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Travel Is The Road To Transformation

In an age of connectivity, we have never been more disconnected. The next time you’re walking down the street, waiting for a flight, or sitting in a café, take a look around. Smart phones are glued to our hands, faces are buried in our smart phones. Having a solo meal without technology within reach, spurs a heightened level of social anxiety that hadn’t existed until this past decade. Social media has become a blank canvas upon which we design our lives for others to experience. Our identities ...
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Microsoft said to be working on Windows Lite for dual-screen Chromebook-like devices

Microsoft is said to be preparing a new lightweight version of Windows for Dual-screen devices and Chromebook competitors. According to a new report, the company is said to be working on stripping back its Windows user interface with dual screens in mind. This new hardware could launch as early as later this year, depending on chip and PC maker readiness. Internally, the project is codenamed 'Windows Lite.' Microsoft wants Windows to be ready for PC makers to take advantage of it. Off late, M...
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Just an average morning in Santorini, Greece

In Santorini, views like these are no big deal.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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8 Romantic Honeymoon Destinations Around the World

Planning your honeymoon is no easy task. While you may have hundreds and thousands of plans in mind with your new beloved, setting them against the picture-perfect scenery of a lovely destination matters most. Your honeymoon shall not only be a memory that you will cherish all your life, but also one of the most important starts to a wonderful life of togetherness. The Turkish Riviera   Turquoise blue waters wash the shores upon which stand Greco Roman ruins. The unmistakable red flag flutte...
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Intimate Wedding at Volcan Weddings Manor in the Heart of Santorini

If ever there were a wedding destination that wins the award for view wow-factor, it's got to be Santorini. That scenery simply stuns and has been the backdrop for so many fetes we've featured—including today's, planned by Stella & Moscha. It's intimate, uber romantic and if you've been considering this location, you might want to have a look at the full gallery from George Pahountis.Continue reading on Style Me Pretty
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Solo Female Travel in Europe: Complete Travel and Safety Guide

Kate in Copenhagen Looking to travel solo in Europe? You’ve come to the right place! My name is Kate and I teach women how to travel the world safely on their own. While I’m American and I travel all over the world, I’ve spent the most time in Europe. Several years, when you add it all up. I have traveled to every single country in Europe and have lived in two of them (Italy and the UK). This continent has given me so many happy travel memories and I want you to have them, too. And yet…you have...
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Santorini wedding inspiration from The Big Fake Wedding San Diego

You got to peek inside The Big Fake Wedding last year in events all over the US. Now the talents behind BFW are taking things up a notch—having designed all their inspiration boards in-house for each city’s event, starting with the first Big Fake Wedding of 2019 in San Diego. Last month, vendors brought Santorini to San Diego with bright pops of color and ornamental patterns adorning every inch of BRICK. Photographers, Ann Vestal Photography, Beba Vowels Photography, and Ardor Photo were there ...
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120 People Stranded in KLIA After Getting Scammed by Online Travel Agency

Yesterday, 120 people left stranded in Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) after getting scammed by online travel agent according to Kosmo! Online. They were left stranded in the airport as none of their names are listed in the airlines. ( = || []).push({}); They purchased tour packages to Europe to places like Turkey, Paris and Santorini. The accumulated losses are estimated more than RM 810,000. There was no representative from t...
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6 of The Best Greek Islands to Travel To

Traveling to one of the many islands of Greece is perhaps the best way to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of the Mediterranean sea, not to mention the ancient and modern Greek cultures. There are literally thousands of Greek islands to choose from, and you end up having happy dilemmas like where to stay. With that, businesses like Haven on Earth can assist you. This guide will help you decide which of those islands Greek islands should be your next European travel destination. 6 of The ...
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Sunset in Santorini: A Grecian Elopement with Misty Rose Hues

There’s an unmistakable allure about a Grecian elopement at sunset… especially when it peppers in such darling details as a watercolor cake in single tier splendor, a ruffled wedding dress and a floral hoop backdrop. You know we love us some floral hoops! A blend of tender dusty pink shades melts exquisitely with a misty sunset sky shining brightly against the Grecian landscape, and Amy and Craig’s intimate Santorini wedding exudes romance from beginning to end. View full post
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Bath Towels 101: What to Know Before You Buy

