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Skadden Arps Settles With DOJ Over Manafort Ukraine Dealings

The prominent law firm Skadden Arps reached a civil settlement with federal law enforcement today over work it performed in Ukraine on Paul Manafort’s request, the Justice Department announced in a statement. The firm agreed to pay $4.6 million that it secretly received for the work that it performed on behalf of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice, and agreed to retroactively register as a foreign agent of the Ukrainian government. Skadden wrote a report in 2012 whitewashing the Ukrainian gove...
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READ: Mueller Releases Filing On How Manafort Broke Plea Agreement

Special Counsel Robert Mueller released a detailed — but redacted — filing on Tuesday outlining why he believes Paul Manafort violated his plea agreement with prosecutors. With its heavy redactions, the filing at times reads like an extremely bland game of madlibs, with references to Manafort admitting certain things while the substance of what he allegedly admitted to falling under redaction. However, the unredacted sections shed at least a little bit of new light on what Manafort was being ...
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READ: Mueller Releases Filing On Why Manafort Broke Plea Agreement

Special Counsel Robert Mueller released a detailed — but redacted — filing on Tuesday outlining why he believes Paul Manafort violated his plea agreement with prosecutors. The filing includes a declaration from Jeffrey Weiland, an FBI agent working on the case. The declaration lays out the background of Manafort’s purportedly brief period of cooperation with the government, including an episode after his guilty plea to witness tampering in which he denied that his Russian associate, Konstanti...
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FBI Launched Investigation to Determine If Trump Is a Russian Asset, Report Says 

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, was the target of a counterintelligence investigation in 2017 to determine whether he was acting on behalf of the Russian government and posed a national security threat to the United States.Read more...
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From Prison, Manafort Gives Up Connecticut Law License

Paul Manafort is a triple threat: convicted felon, shady lobbyist and attorney. But he’s dropping the third title, at least in his home state of Connecticut, moving to resign from the Connecticut bar and surrender his license. The move preempts a disbarment hearing that Manafort faced over his Connecticut law license, scheduled for Feb. 7, the Hartford Courant reports. “He has never maintained an office in Connecticut and is not employed by any law firm in Connecticut,” Manafort attorneys Fre...
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Mueller Eyes Ukrainians Who Attended Trump Inauguration

The special counsel is looking at how a number of Ukrainian politicians secured seats at the Trump inauguration, the New York Times reported Thursday. The report comes amid indications that probes into the Trump inauguration — and what it did with the record $107 million it raised — are heating up. At the same time, peace plans that various Ukrainians were ferrying to Washington have also become a focus of the investigation. The Ukrainian politicos who attended Trump’s inauguration were happy...
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Who Exactly Did Paul Manafort Give Trump Campaign Data To?

Yesterday the New York Times revised its revelation on who Manafort gave Trump campaign polling data to, shifting it from Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska to two Ukrainian clients of his: Rinat Akhmetov and Serhiy Lyovochkin. Both backed former Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych, and both find themselves frequently accused of supporting pro-Russian political movements in Ukraine. But who are they, really? And why would Manafort use his former Russian intelligence associate Konstantin Kilimnik...
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New Clues Emerge About The Mystery Mueller Grand Jury Case

Since an appeals court decision on Tuesday offered a few hints about the grand jury case believed to be linked to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, independent reports on Tuesday night and Wednesday offered additional clues about the unnamed international company fighting a subpoena. The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the company is a “foreign financial institution.” CNN followed with a story Wednesday reporting that law firm Alston & Bird, which has represented Russian o...
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Manafort Spox: Madrid Meeting With Kilimnik Happened In 2017, Not In 2016

Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort met with his business associate Konstantin Kilimnik, who has been linked to a Russian intelligence agency by Robert Mueller, in early 2017, Manafort spokesman Jason Maloni told TPM Tuesday evening. The statement came after a court filing earlier in the day suggested the meeting took place while Manafort worked for the Trump campaign. Maloni wrote in an email that the meeting took place “after the campaign” in “Jan or Feb 2017.” Attorneys for Manafo...
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Public To Get Redacted Version Of Manafort Response To Claims He Lied

