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Experts Address Inflation Fears During RISMedia Panel

An ongoing and historic rise in inflation has shaken not just the real estate industry, but has affected nearly every business and consumer across the country. With December’s Consumer Price Index (CPI) topping 7% year-over-year—the largest increase since 1982—real estate professionals are asking just how profound the impacts will be on their clients and markets. At RISMedia’s Real Estate Rocking in the New Year virtual event earlier this month, some of the industry’s most respected and influent...
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3 top indie brokers share why they decided to go solo

Indie brokers Kofi Nartey, Terrance Murphy and Sarah Richardson shared what led them to branch out on their own and the keys to building a brand that lasts.
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Something For Everyone – Give The Gift of Great Storytelling

The gift of a beautiful story in a favorite book shared with someone else is always a solid plan for Christmas. Of course, since interests vary, there’s always an opportunity to gift someone with a new release on a topic they’re interested in, or perhaps something from one of their favorite authors that you know they can’t wait to get their hands on. Simon & Schuster Canada sent me an awesome selection of new books as a “something for everyone” gift bundle. Yes, one winner will receive all th...
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Indie brokers struggle with racial unrest and coronavirus pandemic

Brokers advised evaluating whether social media messages might come off as 'tone-deaf' but disagreed on whether to express political opinions publicly.
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WATCH: The race to the consumer

Seasoned executives from three brokerages give ideas on how to best service agents and the consumer onstage at Inman Connect New York.
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Tru Realty CEO reveals the secret to picking tech vendors as an indie

Sarah Richardson chats with Inman about staying competitive, choosing from a wide array of tech vendors and the importance of building a strong agent culture.
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Cracking the Code of Bacteria: The Digest’s 2019 Multi-Slide Guide to MicroByre’s Engineered Bacteria

“Working with only E.coli is like feeding dogs grass to make milk,” said Dr. Sarah Richardson during this presentation given at ABLC NEXT in San Francisco. With a background in genomes, she shared insight into why bioengineers have not domesticated more bacteria, how MicroByre combines informatics, genomics, microbiology, synthetic biology and molecular biology to create an engineered organism that can solve global challenges, like their strain that converts crude glycerol to succinic acid.
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Board Question #88548: I had just finished reading The Magnolia Story about Chip ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,I had just finished reading The Magnolia Story about Chip and Joanna Gaines when I did a search. The Search Some random lady pops up on Google as being Joanna Gaines. Who is this lady and what is she doing as the first result?!-Famous Fanny A: Dear Fanny, The search result is for the real Joanna Gaines. Unfortunately the page that Google picked doesn't have a picture of her, so it shows the first picture that does show up in that page, which is of Sarah Richardson. -The...
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Comment on lentil soup with sausage, chard and garlic by Sarah Richardson

This is a favorite recipe of mine but I have come into a problem sourcing brown lentils. My Whole Foods used to carry them but now offer only green, red and black. Any suggestions as to the best substitute? It’s funny that the browns “are the most common” according to many websites but completely unavailable in North Carolina.
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SC technical school opens new "soft skills" center

AP Photo/Susanne Schafer Life Skills Center coordinator Ameache Epps Grady, right, meets with 19-year-old Midlands Technical College student Sarah Richardson, who is studying English and came to the student center to work on her school papers. Grady works with students at the Midland Tech's new William Jerry Wood Center to help them gain the 'soft skills' they need to complete their studies and be successful in the workplace. [Link to media]
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