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Shorties (Robert A. Caro Interviewed, Nick Cave Profiled, and more)

Forward and Fresh Air interviewed historian Robert Caro. The New York Times reviewed Caro's new book, Working. The Guardian profiled Nick Cave. April's best eBook deals. eBooks on sale today for $1.99: Acolytes of Cthulhu: Short Stories Inspired by H. P. Lovecraft An Excess Male by Maggie Shen KIng Reckoning by David Halberstam Amanda Palmer visited The Current studio for an interview and live performance. Vol. 1 Brooklyn interviewed author Bud Smith. Stream a new song by th...
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A Little Bit of Red

I think it was SonjaM, who told me before I acquired Scarlett, my red 2014 Ural Patrol Sidecar Rig, that National Geographic photographers liked to have a dash of red somewhere in their pictures.Over the years, people remarked how well Scarlett's red color showed up in pictures.Yagi, the newest motorcycle in the stable (or harem as Martha calls them) is a mix of black/blue and silver colors, but mostly black.This color scheme makes it really hard for Yagi to be seen clearly in some of my picture...
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Fantasy Epics Are YA’s Next Big Trend — Here’s Where To Get Started

Fantasy books have always been popular in YA and children's literature — long before Harry Potter. But lately, the genre has given authors the opportunity to create rich worlds that draw from culturally specific mythologies or historical periods. In two 2019 books, for example, authors dive back into 18th and 19th century Paris and supernatural twists.In a way, YA fantasy offers a chance to rewrite history, in addition to letting imaginations soar. Through the lens of these YA fantasy books, hi...
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How To Get Started With YA, According To The NYPL's Youth Librarians

Twenty years ago, young adult literature occupied a few shelves in the children's section of a bookstore. A few Hunger Games and Twilights later, the genre has exploded into pop-cultural prominence. Although these books focus on teenage protagonists, the genre's appeal has no age restrictions. According to Publisher's Weekly, adults comprise over half of YA's readership. They pre-order books with fervor; they have YA book fan clubs.Adults are drawn to YA books for different reasons. Some young ...
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iBuyer companies want to buy your Southern California home

Travis Page, owner of Clover’s Lawn Service, rakes leaves at an Opendoor house on Joltaire Way in Winchester in December. Opendoor became the fourth iBuyer to start operating in Southern California. Although iBuyers have been active since 2014, the online home-buying model didn’t reach Southern California until 2017. (Photo by Frank Bellino, contributing photographer) Southern California is relatively new to the iBuyer trend, which prefers markets with large expanses of cookie cutter tract ho...
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What’s an iBuyer? These companies will buy your home quicker, but at what cost?

Travis Page, owner of Clover’s Lawn Service, rakes leaves at an Opendoor house on Joltaire Way in Winchester in December. Opendoor became the fourth iBuyer to start operating in Southern California. Although iBuyers have been active since 2014, the online home-buying model didn’t reach Southern California until 2017. (Photo by Frank Bellino, contributing photographer) Southern California is relatively new to the iBuyer trend, which prefers markets with large expanses of cookie cutter tract ho...
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The next Xbox One is rumored to ditch the disc drive, and it could arrive as soon as May (MSFT)

Rumors suggest that the newest model of Microsoft's Xbox One will not have a disc drive and will strictly play digital content. In early 2018, Microsoft introduced Xbox Game Pass, an affordable digital video game service that gives subscribers access to an ever-increasing digital library with more than 100 games. The company has also unveiled plans for a cloud-gaming service, Project xCloud, which would allow users to stream video games to multiple devices. The next version of the Xbox One ma...
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Scarlett has been repaired.

