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Antlers Clip Showcases Brief Encounter With Monster

A brand new clip for the upcoming horror film Antlers has been released, showcasing a brief encounter with a scary creature. MORE: Ryan Gosling Joins Margot Robbie in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie Film as Ken In the clip, Lucas Weaver (Jeremy T. Thomas) is seen being bullied by a student as he walks through a forest, before the pair stop and notice a creature in the trees. Before they can do anything, though, the monster pounces and attacks the child bully. You can check out the Antlers clip below: A...
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Ryan Gosling Joins Margot Robbie in Greta Gerwig’s Barbie Film as Ken

Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling (La La Land) is set to star in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie film as Ken, according to Deadline. The actor is reportedly in final negotiations to play the Mattel character in the Warner Bros. feature that is being directed by the Oscar-nominated Gerwig (Lady Bird) who co-wrote the screenplay with long-time partner, collaborator, and fellow Oscar nominee Noah Baumbach (Marriage Story). RELATED: Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie-Led Period Drama Babylon Wraps Filming Based on M...
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Ryan Gosling in Talks to Play Ken Opposite Margot Robbie’s Barbie in Warner Bros. and Mattel Movie

Margot Robbie’s Barbie has seemingly found her Ken in Ryan Gosling. The Oscar-nominee is in final negotiations to star in the upcoming film, directed by Greta Gerwig for Warner Bros. and Mattel. Robbie’s LuckyChap Entertainment banner is producing the project, while Gerwig also co-wrote the script with Noah Baumbach. Variety previously reported “Barbie” was set […]
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Ryan Gosling To Play Ken Opposite Margot Robbie In ‘Barbie’ Movie From Warner Bros, LuckyChap & Mattel

EXCLUSIVE: Margot Robbie’s Barbie movie looks to have found its Ken. Sources tell Deadline that Ryan Gosling is in final negotiations to...
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14 Greatest Romance Films Of All Time

Romance is at the heart of almost every Hollywood film. It's difficult to find a major Hollywood film that doesn't have a love story as either the main storyline, or at least a minor subplot. So why is it that films that focus primarily on their romantic elements are so often framed as less serious, less legitimate cinematic efforts? It's a reflection of a society that judges things that women like as frivolous and things that men like as art, where romance pictures are derisively called "chick ...
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Ryan Gosling Is The Ken To Margot Robbie's Barbie In Warner Bros.' Live-Action Movie

Prepare your pink plastic shoes and clean out the dream house, because the Margot Robbie "Barbie" movie has found its Ken. According to Deadline, Ryan Gosling is in final negotiations to portray the darling doll that's Barbie's long-time love.  Gerwig's Even Littler Woman "Little Women" director Greta Gerwig is taking on this tale of a very different kind of little woman, based on a script she co-wrote with Noah Baumbach. It's hard to picture a "Barbie" movie that fits with Gerwig's slightly twe...
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12 Movies To Watch If You Loved Tenet

Christopher Nolan, known for movies like "Inception" and "The Dark Knight" trilogy, has become an influential director not only for his sleek and stylish filmmaking, his groundbreaking visuals, and his movies' larger-than-life soundscapes, but also for his love of conceptual ideas like time travel, the shifting nature of reality, the transitory properties of memories, and the power of dreams. His latest offering, "Tenet," is no different. It's an action-packed time-travel heist flick starring Jo...
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Blade Runner 2049 Ending Explained: A Fresh Twist On The Old Chosen One Narrative

One of the most interesting things about "Blade Runner 2049" is its subversive ending. In the 2010s, after making a couple of top-notch thrillers — "Prisoners" and "Sicario" — director Denis Villeneuve entered a new sci-fi phase in his career with "Arrival" and "Blade Runner 2049." "Arrival" garnered eight Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture and Best Director for Villeneuve, whereas "Blade Runner 2049" earned accolades more in the technical categories. It was considered a box offic...
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The 10 Best Romance Movies Of The Last 10 Years

When we think of romantic movies, our minds most often go straight to rom-coms, the most enduringly popular romance sub-genre. However, romantic stories can be found in fantasies, war movies, historical epics, literary adaptations, and indie dramas, among many other genres. While I do enjoy a cheesy rom-com, my most beloved and re-watched romantic movies are more likely to be dramas or period films. And that's why you're only going to find one rom-com on this list of the 10 best romances of the ...
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Horror king Jason Blum: ‘You have to find new ways to get under people’s skin’

