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‘Forests are not renewable’: the felling of Sweden’s ancient trees

Nearly 70% of Sweden is forested but many environmentalists and indigenous Sami reindeer herders argue that the Swedish model of clearing old-growth forests and planting monoculture plantations is bad for biodiversity. Photographer Marcus Westberg has captured the forestry industry’s impact on the landscape in the north of the country Continue reading...
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Zwischen Schwarz & Weiß: Warum ihr in der Familie über Hautfarbe sprechen solltet

Viele Menschen nehmen mittlerweile die Haltung, die Reni Eddo-Lodge in ihrem Bestseller Warum ich nicht länger mit Weißen über Hautfarbe spreche vertritt, ein. Schwarze Menschen auf der ganzen Welt haben sich vorgenommen, nicht länger die Last auf sich zu nehmen, anderen die Hintergründe und Zusammenhänge ihrer Unterdrückung erklären zu müssen. Ihrer Meinung nach liegt es in der Verantwortung derjenigen, die von White Supremacy profitieren, sich Wissen anzueignen, um solche repressiven Systeme d...
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One in three Covid-19 survivors suffers ‘brain disease,’ study finds

By Ryan Prior | CNN As many as one in three people infected with Covid-19 have longer term mental health or neurological symptoms, researchers reported Tuesday. They found 34% of Covid-19 survivors received a diagnosis for a neurological or psychological condition within six months of their infection, according to the study published Tuesday in the journal Lancet Psychiatry. The most common diagnosis was anxiety, found in 17% of those treated for Covid-19, followed by mood disorders, found in 1...
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1 In 3 COVID-19 Survivors Suffers ‘Brain Disease,’ Study Finds

(CNN) — A major study published Tuesday suggests as many as one in three people infected with Covid-19 are left with longer term mental health or neurological symptoms. Researchers found that 34% of coronavirus survivors received a diagnosis for a neurological or psychological condition within six months of infection, according to the research published in the journal Lancet Psychiatry. The most common diagnosis was anxiety, found in 17% of those treated for Covid-19, followed by mood disorders,...
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Mariko is back and running....finally!

A recap of the last two weeks or so.Last week:I got Mariko back with a new fuel filter, the mechanic thought the old one had caused the issues which had prompted me to return the Sami to them for another look.  Basically, symptoms reflecting haphazard fuel flow.Some maintenance related items were done, such are replacing the spark plugs it came with. These same plugs had been black with soot! You'll note the above old plugs look pretty good in terms of color.  Before, when the engine had be...
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How creating wildlife crossings can help reindeer, bears – and even crabs

Sweden’s announcement this week that it is to build a series of animal bridges is the latest in global efforts to help wildlife navigate busy roads Every April, Sweden’s main highway comes to a periodic standstill. Hundreds of reindeer overseen by indigenous Sami herders shuffle across the asphalt on the E4 as they begin their journey west to the mountains after a winter gorging on the lichen near the city of Umeå. As Sweden’s main arterial road has become busier, the crossings have become incre...
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Mariko is back and running....

 So, a bit over a week at the shop and I was able to retrieve Mariko yesterday.I had actually been able to retrieve her on Monday, but she acted strangely when I started driving her home from the mechanic's shop.I showed the mechanic the symptoms and he felt it was probably either very low on gas or something with the fuel filter.  So I went back home, riding in Thing Two's truck, very disappointed.Wednesday afternoon, I get a call from the shop and they said the Sami is ready!  Two different pe...
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Välimäki crowned Sir Henry Cotton Rookie of the Year

Sami Välimäki. Picture: Getty Images Sami Välimäki has become the first Finnish player to be named the European Tour’s Sir Henry Cotton Rookie of the Year after an impressive 2020 campaign which included a maiden win at March’s Oman Open and culminated in a top five finish at the season-ending Rolex Series event, the DP World Tour Championship, Dubai....
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Wednesday: What’s Hot on CanLII

Each Wednesday we tell you which three English-language cases and which French-language case have been the most viewed* on CanLII and we give you a small sense of what the cases are about. For this last week: 1. Quebec (Attorney General) v. 9147-0732 Québec inc., 2020 SCC 32 (CanLII) [1] This appeal requires this Court to decide whether s. 12 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects corporations from cruel and unusual treatment or punishment. Like our colleagues, we conclude that ...
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A normal tourist map, "but everything is negative"

