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Where did Sierra snow go this spring? Not into California rivers and water supplies

California’s severe drought was made worse this year by a shocking surprise. Every year, much of the drinking water that flows through the taps of millions of Californians begins in the Sierra Nevada. Snow and rain fall on the vast mountain range during the winter months, and the water moves downhill into streams, rivers and reservoirs in the spring and summer. But this year, in a trend that startled water managers, much of that runoff simply vanished. State water planners say that 685,000 acre-...
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Ford micromobility subsidiary Spin launches first in-house built e-scooter

Spin, Ford’s micromobility subsidiary, has launched its first custom designed and built electric scooter. The company says the S-100T scooters are its safest and longest lasting, two qualities that it hopes will attract the attention of cities as it aims its strategy at exclusive partnerships.  When the company launches its service in Sacramento in July, it’ll deploy 25 of the new S-100T scooters along with its existing fleet. Spin hopes to scale to 350 S-100Ts by August and have more than a ...
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Sacramento SPCA Celebrating Opening Of New Animal Hospital

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The best laid plans of mice and legislators

The normal refrain when government undertakes an initiative is, “Your tax dollars at work.” However, the latest episode from Sacramento introduces a new spin: “Your tax dollars are not at work.” The action (or inaction) in question is the state’s delayed implementation of Assembly Bill 841 (2020). That bill redirected untapped money (approximately $500 million) in a ratepayer-funded program to pay for repairs or replacement of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems and plumbin...
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School closures were rough for everyone, let’s do better

It’s no secret that the great majority of California students and their parents aren’t happy about anything at all concerning the last 15 months of their education. The shutdowns surely saved lives — but they also made it extremely hard to learn for those who thrive in the classroom environment and were suddenly trapped at home trying to take Zoom classes, a change for which no one was prepared. Only time will tell the long-term deleterious impact the past year and a half has had on California’s...
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California’s historic drought is causing drinking water to taste like dirt. Just ‘add lemon,’ officials say

By Rachel Ramirez | CNN Something is off about Sacramento’s water. It smells and tastes a little “earthy,” residents are saying — an effect of compounding climate change crises: extreme heat, little to no precipitation and a historic drought that has gripped the region for the better part of a decade. Up and down the state of California, rivers, streams and reservoirs are drying up. In Sacramento, that has led to an increase in the concentration of geosmin in its drinking water, one of two orga...
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Local McDonald’s Locations Partnering With CDPH To Get People Vaccinated

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‘Its Devastating That We Are At This Point’: Critical Blood Shortage Impacts Patients

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Police Searching For Gunman In Deadly North Sacramento Double Shooting

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Sacramento Gets 9th Pick In NBA Draft Lottery; Detroit Wins Top Spot

Newly selected Basketball Hall of Famer Ben Wallace tapped his fist on the table a few times, then clapped his hands and pointed one finger skyward. After one of the worst seasons in franchise history, Detroit has something to celebrate. The Pistons won the NBA draft lottery on Tuesday night, meaning they’ll have the No. 1 pick on July 29 — and, presumably, the chance to take Oklahoma State guard Cade Cunningham. “We get to add another young player to the restoration process,” Pistons general ma...
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Salida Security Officer Shoots Suspect In Fear of Partner’s Life

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Monster Jam Set To Be One Of The 1st Full Capacity Events At Golden 1 Center Since Pandemic

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — None other than Monster Jam is scheduled to be one of the first events to welcome fans back at full capacity at the Golden 1 Center this summer. Organizers announced on Tuesday that the long-running monster truck show would be making its way to Sacramento on Aug. 13-15. With California and other states dropping most of their COVID-19 pandemic guidelines, a slew of events have been announced. The weekend prior to Monster Jam will see the first, at this point, event with the G...
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California's historic drought is causing drinking water to taste like dirt. Officials say, 'just add lemon'

Residents say Sacramento's water smells and tastes a little "earthy" -- an effect of compounding climate change crises: extreme heat, little to no precipitation and a historic drought that has gripped the region for the better part of a decade.
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California's drinking water tastes like dirt right now