There’s a riddle that goes like this: “What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?” The answer is, of course, a towel. But recently, shopping online for towels for my new apartment, I found myself perplexed by the paradox. “The higher the surface density the more absorbent the towel,” read the description for the Ikea towels I was considering. But then: “A towel with a lower surface density dries faster.” I admit I had to read it more than twice to make sense of what that meant. How to decode...
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The most stunning stained glass ceremony on the cliffs of Santorini

As if simply making the decision to elope on the cliffs of Santorini wasn’t exhilarating enough, The Secret Owl and Santorini Glam Weddings took everything oh, about, a thousand steps further with this stained glass ceremony. It all has a bit of a vintage glam, Gatsby feel to it, while complementing the natural landscape of the coast. Like the team says, Greece is all about the sweet decadence and opulence of the era, with wild elegance and statement-making! You can’t go wrong with a muse like ...
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The Very Best Things to do in Santorini

While most people seem to visit for a day on a cruise ship, there are many things to do in Santorini to fill up a week or two of your time! We fell in love with Santorini. A lot of people tell us "they don't like Santorini, it's too busy."  But we found it to […] Read the original post The Very Best Things to do in Santorini on The Planet D: Adventure Travel Blog.
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10 of the best yoga holidays in UK and Europe

Beautiful locations and activities such as running or simply hanging out on the beach complement quality yoga teaching at these retreatsCombine yoga and Greek sunshine with a holiday on Santorini, the southernmost of the Cyclades islands, staying in whitewashed houses at a boutique hotel with pool outside the village of Oia. There are two daily classes for all levels with warm, encouraging teacher Louise Gillespie-Smith, who balances creative, breath-led flow with gentle, mindful yin. An optiona...
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I'm A Porn Star — & I Spend $8,790 A Year On My Beauty Routine

For the past 11 years, Lindsey Leigh has been an adult film actress. It's the kind of profession that comes with certain aesthetic expectations — despite many feminist directors working to make them more inclusive. Boobs, for the most part, tend to be big. Makeup tends be heavy. Hair tends be luscious, just like the lips. Skin is largely free of not only wrinkles, but also scars, body hair, and bumps.As Leigh has worked her way through this industry, she has spent thousands and thousands of dol...
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Romantic Destinations Around the World

Love makes the world go round – and in that spirit, let's plan a trip to romantic destinations around the world. Our list includes everything from Miami to Marrakech. All are made for romance but they also make excellent vacation spots for families or friends or solo travelers. Romantic Destinations Our picks for romantic destinations are in no particular order. Click the name to find a cheap flight from your city. We also include links to useful tourism information. Canada & the U.S. De...
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Where to travel by zodiac sign

Maybe you think astrology is stupid. Maybe you think it’s a bunch of hippie-dippy junk science people use to excuse bad behavior. “Well you should have known I was going to was going to cheat on you, Janet. I’m a Scorpio!” Ok, well put that aside for a second. Because if you buy into astrology — if only for the time it takes to read your horoscope — it can be pretty entertaining. And sometimes, surprisingly accurate. Besides, even if you’re not into astrology, there’s a good chance someone yo...
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Travel News: December 3, 2018

Courtyard by Marriott to Open Nearly 30 Hotels Across Europe Travel Pulse Courtyard by Marriott is continuing its European expansion with the addition of nearly 30 hotels across the continent over the coming two years. In a statement released by the company today, Marriott said it will increase its current European footprint of 63 hotels by about 50 percent before the end of 2020. In addition to strengthening its portfolio in established markets such as Germany, France and the UK, Courtyard is ...
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Cutest Family Elopement in Santorini with Cacti and Succulents

If this is not the cutest family elopement in Santorini, we don’t know what it is. Aideen + Nick, when it comes to eloping with their two beautiful boys, they totally nailed it! Cuteness aside, the modern + boho vibe in this Santorini elopement is one we couldn’t miss – dip died table runner, blue patterned rug, hoop bouquet, cacti, and succulents! Hats off to the amazing wedding vendors who took care of this intimate family destination elopement. View full post
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Tourists line up at Roy's Peak

