the headliner, after Lantis Festival 2019’s lineup of JAM Project, True, ZAQ and Guilty Kiss. In the middle there’s old man Tomino being weirder than ever, as well as the director and writer behind Code Geass the movie and Yukana. There are also fresh youngins like Itou Miku, shilling Bang Dream and Fragtime. There was a surprise visit from Tanezaki Atsumi. Ise Mariya came to the States again–I’m going to go to the ...
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The Importance of Independent Media: An Interview With Raza Rumi By Aisha Mae Mughal

Raza Rumi is a Pakistani journalist, author, and policy analyst. He serves as the Director of the Park Center for Independent Media at Ithaca College. He also a faculty member at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs. Rumi discusses the importance of independent media, his vision for the Park Center for Independent Media, and gives... Read More The post The Importance of Independent Media: An Interview With Raza Rumi By Aisha Mae Mughal appeared first on Jahane Rumi.
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The Illuminated Hafiz: Love Poems for the Journey to Light - Book Review

When I picked up the book, The Illuminated Rumi (published in 1997 by Broadway Books) featuring translation by Coleman Barks and Illustration by Michael Green, I was totally blown away. It was a testimony about how beautiful a book can be to hold, look at and read! It remains one of my most favorite book of all time.Thanks to Coleman Barks, who made Rumi, the medieval poet and one of the best Sufi Poet from East, popular in contemporary English. His translations are a treat to the mind. Anyone ...
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Myra Melford: Freedom and Form

Like so many of today’s most exciting music creators, Myra Melford is not easy to categorize, although she is “happy” being described as a jazz musician, and that is how most of her music has been characterized and marketed for decades. “Jazz is an inclusive music,” she exclaimed when she visited us at the New Music USA office in September. In recent years, however, she has also been creating compositions for so-called contemporary classical ensembles such as the San Francisco Contemporary Music...
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In a Quiet Corner, an Old Afghan Poet Polishes ‘the Heart’s Mirror’

For more than 50 years, Haidari Wujodi’s desk in a Kabul library has been a stop for those seeking escape from the violence outside.
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Will Fazal’s dharna lead to regime change?

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Martial law won’t help. Imran must talk to Fazal

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A note from Pakistan: Why Gandhi matters beyond India’s borders

A contested figure in Pakistan’s discourse, Gandhi’s ideas and humanism retain relevance for both nations   Nation-states write their own histories. Pakistan is no different. Mahatma Gandhi was always an odd figure in national discourses: A rival of the country’s founder MA Jinnah, peculiar in manner and appearance, but certainly not a hero. What we... Read More The post A note from Pakistan: Why Gandhi matters beyond India’s borders appeared first on Jahane Rumi.
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3 Steps to End the Year with Success

I know you don’t want to hear it; neither do I, but it’s true. It’s time to put our muck boots on, start hammering through our poo, walk through the muck, eat some crow, and all that jazz. It’s time to get uncomfortable. There is an opportunity to ride out 2019 in a clambering smash. An opportunity to come out as winners, and to do that, we are going to  choose to get uncomfortable with the areas of our life causing us lingering stress and discomfort, and/or areas where we want to do s...
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Distortion Of History In Textbooks

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Standing Up To Injustice

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What Is The Message Of Kerbala?

In this #vlog razarumi says that the radical and transformative meaning of Kerbala is to resist injustice and autocracy. The Kerbala tragedy also reiterates that the goal of a just and ethical society is central to our faith as Muslims. #Karbala #Muharram #NayaDaur  The post What Is The Message Of Kerbala? appeared first on Jahane Rumi.
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Raza Rumi on Pakistan’s warnings to India over Kashmir

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Masla-e-Kashmir Per Hum Sifarti Tanhai Ka Shikar Hain | Raza Rumi Ka Karwa Sach

The post Masla-e-Kashmir Per Hum Sifarti Tanhai Ka Shikar Hain | Raza Rumi Ka Karwa Sach appeared first on Jahane Rumi.
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Raza Rumi: Only Pakistan Army and India’s Right-Wing may resolve the India Pakistan conflict

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How Do We Improve Relationship Between State And Citizen in Pakistan?

