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AI Trained on Moon Craters Is Helping Find Unexploded Bombs From the Vietnam War

There’s still no completely safe and surefire method for locating unexploded ordinance after a war is over, but researchers at Ohio State University have found a way to harness image processing algorithms, powered by machine learning, to study satellite imagery and locate hot spots where UXO are likely to be located.Read more...
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Descartes Labs launches its new platform for analyzing geospatial data

Descartes Labs, a well–funded startup based in New Mexico, provides businesses with geospatial data and the tools to analyze it in order to make business decisions. Today, the company announced the launch of its Descartes Labs Platform, which promises to bring its data together with all of the tools data scientists — including those with no background in analyzing this kind of information — would need to work with these images to analyze them and build machine learning models based on the data i...
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Space Angels’ Chad Anderson on entering a new decade in the ‘entrepreneurial space age’

Space as an investment target is trending upwards in the VC community, but specialist firm Space Angels has been focused on the sector longer than most. The network of angel investors just published its most recent quarterly overview of activity in the space startup industry, revealing that investors put nearly $6 billion in capital into space companies across 2019. I spoke to Space Angels CEO Chad Anderson about what he’s seen in terms of changes in the industry since Space Angels began publish...
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Pachama launches to support global reforestation through carbon markets

The world’s forests are ablaze, under threat from illegal logging and disappearing due to the less dramatic environmental degradation wrought by drought and other signs of climate change. It’s part of the negative feedback loop that seems to be accelerating climate change as greenhouse gases accumulate in the atmosphere, but one startup company is trying to facilitate reforestation by supporting carbon offsets that specifically target the world’s flora. Pachama has raised $4.1 million to create...
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Cervest raises £3.7M for Earth Science AI platform to predict climate effects

Climate risk, including extreme events and the related pressures our environment, are fundamentally affecting the way businesses and governments operate — both tactically and strategically. Increasing climate volatility is causing food supply disruptions and increasing pressure on Enterprises (including financial institutions, insurers and producers) to disclose what’s going on. The trouble is, while there is a lot of data about all this, its complexity, incompleteness and sheer volume is too va...
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Scientists Can Now See Stranded Whales From Space

Scientists have begun using satellites that can produce high-resolution imagery to monitor whale strandings from space, according to a new study.Read more...
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WorldCover raises $6M round for emerging markets climate insurance

WorldCover, a New York and Africa-based climate insurance provider to smallholder farmers, has raised a $6 million Series A round led by MS&AD Ventures. Y-Combinator, Western Technology Investment, and EchoVC also participated in the round. WorldCover’s platform uses satellite imagery, on-ground sensors, mobile phones, and data analytics to create insurance options for farmers whose crops yields are affected adversely by weather events—primarily lack of rain. The startup currently operates in Gh...
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Jupiter raises $23 million to tell businesses and governments how climate change will destroy them

Whether it’s by flood, fire, or the fury of a storm, climate-related catastrophes are now impacting most cities and towns across the country. As these natural disasters increase in frequency and severity, cities and the businesses that reside in them are mobilizing to understand how best to prepare for the climatological challenges they’re going to face — and increasingly they’re turning to companies like Jupiter Intelligence for information. From offices in San Mateo, Calif., Boulder, Colo., an...
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NASA celebrates Earth’s incredible natural beauty with free photo book

NASA has published a fabulous new book featuring stunning imagery captured by its satellites over the years. A hardback version is available for $53, though it can also be downloaded to ebook readers for free, and enjoyed online. The post NASA celebrates Earth’s incredible natural beauty with free photo book appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: Photography, News, Trends, Nasa, Earth, Satellite Imagery, Emerging Tech, Earth Observatory’s clipping service allows gamers to share the moments of their digital lives

As online gaming becomes the new social forum for living out virtual lives, a new startup called has raised $3.5 million for its in-game clipping service to capture and share the Kodak moments and digital memories that are increasingly happening in places like Fortnite or Apex Legends. Digital worlds like Fortnite are now far more than just a massively multiplayer gaming space. They’re places where communities form, where social conversations happen, and where, increasingly, people are ...
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This is what the Earth looks like from the dark side of the Moon

I believe we’ve all seen the famous Earthrise photo taken by the Apollo 8 crew 50 years ago. But thanks to a Chinese satellite that’s currently in lunar orbit, we get to see the Erath and the Moon from a totally different and rare perspective. On 3 February current year, the satellite captured an image […] The post This is what the Earth looks like from the dark side of the Moon appeared first on DIY Photography.
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As rocket companies proliferate, new enabling tech emerges as the next wave in the space race

Blue Origin, Rocket Lab, Relativity Space, Slingshot Aeropsace, SpaceX and Virgin Orbit have raised billions of dollars to create new vehicles to launch payloads into space, but as the private space industry develops in the U.S. investors are beginning to back enabling technologies boost the next wave of innovation. Whether it’s satellite manufacturers, new propulsion systems for satellites, antennae for data transmission or actually building out the networks themselves, the new space race...
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NASA releases satellite imagery showing massive scale of the “Camp Fire” in California

The Camp Fire, named after the Camp Creek Road where it originated, is the most devastating wildfire in California’s history. Beginning on November 8th, Camp Fire spans more than 138,000 acres. It has decimated at least 8,000 buildings and claimed at least 50 lives with over 200 civilians still reported missing. NASA has now released […] The post NASA releases satellite imagery showing massive scale of the “Camp Fire” in California appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Descartes Labs launches its geospatial analysis platform

