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LG's Dual Screen V60 Is So Charming, I Don't Mind Its Flaws

Life is getting weirder and scarier, and we’re clinging to what we can for happiness. In some of us, that comfort is found in gadgets, and my current comfort gadget is the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. It is so damn cool it makes me forget what’s going on outside, just for a few seconds. Yet as hard as it was to leave this…Read more...
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Apple AirPods, Samsung Galaxy Buds on sale starting at $110 — but not for long

Nothing's more optimized for iPhones than the AirPods 1 or 2, and if you've got a Samsung Galaxy phone the Galaxy Buds work best for it.
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How about a smartphone with dual camera and a $109 price tag? Thanks, Samsung.

Why spend $1,000 and more for top of the line Samsung Galaxy S phones when the As are so much cheaper? You get more power and better design.         [Author: USA TODAY]
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How to trim a video on your Android device using the built-in Gallery app

You can trim a video on your Android using the built-in Gallery app, which makes it easy to trim videos so you only have to watch, share, and post the good stuff. When you trim a video in Android, you will not lose the footage you cut out, but rather create a new video that consists of the trimmed clip you created. For more video editing options, look for third-party apps from the Google Play Store like FilmoraGo or Adobe Premiere Clip. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. So ...
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How to block unknown numbers on your Android in 4 steps

You can easily block all unknown numbers on your Android, potentially saving you hours of frustration dealing with spam calls over the years. You can also block any specific number on a case-by-cases basis, and unblocking numbers is quick and easy. Some Android devices do not offer quite so easy a blanket unknown call block option, but you can download a third-party app that can help. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. I get an average of 12 phone calls a day, and 75% of the...
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The best gaming phones

We have swiped and tapped our way to countless victories, and even more losses, on several smartphones to find the best gaming phones currently available. There can be only one champion, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is our pick for the best gaming phone you can buy in 2020.  Mobile gaming has a long history that dates back almost 30 years to classic games like "Tetris" and "Snake", but recent advances in processing power and screen technology have elevated it to new heights. With the best...
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How to record audio on an Android using a built-in app on your device

You can record audio on Android using an easy-to-use built-in audio recording app on most devices, though the exact app tends to differ device to device. You can download any number of third-party audio recording apps from the Google Play Store, and many offer more advanced features than the native app that came with your phone. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In my adult years, my handwriting has gotten steadily worse, so I almost exclusively always turn to my computer ...
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The best Samsung Galaxy deals for April 2020

Here's an up-to-date list of the best deals to be found right now on previous Samsung Galaxy smartphones.
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Save $200 on an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S20 or S20+ Today

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 and S20+ smartphones are on sale at various retailers today for $200 less than normal, though some have deals reaching as much as $280 off. Read more...
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Samsung Galaxy S20+ vs OnePlus 7T Pro: Which is best?

A pricey, perk-packed Plus or the "budget flagship" alternative?
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Samsung Galaxy S20 vs Apple iPhone 11: Which is best?

Can Samsung's latest Galaxy top our current favourite handset?
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iPhone fans should be excited that Apple might add a 'periscope' camera lens to iPhones in 2022 — check out these photos taken with another phone's periscope lens

The iPhone that Apple is expected to release in 2022 is rumored to come with a "periscope"-style camera that could dramatically boost the quality of zoom photos compared to today's iPhones with standard zoom cameras. Samsung added a periscope-zoom lens to its $1,400 Galaxy S20 Ultra in 2020, which should give you an idea of what to expect if Apple's 2022 iPhone comes with a periscope-zoom lens. I took some photos from the tallest buildings in New York City (before the coronavirus pandemic) wit...
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Newly Released Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone For $799.99 Shipped From Amazon After $200 Price Drop!

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Factory Unlocked Smartphone For $799.99 Shipped From Amazon After $200 Price Drop! Available in Cloud Pink, Cosmic Gray, or Cloud Blue. This phone was just released and has never sold for less than $999.99 from Amazon! Power of 5G: Get next-level power for everything you love to do with Samsung Galaxy […]
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Huawei P30 Pro: Which is best?