The producer behind Get Out, Paranormal Activity, the Purge series and now Halloween talks about Blumhouse’s runaway success, gun control and giving new talent a leg upThe nights are drawing in, Halloween is approaching and cinemas are back to full capacity. This can only mean one thing: horror movies, hordes of them. In recent years it feels as if the autumnal horror wave has become a year-round tsunami. Horror is everywhere on our screens these days, and if there’s one person to blame, it migh...
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14 Movies Like Knives Out That You'll Want To Watch ASAP

"Knives Out" does a lot of things right. The film, directed by Rian Johnson and starring some of Hollywood's best (a trend that's continuing in its upcoming sequel), may feel unique in its blend of comedy, murder, and sly social commentary. But the comedy mystery is actually one of Hollywood's oldest genres, one that's rarely shy about slipping in a biting statement here and there. A comedy mystery can be sleek or slapstick, dumb or wise, or all of those things at once.Mystery comedies first pea...
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The 14 Greatest Thrillers Of The 21st Century

The thriller is one of the hardest genres to define, because thrillers cross over so much with other genres. From the erotic thriller, the psychological thriller, the cold war thriller, the detective thriller, and all the way through to the action thriller — and let's not forget to take a detour into the seedy underbelly of the neo-noir -- this really is the genre that has something for everyone. While the '80s and '90s were a heyday for erotic thrillers, the 21st century brought a fresh injecti...
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Blumhouse Wolfman Movie Script Still In Development With Ryan Gosling

The script for Blumhouse Pictures remake of The Wolfman starring Ryan Gosling is still in development says producer Jason Blum. The Wolfman is one of the most iconic of the Universal Monsters, having first appeared in the 1941 film starring Lon Channey Jr. In 2010, a remake starring Benenco Tel Toro in the title role opened in theaters after a very troubled production to negative reviews and was a box-office bomb. After Universal attempted to relaunch their monster's property with the critical...
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The 14 Greatest Heist Movies Of The 21st Century

As the past two decades have proved, the heist movie genre is as broad as they come. Real crimes can inspire fascinating biographical films, while current events allow filmmakers to explore relevant issues through perspectives of various criminals. Other heist films don't aim for plausibility at all, and many cross over with other genres, such as comedy, action, or science fiction.Just look at how popular franchises have incorporated heists into existing mythologies. "The Fast and the Furious" f...
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The 14 Greatest Biopics Of The 21st Century

The traditional biopic seems like it should be pretty easy to make. After all, the subject has already done all the hard work. You just need to pick the best bits of their lives and slap them up on the big screen, right? But that's where things start to get tricky. Do you recreate a list of chronological events that follow the subject from the cradle to grave, and hope that a classically-trained English actor can elevate the film beyond its fairly uninspired structure? Do hone in on one specific...
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The Infinite Joys Of The Christmas Action Movie

"Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? In the lane, explosions glistening. A beautiful sight, Bruce Willis in a gunfight. Walking in a winter wonderland."The Christmas action movie has become such a staple sub-genre that Marvel Studios is now devoting a whole six-episode series to it. As seen in the delightful first trailer that debuted last month, "Hawkeye" will feature Marvel's least mighty Avenger -- Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) -- teaming up with upstart archer superhero Kate Bi...
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11 Movies Like John Wick That Will Get Your Adrenaline Pumping

"John Wick" surpassed expectations and became a bona fide modern action classic. After the conclusion of "The Matrix" franchise, Keanu Reeves had been in a slump; his next set of potential blockbusters "Constantine," "The Day the Earth Stood Still," and "47 Ronin" all underperformed at the box office. But not "John Wick." Director Chad Stahelski and David Leitch revitalized Reeves as an action star; Wick's signature quip "I'm thinking I'm back" was a self-aware nod to Reeves' own resurgence.Reev...
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Noah Hawley And The Russo Bros. Are Making A Heist Movie With Bridgerton Star Rege-Jean Page

Noah Hawley, the creative mind behind the television series "Fargo" and "Legion," is making a heist movie for Netflix with "Bridgerton" star Regé-Jean Page on board in a lead role. Joe and Anthony Russo, the directing duo behind many MCU films including "Avengers: Endgame" and "Captain America: Civil War" are also producing the project along with their colleague Mike Larocca via their company, AGBO.We don't know much more about the feature as of yet, except that Hawley had the original idea and ...
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Daniel Craig Accidentally Broke Dave Bautista's Nose While Filming Spectre

