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The Daily Stream: Disclosure Should Be Mandatory Film Education

(Welcome to The Daily Stream, an ongoing series in which the /Film team shares what they've been watching, why it's worth checking out, and where you can stream it.)The Movie: "Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen"Where You Can See It: NetflixThe Pitch: Hollywood has a historically terrible relationship with the transgender community, and there is a direct correlation between the way the transgender community is depicted in entertainment and the general public's understanding of what it means to be...
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‘Disclosure’ Filmmakers Honored by City of West Hollywood

The filmmakers behind the Netflix documentary “Disclosure” were presented with an official proclamation from the City of West Hollywood by Mayor Lindsey Horvath on Wednesday night. Director Sam Feder and executive producer Laverne Cox received the honor during the City of West Hollywood’s Human Right Speakers series. In addition to Feder and Cox, other panelists […]
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The things Hollywood taught us to think about trans existences

Disclosure, a Netflix documentary examines the world's transphobic legacy as portrayed in film and television from as early as 1901 The post The things Hollywood taught us to think about trans existences appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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‘Disclosure’ on Netflix: Film Review

When movies work their magic, the screen becomes a kind of mirror, reflecting dimensions of our identities or experience back to us in profound and emotional ways. When the characters aren’t so familiar, it serves as more of a window, offering insight into the lives of those who are different from ourselves. Now imagine how […]
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Trans man gets ‘brilliant’ show of support from Catholic college after coming out

You don’t necessarily connote Catholicism with LGBTQ+ allyship, but a British 20-year-old said he got an upswell of support from his Catholic college after he came out as transgender. Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Ben Hodge explained that he identified as non-binary earlier in life but came out as transgender around the time he started his sixth form year at Carmel College. Related: Roomies surprise trans woman with the most touching gift one day after she comes out AdBridg.cmd.push(function...
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‘Disclosure’ director Sam Feder on the complicated history of trans representation

Director Sam Feder In 2014, Time magazine broke new ground by featuring Laverne Cox on its cover–the first for any transgender person. The magazine heralded the moment as “The Transgender Tipping Point.” Six years on, director Sam Feder aims to fulfill that declaration, and uncover the veiled history behind it. Feder’s newest film, Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen follows in the tradition of movies like The Celluloid Closet, tracing the evolution of transgender images in film and television ...
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Transgender Activists Scoff at Idea of Voting for Pete Buttigieg

During an interview at the Variety Studio at the Sundance Film Festival, a panel of transgender activists — who appear in director Sam Feder’s documentary “Disclosure: Trans Lives on Screen,” which premiered at the festival — scoffed at the idea of voting for Pete Buttigieg. When asked whom they’ll vote for as the primaries approach, […]
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This Is Why Representation Of Transgender Lives In Film Matters

When it comes to transgender representations in film, Hollywood’s report card doesn’t look good. Even films as recent as 2015’s The Danish Girl employ long-abused tropes. In fact, trans filmmaker Sam Feder, who prefers to be identified with gender-neutral pronouns, can’t name a single mainstream film in the past century that hasn’t made them cringe. And Feder would know — they’re currently sifting through the depths of American film to compile a comprehensive guide to trans cinema throughout hi...
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