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IIHS: Small Cars Remain, by Far, the Deadliest Ride for Teens

The other week we brought you a list of best used car buys for teen drivers. Driver safety factored heavily into the choices compiled by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and Consumer Reports, with the cheapest offerings obviously being car-like in nature. With their lower prices, cars remains the ride of choice among […] The post IIHS: Small Cars Remain, by Far, the Deadliest Ride for Teens appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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If You Can Turn a Screw, You Can Install These Networked Motion-Sensing Nightlights

Six years ago, SnapPower introduced its original Guidelight which cleverly turned plastic outlet covers into LED nightlights without requiring any wiring. A few iterations later, the company’s new ConnectLight introduces motion sensing and wireless connectivity that can be installed without an electrician, or even a…Read more...
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Chariots of Fire? NHTSA Probes Chrysler Town & Country

A defunct minivan is under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration after three owners reported fires breaking out in the interior of their vehicles. The preliminary probe, opened August 6th, covers only the 2014 Chrysler Town & Country, the high-zoot sibling of the Dodge Grand Caravan. It seems the trouble lies with the […] The post Chariots of Fire? NHTSA Probes Chrysler Town & Country appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Researchers Find That Radar Can Be Used to Detect a Nail in a Tire Long Before It Goes Flat

Your car’s dashboard is a smorgasbord of information when it comes to the health and performance of your vehicle. But the one thing it can’t warn drivers about is when the tread on their tires has worn out. It’s a safety risk that researchers from Carnegie Mellon University are focusing on with a new real-time…Read more...
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Are Modern Driving Assistance Features Unreliable? AAA Researchers Say Yes

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is recommending automakers limit the use of advanced driving aids after concluding they’re not really up to the challenge of providing reliable safety. Over the past two years, AAA has focused on testing crash prevention systems to see if they’re all manufacturers claim — deciding that while are useful in some […] The post Are Modern Driving Assistance Features Unreliable? AAA Researchers Say Yes appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Don't Burn Your Kids With Instant Ramen

A hot bowl of ramen makes a delightful meal or snack for children or adults. But when we give it to kids, we might not realize that what we’re doing is handing them a bowl of near-boiling water—especially if the soup is straight out of the microwave. Read more...
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Rebooting with Virginia Tech’s Bicycle Helmet Ratings

Rosie Brennan (in yellow) takes the lead while Sadie Bjornsen (in pink helmet) coaches on the bike during a 2017 U.S. women’s team camp in the Methow Valley. (Photo: Matt Whitcomb) Last year, we ran a story on Virginia Tech’s Bicycle Helmet Ratings titled: Every day is Safety Day. That much remains true, every day is safety day. With some medical systems around the country stressed with obvious fall out from the pandemic, we thought it wise to republish parts of the piece we ran last year. Virg...
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Autonomous Vehicle Legislation Unlikely to Go Anywhere in 2020

Legislation that would advance the widespread deployment of autonomous vehicle in the United States appears to have stalled. With development of the technology hitting a rough patch and public perception teetering between AVs being a major breakthrough for society or an important contributor to its demise, any new laws might have been irrelevant anyway. Outside […] The post Autonomous Vehicle Legislation Unlikely to Go Anywhere in 2020 appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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QOTD: Next Stop, Hyperbole?

A strange phenomenon (one of many) cropped up in recent years among the more ardent of  very-online quasi-activists, one where people seem to think that jumping to the most hyperbolic potential outcome of their “enemy’s” actions somehow lends weight to their argument — to their opposition to something, anything. It also manifests as a person […] The post QOTD: Next Stop, Hyperbole? appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Musk on Cybertruck: If They Don’t Like It, We’ll Go Boring

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was on top of his game during an interview with Automotive News last week. By that, we mean his ego and various personality quirks came through like a shaft of sunlight parting a fog bank. Musk announced during the talk that his company performed no customer research before designing and revealing […] The post Musk on Cybertruck: If They Don’t Like It, We’ll Go Boring appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Figure Out the Safest Place to Shelter During a Tornado With This Graphic

Though peak tornado season is technically April through June in the United States, the cyclones can happen at other parts of the year. If you grew up somewhere prone to tornadoes, you probably had tornado drills alongside fire drills at school, and learned how to find and take shelter during a bad storm. But school…Read more...
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Buying a Car For Your Ungrateful Teen? Here’s a List

The thought of a parent spending any significant amount of money on a vehicle for their teen offspring leaves a bad taste in this writer’s mouth, but some families march to the beat of a different, more affluent drum. Yours truly believes a free hand-me-down wreck should be the absolute limit of parental generosity, and […] The post Buying a Car For Your Ungrateful Teen? Here’s a List appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Russia Eyes Factory In-car Breathalyzers

That shiny new Lada you’ve always wanted might one day come with an unexpected bit of equipment: an ignition interlock set free by non-boozy breath. That’s what Russia’s industry ministry would like to see installed in cars before they even leave the factory, but reaching this goal —  like trying to put on a pair […] The post Russia Eyes Factory In-car Breathalyzers appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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IWI Announces Comprehensive Riot Control Solutions

