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Bessemer’s Tess Hatch on the evolving aerospace market and COVID-19 adjustments

The aerospace market is evolving quickly and merging with other segments of tech, making it an exciting space for both startups and investors — but the complications of the global pandemic are being felt by both. Bessemer Venture Partners investor Tess Hatch has been helping guide companies in their portfolio through these strange times, and has been rolling with the punches herself. Hatch recently spoke to us about the investment advice she’s been offering, which companies are being hit hard...
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SpaceX Rival OneWeb Files for Bankruptcy, Citing Covid-19 as a Factor

Telecommunications firm OneWeb has filed for bankruptcy, leaving the status of its orbital internet constellation, which currently consists of 74 satellites, in doubt. The debt-stricken company said it failed to secure required funding on account of the covid-19 pandemic.Read more...
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OneWeb to file for bankruptcy as effort to secure funding, including from investor SoftBank, falls through

Broadband constellation satellite operator OneWeb will file for bankruptcy protection in the U.S., likely some time Friday, after attempts to secure new funding, including from existing investor SoftBank, fell through, TechCrunch has learned. The Financial Times also reported on the failure of its funding attempt on Friday, based on its own separate sources. The company will be laying off most of its staff, with a team remaining in place to continue to operate its existing satellites in sp...
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Space Force to Get the Hell Off of Earth

The U.S. Space Force is scheduled to launch its first mission to space in a two-hour window beginning at 2:57 p.m. ET on Thursday from Cape Canaveral, sending a communications satellite into orbit aboard a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket.Read more...
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2020 Extra Class study guide: E2A – Amateur radio in space: amateur satellites; orbital mechanics; frequencies and modes; satellite hardware; satellite operations

Making contacts via amateur satellites is a very popular amateur radio activity. There’s even an organization dedicated to launching and operating amateur radio satellites—AMSAT ( Perhaps the most important thing you need to know when trying to communicate via satellite is where the satellites are. One way to determine the location of a satellite at a given time is by using the Keplerian elements for the satellite. Keplerian elements are the parameters that define the orbit of a s...
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OneWeb confirms layoffs and potential launch schedule delays amid reported bankruptcy considerations

Satellite operator OneWeb has confirmed that its workforce has been reduced via layoffs, after TechCrunch learned that it reduced its workforce by as much as 10 percent this week. The company did not confirm the total size of the layoff, but provided a statement to TechCrunch regarding the current state of its operations, and citing cost that it deemed necessary in light of the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic turmoil. A OneWeb spokesperson provided this statement...
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What Spring Looks Like From Space

An image from the Meteosat-9 satellite shows Earth on the vernal equinox, the official start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere.
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SpaceX will launch Intelsat’s next satellite using a re-used Falcon 9 in 2022

Intelsat has tapped SpaceX for the launch of its Intelsat 40e spacecraft, a high-throughput communications satellite that will join the company’s existing geostationary network. The satellite is being built by Maxar, Intelsat announced last month, and will be carried to its target orbit by a Falcon 9 rocket using a flight-proven first stage booster. Intelsat is a connectivity infrastructure company that operates a communications network providing video and broadband services globally. The Int...
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Space Force needs to prepare for a new Cold War in Earth’s orbit

Are U.S. space assets at risk from enemy hunter-killer satellites? One ex-Air Force general thinks so.
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Satellites Show Italy's Air Pollution Dissipating as Covid-19 Outbreak Worsens

After China, Italy has been the second-hardest-hit by the covid-19 pandemic racing around the world. In an effort to staunch the number of cases, the Italian government severely restricted travel this week in northern Italy—the pandemic epicenter for the country—before extending restrictions to the entire country.Read more...
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Super-Storm Early Warnings From Four Extreme Weather-Tracking Satellites

In both 2016 and 2018, Lockheed Martin launched one next-generation weather tracking satellite—known as GOES, or Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites—capable of detecting almost every bolt of lightning in the Western Hemisphere. Two more of these 6,000-pound satellites will be launched in 2021 and 2024. With all four in place, they’ll be able to monitor electrical activity in the atmosphere—and the data they amass will help to …
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An Orbital Rendezvous Demonstrates a Space Junk Solution

Two satellites docked together high above Earth on Tuesday, successfully extending the life of one that was running out of fuel.
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A Meeting in Orbit Demonstrates a Space Junk Solution

Two satellites docked together high above Earth on Tuesday, successfully extending the life of one that was running out of fuel.
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Astranis raises $90 million for its next-gen satellite broadband internet service