There is no such thing as a beautiful secret spot any longer. With the advent of Instagram influencers, “outing” (and ruining) cool locations on social media has become increasingly common. We see a neat spot on our feed, so we want to venture there ourselves — along with thousands of others who had the same idea. This photo of the long line of people waiting to capture the exact same photo at Roy’s Peak in New Zealand really highlights this phenomenon. The social media queue pic.twitter...
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9 best boutique hotels for honeymoons in Santorini

Santorini's whitewashed villages, seaside cliffs and jaw-dropping views create a romantic backdrop for ringing in your new chapter together.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Beautiful Bohemian Same-Sex Wedding in Santorini

You know the kind of wedding day you dream about... where the sun is shining, the smiles and love are flowing and the details are unfussy and simply stunning? That's the kind of fete that Zoe and Louise had. With the famously beautiful backdrop that is Santorini and the planning genius of Tie The Knot In Santorini, it was all documented by Phosart Photography Cinematography with care. It's the kind of Big Day that warms your soul and gives you all the feels about your own upcoming I dos. Join us...
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‘Tidelands’ star Elsa Pataky shares her Spain-inspired style picks

In the past two months, Elsa Pataky has jetted to San Sebastián for a film festival, Santorini on a girls’ trip and Morocco with her family. The 42-year-old model and actress, best known for the “Fast and the Furious” franchise, shares these adventures with her 2.4 million Insta followers. But home base is Australia’s Byron...
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This Rocabella Santorini Wedding Is Sure to Leave You Breathless

Cascading white-washed villages, extraordinary volcanic beaches, divine dome-shaped churches and the crisp blue Aegean sea that extends as far as the eye can see - it’s no wonder Santorini is one of the leading destination wedding locations in the world. While the locale might be a popular choice, this wedding truly stands out from the rest. Lucky for us, Anna Rousssos was there to capture every must-see moment. From fashion-forward bridal style to a first look that will make you happy cry… ever...
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Viking Announces New Greek Cruise Itinerary

Don’t tell Homer –  there’s a new Greek Odyssey. Viking announced a new 11-day cruise itinerary, Greek Odyssey, sailing the Aegean Sea round-trip from Athens. … The post Viking Announces New Greek Cruise Itinerary appeared first on Cruise Maven.
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Best LGBTQ group travel tours

Do you ever find yourself thinking in terms of “either/or”? You either take risks, or you play it safe. You either travel alone or never get a moment to yourself. You’re either off the beaten path or a lame tourist. A lot of people think in terms of black and white, but there are travel experiences out there that take these extreme dichotomies and create a hybrid adventure. Going on an LGBTQ group tour is a great example of mixing and matching the best of both worlds. You get to be a solo tra...
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Cliffside Blue and White Wedding in Picturesque Santorini

If medieval villages and ocean views spark your fancy, you may want to press pause on your day and dive in deep to today’s elegant blue and white wedding in stunning Santorini. Ellie and Jad’s destination nuptials are totally sublime from her to embroidered strapless gown to the ruffled petal cake sharing the spotlight with a generous assortment of custom sweet treats in the dessert display. So pop on some Frank Sinatra, dim the lights and admire this exquisite Grecian affair with us, darling! V...
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Friendmoon: Why we should go on holiday with friends

Sophie Hines left her new husband at home – and went to couples' paradise Santorini with her friend instead [Author: Sophie Hines]
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Former beauty queen who was runner-up in Thailand's Miss Universe named as Leicester City crash victim

One of the five victims of the helicopter crash outside the home of Leicester City Football Club was a runner-up in Thailand's Miss Universe beauty pageant.  Nursara Suknamai, 33, died alongside her boss and the club's owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha in the incident, which also claimed the lives of colleague Kaveporn Pupare and pilots Eric Swaffer and Izabela Roza Lechowicz.  The former beauty queen's social media pages are filled with photographs of her with Leicester City players...
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