While promoting his final Bond film, "No Time to Die," star Daniel Craig reminisced on the Graham Norton Show about filming previous entries in the franchise. One moment he couldn't help remembering was when he accidentally punched co-star Dave Bautista directly in the nose, breaking it. The former professional wrestler handled it pretty well, but Craig was terrified for at least a moment.  Bautista Is Badder Than Bond While "Spectre" is definitely one of the sour notes in Craig's Bond symphony,...
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Every Denis Villeneuve Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

As theatrical moviegoing begins to share the cultural spotlight with other forms of entertainment, there are fewer directors whose names spark interest in fans and financiers alike. The most recent addition to this list is undoubtedly Denis Villeneuve, the French-Canadian filmmaker who rapidly ascended to Hollywood's top ranks in the 2010s.Villeneuve started the decade with a feature that garnered an Oscar nomination for best foreign language film, picked up a personal nomination for best direct...
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The 14 Most Important Sci-Fi Directors Of The Last 50 Years

Of all the fictional genres, sci-fi is the one most interested in exploring man's relationship to science and technology, delving into both the possibilities and the consequences of humanity's technological advancements, envisioning futuristic and faraway worlds, and questioning our place in a universe full of unknown wonders. Over the past 50 years, technology has changed our world in previously unimagined ways, and science fiction has adjusted accordingly. While there have been a host of incre...
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Sci-Fi Box Office Bombs That Deserve A Second Chance

As we emerge from the other side of the pandemic, a bunch of big budget science-fiction franchises are about to return to the big screen: Denis Villeneuve's adaption of "Dune," Lana Wachowski's "Matrix 4," James Cameron's "Avatar 2: The Klumps," and Patty Jenkins' contribution to the eternal Star Wars juggernaut, "Rogue Squadron."But a big license and major studio backing is no guarantee of success. "Solo" famously underperformed, as did David Lynch's "Dune" long before it. However, box office r...
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As ‘Drive’ Turns 10, Its Composer and Key Songwriter Recall the Film’s Innovative Soundtrack

In the 10 years since the release of Nicolas Winding Refn’s “Drive,” the lives of two key figures behind its pivotal soundtrack, Johnny Jewel and Cliff Martinez, have changed for the better, thanks to the film. “Before ‘Drive’ coming out, I was standing by the freeway with a cardboard sign that said, ‘Will score for […]
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The Drive Soundtrack Turns 10

The first time I saw Drive, it didn’t even have the right music in it.
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The 14 Greatest Science Fiction Movies Of The 21st Century

The last two decades have seen an embarrassment of riches for fans of science fiction. Iconic sci-fi franchises like "Star Wars" and "Planet of the Apes" have returned with some of their greatest installments. Filmmakers like Christopher Nolan, Denis Villeneuve, and Alex Garland have pushed the genre forward with stylish, thought-provoking films that prove there's demand for original science fiction stories as well. Sci-fi now intersects regularly with other genres, including fantasy, action, ho...
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The Best Ryan Gosling Movies And How To Watch Them

Hey, girl, what's your favorite Ryan Gosling movie?
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The Best Places To Dance The Night Away On Your Honeymoon!

Whether you’re Carrie and Big swaying to “Moon River and Me”, channeling Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling twirling a la […] The post The Best Places To Dance The Night Away On Your Honeymoon! appeared first on Polka Dot Wedding.
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6 Marvel Characters Ryan Gosling Would Be Perfect To Play

Could Ryan Gosling go from The Driver in Drive to The Driver in the Marvel movies?
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Rosario Dawson Is the Latest Big Name to Join the New Haunted Mansion Movie

A few years ago, photos went viral of director Guillermo del Toro and actor Ryan Gosling hanging out together at the Disneyland Resort in California. Rumor had it the pair were working on a film based on del Toro’s favorite ride, the Haunted Mansion. Eventually, though, that idea went away—and you had to wonder: if…Read more...
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The Gray Man: 7 Quick Things We Know About The Chris Evans And Ryan Gosling Movie

Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling going head-to-head in a spy thriller directed by the Russos? Say no more...
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