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The Books That Samuel Beckett Read and Really Liked (1941-1956)

Samuel Beckett, Pic, 1" by Roger Pic. Via Wikimedia Commons Clad in a black turtleneck and with a shock of white hair, Samuel Beckett was a gaunt, gloomy high priest of modernism. After the 1955 premiere of Samuel Beckett’s play Waiting for Godot (watch him stage a performance here), Kenneth Tynan quipped, ''It has no plot, no climax, no denouement; no beginning, no middle and no end.'' From there, Beckett’s work only got more austere, bleak and despairing. His 1969 play Breath, for instance,...
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Samuel Beckett rejected as unsuitable for the Nobel prize in 1968

Newly released papers show the committee chairman’s doubts in 1968 whether a prize for the Irish author would be in the spirit of the awardSamuel Beckett won the Nobel prize for literature in 1969, but newly released archives reveal that just a year earlier, the secretive committee that selects the winners had raised serious concerns about whether his writing was consistent with the spirit of the award.In the words of Alfred Nobel’s will, the honour goes to an author who has written “the most ou...
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'Rock star — historic Foxrock continues to shine

Foxrock Golf Club If you’re ever asked what Mungo Park, Harry Colt, John O’Leary and the playwright Samuel Beckett had in common, you can confidently point them in the direction of the sylvan beauty that is Foxrock Golf Club in the leafy Dublin suburbs.The club celebrated its 125th anniversary this year — its quasquicentennial  — and what stories the walls of the old clubhouse cou...
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Alvin Epstein, One Of America’s Great Classical Stage Actors, Dead At 93

He was Marcel Marceau’s assistant in his U.S. debut tour, played the Fool to Orson Welles’s Lear, was a founding member of both Yale Rep and American Rep Theatre, and acted in everything from the Greeks to Shakespeare to Brecht and Weill. But he made his biggest mark in the plays of Samuel Beckett. — The New York Times
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A List of Weird Facts

Helmed by someone with a knack for asking good questions & telling interesting stories and followed by nearly 100,000 people who have fascinating tales to tell, Nicole Cliffe’s Twitter account is an internet gem. Last night, Cliffe tweeted “Tell me your fav weird fact” and the replies kept me busy for quite awhile. Here are a few of my favorites: “The low German (plauttdeutch) word for vacuum is Huulbessen. Literally translated it means Screaming Broom.” [email protected] “From the time it was disco...
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György Kurtág’s “Samuel Beckett: Fin de partie” at La Scala

[Ed. note: Former S21 contributor, member, and friend David Salvage has in the last couple years pulled up his U.S. tent pegs and landed in Italy. He’s offered up his review of the latest György Kurtág premiere last month at La Scala.] …………………………………………………. After decades of prodding, false starts, intense study, delays, and, finally, seven years of composing, György Kurtág, at age ninety-two, has written his first opera. For its subject matter, he has chosen Samuel Beckett’s Endgame, a play he ...
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Guns or Knives Wins Grand Prix at IMC European Awards 2018

Guns or Knives’ Samsung campaign has been awarded the Grand Prix at the 2018 IMC European Awards alongside seven other awards. Four for ‘A Song for the City’ and an additional three awards for its Click&Go ‘Click & Gone’ campaign.The IMC European Awards are organised by the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) and its Integrated Marketing Communications Council Europe 'IMCC Europe'The winning campaign by Guns or Knives was created to promote the new Samsung Galaxy Note8. ‘A S...
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"Well, now, there’s Buster Keaton. I thought he was visually thrilling, and very sophisticated: more about women than about men. He lets you read a lot into things."

"You’re left with so much to decide. And then there was a woman in Santa Ana, an incredible woman, an artist. She was mysterious. She loved a lot of things that weren’t yet open to me. And then, gosh, a woman I met once when I was looking for an apartment who claimed that her husband had invented the tea bag. . . Well. And then my family. We’re very close to each other. My sister Dorrie looks like an Eskimo. And then Woody, of course."So said Diane Keaton, in 1978, when The New Yorker's Penelope...
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Theater review: The sense of self takes over the stage in the Geffen’s ‘Hughie’ and ‘Krapp’s Last Tape’

Two classic pieces of theatrical literature exploring our sense of self take the stage at Geffen Playhouse through mid-December. Eugene O’Neill’s “Hughie” and Samuel Beckett’s “Krapp’s Last Tape” are well-paired to reflect the human need for communication, as the characters at their center in essence talk to themselves, although another voice appears onstage with them. In the smaller Audrey Skirball Kenis Theater at the Geffen, the audience is as close as can be to the star of both plays, Brian ...
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Waiting for Godot - The Messages Still Resonate

