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Bakelalan Bird Watching Trip Report

One of the few places that has been getting some bird watching attention is no other than the highland village of Bakelalan in Sarawak, Borneo. For the serious bird watchers, this is my Bakelalan bird watching trip report, done in November 2018.  First of all, Bakelalan or Ba'Kelalan is a Lun Bawang tribe village, located in the northeast highlands of Sarawak, Malaysia. It is also in the district of Lawas, which can be easily accessed from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah or Miri in Sarawak. Ge...
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PHOTO: Solo Orangutan at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre Surveys His Domain

It had been a day of firsts for me at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. I’d attended two live feedings in the jungle, where dozens of macaque monkeys and at least six orangutans had emerged from the jungle canopy to avail themselves of the fresh fruit. But the best experience of all occurred after the final feeding ended and everyone else had left the viewing platform. I rested on a wooden bench, listening to the raucous bird calls from every direction, trying to spot birds in the dense c...
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PHOTO: Leaves of the Borneo Giant Upright Elephant Ear

The island of Borneo, located just south of the tip of mainland Malaysia, is a natural wonderland. Most visitors come to dive or see the island’s unique wildlife, but the flora has a lot to offer too. During my stay at Sepiilok Nature Resort in the Malaysian State of Sabah, I spent one afternoon exploring the boardwalks that border the lake and marshes around the resort. One of my finds were enormous leaves of this Borneo Giant Elephant Ear that stood taller than me. They rippled in the... The p...
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PHOTO: Lucky Closeup of a Bornean Thick-Billed Spiderhunter

I traveled to the Malaysian State of Sabah on the island of Borneo mainly to see orangutans in the wild and to learn about the endangered Sun Bears. An unexpected bonus was the astonishing birdlife. I spotted Rhinoceros hornbills, with their weird red and gold banana-shaped headdresses, as well as black and white Oriental Pied Hornbills. Unfortunately, my telephoto lens was not good enough to capture decent photos of either species, as they were sitting in high treetops, surrounded by dense foli...
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Protecting the Terminally Cute Sun Bears of Borneo

At high noon, I stood on the viewing platform at the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center in Sabah, Borneo. In the intense humidity, rivers of sweat streamed down my face and neck. Within minutes, my T-shirt was soaking wet. I peered down into the enclosures below expecting these smallest of all the bear species to be sleeping or at best lethargic, but to my surprise they were active. Borneo is in the tropics, where it is always steamy. These bears are not bothered by the heat and humidity.... T...
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PHOTO: Orangutan Best Buddies – So Like Humans

Humans have long been fascinated by all members of the ape family. Orangutans, second largest of the apes after gorillas, rank extremely high on our fascination meter. There’s no mystery about this. We look at orangutans and see ourselves. I felt the same way when I visited the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and watched the human like behavior of orangutans. This pair may have been mother and child, but to me their behavior screamed “best buddies.” Having successfully fended off the mac...
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Swingin’ With the Endangered Orangutans of Borneo

“Say hello to the orange ones,” my friend said when he dropped me at the airport. He was referring to orangutans, known for their distinctive orange color and endangered status. For years I had dreamed of seeing them in their natural habitat and now, with a little luck, my dream would finally come true. I boarded the plane to Sabah, a Malaysian State on the island of Borneo, arguably the best place in the world to see orangutans in the wild. People have been fascinated for centuries by orangutan...
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Sandakan removes Williamson to break threatening stand

Ferguson returns for New Zealand, while Sri Lanka bring in Shanaka, Dhananjaya and Chameera for third ODI
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Borneo Bird Festival 2018 Event Review

This year, the 10th Borneo Bird Festival took place in its inaugural homeground at the Rainforest Discovery Center or RDC in Sepilok, Sandakan. This is also in the east coast part of Sabah Borneo.  Being one of the most influential bird watching events held in Malaysia, this festival sees a beautiful balance among nature, conservation and most importantly education.  Never before has a yearly bird festival take the initiative to promote bird conservation and awareness on such a large sca...
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2018: My Year in Review

