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The Sahara dust storm has reached the US mainland. Here's what it looks like.

A huge plume of dust and sand, blown by the wind from the Sahara Desert, has finally reached the U.S. mainland.
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Saharan Dust Reaching U.S. From Across The Atlantic

Sand from the Sahara Desert has cross the Atlantic Ocean is making landfall in the Caribbean (1:24). WCCO Mid-Morning - June 25, 2020
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A 'Godzilla' dust cloud from Sahara Desert is nearing US Gulf Coast

The long-awaited cloud of Saharan Dust - the largest in 50 years - will bring hazy skies and fiery red sunsets but also potential health problems.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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A 'Godzilla' dust cloud from Sahara Desert is nearing US Gulf Coast

The long-awaited cloud of Saharan Dust - the largest in 50 years - will bring hazy skies and fiery red sunsets but also potential health problems.
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Sahara dust cloud coming to the US

You wouldn’t think that a dust storm in the Sahara Desert could have much impact on the US, but that’s exactly what’s happening this week. While it’s not uncommon for dust plumes to travel across the Atlantic Ocean, one particularly large dust cloud from the Sahara is passing through the Caribbean right now and heading for the southeastern US. Dan Kottlowski, AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist and lead hurricane expert, said, “According to scientists that I have gotten some information from, th...
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Saharan dust could bring fewer tropical storms, beautiful sunsets

Each summer, a large plume of dust can appear in the atmosphere above Africa's Sahara Desert and travel 5,000 miles across the Atlantic to the U.S..         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Saharan dust to bring fewer tropical storms, beautiful sunsets

Each summer, a large plume of dust can appear in the atmosphere above Africa's Sahara Desert — and travel 5,000 miles across the Atlantic to the U.S..         [Author: USA TODAY]
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Six ways to reduce your environmental impact

Over the last 50 years, human population has doubled, and global trade has increased ten-fold, drawing more deeply on Earth’s natural resources, warming the climate, and polluting the global environment. If current climate trends continue, a third of the global population will live in places warmer than the heart of the Sahara Desert 50 years from now. Given the likely migration response to these and other changes, today’s youth will likely experience massive environmental and societal shocks du...
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When Afrobeat Legend Fela Kuti Collaborated with Cream Drummer Ginger Baker

At the end of the 60s, superstar drummer and angriest man in rock Ginger Baker was on the verge of collapse. Strung out on heroin, deeply grieving Jimi Hendrix’s death, and alienated from his former Cream and Blind Faith bandmates, he needed a new direction. He found it in Nigeria, where he decamped after driving a Range Rover from Algeria across the Sahara Desert. (A madcap adventure captured in the 1971 documentary Ginger Baker in Africa). Once in Lagos, Baker started jamming with Afro...
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Climate change study on temperature

Climate change will hit more fiercely and quicker than expected, according to a new study from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, or PNAS. More than one billion people, and up to one-third of the world’s total population, could live in “insufferable heat” within 50 years. The study concluded that if emissions continue to worsen, areas where one-third of humanity lives will become as hot as the Sahara Desert. The study approaches climate change from a unique angle. Instead o...
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The most dangerous place on Earth 100 million years ago

A new study compiles a comprehensive record of a fossil-rich area of southeastern Morocco.Giant swimmers in a long-gone river system fed huge terrestrial and flying predators.The area was home to a diverse population best studied from afar. Set the Wayback Machine to 100 million years ago. Where do you want to go? Well, where you really don't want to go is the Sahara. According to the lead author of a new study of Cretaceous rock formations in southeastern Morocco, the region was "arguably the ...
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Greenery - Journeys in Springtime ~ Tim Dee

Every year we make a note of the date. Not the date when someone else sees a swallow in the village, but when our first one arrives and heads into the veranda knowing they are home. Variously April 28th, 15th, 17th, last year the 20th and this year Easter Sunday morning, April 12th but so far just the one.  We thought he/she had been here before because there's a little perch they have made their own. It's a tangled up bit of electric cable that we always meant to wire up to an outside light bu...
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How to Counter the Anxiety That You Feel Right Now

As a result of the coronavirus epidemic, the only thing that is on most people’s minds is their isolation and the sinking economy. This brings an anxiety which gets people feeling increasingly ungrounded. There is a growing need to counter these feelings that uncertainty triggers the longer the current “shelter in place” lasts. On the Small Business Radio Show this week, Margie Warrell draws on her background in Fortune 500 business, coaching and psychology to embolden people to lead themselves...
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Best architecture in Africa

Africa is big . Fifty-four countries big. Approximately 11.7 million square miles, or 20 percent of Earth’s land area, big. Around 1.3 billion people, 3,000 indigenous groups, and 2,000 languages big. To say nothing of its age, with a human history that began some 200,000 years ago and has since witnessed the rise and fall of countless empires, survived political wars and religious conflicts, experienced colonizations and reclamations of identity. Yet, despite its size and the individual herit...
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"Valley of a Thousand Kasbahs" From the Erg Chebbi to Ouarzazate