Reviewed by Judd Hollander “Extraordinary the tricks that memory plays”, a character exclaims in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. One would be hard pressed to find a truer statement. Especially here, as recollections play a central part in this classic tragicomedy. The work being given a very fine revival by Druid Theatre as part of Lincoln Center ’s White Light Festival. As the show begins, Vladimir (Marty Rea) and Estragon (Aaron Monaghan) are standing in a rather e...
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The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Existentialist

At the end of the second world war, Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre launched the “existentialist offensive,” an ambitious campaign to shape a new cultural and political landscape. The word ‘existentialism’ was a popular neologism with no clear meaning. They wanted to profit from its media currency by making their philosophy its definition.Sartre’s talk “Existentialism is a Humanism” was an instant legend. The venue was packed, the crowd spilling into the street. Furniture got broken. Peo...
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A 92-Year-Old Composer’s First Opera Is His ‘Endgame’

The career of Gyorgy Kurtag, one of the last living giants of 20th-century music, is culminating in an adaptation of Samuel Beckett’s play.
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2016 review of the year: part 1

As we approach the end of the year, its time to look back and do a review of our favourite posts from 2016. We've done another 102 blog posts this year, two a week, every week, like we have since the blog started back in 2006. Phew. So, here are our top posts of 2016 from January to June, with July to December to follow in the next post. Jan: Why we need to learn to "fail better" This was one of our slightly 'off-piste' posts that looks beyond brands and business to life in general. The pos...
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Stephen Rea: ‘No matter how much they enforce Brexit, British identity is dwindling’

The actor reveals deep-rooted passions as he talks about his role in Cyprus Avenue, what he learned from Samuel Beckett, Brexit and the TroublesThere is a poem by Tom Paulin called An Ulster Unionist Walks the Streets of London, in which the narrator articulates the shock of not-belonging he feels as he wanders lost through the British capital “like a half-foreigner among the London-Irish”. His British identity has been shaken to the core by the sudden realisation that, amid the multiplicity of ...
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20 Fun Things To Do In Dublin, Ireland (Plus What To Avoid…)

Best Things To Do in Dublin, Ireland Dublin, Ireland The city of Dublin is known for its charming streets, colorful doorways, live music and historic architecture. Here are some of the best things to do in Dublin that you won’t want to miss! Dublin may be one of Europe’s smaller capital cities, but the city has been known to steal the heart of every visitor, with something for everyone. I traveled to Dublin with my family during our Irish genealogy trip, tracking down the old home of my Irish...
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"My mother always called me plain. She saw this as a flaw to be corrected. She wanted the whole world dressed in dazzling color—even me."

"I never quite complied. I have the fashion sense of Vladimir and Estragon and the panache of my New England nana. When left to my devices, I choose to be unobtrusive. I choose gray. It suits my diffidence and soothes my extroversion. It is the color, rather than the sound, of silence. It sits with monkish, folded hands and asks for nothing. It never shouts. It never pushes.... A color psychology article on Bustle tells me that I fear commitment. 'Grey is emotionless,' it says, 'boring, detached...
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Eleven Rules for Writing from Eight Contemporary Playwrights 

Chances are most of us won’t be immediately familiar with the eight mostly British playwrights reflecting on their process in the National Theatre’s video, above. That’s a good thing. It's easier to choose which pieces of inspiring, occasionally conflicting writing advice to follow when the scale's not weighted down by the thumb of celebrity. (Though rest assured that there’s no shortage of people who do know their work, if the National Theater is placing them in the hot seat.) It’s ...
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Did Samuel Beckett Drive a Young André the Giant to School?

A legend about the iconic wrestler has a significant grain of truth to it but has been embellished over the years.
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‘Pass Over’ Trailer: Spike Lee Brings Antoinette Nwandu’s Play to Amazon

In late 2017, Spike Lee secretly filmed a performance of Antoinette Nwandu‘s play Pass Over at Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre. Now, Lee brings the filmed play, a riff on Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, to Amazon. Watch the Pass Over trailer below. Antoinette Nwandu’s play Pass Over updates Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot for a modern audience, telling a tale of “two young black men talking trash, passing the time, and dreaming of the promised land.” In December of 2017, Spike Lee took ...
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The Museum of Failure: A Living Shrine to New Coke, the Ford Edsel, Google Glass & Other Epic Corporate Fails

All successful products are alike; every unsuccessful product is unsuccessful in its own way. Or so a modern-day Tolstoy might find himself inspired to write after a visit to the Museum of Failure, a movable feast of flops which began last year in Helsingborg, Sweden and has now opened its doors on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The Donald Trump board game, Apple's Newton, Nokia's N-Gage, Ford's Edsel, Colgate Beef Lasagne, Harley-Davidson Cologne, New Coke, Google Glass: these and oth...
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Things to do in the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys, March 16-23

