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Keep Buying Guns And Ammo, Wherever You Find Them

Opinion by Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen Keep Buying Guns And Ammo, Wherever You Find Them USA – -( The US Congress and Vice-President Pence, on January 6, 2021, willfully, almost joyfully, permitted the theft of our country by socialists. The great majority of elected officials, the Main Street Media, the Judicial Branch, the President’s assistants and confidants – all caved without shame to the thieves. US House Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats, having won the election by th...
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A company that owns hundreds of talk radio stations has threatened to terminate hosts for suggesting the 2020 election was stolen

Charlie Morgan formerly of Emmis Communications (R) and President and CEO of Cumulus Media Inc Mary Berner (L) speak onstage during day 2 of CRS 2018 on February 6, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee. Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CRS Cumulus Media, which owns and operates hundreds of talk radio stations throughout the country, told on-air personalities to stop suggesting 2020 election fraud or face termination, the Washington Post reported. Last Wednesday, when Trump supporters stor...
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Fact check: Rush Limbaugh deactivated his Twitter account; he wasn't suspended

Social media posts falsely claim Rush Limbaugh was suspended from Twitter. The conservative radio host deactivated the account himself.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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"For a half-century, the trend in political culture has been inexorably in one direction: toward the steady loosening and eventually the near-obliteration of media filters...."

"The erosion of traditional establishment filters — first by such mediums as direct mail, talk radio and cable, later and most powerfully by social media — has been a primary factor in the rise of potent ideological movements on right and left alike.... [T]he decision Friday night by Twitter to permanently ban Trump from its platform... represents an effort to reassert the notion that filters have a place in political communication.... Twitter’s announcement was made with a righteous air, as th...
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Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has deactivated his Twitter account

US radio talk show host and conservative political commentator Rush Limbaugh. JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has deactivated his Twitter account following the permanent suspension of President Trump's account.  He's one of a handful of high-profile Trump supporters who no longer have accounts on the platform following the Capitol Hill insurrection. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Rush Limbaugh has deactivated his Twitter account.He...
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Rush Limbaugh deactivates his Twitter account after President Trump permanently banned

Radio host Rush Limbaugh's Twitter account has been deactivated. Twitter confirmed that the account wasn't suspended but "deactivated by...
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OANN is doubling down on election conspiracy theories after Dominion threatened the network with a defamation lawsuit

Dominion Voting Systems has threatened to sue OAN, Newsmax, and Fox News for defamation. Drew Angerer/Getty Images Dominion Voting Systems sent letters to the One America News Network threatening to sue for defamation, accusing the network of spreading unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about the election-technology company. OAN responded with letters of its own, asking Dominion to preserve certain documents concerning the election in order to help the network make its case if it ends up ...
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Dominion CEO Weighs Potential Lawsuit Against Trump For Pushing Bogus Fraud Claims

Dominion Voting Systems CEO John Poulos on Thursday signaled that legal action against President Trump is possible as the election vendor has become a target of Trump and his supporters’ bogus allegations about the election being stolen. During an interview on CNN Thursday morning, Poulos said that the company plans to sue several individuals who’ve been “promoting lies and amplifying those lies” on various media platforms since Election Day. Following President-elect Joe Biden’s projected vic...
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A Deep Sigh of Relief

I was all set to write about the outrageous attempt  perpetrated by Texas and a large number of Republican congresspersons  to nullify votes in several state that went for Biden, but, praise be, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case. Between that and the promise of a Covid vaccine soon, I feel like we're getting our holiday gifts a little early. And none too soon in this dark time. It's not over though while the factually challenged walk/drive among us and lunatics like R...
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"Rush Limbaugh isn’t saying he wants the country to split into red and blue factions as a result of conservative fury over the election results."