Something is off about Sacramento's water. It smells and tastes a little "earthy," residents are saying -- an effect of compounding climatechange crises: extreme heat, little to no precipitation and a historic drought that has gripped the region for the better part of a decade.
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California's historic drought is causing drinking water to taste like dirt. 'Just add lemon,' officials say

Something is off about Sacramento's water. It smells and tastes a little "earthy," residents are saying -- an effect of compounding climatechange crises: extreme heat, little to no precipitation and a historic drought that has gripped the region for the better part of a decade.
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Some Sacramento Area Clinics Offering Free Tickets To Six Flags Parks For People Who Get Their 1st COVID-19 Vaccine

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Several Sacramento area clinics will be giving out thousands of tickets to Six Flags parks for people who get their first COVID-19 vaccination shot. The offer is part of California’s “Vax for the Win” effort to try and get more people vaccinated. A total of 50,000 Californians aged 12 and up will be getting the free ticket to Six Flags. The tickets will be valid through September 6 at any of the four Six Flags parks in the state. State data shows that more than 47 million CO...
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Man Dies After Shooting In Tahoe Park Neighborhood Of Sacramento

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Federal Appeals Court Grants Stay On Lifting California’s Assault Weapon Ban

SACRAMENTO (CBS13/CNN) — A federal appeals court has granted California a stay on its assault weapons ban as the state appealed a decision to lift it. As the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals considers the state’s appeal of the decision by U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez in early June, the state requested a stay on lifting the ban, which the court granted Monday. State Attorney General Rob Bonta celebrated the 9th Circuit’s decision on Twitter. #BREAKING: The 9th Circuit granted our motion to stay...
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Pandemic Causes Shortage Of New A/C Units For Local Companies

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Person Killed In Hit-And-Run At Carmichael Grocery Store Parking Lot; Suspect Shot After Chasing Random People

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Hit-And-Run, Shooting Under Investigation In Carmichael

CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — Authorities are investigating a hit-and-run and shooting incident in Sacramento County on Monday morning. There is a large police presence at the intersections of Manzanita Ave & Fair Oaks Blvd & at Cypress Ave & Garfield Ave due to a hit-and-run and shooting. PIO is enroute to the scenes. Please avoid these areas. — Sacramento Sheriff (@sacsheriff) June 21, 2021 The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office says law enforcement officers are out near the intersections of Manzan...
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High-Speed Chase Preceded Car Slamming Into South Sacramento Home, Neighbors Say

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Sacramento Homeowner Says Former Troubled Tenant Turned Into A Squatter And Destroyed Her Property

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Pedestrian Killed In Hit-And-Run Along Northgate Boulevard In North Sacramento

NORTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man was killed in a hit-and-run collision Sunday night in North Sacramento, police said. According to the Sacramento Police Department, the collision happened at around 9:10 p.m. along Northgate Boulevard near Interstate 80. A man was walking in the area when he was hit by a vehicle. Police said he was pronounced dead at the scene. The vehicle left the scene before authorities arrived. There is no description of a suspect or suspect vehicle. Police said the collision...
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‘It Really Doesn’t Feel Real’: Sister Of UC Davis Grad Killed In Russia Searches For Answers

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Coyote Spotted In East Sacramento Neighborhood

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Pastor Rushes To Protect Church As Fire Tears Through Nearby North Sacramento Tire Shop

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Firefighters Put Out 3-Alarm Blaze At North Sacramento Tire Shop

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Paratransit: New Rental Car Service For People With Disabilities In Sacramento

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State budget process is broken

Well, they’ve done it again. Since the passage of Proposition 25 more than a decade ago, the California Legislature has passed what can only be described as fake budgets. The 2021-22 “budget” passed last week is no exception. Despite the self-congratulatory preening of Democratic leadership, the “on-time” budget is neither on-time nor is it a real budget. The bill laughingly labeled the budget bill (AB 128) is not a true annual spending plan for the state, as it leaves many issues unresolved. An...
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