EVENTS St. Patrick’s Day Community March and Celebration in Canoga Park: March begins, 11 a.m. Saturday, from Madrid Theatre (21622 Sherman Way). March ends at Canoga Park Farmers Market on Owensmouth Avenue for entertainment and music by Owen Dara, Jumbo Shrimp Circus and True Thomas the Storyteller. 818-346-7480. Email: [email protected] The Blue and the Gray Civil War Reenactment: Rotary Club of Moorpark presents the educational event, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday-Sunday. Battle of Gett...
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‘Andre the Giant’ Trailer: A New Documentary Examines The Famed Wrestler

The larger-than-life story of wrestler Andre the Giant gets the bio-doc treatment with HBO’s Andre the Giant. The new documentary from executive producer Bill Simmons chronicles the life and career of the late wrestler. Watch a new Andre the Giant trailer below. André Roussimoff grew to be 6 foot 3 inches during his life (though sometimes billed as 7 ft 4 in), and he put his massive height to good use becoming famous wrestler and sometimes actor Andre the Giant. Health problems plagued Rouss...
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Things to do in the San Fernando and San Gabriel valleys, March 9-16

EVENTS Covina Valley Historical Society yard sale: Find artwork, collectibles, electronics, furniture and tools for sale, 7 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday. Heritage House, 300 N. Valencia Place, Covina. 626-966-9871. Pasadena Lapidary Society’s Tournament of Gems Show: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Saturday; 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday. Free admission. San Marino Masonic Center, 3130 Huntington Drive, San Marino. 626-260-7239. History of Coffee in Southern California: Culinary Historians...
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Culture, clubbing and chaos: out with the locals in Beirut

Amid the city’s traffic jams and power cuts, a collaborative vibe among young Beirutis is seeing cutting-edge galleries and bars spring up, along with an emerging LGBTQ scene‘Life in Lebanon exists on a Samuel Beckett level of absurdity,” actor, writer and poet Dima Matta tells me. We are chatting on the terrace at Onomatopoeia on Jean Jalkh Street; it’s a music hub and NGO where Matta’s storytelling events have become popular with young, culturally aware Beirutis. Matta is referring to a politi...
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Shakespeare’s marriage gets an imagined and moving look at The Broad Stage

“You cannot talk without it being puns or snatches of your plays,” William Shakespeare’s wife complains in “Shakespeare his wife and the dog.” The audience might feel likewise. But in this 65-minute work by Philip Whitchurch, ending Sunday at the Broad Stage, when these two get down to the troubles ordinary humans face — illness, lovelessness — we feel every bit of their pain. First, we must endure the preliminaries. Under Julia St. John’s picturesque direction, Whitchurch plays Shakespeare and ...
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What Is a Life-Changing Realization You Wish You’d Had Sooner in Life?

The calendar date may be arbitrary, a quirk of history that could have been otherwise—but it’s no coincidence, I think, that New Year’s produces a reflective mood, a time of looking both backward and forward, especially in those parts of the world currently held in winter’s chill and dark, awaiting the thaw of spring. The turn of the Gregorian calendar seems to beg us to produce some sober wisdom amidst the revelry of the holidays: to account for what we’ve learned, ruminate on intention...
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Grace Kelly's Irish library: a collection of classic reads … in Monaco

The film star’s roots prompted her to collect Irish literature, including rare editions of Joyce, Beckett and Shaw. The 9,000 volumes are now housed in a lovely, and free, library in the principalityI don’t go to Monaco for the sports cars or casinos but to enjoy a delicate, pea-green first full edition of James Joyce’s Ulysses, published by Sylvia Beach of Paris bookshop Shakespeare and Co in 1922. The book is in the world’s greatest – but probably least-known – Irish library, near the Prince’s...
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“Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better”: How Samuel Beckett Created the Unlikely Mantra That Inspires Entrepreneurs Today

Image by the Bibliothèque nationale de France, via Wikimedia Commons To what writer, besides Ayn Rand, do the business-minded techies and tech-minded businessmen of 21st-century Silicon Valley look for their inspiration? The name of Samuel Beckett may not, at first, strike you as an obvious answer — unless, of course, you know the origin of the phrase "Fail better." It appears five times in Beckett's 1983 story "Worstward Ho," the first of which goes like this:  "Ever tried. Ever failed. No mat...
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Why Incompetent People Think They’re Amazing: An Animated Lesson from David Dunning (of the Famous “Dunning-Kruger Effect”)

The business world has long had special jargon for the Kafkaesque incompetence bedeviling the ranks of upper management. There is “the Peter principle,” first described in a satirical book of the same name in 1968. More recently, we have the positive notion of “failing upward.” The concept has inspired a mantra, “fail harder, fail faster,” as well as popular books like The Gift of Failure. Famed research professor, author, and TED talker Brené Brown has called TED “the failure conference...
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