Several weeks ago, I began planning what I wanted to include in my round-up of the past year. As I composed the opening line in my head: “There’s no doubt about it: 2018 was one of my quietest years of travel,” I paused. How many countries had I actually visited this year? Well, there was Australia, New Zealand, Tonga, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, England, Wales, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Greece, Italy, and San Marino. Um.  Only I could describe visiting 14 countries as a slow year o...
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Sri Lanka surge undermined by Sandakan no-ball horrors

Sri Lanka collapsed like an origami skyscraper in a Godzilla attack, losing seven wickets in the space of 53 runs after tea, and 8 for 67 overall
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How Bird Watching in Sabah Became The Top Destination In Malaysia

While everyone is writing about ecotourism, beaches, mountains, cultures and food of Sabah, it is little known that the sport of bird watching has become one of the most successful sub-genres of wildlife tourism in all of Malaysia.  First of all, what is bird watching? Who does it anyway? And you will be surprised on how much tourism and revenue this hobby has brought into Sabah. Yes, this is not something where you come for a four day and three night excursion to Sabah.  In this arti...
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Malaysia Borneo...und die Natur saugt Dich auf

Eigentlich wollte ich ja nur nach Borneo kommen um mir die OrangUtans anzuschauen. Dass dann fast 4 Wochen draus wurden htte ich auch nicht gedachtGestartet bin ich schlielich in Sandakan so ziemlich im Osten Borneos wo sich die bekannteste
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10th Borneo Bird Festival 2018 - What Can You Expect

The 10th Borneo Bird Festival 2018 will be held in Sandakan, Sabah on 1st and 2nd December, and many are happy to know that the decade long birding event is now coming back to its home ground. Since the conceptualization of this unique bird watching festival which started back in 2009, the Borneo Bird Festival has seen huge changes in the last 10 years, and is also known as the largest bird watching and nature festival in Malaysia.  The event has also brought together bird watchers from ...
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Akira Kurosawa’s 100 Favorite Movies

In movies like Seven Samurai and High and Low, director Akira Kurosawa took the cinematic language of Hollywood and improved on it, creating a vigorous, muscular method of visual storytelling that became a stylistic playbook for the likes of Martin Scorsese, George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola. In movies like Ikiru, The Bad Sleep Well and The Lower Depths, Kurosawa relentlessly struggled to find the rays of light among the shadows of the human soul. This philosophical urgency combined...
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Beaten by Mount Kinabalu

After an emotional departure from Sepilok I set off for Kota Kinabalu KK. KK is so different from Sandakan which was the nearest city to Sepilok. Its much more westernised cleaner and modern. I enjoyed KK the last time I visited and I was looking fo
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Obsessed with monkeys? Go here.

Monkeys are smart, cute, and irresistibly entertaining. They are also an incredibly diverse group of mammals — there are more than 260 different types of monkeys in the world. All monkeys belong to the order Primates. Within the order, the monkeys are divided into two groups: New World monkeys who live in South and Central Americas, and Old World monkeys who live in Asia and Africa. Apes, the human’s closest relatives, are a sister group of Old World monkeys, but while they can be considered m...
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April 2018: Travel Summary and Statistics

My trip to Borneo was one of the worst I’ve ever taken. How did it all go so wrong? I’m not entirely sure. When I left you last, I was tiring of Kota Kinabalu. I had just spent three weeks in the city and while I initially adored everything about the place, by the end of my stint there, I was sick. Delving into the local food scene had been incredible, but eating oily, fried carbs topped with sugar for three meals a day for three weeks straight left me agitated, nauseated, and on the verge of a ...
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Off the radar on the Sungai Kinabatangan Sabah

Saturday 21st April 2018 This morning we had to be up really early at 5.30 a.m. to pack our rucksacks and fly to Sandakan. We left the rucksacks at the hostel in Kota Kinabalu and just took our small backpacks with gear for three nights.
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Borneo: The Off-the-Beaten-Track Road Trip

Borneo has been on my bucket list since I was a little girl. Stories of jungle people, head hunters and exploratory expeditions up wild rivers filled with crocodiles called to my soul. When you think of ultimate road trip destinations, chances are Borneo isn’t the first place that comes to mind. But if you want to take a road trip that is off the beaten path, full of adventure and education, and guaranteed to be one that none of your friends did over their last summer vacation, taking the long,...
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Traveling With Kids: 5 Tips for Staying Safe