Yep, she's working again.The clutch pack replacement and subsequent replacement of the input shaft for the gearbox allowed for her re-assembly yesterday.Took me a total of 5 joy-filled hours to put everything back together but she's mobile again!Had to redo the installation of the air box twice as I mis-routed part of the wiring for the left side ECU.Reinstalling the swing arm bolts also took some time.  The left side one went on easy enough with the use of a ratchet strap to pull the arm into p...
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Reese Witherspoon Teaming With Starz For Family Drama

Reese Witherspoon teaming with Starz for family drama The Hollywood Reporter has brought word that Reese Witherspoon (Big Little Lies) is teaming up with Davita Scarlett (Queen Sugar) and Starz for a multi-generational family drama. PB = PB || {}; PB.gptStandAlone = PB.gptStandAlone || {}; PB.gptAutoRefresh = PB.gptAutoRefresh || {'gptAds':[], 'gptStandAlone':[]}; googletag.cmd.push(function() { var standAloneSizeMapping = googletag.sizeMapp...
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The history of the Xbox

From "DirectX Box" to "720," it's been a long, strange trip for Microsoft's Xbox gaming console. Here is what happened, from its odd beginnings to the rumored Scarlett console with streaming. The post The history of the Xbox appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Replacing the Input Shaft in Scarlett's Gearbox

Scarlett's gearbox's input shaft's splines were damaged when the clutch disk splines failed over time.  As the splines on the clutch driven plates wore, they damaged the splines on the input shaft. Note the gouges on the splines. Today, I got the part from Holopaw Ural in Florida, the only dealer who had it in stock.  IMWA (aka the mother ship) in Redmond, WA had said they wouldn't have more in stock till sometime in March; so I was fortunate to have Terry Crawford offer to call Gene at Hol...
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Quick Hits: Queen of the Mole-rats + Hurricane-Climate Change

After a bloody fight, mole-rats at D.C’s National Zoo have selected a new queen For the last several months, mole-rats living in the Small Mammal House at the Smithsonian National Zoo have been engaging in a battle for supremacy. The mole-rats are just one of two mammalian species that live like colonies of bees or ants, where one queen reigns and challengers must fight or kill her in order to take her spot at the top. Only the queen is allowed to reproduce, and her subjects are assigned...
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New Clutch for Scarlett

The parts to replace the worn components of Scarlett's clutch pack arrived yesterday; minus the input shaft for the gearbox.  The shaft should be here Monday according to UPS tracking.After reviewing the install videos made by fellow Uralista and friend: Darrell S., I was ready to install the clutch pack.Link to videos:Ural Clutch Install:  Part 1 and Part 2Note: He mentions using Blue Loctite, it's supposed to be Red Loctite, he just hasn't updated the video I guess.  The springs are in place...
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Yagi's first sunset with me and another update on Scarlett

Yesterday evening, I rode Yagi the 2006 Yamaha TW200 Dual Sport over to my usual Sunset picture spot.The clouds cooperated somewhat, Yagi does silhouette nicely doesn't she? This evening, Yagi and I rode out again for the sunset but it was not to be....clouds rolled in and completely blocked the sun. What to do, what to do? Instead,  I spent perhaps 30 minutes riding in the dirt trails in the vacant lot next to the sunset picturing spot.  Not a large area but several trails full of r...
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Introducing: Yagi, the 2006 Yamaha TW200 and a Scarlett Update

Yagi: Japanese for Goat.The Yamaha TW200 Dual Sport Motorcycles have apparently garnered a reputation for go-anywhere little motorcycles, not very fast (in fact I think a Ural is faster if you can believe that!), good reliability and easy to service. So the name Yagi pretty much came to mind after some debate.I'm thinking Yagi will allow me to continue riding those back trails and forest roads I so like to explore and perhaps even summit some of the mountain passes that have defeated my Urals...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 61 & 62: Back in Colorado

Friday, Jan 25Left the Snyder Hill BLM site near Tucson before the sun was even up.  Drove the I-10 super slab eastbound towards the Monticello BLM site located to the north of Truth or Consequences, NM.It's turning out to be my "go to" BLM site while transiting New Mexico.Got there with plenty of time to run the 4KW generator and power the air compressor to blow out all the plumbing of water. Heading back to cold Colorado you see, have to winterize the rig.  Had also stopped on the way to the B...
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Rugby mother charged with murdering two young daughters

