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Ring doorbell video captures man kidnapping Texas girl, 8

The kidnapping was caught on Ring doorbell video, showing the man pull up and take Salem from her mother's arms.
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In the conclusion of the dispute between my ancestor Roger Conant and his partners had with Francis Johnson, Roger presented a final argument to the court. Frederick Odell Conant reprinted that document in his book A History and Genealogy of the Conant Family in England and America, Thirteen Generations, 1520-1887:"ffor awnswer to mr. Johnsons declaration we desire the court and Jury to have knowledge"1 that as for the matter of these bills it was never denied, only on of them was lost 2 And as...
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Flowering cherry trees in Salem saved from chopping block

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A double row of flowering cherry trees in front of the Oregon State Capitol in Salem will not be chopped down. The Oregonian/OregonLive reports civil engineers determined that the roots of the cherry trees aren’t causing leaks in the state-owned Capitol Mall parking garage nearby. A report prepared by the engineers […]
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Recently a pair of beavers has been spotted building a lodge in the state park here in town. This was exciting because there have been no beavers here in about a century. Now I knew that at one time the survival of the settlers of Massachusetts depended to some extent on the trade in beaver pelts, and I wondered how many of my colonial ancestors may have taken an interest in that trade. Because of my recent research of my Conant ancestors I knew of at least one who did, Roger Conant.I found an a...
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Oregon Republicans and Democrats Kill Sweeping Gun Control Bill

Opinion In a deal to pass a major education package in Oregon, Democrats agreed to abandon a sweeping gun control measure, according to published reports. U.S.A. –-( Beaver State gun owners are breathing easier in the aftermath of a GOP legislative maneuver that saw state Senate Republicans return to the chamber floor this week to help pass a major education funding bill, because Democrats agreed to kill a sweeping gun control package in exchange, according to the Salem Statesm...
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OR Republicans & Dems Kill Gun Sweeping Control Bill in Education Deal

Opinion In a deal to pass a major education package in Oregon, Democrats agreed to abandon a sweeping gun control measure, according to published reports. U.S.A. –-( Beaver State gun owners are breathing easier in the aftermath of a GOP legislative maneuver that saw state Senate Republicans return to the chamber floor this week to help pass a major education funding bill, because Democrats agreed to kill a sweeping gun control package in exchange, according to the Salem Statesm...
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Officer wounded in Salem, Oregon, traffic stop shooting

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A police officer in Salem, Oregon, was shot and injured during a traffic stop and authorities are searching for the suspect. The shooting happened about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday. KOIN reports tactical and K-9 teams responded to help Oregon State Police troopers and Marion County Sheriff’s Office deputies in the search for […]
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My ancestor William Walton served Marblehead, Ma. for thirty years as minister and according to the town histories was a leader and well respected. But there were a few of his fellow citizens who held a different opinion about that. Two of those people were John Legg and his wife Elizabeth. It should be noted that the Leggs seemed to be in some conflict or another with the other townsfolk and frequently were in the Essex Quarterly Court on charges. Such was the case in the court session held in ...
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Men accused in Salem shootings ordered held without bail

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A judge has ordered two suspects accused of killing two Salem men and shooting a woman held without bail. The Statesman Journal reports that during their arraignment Thursday, the mother of one of the victims tearfully asked Judge Jennifer Gardiner to not release the men suspected of killing her son, calling […]
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Ore. Republicans to shut down Senate over tax on businesses

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Senate Republicans in Oregon have fled Salem to avoid a Tuesday vote on a $1 billion per-year funding package for schools. Senate Minority Leader Herman Baertschiger told reporters Monday that Republicans have been left out of the school funding conversation and that they are opposed to the proposed half a percent […]
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No paint, no problem: Oregon passes bike lane clarification bill

This language will now exist in Oregon law. (Photo: J. Maus/BikePortland) “The rules of the road just got clearer today.” That’s the statement from The Street Trust Executive Director Jillian Detweiler upon hearing House Bill 2682 passed the Senate today by a vote of 20-0 (with 8 absent and 2 excused), clearing its last hurdle before being signed into law by Governor Kate Brown. The bill adds language to Oregon’s definition of a bicycle lane (ORS 801.155) to clarify that a lane still legally ex...
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1 injured in Salem fire