"As he attempted to make clear Thursday, he’s just saying that other people are saying it. 'I know that there’s a sizable and growing sentiment for people who believe that’s we’re headed to, whether we want to get there or not, secession,' he said on his nationwide radio program. 'Now, I didn’t advocate for it. I never would advocate for secession. I’m simply repeating what I have heard.'... He didn’t say where he’s heard anyone float the notion of states seceding, let alone spell out how such a...
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Rush Limbaugh said the US is 'trending towards secession' and there can't 'peaceful coexistence' between conservatives and liberals

Rush Limbaugh. JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images Rush Limbaugh, the influential conservative talk radio host, on Wednesday aired the idea of states seceding from the Union as a result of deep political polarization.  "It can't go on this way," Limbaugh said. "There cannot be a peaceful coexistence of two completely different theories of life." Critics immediately slammed Limbaugh's comments for being divisive. Limbaugh later said he was echoing other people's opinions rather than advocating ...
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RIP Walter E. Williams, a great economist and friend: Walter Block

George Mason Economics Professor Walter E. Williams passed away on December 1, 2020; he was 84 years old. On his last day on this planet he did what he had done for a career of some 60 plus years: taught his graduate course in microeconomics, published another one of his splendid op-eds, and undoubtedly, thought about his next book. A Black libertarian second only to the sainted Thomas Sowell in terms of accomplishment within this movement, Walter published ten books, over 150 articles in refere...
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Conservative Thought Leader & Economist, Walter Williams has Died ~ VIDEO

Walter Williams USA – -( Economist Walter E. Williams, has died at the age of 84. Williams, a native of Philadelphia was a long-time economics professor at George Mason University and a nationally syndicated columnist whose articles appeared in some 140 newspapers and websites including AmmoLand News. Over the course of his career, he was praised for his rigorous research on minority groups and government policies affecting African Americans and his steadfast belief in American'...
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Fox News' Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson distance themselves from Trump

Rush Limbaugh also distances himself from president’s efforts to overturn his election defeat by Joe Biden
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"You call a gigantic press conference like that, one that lasts an hour, and you announce massive bombshells, then you better have some bombshells."

"There better be something at that press conference other than what we got.... They promised blockbuster stuff, and then nothing happened. And that’s just not good. I mean, if you’re gonna promise blockbuster stuff like that, then there has — now, I understand — look, I’m the one that’s been telling everybody, this stuff doesn’t happen at warp speed, light speed the way cases are made for presentation in court, but if you’re gonna do a press conference like that with the promise of blockbusters,...
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Live Updates: Trump's legal team criticized by Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh knocked President Trump's legal team for underdelivering at last week's widely-hyped press conference alleging widespread...
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Rush Limbaugh: Trump’s Legal Team ‘Promised Blockbuster Stuff and Then Nothing Happened’

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday criticized President Trump’s legal team over their chaotic press conference last week...
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Tucker Carlson was attacked by Trump supporters for questioning the outlandish claims of the president's lawyer Sidney Powell before she was fired

Fox News host Tucker Carlson. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Tucker Carlson was attacked by Trump supporters and allies last week after he put one of the president's lawyers on blast for failing to provide evidence to back up her false voter fraud claims. That lawyer, Sidney Powell, has been pushing an outlandish conspiracy theory involving the late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez launching a scheme to pay off election officials to use Dominion voting machines. Carlson invited Powell on his...
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Obama said he was surprised at top Republicans who did a 'complete 180 on everything they claimed to believe' to align with Trump

Former President Barack Obama speaks during the funeral service of the late Rep. John Lewis at Ebenezer Baptist Church on July 30, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Alyssa Pointer-Pool/Getty Images Former President Barack Obama said he was troubled to witness Republican lawmakers doing "a complete 180 on everything they claimed to believe" in recent years.   Obama told The Atlantic he wasn't surprised by the behavior of President Donald Trump during his time in office.  But he said he was shocked ...
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Fox Corporation CEO says he would welcome the new competition if Donald Trump started a rival network

Lachlan Murdoch attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Jon Kopaloff/WireImage During a recent earnings call, Fox Corporation CEO Lachlan Murdoch said he is open to competition from a possible Trump-founded competitor to Fox News. While Fox News has long been a focus of Trump and his allies, in recent months, the network has distanced itself from some prominent supporters of the president. The president has instead spoken favorably about One America News Network. Visit Business Insider's ...
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Facebook giving preferential treatment to pro-Trump users, conservatives: Report

Facebook let associates of US president Donald Trump, including his son Donald Trump Jr., post misinformation on its platform during the final months of the presidential election campaign, and did not take proportionate action against these users to avoid being accused of “anti-conservative” bias, reported the Washington Post. The revelations come after months of accusations by Republican leadership that Facebook is biased against their party, and only days after these accusations were aired in ...
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"But if Biden wins, your borders will be gone and your country will be gone, frankly. Look, this is not a man that’s capable."