It was going to be difficult to top the great experiences we had in the Erg Chebbi on the previous day and night our first camel ride seeing the vivid sunset and moon rise from the crest of a red sand dune in the Sahara Desert a night sky full of sta
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Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears Trailer for Essie Davis Murder Mystery

Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears trailer: Essie Davis leads murder mystery Acorn TV has debuted the trailer for its first original feature film, Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears, which sees Essie Davis (The Babadook) return to the titular role alongside Nathan Page (The Secret Life of Us) and Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter) from the acclaimed series Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. The trailer can be viewed in the player below! Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears is set to premiere on Mond...
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Terrorism Threat in West Africa Soars as U.S. Weighs Troop Cuts

The Pentagon and the State Department are sending mixed messages about reducing America’s presence in a region bloodied by terrorist violence.
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Sandstorm Wreaks Havoc in Canary Islands

Red sands carried by winds from the Sahara have forced airports to close, leaving thousands stranded.
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Massive sandstorm strands travelers in Canary Islands

Travelers in the Canary Islands face continued disruption Monday morning following a massive sandstorm that blew in from the Sahara Desert over the weekend.
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Nigerian Governor Demands 100,000 Troops to Quell Insurgency

(Bloomberg) -- Nigeria must recruit 100,000 additional soldiers to end the long-running insurgency by the Islamist Boko Haram group, the governor of a state at the epicenter of the violence said.The militant group has inflicted “horrific and simultaneous attacks” in Borno state since March 2019, Governor Babagana Zulum said in a statement on Wednesday. “The military don’t have the manpower, they don’t have the equipment.”President Muhammadu Buhari won an in election in 2015 with pledges that inc...
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‘Be Wary of Authoritarian Regimes’: Pompeo Warns African Allies Not to Rely on China

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday cautioned African nations against allowing too much influence from China, saying an economic partnership with the U.S. would better serve the nations."Be wary of authoritarian regimes and their empty promises," Pompeo said in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, in a reference to China. Pompeo asserted cooperation with the U.S. represented a path toward "true liberation."The comments come days after China expelled three Wall Street Journal reporters from the country...
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Protein-Powered Device Creates Electricity From Moisture In the Air

Slashdot readers fahrbot-bot and operator_error share a report from Phys.Org: Scientists at the University of Massachusetts Amherst have developed a device that uses a natural protein to create electricity from moisture in the air, a new technology they say could have significant implications for the future of renewable energy, climate change and in the future of medicine. As reported today in Nature, the laboratories of electrical engineer Jun Yao and microbiologist Derek Lovley at UMass Amhers...
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Gunmen Kill at Least 24 at Church in Burkina Faso

There was no claim of responsibility for the attack at Sunday Mass, but jihadist groups have been trying to gain control of rural areas.
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Desert Empires: Wonders to Behold

Two hundred rare objects at the Metropolitan Museum trace the remarkable history and cultural heritage of kingdoms on the rim of the Sahara.
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Boko Haram Refugees Find Safety in Niger. But How Long Can the Country Remain a Safe Haven in the Sahel?

The gunshots began in the middle of the night late in 2018. Ali Bakara, a twenty-eight-year old mother of eight, was jolted awake. It was three o’clock in the morning in her village near Maiduguri, in northern Nigeria. “They kept shooting until nine o’clock,” she remembered. When it was finally safe to leave the house, Ali and her family saw smoldering homes, burned by militants. Her home state of Borno had long suffered from Islamist violence at the hands of Boko Haram and its offshoots...
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Air Pollution, Evolution, and the Fate of Billions of Humans

It’s not just a modern problem. Airborne toxins are so pernicious that they may have shaped our DNA over millions of years.
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Where to see ruins in Tunisia

Travelers make their way to Greece and Italy en masse to get their fill of archaeological sites, like Athens’ Acropolis and Rome’s Colosseum. But impressive ancient ruins are not just limited to those two nations; the vast Roman Empire extended all the way to the north of Britain, the Middle East, and North Africa, and left behind entire gorgeous cities packed with art. Tunisia, a sliver of North Africa wedged between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert is filled with Roman ruins that...
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Travel Tunes: Tinariwen—Kel Tinawen

The RV might be winterized and staying put until the spring thaw, but we're not. Now that I have the all clear from my cardiologist, my wife and are are planning a 20-day trip to Morocco. It'll be the first time that either of us has set foot on the African continent: With its French colonial influence and their King's tourist-friendly policies, it seems like a great place to dip our toes in the continent's waters. Plus, it's cities, country side deserts and mountains are absolutely stunning....
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14 Interesting Places to Visit in Morocco

Over two weeks we found a lot of interesting places to visit in Morocco, starting and ending in Casablanca. The “real trip” started in Marrakesh. From there we did a clockwise loop that took us over the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara Desert. Continuing, we drove southwest towards Icht where we could see Algeria off in the distance. Then we turned north and headed to Essaouira via numerous stops detailed below to complete the loop and finish at the Casablanca Airport. The coast north of Essaoui...
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