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — At least one person was taken to the hospital with critical injuries after a fire tore through an apartment building in Salem, Oregon. KOIN reports that the fire started around 3:45 a.m. Monday. Deputies were met with huge flames when they arrived on scene. While the flames appear to be out, […]
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My 7x great grandfather Luke Perkins Jr.'s wife was  Martha Conant, grandaughter of Roger Conant. a founding father of Salem and Beverly, Ma,, and of William Walton, a leading citizen of Marblehead, Ma.I have a double descent from Roger Conant.  On the Ellingwood side of the family I'm descended from Roger's daughter Sarah, who married John Leach. On the Dunham side I'm descended from Roger's son Lot Conant. This means my 2x great grandparents Asa Ellingwood and Florilla Dunham were 6th cousins....
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Despite Self-Congratulations NW Anti-Gunners Haven’t Stopped Violent Crime

Efforts by gun control advocates in the Pacific Northwest haven't stopped bad people from committing violent crimes, while ratcheting down on the rights of law-abiding citizens. (Dave Workman) U.S.A. –-( “This year in Washington (state),” the self-congratulatory email from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America’s Washington chapter read, “our volunteers made their voices heard.” But those voices could not drown out the ten gun shots heard on a dramatic 911 audio released by...
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Man gets 30 years in prison for Walmart parking lot shooting

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — An Oregon man has been sentenced to 30 years and one month in prison for shooting a man in the face in a Walmart parking lot. The Statesman Journal reports Jerry Borrego of Salem was sentenced Monday after a jury found him guilty of two counts of attempted aggravated murder, first-degree […]
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After account hacks, Twitch streamers take security into their own hands

Twitch has an account hacking problem. After the breach of popular browser game Town of Salem in January, some 7.8 million stolen passwords quickly became the weakest link not only for the game but gamers’ other accounts. The passwords were stored using a long-deprecated scrambling algorithm, making them easily cracked. It didn’t take long for security researcher and gamer Matthew Jakubowski to see the aftermath. In the weeks following, the main subreddit for Amazon-owned game streaming site ...
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Satanic Temple gets tax-exempt church status from IRS

Gustave Dore's 1866 engraving of Satan falling from Heaven for John Milton's "Paradise Lost." (Wikimedia Commons photo) Tax-exempt organizations became a landmine for the Internal Revenue Service in 2013. In May of that year, a Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration report determined that the agency had used questionable tactics in reviewing applications by self-described social welfare organizations seeking the favorable 501(c)(4) tax-exempt status. You may remember it as the ...
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Pop! Disney – Hocus Pocus

From the classic 1993 Disney Film Hocus Pocus (and produced by Funko), comes the new Pop! Disney - Hocus Pocus series of three witches. The infamous Sanderson sisters are taking a break from terrorizing Salem to bring their entertaining witchcraft to new venues, preferably locations with children. Bring home Pop! Sarah Sanderson with a spider, the magical and authoritative Pop! Winnifred Sanderson holding a spell, and Pop! Mary Sanderson with cheese puffs. You can currently pick up the trio ...
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The Greatest Beer Run Ever Being Adapted by Peter Farrelly

The Greatest Beer Run Ever being adapted by Peter Farrelly Peter Farrelly (Green Book) is set to write and direct The Greatest Beer Run Ever (working title), based on the novel The Greatest Beer Run Ever: A True Story of Friendship Stronger Than War by Joanna Molloy and John “Chickie” Donohue, TheWrap has confirmed. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; ...
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James Wan and IT Writer Gary Dauberman to Adapt Salem’s Lot

James Wan and IT writer Gary Dauberman to adapt Salem’s Lot Get ready for another dose of Stephen King, boys and girls. According to Deadline, James Wan and IT writer Gary Dauberman are set to adapt Salem’s Lot, King’s 1975 horror novel. In the text, Author Ben Mears returns to ‘Salem’s Lot to write a book about a house that has haunted him since childhood only to find his isolated hometown infested with vampires. While the vampires claim more victims, Mears convinces a small group of belie...
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Wild Rumors About a Surprising Major Cameo in The Rise of Skywalker