An epic battle for camera zoom supremacy
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Get a Refurbished Samsung Galaxy S10+ for $450, Galaxy S9 and Pixel 3 for $240 at Woot

Refurbished Android Phones Starting at $60 | Woot
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Apple iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S10 on sale with up to $210 off at Amazon

Snag either Samsung's Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S9 or the Apple iPhone XS or iPhone XR while they're up to $210 off.
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Samsung's new Galaxy Buds Plus don't offer noise cancellation, but their comfortable fit and affordable price still make them an excellent pair of everyday earbuds

  The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are one of the most comfortable in-ear true wireless headphone sets you can buy, mostly thanks to the many customization options in the box Everything sounds good when listened to over the Galaxy Buds Plus, and a new app that works with iOS and Android provides more control over the audio. Long battery life means that if you use the Galaxy Buds Plus for a couple of hours each day, they'll last for almost two weeks before the earbuds and case need a recharge. Ther...
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The best Samsung Galaxy S10 cases and covers

If you've paid for a Galaxy S10, then you'll want to protect it. Check out the best Samsung Galaxy S10 cases.
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The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is tough to find right now — unless you win one from us!

If you want to see why CNN is calling the Flip “the best foldable smartphone,” just enter and win The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 256GB Giveaway and you can find out for yourself.
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Best Buy drops huge discounts on these Motorola, LG, and Samsung smartphones

The Moto G7 Power, LG Stylo 5, and Samsung Galaxy A50 have quality screens, fast internal hardware, and good camera systems.
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The sleek foldable phones of the future are useless if battery life and durability aren't improved

Foldable smartphones are getting most of the attention from tech enthusiasts and the media, and I don't blame them. Foldable smartphones are interesting — if flawed, for now.  But it feels like we've forgotten 2 of the most basic problems we're still having with regular smartphones: battery life and durability.  Despite innovations, smartphones have only lasted about a day before needing to charge. Battery technology is in dire need of innovation.  Glass smartphone screens and glass backs can ...
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The best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus cases and covers

Whether you're after a clear case, a wallet, or rugged cover, here are the best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus cases.
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10 settings to change on your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Make the brilliant Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra even better with our advice on settings to tweak for best results.
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T-Mobile Tuesday Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G in this week’s T-Mobile Tuesday giveaway. 5G connectivity is one of the big additions to the Galaxy S20 lineup. You have one week to enter... Click to read more...
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Watch the newest commercials on TV from Samsung, Verizon, Nintendo and more

Verizon helps hype the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.
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5 things I like — and 5 things I don't like — about Samsung's latest $1,400 Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone

I've spent a little over a week with the Galaxy S20 Ultra, and I love this phone. At the same time, I better love this phone, considering its $1,400 price tag.  I've loved its large screen, great battery life, fast charger, and excellent camera. I wish Samsung offered the Galaxy S20 Ultra in more colors, and more than anything, that it didn't cost $1,400.  The 100x zoom that can be achieved with the Galaxy S20 Ultra is a bad gimmick, and no one should buy it for that feature.  The fast 5G netw...
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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, le smartphone pliable aux multiples innovations

Le Samsung Galaxy Z Flip est un smartphone pliable, qui démontre les avancées dans le domaine portées par Samsung. Un petit bijou futuriste qui cartonne déjà, malgré un prix de vente très élevé ! L'article Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, le smartphone pliable aux multiples innovations a été rédigé par Mika pour NWE / NOWHEREELSE.FR.
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Here are the first 10 things you should do on your brand new Samsung Galaxy S20 phone

I tweaked 10 different things on the stock Galaxy S20 to make the phone look and work better. Out of the box, Samsung's default settings don't take full advantage of its own capabilities, like the super smooth 120Hz screen. Many of these tweaks are aesthetic, so pick out the ones you like.  Others are functional and can give you a better experience with the Galaxy S20.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. One of the things I love about Android phones is how much control you g...
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The best Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus deals - £57/m w/100GB data on Three

Plus-size that Samsung Galaxy S20. Here are the best contract deals available for the S20 Plus!
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