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‘Aladdin’s’ Mena Massoud Joins Voice Cast of Animated Feature ‘Lamya’s Poem’ (EXCLUSIVE)

Mena Massoud, star of the upcoming Disney film “Aladdin,” will play the lead role of Rumi in the upcoming animated feature film “Lamya’s Poem.” The Unity Productions Foundation-financed picture is written and will be directed by Alexander Kronemer, with Sam Kadi as a producer and Brandon Lloyd as director of animation, for Canada’s PiP Animation Studios […]
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The Limitless World Beyoncé Built For Blue Ivy Carter — & For Us All

When Beyoncé was seven, she was competing in and winning talent shows. There’s a grainy clip on YouTube of her confidently belting “Home" from The Wiz dressed as Dorothy, in full hair and makeup, that would have surely went viral if social media existed in 1988. If you’re a Queen Bey stan, you know that her entire regimented, rehearsal-driven childhood was meticulously documented, and her obsession with archiving has extended into adulthood. When it comes to her own kids, Beyoncé has been strat...
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Beyoncé reveals heartbreaking details about her labour with twins Sir and Rumi

Beyoncé has got candid about the birth of her twins Sir and Rumi in her new Netflix...
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Beyonce Had Pre-Eclampsia. Doctors Have New Ways to Detect and Treat It.

VALERIE MACONBeyonce’s revelation that she suffered from pre-eclampsia during her pregnancy highlights a dangerous condition that affects 5% of women and that scientists have recently developed new ways to detect and treat.In her new Netflix documentary, Homecoming, the superstar says she had an “extremely difficult pregnancy” due to high blood pressure before she gave birth to twins Sir and Rumi in 2017.“My body went through more than I knew it could,” she says.That’s not an understatement. Pre...
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Beyoncé Breaks Down How She Juggled Grueling Coachella Prep & Motherhood

You might as well just call in sick to work this morning, because Beyoncé just dropped her new Netflix documentary film, Homecoming. The documentary about Beyonce's legendary performance (she was the first black woman to ever headline) at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival became available to stream on Wednesday morning. But if you don’t have the option to Netflix and Bey from bed this morning, we’re here to tell you that she dropped some serious gems about juggling motherhood an...
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Beyoncé went on gruelling 'no carbs, no sugar, or dairy' diet for Coachella show

After the birth of Rumi and Sir in 2017, the 37-year-old singer put herself on the strict diet so that she could keep up with the demands of performing [Author: Natalie Corner]
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Blue Ivy Carter Poses With Twins Sir & Rumi in Adorable New Photo

Beyoncé and Jay-Z sure did make some cute kids!A new photo has emerged online showing Blue Ivy Carter posing with her younger brother and sister, twins Rumi and Sir. The black-and-white photo shows 7-year-old Blue holding on tightly to her twin siblings.It isn’t known when the photo was taken, but the Carter twins will celebrate their second birthday in June and they look to be at least one year old in the image.It should also be noted that this photo—which appears to have been taken in someone’...
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30 Healing Quotes on Self-Forgiveness

Just as mantras are helpful for me to process emotions, so are quotes. I often turn to them for wisdom and inspiration. The following sound bytes have been especially helpful in trying to learn how to forgive myself. Like most people I know, I judge my own indiscretions with a different standard than those of others. While I can often separate the kindness of a loved one from the wrong she did, I make no such distinction for myself. I become my mistake. The words of the following writers, phil...
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2000s Fashion Icons: Beyoncé

All hail Queen Bey! Beyonce in 2003 via Pacific Coast News Over the past few weeks, we've been breaking down the top 10 2000s fashion icons you need to know about. Last time, we talked about pop icon Britney Spears. Today, we're talking about another household name who is even more famous than Britney these days: the one, the only Beyoncé.These days, we don't call her Queen Bey for nothing. She is a multi-platinum artist with countless awards for her music, videos, and performances. Now, she...
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