Descartes Labs, a New Mexico-based geospatial analytics startup, today announced that its platform is now out of beta. The well-funded company already allowed businesses to analyze satellite imagery it pulls in from NASA and ESA and build predictive models based on this data, but starting today, it is adding both weather data to its library, as well as commercial high-resolution imagery thanks to a new partnership with Airbus’ OneAtlas project. As Descartes Labs co-founder Mark Johnson, who y...
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Giant Iceberg Looming Over Greenland Village Is the Perfect Metaphor for 2018

If you needed a visual representation of our global environmental crisis in 2018, it doesn’t get much better (well, worse) than the gigantic iceberg looming over the village of Innaarsuit in Greenland, now seen from the vantage of space.Read more...
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Cool satellite view of dozens of oxbow lakes formed when a river changed course

When a river changes course on its flood plain, it can leave an entire bend of the river cut off from the new flow, forming an oxbow lake. Seen in bright blue in this shot of the Songhua River in northeast China, they are usually narrow crescents. (more…)
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NASA’s newest satellite sends its first test image, and it’s stellar

Last month, NASA launched TESS, a satellite that will search thousands of stars for Earth-like exoplanets. TESS has just sent back its first photo, and although it’s just a test image, it’s fascinating and gives you an idea of how big the mission is. The photo shows more than 200,000 stars, and four TESS cameras […] The post NASA’s newest satellite sends its first test image, and it’s stellar appeared first on DIY Photography.
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Bill Gates Backs Plan to Surveil the Entire Planet From Space

EarthNow is a new company looking to provide satellite imagery and live video in virtually real-time. Its unsettling pitch describes a network of satellites that can see any corner of the globe and provide live video with a latency of about a second. And a look at the startup’s top investors gives a lot of confidence…Read more...
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Fancy new geoglyphs discovered in Peru

Those thousands of drawings in the desert of southern Peru that we call the Nazca Lines? They're so yesterday. According to National Geographic, all of the cool kids know that the geoglyphs worth paying attention to are those new ground etchings that archaeologists recently grokked in Peru's Palpa province. Through the use of drones and satellite imagery, 50 new examples of geoglyphs were discovered by archeologists. Many of the ground drawings were so fine or well hidden that they are almost t...
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Newly launched GOES-S satellite will help scientists make accurate predictions about extreme weather

No matter what the current presidential administration wants you to think, the climate is changing. Storms have become more powerful, and natural weather disasters are more common than ever. Today’s meteorological infrastructure, however, is having trouble keeping up with the sheer size and scope of these changes — until now. The GOES-S Satellite, launched by the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) in March 2018, plans to fill in those gaps, changing how we look at weather for...
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New satellite paves the way for full-color, full-motion video from space

British company Earth-i just launched a new prototype satellite that paves the way for the “world’s first full-color, full-motion video satellite constellation.” CARBONITE-2 is a test version of the the Vivid-i commercial satellite constellation, and its imaging system “is designed to deliver 1m resolution images and color HD video clips with a swath width of 5km.” CARBONITE-2 (which the Earth-i team calls VividX2) blasted off from the Indian Space Research Organization‘s Satash Dhawan Space C...
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See Stunning New Images of Irma and Jose From Space

Follow the storms with these composite images provided exclusively to TIME
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Roofr wants to use satellite imagery to disrupt the roofing industry

Meet Roofr, a Y-Combinator startup that uses satellite imagery software to analyze your roof and determine whether or not you need to hire a roofing contractor for repair or replacement.  The post Roofr wants to use satellite imagery to disrupt the roofing industry appeared first on Digital Trends.
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4,000 Google Earth Photos Were Edited and Assembled Into This Dizzying Race Across the Earth

You don’t always need a wealthy record label to create a memorable music video. As YouTube’s Adnaan demonstrates, all you need is access to the massive archive of satellite photos on Google Earth, and enough time to painstakingly assemble over 4,000 of them into a frantic race across the Earth.Read more...
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Descartes Labs opens its geospatial analysis engine to a handful of lucky developers

 It’s easy to forget that even with the fanciest of machine learning models, we still need humans in the trenches cleaning input data. Descartes Labs, a startup that combines satellite imagery with data about our planet to produce insights and forecasts, knows this all too well. The company ended up building its own cloud-based parallel computing infrastructure to clean and process… Read More
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Google selling Terra Bella satellite imaging business to Planet

 Google will sell its Terra Bella business, which includes a group of SkySat Earth imaging satellites, to Planet Labs, the companies confirmed on Friday after TechCrunch’s Ingrid Lunden first reported that a deal was going down on January 25. Google’s space-high view of the world in its mapping software isn’t going anywhere, however – Google will continue to license… Read More
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Citizen scientists can now help stop archaeological looting

GlobalXplorer is the latest crowdsourced science project, this time in the service of preserving archaeological sites that are being looted. Participants scan satellite images for signs of looting, and mark sites off a map. (more…)
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TellusLabs wants to help us better understand our planet

 If you’ve spent time following companies like Orbital Insight and Descartes Labs, you might assume the geospatial analytics race has been won. But TellusLabs thinks, on the contrary, that the table hasn’t even started to cool. Armed with $3 million in new seed funding from IA Ventures, the Boston-based startup wants its trust in human intuition to be the ace that wins it a seat… Read More
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30-year satellite image timelapses of notable places

Google's Earth Outreach just published a series of nifty decades-long views of how world landmarks of changed, like this one of the Aral Sea from 1984 to present. Some of them are like watching slime molds grow: (more…)
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DigitalGlobe’s new imaging satellite makes it to space

 This morning, the United Launch Alliance sent an Atlas 5 401 rocket loaded with Digital Globe’s WorldView 4 satellite into space. The satellite will create a new pipeline for sending high quality satellite imagery back to earth. DigitalGlobe worked with Lockheed Martin to build a satellite capable of taking crystal-clear photos from 400 miles away while moving at 17,000 mph. WorldView… Read More
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