The public will see a redacted version of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s response to special counsel Robert Mueller’s claims he lied to investigators, according to a judge’s order Tuesday. A spokesman for Manafort had previously told TPM Tuesday via email that the “opposition” was filed under seal Monday, the deadline for the submission. Mueller accused Manafort last month of misleading investigators about several topics since coming to a plea agreement with prosecutors in Septem...
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Manafort Responds Out Of Public View To Mueller Claims That He Lied

Lawyers for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort sought to file under seal their response to special counsel Robert Mueller’s allegations that Manafort lied to investigators after pleading guilty and agreeing to cooperate, a Manafort spokesman confirmed Tuesday. “Mr. Manafort’s counsel filed their opposition yesterday under seal,” spokesman Jason Maloni told TPM in an email. Because the filing is not publicly available, it’s unclear how Manafort is responding to the claims and if he i...
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Manafort’s Intermediary With Russian Oligarch Tracked Down At Greek Confab

When Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was looking to trade in his access to the campaign to pay off his debts to a Russian oligarch, he looked to a former spy named Victor Boyarkin. Now, Time magazine has tracked Boyarkin down to a conference in Greece hosted by a friend of Vladimir Putin’s. The Dec. 29 report chronicles how the magazine went on a hunt for Boyarkin, just weeks before the U.S. government slapped sanctions on Manafort’s Russian associate. The man is a little-known but cruc...
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Morning Docket: 12.31.18

* Michael Cohen: The Movie? Cooley Law's most infamous graduate could soon be on the big screen, because Trump's former lawyer/fixer and soon-to-be federal inmate was seen meeting “Pulp Fiction” and “Inglourious Basterds” producer Lawrence Bender. [Page Six] * Judge Reed O’Connor has stayed his ill-conceived ruling that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional since many people have already purchased their health insurance plans. Gee thanks, Your Honor. How considerate! [National Law Journal...
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Report: Foreign Intel Agencies Placed Michael Cohen’s Cell Phone Near Prague

Foreign intelligence agencies have data placing Michael Cohen’s cell phone near Prague in summer 2016, according to a Thursday report from McClatchy. Relying on four unnamed sources with “foreign intelligence connections,” the story would confirm a key, albeit disputed, detail in the dossier alleging collusion between Trump and the Kremlin produced by former British spy Christopher Steele. McClatchy reported in April that Mueller had obtained evidence confirming that Cohen was in Prague at th...
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Morning Docket: 12.21.18

* In completely unshocking news, despite advice from ethics officials, Acting Attorney General and former Tight End Matthew Whitaker has refused to recuse himself from oversight of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian election interference probe. [USA Today] * Corporate clients are trying to control their spending, and that means more and more Biglaw firms are having trouble collecting on their year-end bills, such that "on average [a firm] can lose 20 percent of its original billing amount...
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Roger Stone’s Attorney Demands Nunes Release Official Interview Transcript

In the latest development in GOP operative Roger Stone’s shadow-boxing match with special counsel Robert Mueller, Stone’s attorney has sent a letter to the House Intelligence Committee demanding that it release a transcript of Stone’s testimony before the body. The letter comes one day after reports that Mueller sent a request to the House Intel Committee asking for a copy of the transcript, seen as a prelude to potential charges in the matter. The committee reportedly voted today to release ...
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WaPo: Robert Mueller Seeks Roger Stone’s Official Testimony To House Intel

The special counsel has requested that the House intelligence committee provide an official transcript of GOP operative Roger Stone’s testimony, the Washington Post reports. The step suggests that an indictment of Stone may be impending. Former federal prosecutors told the Washington Post that the Mueller investigation would need an official copy of the transcript to charge him with lying to Congress. Stone testified before the committee in September 2017. The longtime Republican provocateur...
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After Judge Brings Up Treason, Will Michael Flynn Be Getting Jail Time?