Israeli Weapon Industries, or IWI for short, is best known in the US for producing guns like the Tavor bullpup, the Masada and Jericho pistols, the elusive Carmel battle rifle, and their new US-manufactured AR, the Zion-15, among others. They are also a key supplier for the Israeli Defense Force, as well as a host […] Read More … The post IWI Announces Comprehensive Riot Control Solutions appeared first on The Firearm Blog.
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LG OLED TVs are overheating, but there’s no need to panic. Yet

So far, only models sold in South Korea are vulnerable to the problem
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Doing home showings? Here’s how to do it safely and effectively

Although common courtesy and proper planning have always been hallmarks of the showing process, here are seven etiquette tips agents need to remember when touring and preparing homes for showings today.
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Our Favorite Unconventional Uses for Pool Noodles

Did you know that you can only order pool noodles in packs of six or more? Because I learned the hard way.Read more...
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Ford Touts Expanded Partnership With Mobileye for Next-gen Driver Assist

Despite urging buyers to venture far from the beaten path with its new Bronco, Ford knows the bulk of its customers will want to keep their tires planted firmly on blacktop, and chances are they’d like the car to handle some of the responsibilities, too. With that in mind, Ford reached a deal with Mobileye […] The post Ford Touts Expanded Partnership With Mobileye for Next-gen Driver Assist appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Own a pair of Echo Buds? Perform this firmware update immediately

A rare but risky problem can cause the earbuds to overheat when charging
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How to Judge Whether Your School District Is Doing Enough

I keep waiting for that moment when the image of what school will look like this fall goes from murky as hell to something at least sort of visible. In-person schooling comes with a huge community health risk. All-digital learning is difficult for some students and impossible for others. And some combination of the…Read more...
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How to Introduce Yourself to a Dog

Dogs are the best people, so it’s only natural to want to smother them with affection when you greet them for the first time. Most of them are too nice to say it, but this is actually a terrible way to introduce yourself to a dog. Here’s a better way to make a good first impression.Read more...
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Internet Safety Advice: Top Tips for Parents

Every parent wants their child to take advantage of all the wonderful educational and enjoyable opportunities and experiences that are available to them on the Internet. At the same time, every parent is aware of the risks and dangers that may exist online if a child isn’t careful, and isn’t taught how to use the Internet safely.  We’ve put together some of the top internet safety advice and tips for parents to follow that will not only help children navigate the Internet safely, but av...
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Japan's Newest Bullet Trains Can Keep Running on Battery Power in the Event of a Disaster

Japan’s bullet trains are quite possibly the world’s most punctual form of transportation, and the safest way to hit speeds of over 200MPH without leaving the ground. The newest version, the N700s that’s now running on the country’s Shinkansen Line between Tokyo and Osaka, is also the first to feature a battery backup…Read more...
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What do Mechanics Look for When Performing a Vehicle Inspection?

One of the big pains in the neck about owning a car is having to re-register each and every year (depending on your state, you’ll renew either annually or biennially through the state’s Registry of Motor Vehicles). A big part of that is taking your car in for a mandatory vehicle inspection. Although not required in every state, it’s important. Its purpose isn’t just another hoop to jump through. It’s intended to be a way for the DMV to ensure that your car is safe to be on the road. If you’re i...
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Don't Keep Wipes in Your Car

As a suburban mom, my car is my home base. (Or it was in pre-pandemic times, anyway.) If there was a tiny chance I might need something someday while I was out and about, it lived in the car. Sunscreen? Check. Diapers? A whole case, in the trunk. Wipes? Probably a couple packages. There’s a problem with that last one,…Read more...
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Using Attachment Theory to Become A Better Speaker

I have a friend who is currently studying to become a licensed family therapist. She often shares articles and research from her field of study with me because she knows I love to learn about things outside of my discipline of communication. Today, she shared a video with me on the circle of security. It’s a theory on how strong human bonds of trust are formed through relational attachment. The “father” of attachment theory, John Bowlby, says, “Intimate attachments to other human beings are the ...
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Risk Isn't Just About You

In the great American spirit of independence, some people have come up with an extremely shitty take on pandemic safety precautions. It goes something like: “I feel safe doing this. If you don’t, you should stay home.”Read more...
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The Chevy HHR, Cobalt Might Not Be Entirely Safe

Better clean up that spilled drink. It’s a safety hazard. Yes, two low-end, Recession-era Chevrolets have been singled out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for an investigation, this one pertaining not to faulty ignition switches (that’s all in the past), but the pooling of flammable liquid in areas where such things should not […] The post The Chevy HHR, Cobalt Might Not Be Entirely Safe appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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PSA PSA: Replacement Jack Stands Recalled

The Harbor Freight saga continues, with the company now issuing a recall of the jack stands meant to replace earlier jack stands recalled due to their collapse risk. After calling back its 3- and 6-ton Pittsburgh brand stands, the tool company learned of a mechanic who did exactly as he was told, trading in his […] The post PSA PSA: Replacement Jack Stands Recalled appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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Teenage Daughter Feels My Boyfriend Is Inappropriate

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. He has been around my daughter since she was 12. He never touches her much but she has always greeted him with a hug. At 16 she is now growing into a woman. She is curvy and has breasts..much different from 4 years ago. Recently she said to me that she feels uncomfortable with how my boyfriend has touched her on two occasions. The first incident was a hug that he gave to her from behind with his hands placed on her hips and the second incident was him p...
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