Last week I got an email from a subscriber to the RTW 30 Family Edition, our free e-course designed to help families plan a longterm adventure. She was encouraging me to remind people to be careful with kids on the Paris subways. There are pick pockets and the potential for a child to get separated from the family on the platform. Both of those are real risks. Her email got me thinking about the risks that we take with our kids, at home, and abroad, and how we minimize those, or rationalize them...
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March 2018: Travel Summary and Statistics

Travel is a rollercoaster, so after a wonderful January and a not-so-wonderful February, I was delighted when March brought me back to the dizzying highs from the start of 2018. I can’t believe how much I managed to pack into one glorious month! When I left you last, I had just arrived in Koh Chang and was itching to start exploring. Koh Chang was the first island I ever visited in Thailand, way back in 2012, and at that time, I was fully immersed in backpacker culture. I spent my days lazing on...
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Popular Places to Explore in South-East Asia

South-east Asia is stretched between the Indian and Pacific Ocean and geographically lies on the east of India. The area is already popular with globe-tramping backpackers, and is famous for its beautiful beaches, global food, economical accommodation and flights. Have a quick rundown at some of the popular destinations in South-East Asia, which can become your favorite picks-ups too – 1. Chiang Mai, Thailand Chiang Mai is also known as the ‘Rose of the North’. The cultural capital of Thailan...
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Unchanged Zimbabwe bat; Sandakan replaces Hasaranga

Zimbabwe chose to bat on a fresh Mirpur surface expected to favour batting, with their captain Graeme Cremer expecting the surface to get more difficult to score on as the game progresses
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Sepilok Orangutans Rehab Center

Sandakan this evocative city's name that made me remember some TV series of the 70sfeaturing the great and famous character Sandokan The Tigers of Mompracem. It was the city where I stopped by before visiting the Orangutans Rehabilitation C
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Southeast Asia current and proposed railways [2017]

Current and proposed railways of Southeast Asia – every line mapped In 2016 I compiled every current and proposed railway in Southeast Asia and created the Future Southeast Asia Railway Map, which depicted all current and proposed railways as a subway map. [Future Southeast Asia Railway Map – 2016 version (Click for larger image).] I’ve since been keeping a tab on news of any proposed railway, including any new proposals or an old one that has begun construction. I also had many requests of...
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10 Interesting Places to Visit in Malaysia for 2018

For the curious traveler, I have come out with a new list of 10 Interesting Places to Visit in Malaysia for 2018 as there are quite a number of unique adventures waiting to be discovered all over Malaysia.Usually, you will find the same old Top 10 places to visit in Malaysia, done by content writers who sit at desks and have never even been to any of the destinations in Malaysia.But for me,  I personally travel around Malaysia often and always introduced to new tourism products and places wi...
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Top Bird Watching Places in Malaysia

These are currently the Top Bird Watching Places in Malaysia, based on speaking to various professionals and bird watchers in the last twelve months since the end of 2015. I have also attended birding workshops in Malaysia and attended numerous bird watching trips to come up with this list.  The top bird watching places in Malaysia are also in no order and purely based on popularity, infrastructure and accessibility to these places, where many birders have visited. What are the Top Bird W...
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Saving Sea Turtles in Malaysian Borneo

Travel with me to Turtle Islands National Park, in Malaysian Borneo—and discover how you can help save the world’s sea turtles. In This Malaysia Travel Article You Will Discover A Remote Nature Preserve of the Coast of Borneo The Plight of the World’s Sea Turtles How You Can Visit & Help The world’s sea turtles are in danger. Let’s help. Forty-two kilometres offshore of Sandakan, on the northeastern shore of Malaysian Borneo—and five kilometres from Filipino waters—our group arrives via ...
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Crocker Range National Park Photos

Here is a series of Crocker Range National Park photos, provided by Cede Prudente and the Borneo Bird Club. This is also part of a build up to the Borneo Bird Festival 2017 which will take place from the 20 to 22 October 2017.  The  Borneo Bird Festival 2017  is also going to be held in two locations, one in Kota Kinabalu and the other at the Crocker Range National Park. For the Sabah Bird Race, it will be held at the national park which is about two hours away from Kota Kinabalu City.  ...
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