YC-backed Astranis has raised $90 million of new combined debt and equity funding in a Series B round led Venrock, with a sizeable contribution by existing investor (and lead of their 2018 round) Andreessen Horowitz. The funding will be used to help the company launch its first commercial satellites, which will be the bedrock of its future internet service offering, aimed at connecting the massive market of underserved populations around the world. Astranis emerged from stealth in 2018 when i...
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Low-Earth orbit is overcrowded, but this Silicon Valley startup has a solution

Space-tracking startup LeoLabs is using radar to keep an eye on what's happening in Earth orbit. Here's why.
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SpaceX’s plan to put 42,000 satellites in orbit could face a big legal roadblock

Astronomers are investigating their legal options to stop mega satellite constellations ruining their work.
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The Orbital Clutter Expands: SpaceX RivaI OneWeb Is About to Launch 34 Satellites

OneWeb, a UK-based telecommunications firm, is set to launch 34 satellites into space. These satellites will join an internet constellation that could soon consist of 648 satellites, in a system that will rival Elon Musk’s Starlink. We’ve officially entered into a new race for space—one that threatens astronomy and…Read more...
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Two Satellites Could Smash Into Each Other Over the U.S. Tonight

A pair of decommissioned satellites are at risk of colliding later today, potentially producing hundreds if not thousands of new pieces of space debris. Regardless of what happens, however, this incident illustrates our dire need for sensible space management practices. Read more...
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A DirecTV satellite could explode in space because of a battery issue

A DirectTV satellite might explode in space, and if it does, it could take other satellites down with it. 
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Satellite to Go Boom

DirecTV is rushing to move one of its satellites to a lower orbit due to the likelihood it will go boom, pow, kablam, rattle-rattle-bang, Space News reported on Wednesday.Read more...
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The Pentagon’s Plan to Pepper Space With Surveillance Satellites Is Taking Shape

New details have emerged about the Pentagon’s ambitious plan to build seven different defense constellations, the first of which will include hundreds of surveillance satellites that are expected to attain full global coverage in just six years.Read more...
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Skylo raises $103 million to affordably connect the Internet of Things to satellite networks

One of the biggest opportunities in the new space economy lies in taking the connectivity made possibly by ever-growing communications satellite constellations, and making that useful for things and companies here on Earth. Startup Skylo, which emerged from stealth today with a $103 million Series B funding announcement, is one of the players making that possible in an affordable way. The funding brings Skylo’s total raised to $116 million, following a $14 million Series A. This new round was le...
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SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink internet satellites amid astronomer concerns

SpaceX is making progress with its efforts to launch an internet service from space after launching its third batch of 60 Starlink satellites this week.
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Satellogic is launch two new Earth observation satellites as it expands operations

Earth observation New Space company Satellogic is expanding its orbital fleet with two new satellites set to launch on January 15 on board a Chinese Long March 2D rocket. The company, which was founded in 2010 and currently operates eight spacecraft in orbit, will be adding two NewSat Mark IV satellites to its in-space assets with this launch, both of which carry both multispectral and hyperspectral cameras for detailed high-resolution Earth imaging needs. The company’s overall goal is to pro...
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Satellite Images Show the Shocking Extent of Australia Bushfire Smoke

The bushfire crisis isn’t limited to Australia—it’s coming for the entire Southern Hemisphere atmosphere, too.Read more...
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NASA says farewell to tiny satellite that paved the way for exoplanet discovery

NASA has lost contact with one of its tiniest explorers, a miniature satellite called ASTERIA. Operators have been unable to contact the satellite since December 5, 2019.
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Beautiful NASA satellite image of the mysterious giant man of South Australia

NASA Earth Observatory's Lauren Dauphin captured this lovely portrait of the Marree Man, a 2.2 mile (3.5 kilometer) tall illustration of a person etched into a South Australian plateau, southeast of Lake Eyre. A pilot first spotted Marree Man in 1998 but to this day nobody knows for sure who created the geoglyph. While an Alice Springs artist reportedly confessed on his deathbed that he is the artist behind the geoglyph, there are other clues suggesting an American origin. Australian entrepren...
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Rocket Launches, Trips to Mars and More 2020 Space and Astronomy Events

A year full of highs and lows in space just ended, and the 12 months to come will be full of new highlights in orbit and beyond.
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China nears completion of its GPS competitor, increasing the potential for Internet balkanization

On Friday, China announced that it would complete its competitor to the U.S.-operated global positioning system network by the first half of next year, increasing the pace of its decoupling from U.S. technologies. China’s Beidou network of satellites — named after the “Big Dipper” constellation — will be the first service to compete with the U.S. Air Force’s global positioning system and already has a potentially massive user base since over 70% of Chinese smartphones are now ready to use its po...
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