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Comment on rhubarb snacking cake by Sara

In reply to Gizella. I also used a glass pan and ended up with…well done edges and bottom. I am using a finicky oven that I’m not super familiar with. I did smell some caramelizing aromas, but I chalked it up the overhanging parchment paper singeing. Honestly, even the overbaked parts are delicious. I used a 12.5×9.5 glass pan, and now I know to trust my nose and the timer and take it out before the top looks browned and crisp. I will still eat every crumb and stalk the store for more rhubarb!
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I had to stop my psychoactive meds while pregnant and the withdrawal was so bad, I considered an abortion

It's incredibly difficult to wean yourself off psychoactive medication once you've begun. Kanawa_Studio/Getty Images Benzodiazepines are a psychoactive drug. They can calm symptoms associated with anxiety. The withdrawal symptoms from giving them up are considered worse than those from cocaine. Sara suffered so much with insomnia and anxiety during pregnancy, she considered having an abortion. See more stories on Insider's business page. Sara is a pseudonym but below is a true ...
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Superhero Bits: John Constantine Leaving ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’, ‘Lucifer’ Final Season Teaser & More

(Superhero Bits is a collection of stories, updates, and videos about anything and everything inspired by the comics of Marvel, DC, and more. For comic book movies, TV shows, merchandise, events, and whatever catches our eye, this is the place to find anything that falls through the cracks.) In this edition of Superhero Bits: The roster for a rumored Marvel fighting game may have leaked DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is losing John Constantine soon Get a sneak peek at the final season of Lucifer, co...
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SDCC 2021 Was Another Letdown, But Here's What You Missed

Another San Diego Comic-Con come and gone. But... did you even notice?Read more...
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Three Floors Review: Nanni Moretti Goes Full Cruise Control in Middle-Class Drama

After winning the Palme d’Or in 2001 with The Son’s Room, Moretti returned at Cannes with Three Floors. The story follows three families living inside the same building in Rome, all of them dealing with their own drama. Based on the Shalosh Qomot novel by Israeli author Eshkol Nevo, Moretti adapted for the first time in his career someone else’s story. Despite the Italian director’s efforts, an underlying sadness marks his latest work, making it a gloomy story in contrast with the sunny setting....
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow SDCC 2021 Panel Readies the Bouquet for Sara and Ava's Epic Wedding

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is in the middle of season six, which is all about cuddly, terrifying, and occasionally musical aliens causing havoc across the timeline. It started with Gary, who’s secretly been an extraterrestrial this whole time, abducting Sara Lance because she’s the “prime example” of humanity. But you…Read more...
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Elon Musk's hyperloop concept could become the fastest way to travel

Countries in Europe and Asia are filled with high-speed bullet trains, bringing passengers between cities within 2.5 hours. But the hyperloop theoretically could bring passengers from city to city in less than 45 minutes, traveling at the top speed of 760 mph. The concept gained popularity in 2013 when Elon Musk wrote his Hyperloop Alpha paper. And in November 2020, Virgin Hyperloop demonstrated its first passenger test ride. Virgin Hyperloop and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies are workin...
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More of Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead Is on the Way

Rob Zombie keeps teasing his Munsters remake. Expect Halloween Ends to go a bit smaller after Halloween Kills’ bloody escalation. Plus, what’s to come on Fort Salem, Legends of Tomorrow, and Stargirl. To me, my spoilers!Read more...
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Die Besetzung von Young Royals wartet mit Überraschungen auf

Netflix' Young Royals bietet alles: das glamouröse Setting von Élite, das Drama von The Crown, die nordische Teenie-Unbeholfenheit von Skam. Aber was nur sehr wenige Serien mit sich bringen, ist eine Besetzung, die sich aus einem ehemaligen Boyband-Mitglied, einer ehemaligen Star-Wars-Darstellerin und mehreren schwedischen Neulingen zusammensetzt (darunter einige echte Teenies, die Teenies spielen).Young Royals ist eine dramatische Serie mit einigen überraschenden Wendungen à la Gossip Girl und ...
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Comment on easiest french fries by Sara

I finally tried this recipe in the last year, and love it! I made it in a 10 inch skillet with one or two potatoes for two people, and it might finish up a little faster than 20 minutes. I just recently picked up a little 1 quart fry daddy, and wondered if the cold start method would work. CAN CONFIRM, I put oil in and then potatoes, plug it in and start timing once it comes to a boil. About 12-15 minutes does the trick, depending on how thin I cut the potatoes. Dangerously easy to make the...
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Whicker: Pacquiao isn’t worried about his well-being, even in his comeback fight against Spence

LOS ANGELES — This will not be the first time we have sent sympathy cards to Manny Pacquiao in advance. On August 21 Pacquiao walks into a Las Vegas ring with Errol Spence Jr., the WBC and IBF welterweight champion. Presumably he will be able to find it. He is 42 years old and has not fought since July 31, 2019, when he got a decision over Keith Thurman. Since then he has worked as a Senator in the Philippines and played basketball through the pandemic, up to four hours a day. He will not be fav...
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Pacquiao isn’t worried about his well-being, even in his comeback fight against Spence