Your standard tourist map is irrepressibly positive about its location—but not this one.Norwegian activist/artist Markus Moestue reveals the dark and shameful sides of Oslo.He hopes his 'Critical Tourist Map' will inspire others to reveal the dark side of their cities. "Only negative stuff about Oslo" Tourism is a conspiracy of euphemisms. Visitors only want to see the best parts of the places they visit. And the places they visit only want to show them their nicest bits. But now, Norwegian...
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Roseville Boy, 10, Finds Happiness During Pandemic In Local Motivational Speaker

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SAA bailout raises more questions

As the government continues to grapple with the troubles facing the airline, it would do well to keep on eye on the impending Denel implosion The post SAA bailout raises more questions appeared first on The Mail & Guardian.
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'Viking' was likely a job title among diverse people, says DNA study

A team of international researchers spent years analyzing the DNA of 442 people, most of whom lived during the Viking age.It's the largest DNA analysis of Viking remains to date.The results show that Vikings were more genetically diverse than previously thought. In the late 8th century, a seafaring people from modern-day Scandinavia began to earn the name víkingr, which meant "pirate" in early Scandinavian languages. Today, Vikings are often thought of as barbaric blonde-haired invaders who vio...
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'If I die, that is OK': the Calais refugees with nowhere to turn

Why asylum seekers are resorting to desperate measures to reach the ‘better, fairer’ UK Sami was on a beach near Calais, crying, when Claire Moseley found him. The charity worker got a text asking for help and went to collect him in the early hours of the morning.He and three friends, one of them only 17, had pooled their money to buy a three-seater kayak from the sports retailer Decathlon to try to make the arduous 20-mile journey to Britain, as 4,000 others have successfully done this year. Co...
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REinvent Kicks Off Pre-Sales on Hot New Scandi Drama ‘Outlier’ (EXCLUSIVE)

REinvent, the banner launched by TrustNordisk’s former CEO Rikke Ennis, has come on board “Outlier,” a female-led crime thriller set in Arctic wilderness amid the Sami community. The eight-part series was created by Arne Berggren, the award-winning Norwegian novelist, playwright and rock musician, and Kristine Berg, the duo behind “The River” (“Elven), “The Dead Ones,” […]
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Which Test cricketer was the biggest burden to their side?

Not every cricketer is great, or good, or useful. This begs a question. Who routinely contributed the least to their team? Which Test cricketer was the biggest burden? Back in November, we took a look at the worst Test bowling averages of all time. As you might imagine, quite a lot of the contenders were part-timers. You can bowl very badly and still be well worth a place in a Test team purely on the strength of your batting. You can also be a poor bowler and offset your inadequacies to ...
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Little Free Libraries become free pantries to help neighbors affected by coronavirus

Little Free Libraries are meant to bring people together — a goal that may seem to run counter to the social distancing that’s now being enforced throughout California. But for some, that problem inspired another solution. Carol Wohlk, left, adds a box of tissues to Sami and Mia’s Library, which has been converted to a food pantry during the coronavirus crisis as neighbor Judith Nelson looks on in 11200 block of Yearling Street in Riverside on Saturday, March 28, 2020. (Photo by Watchara Ph...
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Being At The End Of The World

Day 6 of our cruise of the Arctic Circle with MS Kong Harald and we sailed through Oksfjord and Hammerfest during the night. After breakfast there's a Point of Interest talk on Deck 7 as we sail through Mageroysundet about the Sami people and reindeers
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The Rise of Palestinian Food

Cookbook authors and chefs are arguing for their nation’s place at the table — to chronicle recipes, safeguard ingredients and assert a sense of humanity.
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Mezcla's Jazz Fusion Debut Offers Hits and Misses for Bandleader David Bowden

But, on other songs, the band don't fall on formula, the tried and tired and true, as much as they stop slightly short of work that's truly inspiring. Guitarist Ben MacDonald redeems himself a bit on the closing track, but early in the record, he is muted and hesitant to the point of barely registering. On "Volta", the record's second track, there's a bongo- and bass-assisted shimmy that begs for a scorching guitar lead. MacDonald lurks quietly somewhere in the background. Lost opportunity. "S...
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How to experience Sámi culture