"When I meet with these heads of state, the one thing I can tell you, they’re sharp. They’re sharp. They’re not off. They’re sharp. This is not a man that can handle the job.... All he talks about is COVID, COVID, COVID because they want to scare people. And we’ve done so well with it. Now it’s 99.8%. I mean, you look at what’s going on and we’re rounding the turn. We’re rounding the corner. We’re rounding the corner beautifully. But Joe Biden was very disrespectful last night to President Barac...
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Megyn Kelly calls Michael Savage an "absolute douchebag."

I think I speak for, oh, pretty much everyone when I say STFU you absolute douchebag.— Megyn Kelly (@megynkelly) October 19, 2020 [Author: [email protected] (Ann Althouse)]
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Rush Limbaugh says he's living 'under a death sentence' after discovering his cancer had spread and became terminal

Rush Limbaugh gives President Trump a thumbs-up after being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in February. Patrick Semansky/AP Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh said on his show Monday that his lung cancer had progressed to stage 4 and had become terminal. "The scans did show some progression of cancer," Limbaugh, 69, told his listeners, adding "it's not dramatic, but it is the wrong direction." Limbaugh announced in February he had been diagnosed with "advanced" lung cancer an...
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Radio host Rush Limbaugh announces his lung cancer is terminal

One of the most high-profile conservative talk radio hosts in the United States has announced that his lung cancer is terminal. Rush Limbaugh, 69, told listeners to the 600 radio stations nationwide that air his show that his cancer, announced in February, was not responding to treatment. Lung scans showed “some progression of the cancer”, he said on Monday, after it was previously reduced to a manageable level. “You measure a happy life against whatever medication it takes," said Limbaugh. "And...
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"You know, I’ve loved to point out we all only get one life. We don’t get a do-over in the… Well, we do. Actually, we get a do-over every day if we choose to look at it that way."

"Once we’re old enough and mature enough to understand what life is and that there is only one, then you do get do-overs, an opportunity to fix what you think you might not have done so well the day before, which is an operative philosophy of mine. But the fact that I have that option and that opportunity compared to where I thought I would be at this time? I mean, that’s 'go get the hallelujah chorus and have ’em start singing to me,' because that’s exactly where this is — and the future? Far m...
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Pres. Trump Intensifies Focus On Sen. Harris In Final Weeks Of Campaign

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CBS13/AP) — Grasping for a comeback, President Donald Trump and his Republican allies are intensifying their focus not on Democratic nominee Joe Biden, but on his running mate, California Sen. Kamala Harris — arguing without evidence that it’s Harris, the first Black woman on a major party ticket, who would really be in charge if Democrats win the White House. The effort is laced with sexist and racist undertones, and one that is aimed at winning back Republicans and independ...
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Why Trump spent 2 hours calling into Rush Limbaugh's show

President Trump did a 'virtual rally' with Rush Limbaugh instead of the next debate, because his style works better for talk radio. But will it win votes?
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The winning re-election argument Trump could have made

President Trump has woken up to political reality. He's losing to former Vice President Joe Biden, perhaps quite badly. And that belated realization explains why Trump finally seems to be all-in on another big economic stimulus and support package after days and weeks of dithering and flip-flopping. "Covid Relief Negotiations are moving along. Go Big!" represents his latest Twitter opinion on the subject. On Friday he told radio host Rush Limbaugh, "I would like to see a bigger stimulus fran...
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As Vaccine Before Election Fades, Trump Falsely Touts New Drug As COVID “Cure”

There’s a new pre-election COVID miracle in town. Trump calls it Regeneron, though that’s the name of the company, not the drug, and claims that it not only “cured” him of COVID, but it’ll “cure” you as well. The President has shifted from hyping a vaccine to the drug he himself was treated with: a monoclonal antibody treatment designed to prevent the virus from infecting human cells. The huckster-in-chief’s little-noticed shift from a rushed vaccine to a new elixir comes as hopes for a pre-e...
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