James Wan wants to bring Salem’s Lot to life. Director Rodney Rothman says the Spider-Verse animated world isn’t done with Olivia Octavius just yet. Get a beardy new look at Robert Eggers’ follow-up to The Witch. Plus, what’s to come on The Flash. May the spoilers be with you!Read more...
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‘Salem’s Lot’ Movie Coming From James Wan and Gary Dauberman

The Stephen King adaptation renaissance continues, as James Wan and Gary Dauberman plan a visit to ‘Salem’s Lot. Based on King’s second novel, ‘Salem’s Lot follows a small Maine town that quickly becomes overrun by vampires. The book was adapted twice before into TV miniseries, but this will be the first big screen take on the book. Despite its popularity, Stephen King’s ‘Salem’s Lot has never had a feature film adaptation…until now. Gary Dauberman, who wrote Conjuring Universe films Annabel...
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Oregon measure tackles racially biased 911 calls

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — A black Oregon lawmaker who had the police called on her while she was campaigning is now sponsoring a bill that would allow people in similar situations to sue the caller. The House voted 57-1 Tuesday to allow victims of those calls to file a small claims lawsuit up to $250. […]
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Here’s why I think we should change stop sign laws for bicycle users

KATU’s Steve Dunn and I in an interview that aired over the weekend. Watch video below. Bicycles and cars are vastly different types of vehicles and our laws should do more to reflect that. That’s just one of many reasons I strongly support Senate Bill 998 currently working its way through the Oregon Legislature. The bill would allow bicycle users to treat stop signs and flashing red signals as yield signs (also known as “Idaho Stop” for a similar law on the books in Idaho for over 30 years)....
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 My 7x great grandfather moved around a bit. He was a blacksmith and farmer, and he had thegreat good sense to marry the daughter of Roger Conant, one of the founding fathers of Salem, Ma.Here's a brief biographical sketch from Volume 3 of Representative Men and Old Families of Southeastern Massachusetts : (III) Luke Perkins (2), son of Luke, was born March 18, 1667. He married May 31, 1688, Martha, born Aug. 16, 1664, daughter of Lot and Elizabeth (Walton) Conant. Mr. Perkins lived in Ma...
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Capitol Galleria event will mark 10th birthday of Oregon Scenic Bikeways program

The idea was simple: Codify a network of Oregon’s best cycling routes into state law so that people could access a Cycle Oregon-like experience for free, any time. It took about five years for the idea to materialize, with the first official public hearings in early 2008. The first one — the 135-mile Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway — was designated in summer 2009 and today there are 17 of them scattered throughout the state. The 1,253 miles of routes are vetted by a committee, signed, and...
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chamber music ftw*

There has been a lot of chamber music in my life lately, and that isn’t likely to change soon. And that’s a very good thing! Last Sunday, the Arnica String Quartet played our first concert with founding cellist Heather Blackburn back in her rightful spot. It was for the wonderful Camerata Musica series in Salem, … Continue reading "chamber music ftw*"
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Bill that clarifies existence of bike lanes through intersections passes committee

The paint ends, the lanes don’t. Despite confusion from some lawmakers that led to an unexpectedly lengthy discussion prior to the vote, House Bill 2682 passed the Joint Committee on Transportation yesterday by a tally of 7-3. I’ve described this bill as a no-brainer; but because it involves bicycling, you just never know what some Oregon legislators will get hung up on. I was amazed at how much consternation and discussion this simple housekeeping bill received in committee yesterday. “The a...
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Driver, passenger die when delivery truck strikes pole

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Two people died when a delivery truck crashed northeast of Salem. The Salem Statesman Journal reports a driver and passenger crashed shortly before 3 a.m. Saturday. Marion County emergency officials responding to reports of the crash found the delivery truck on its side. The truck had struck a utility pole. Deputies […]
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