Geographically, Arctic Europe makes up the majority of the land traditionally inhabited by Europe’s only indigenous people: the Sámi. A Finno-Ugric people, the Sámis have historically lived off the land by hunting wild reindeer and fish and later herding reindeer. They have lived in Northern Europe for thousands of years, before it was colonized and referred to as the countries we know today; Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Although Sápmi — the land of the Sámis — stretches south of the ...
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Natasha Denona Charlotte, Liron, Sami Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Charlotte (1B) Natasha Denona Charlotte (1B) I Need a Nude Lipstick ($25.00 for 0.14 oz.) is a medium-dark peach with strong, warm yellow-orange undertones and a cream finish. It seemed to have very fine pearl throughout, but it didn’t look traditionally shimmery or frosted. The texture was lightweight, creamy, and smooth with light slip but felt slightly denser in the tube, though it didn’t drag or tug during application. It had...
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Saving an indigenous language from extinction

The Sami are the only officially recognised indigenous people in the EU and some of their languages are on the brink of extinction.
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Iraqi refugee sets sights on Paralympics

Four years after reaching Greece on a journey that took him from war-torn Mosul to Athens via Turkey, Sami is hoping to bag a spot to compete in fencing at Tokyo 2020. Sami, who was left with a permanent limp in his right leg after a medical mistake at an Iraqi hospital when he was three, has spent the past two years training to be a wheelchair fencer. He has competed internationally this year and is now hopeful he could be selected.
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The worst Test bowling averages of all time

Who has the worst Test bowling average of all time? This is, on the face of it, a very simple question. There are, however, two different answers, neither of which get to the nub of why the question is interesting in the first place. Answer 1: Bangladesh’s Naeem Islam averaged 303. He took one Test wicket. Answer 2: Bangladesh’s Anwar Hossain Monir conceded 307 runs without taking a wicket. Anwar Hossain Monir’s is clearly the worst performance. We aren’t quite sure wh...
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Meghan McCain was just made an official Ru Girl and people are pissed

People are not happy with Monét X Change and Nina West appearing on The View this week to celebrate Meghan McCain’s 35th birthday. The queens stopped by to surprise McCain, who is John McCain’s daughter (in case anyone forgot), with a birthday cake, a pair of autographed pink rhinestone cowboy boots, and a RuPaul’s Drag Race statuette. “We thought it would only be appropriate if we made you an official Ru girl and gave you your very own,” Nina said as she presented McCain with the coveted statu...
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Natasha Denona I Need a Nude Lipstick Swatches

Natasha Denona I Need a Nude Lipstick ($25.00 for 0.14 oz.) debuted a month or so ago with 18 shades that are categorized by undertone (there are four). You’ll find swatches of all of the shades in this post! I Need a Nude Lipsticks Gallery Options Products Swatches ...
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Maple Leafs’ Kapanen Trying to Stay Positive

BOSTON — Playoff success came early for Kasperi Kapanen. The Maple Leafs winger scored twice — including the overtime winner — in his second NHL post-season appearance in Game 2 against the Washington Capitals two years ago. Then with Toronto and Boston tied in the second period of Game 7 last spring, the speedster outmuscled Brad Marchand before moving in on a short-handed breakaway and deftly deking Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask to briefly put the Leafs up 4-3. In these playoffs, however,...
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Leafs winger Kasperi Kapanen trying to stay positive despite offensive struggles

BOSTON — Playoff success came early for Kasperi Kapanen.The Maple Leafs winger scored twice — including the overtime winner — in his second NHL post-season appearance in Game 2 against the Washington Capitals two years ago.Then with Toronto and Boston tied in the second period of Game 7 last spring, the speedster outmuscled Brad Marchand before moving in on a short-handed breakaway and deftly deking Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask to briefly put the Leafs up 4-3.In these playoffs, however, where the e...
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Untold stories of the Sami people: "Between two worlds" photographed by Joel Marklund

uncategorized Electronics & Technology Being a pro photographer from Sweden, Joel Marklund has always been fascinated... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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