LOS ANGELES — This will not be the first time we have sent sympathy cards to Manny Pacquiao in advance. On August 21 Pacquiao walks into a Las Vegas ring with Errol Spence Jr., the WBC and IBF welterweight champion. Presumably he will be able to find it. He is 42 years old and has not fought since July 31, 2019, when he got a decision over Keith Thurman. Since then he has worked as a Senator in the Philippines and played basketball through the pandemic, up to four hours a day. He will not be fav...
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Comment on crispy oven pulled pork by Sara

Hi. Do you cover the dish while the roast cooks?
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She flew from Australia to England for a first date

Aussie Sara connected with UK student Laura on Twitter and they hit it off. After several months of non-stop chatting, Sara took a leap of faith and booked a plane ticket to London to meet Laura in person. Here's what happened next.
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Comment on frozen strawberry daiquiris by Cy

In reply to Sara. They make non alcoholic liquor now. My friend was pregnant and her husband bought a “non” gin. It was pretty good. She said the tequila was even better. It’s a big thing with bartenders right now too. How nice to offer people something equivalent if they can’t drink or don’t. :)
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Some of Netflix's biggest hits come from outside the US. International TV producers describe how streaming deals are structured and how the market is changing.

"Money Heist." Netflix How do international TV producers get paid when a show hits big on Netflix or another streamer? It's a complicated answer that depends on how the deals are structured for each show. As streamers focus on IP, producers are relying on fees starting at the cost of production plus 10%. See more stories on Insider's business page. Some of streaming's biggest breakout hits today are coming from outside of Hollywood.Netflix's heist thriller "Money Heist" ori...
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Comment on zucchini butter spaghetti by Sara

Made this last night doubled for a full pound of pasta, and everyone loved it! Made just as written, with the addition of lemon zest. A really great way to use up garden zucchini!
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Comment on frozen strawberry daiquiris by Jennifer Liang

In reply to Sara. When I make non alcoholic versions of frozen drinks, I just leave the liquor out. If it’s a bit thick, you can try adding more lime juice or a splash of cold water.
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Comment on frozen strawberry daiquiris by Sara

I’m assuming this would still be delicious without the rum, but is there anything you’d recommend subbing in its place for a non-alcoholic version or just leave it out?
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Comment on zucchini butter spaghetti by Sara

In reply to Coriander. We love Banza in my house! Even my Italian-American husband is into it, which surprised me. Some of the bigger shapes fall apart during cooking but I’ve had pretty good luck with the macaroni/ziti/cavatappi and also the spaghetti. Definitely start checking on it ~2 minutes before the recommended time and watch out for foaming.
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When and why do politicians use emotive rhetoric in parliamentary speeches?

Politicians use emotional resources in their speeches in parliament depending on the type of debate and use emotive rhetoric strategically and selectively, mainly to attract voters. This is one of the main conclusions of a study published in the journal American Political Science Review (APSR) involving Toni Rodon, a professor with the UPF Department of Political, together with Moritz Osnabrügge (Durham University) and Sara B. Hobolt (London School of Economics and Political Science).
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White on White review – a damning snapshot of South American colonisation

A loner photographer looks down on white settlers without realising he’s part of the problem in a striking, ambiguous historical dramaColonisation does not come off well in this sparse and striking drama, set in snowbound 19th-century Tierra del Fuego. It’s a sombre study of the corrupted values and decayed morals that enabled a genocide; it centres on a photographer who considers himself superior to the coarse white settlers around him, but is really part of the same system. This is Pedro (Alfr...
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When the fear of exploding biscuits becomes a messy reality in the kitchen

First, I heard a sharp popping sound, then an “Oh no” from Sara, who was in the kitchen readying a can of Grands refrigerated biscuits for the oven. “I knew this was going to happen one day,” she said, scraping biscuit dough, from the exploded can, off her nose. It turns out she had been bracing herself for years with worry over a biscuit explosion, as she called it. “Come on, mom. It must’ve occurred to you that this could happen.” “Not really, and I am a genius at coming up with things to worr...
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United States: The "Brief" Series: Mamaw And The Three-Legged Dog - Lincoln Derr PLLC

In this insightful bonus episode, Sara and Tricia explore how searching for a scapegoat can backfire.
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Comment on avocado salad with carrot-ginger dressing by deb

In reply to Sara. The dressing, absolutely. I would assemble right before eating.
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TBWA\London CEO Sara Tate Steps Down

TBWA\London chief executive Sara Tate is leaving the agency to begin her own consultancy and offer leadership coaching after four years in charge. She joined from Mother London, where she held the post of managing director. She also served as a partner at Lucky Generals, an Omnicom sister agency to TBWA. "Sara has been a...
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Comment on avocado salad with carrot-ginger dressing by Sara

This sounds great! Can it be made in advance?
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How one founder realized satellite internet didn’t have to be fast or expensive to be useful

It’s hard to understand just how steeply the cost of launching and operating satellites has dropped, particularly since the introduction of lower cost launch services from a number of commercial players, and the maturation of the smartphone supply chain. Swarm co-founder and CEO realized just how much the cost curve had changed when she and her co-founder Ben Longmeir realized that they could outfit tiny satellites Longmeir had created as a kind of space lover’s hobby with the equipment needed t...
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Legends of Tomorrow’s Latest Melted My Heart With Star-Crossed Cuties

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has had its share of wacky shenanigans this season. Talking candlesticks, an intergalactic sing-off, and the alien burger sauce episode that we are not going to talk about. But it’s also been about love, and in “Back to the Finale: Part II,” Sara (Caity Lotz) and Ava (Jes Macallan) took that…Read more...
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