This hearing got really weird, really quickly.
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Report Knocks Tech Giants For Failure To Cooperate In Russia Probe

The major social media companies whose platforms were used by the Russian government to sharpen division in the United State before and after the 2016 election had an “uncoordinated” response to the influence campaign and did not fully cooperate with government investigations, a new report on the effort claimed. “Social media firms need to co-operate with public agencies in a way that respects users’ privacy,” read the report for the Senate Intelligence Committee released Monday. “However, sh...
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Maria Butina Plea Reminds Us How Easy It Is To Turn Thirsty Men

The scheme to turn the NRA into a Russian front involved some basic ass men.
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During Sentencing, Michael Cohen Said Donald Trump No Artist At Dealmaking

Former Trump fixer and freshly convicted felon Michael Cohen took a moment during his emotional plea for leniency to take a swipe at President Trump’s business acumen. “I have been leading a personal and mental incarceration ever since the fateful day that I accepted the offer to work for a famous real estate mogul whose business acumen I greatly admired,” he told the judge during a plea for a light sentence, before adding: “I now know there is little to be admired.” “I felt it was my duty to...
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Cohen Lawyer Taunts Manhattan Federal Prosecutors During Sentencing

Michael Cohen defense attorney Guy Petrillo took a moment to toss a barb at Manhattan federal prosecutors during his client’s sentencing hearing, pondering aloud about the “strident tone” of the government’s sentencing memo. “I’m not going to overly speculate about what’s going on here,” Petrillo said. “A little bit of pride at not being the center of attention?” “Who knows,” he added, before taking a long pause. “Not for me to say.” Cohen’s attorney took the dig at Southern District of New York...
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Michael Cohen Repeated His Congress Lies To Robert Mueller’s Investigators

Former Trump attorney and convicted felon Michael Cohen initially lied to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators, too, federal prosecutor Jeannie Rhee said at Cohen’s sentencing hearing Wednesday. Cohen “initially repeated false statements” that he had made to Congress regarding the length and substance of Trump organization attempts to build a Trump Tower Moscow during the 2016 presidential campaign, Rhee said. Rhee said that Cohen has “intended to” slow down and divert the investiga...
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Putin Trolls On Butina Case: ‘Never Heard Of Her’

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday mocked the U.S. case against alleged Russian spy Maria Butina following a Monday report that Butina will plead guilty and cooperate with American investigators. Butina could face 15 years behind bars “for nothing,” Putin said at a meeting of Russia’s council on human rights and civil society. “When I heard that something was happening around her…I started to ask all the heads of our secret services: who is she? Nobody knew anything about her!” Putin...
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READ: Corsi Demands $350 Million in Over-The-Top Lawsuit Against Mueller

How much is conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi’s reputation worth? According to him, $350 million. That’s how much Corsi is demanding in a lawsuit he filed this weekend against special counsel Robert Mueller, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, and NSA, accusing the cabal of “leftist and Democrat partisan prosecutorial and ethically and legally conflicted staff” of spying on him and conducting a smear campaign to destroy his reputation. In the complaint, Corsi alleges illegal government surveillance against him...
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Meet Ted Malloch, Jerome Corsi’s Alleged Wikileaks Contact In London

When Roger Stone wanted to reach Julian Assange, he allegedly tried to go through one particular London contact: a far-right American writer named Ted Malloch with a history of embellishments and a career that took him from the United Nations to Infowars to the fringes of Trumpworld. Since President Trump’s election, Malloch has popped up at strange points in the administration’s brief history. First, he floated himself as a pro-Brexit U.S. ambassador to the European Union, before that was sh...
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Mueller Filing Shows Cohen Was Key To Trump Campaign’s Russia Contacts

Michael Cohen is emerging as a pivotal figure with knowledge of contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia, a new court filing Friday from special counsel Robert Mueller suggests. The Mueller sentencing memo suggests that Trump’s former personal attorney provided answers on matters at the very heart of the investigation. Per the document, Cohen’s cooperation allowed the special counsel to conclude that the Trump Organization was enthusiastically seeking business opportunities in Russia—an...
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The Mystery Of Jerome Corsi’s Joint Defense Agreement With Donald Trump

Noted conspiracy monger Jerome Corsi claims to continue to be in cahoots with President Donald Trump, offering a new, potentially dubious account of a non-written joint defense agreement with the president’s legal team. But according to legal experts, any joint defense agreement not put down to paper would be highly problematic at best and, in the words of one former federal prosecutor, “malpractice” at worst. Since going public last week with a draft plea agreement from special counsel Rober...
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Today We Settle All Mueller Family Business

Umm... Mueller seems to be dropping bodies today.
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