Louise Porton, 22, is accused of killing 16-month-old Scarlett and Lexi, three, who died a year ago.
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Mother charged with murdering two daughters in Rugby

Louise Porton, 22, is accused of killing 16-month-old Scarlett and Lexi, three, who died a year ago.
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 60: Returning to Colorado

Left Quartzsite this morning and ended up near Tucson by 5:00 PM. Long day behind the wheel but it's time to get back home and get some stuff done, Scarlett repaired or sold or both, and get Uma the URRV ready for another trip.I did stop by my FIL's home to pick up the camera/lens and meds I'd forgotten to bring with me in the flight back to AZ from Denver.Warm day, sunny skies, and I was in the RV driving...oh well.So now spending the night at the Snyder Hill BLM site near Tucson.  It's becomin...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 59: Hanging with the Machidas

Spent the day hanging out with RichardM and Bridget at the campsite near Quartzsite, AZ.The weather was warm and not windy at all which made it quite enjoyable to sit in the sun and chat about whatever was on our mind.  It would have been a perfect setting, but the large number of RVs surrounding us tended to ruin things a little bit.  Here's three views from the top of my URRV: We did take RichardM's truck into town to check out e-bikes for Bridget but nothing suitable was found.  One plac...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 58: Scarlett having clutch issues....time to head home

Tuesday, Jan 22.Ah, the vicissitudes of a Ural owner's life.As I riding during lunch, seeking a better cell signal (and failing to do so), I started hearing this metallic rubbing noise coming from the clutch area on Scarlett.Dammit.It only happened when in gear and shifting gears, not in neutral.Rode back to the campsite (no noise once the clutch lever is released) and drove Scarlett onto the trailer.I checked the clutch release rod against the new spare I'd recently received from Randy of Uniqu...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 57: Linking up with RichardM in Quartzsite, AZ

Broke camp early and left the State Trust Land near Congress, AZ. Leaving last night's campsite area A couple of hours later, I was in the traffic zoo that is apparently Quartzsite in late January!Holy Cow, never seen so many RVs and cars crammed into so small a town.  The BLM areas looked quite saturated as well.  December is definitely the time to be at Quartzsite, not late January when there's a Gem Show, Hamfest (Ham Radio gathering), Schoolie-Palooza (RVs converted from old school bus...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 54 -56: A Wedding in Denver, and now back in Arizona

Friday, Jan 18.Didn't get much riding done, wasn't feeling it I guess.  The weather wasn't great, light snow and snow-covered streets.  I had ridden Fiona to the auto parts store to get a 35mm socket wrench that I will be using to seat the replacement oil seal for Scarlett's leaking final drive.Saturday, Jan 19.Today was Eric L's and Danielle F.'s wedding day at the Brown Palace Hotel in downtown Denver.   It was a lot of fun seeing all of Eric's daughters together in one place again, they'd all...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 52: Back in Sun City

Left the boondocking site near the Painted Rock Petroglyph campground today just before noon.  I should probably have waited a bit longer for the water that fell yesterday to dry up.Getting out of the site was no problem, there was a layer of rock laid on top of the sandy ground.The dirt road leading back to the campground was another story.  I could feel the wheels wiggling a bit in the softer spots that "looked OK" but the worst parts were the large puddles.Some of them were wide enough, long ...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Days 50 & 51 An Unlisted BLM site and Rain

Monday, JAN 14Decided the Painted Rock Petroglyph had become a bit crowded for me as more RVs had taken up residence.During Sunday's riding, I'd found some seemingly suitable spots along Rocky Point Road, on BLM land (according the map provided by with good cell signal.I packed up Uma the URRV and dragging Scarlett along on her trailer, we left the campground and found us a good spot perhaps 5-6 miles west on Rocky Point Road.  Looking east, you can see the hills near the Petrog...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 48: Gila Bend Museum and other sights

This morning, I rode Scarlett the 25 miles or so to the nearby highway junction town of Gila Bend after a pretty good sunrise: The town, as I understand it, has basically been the junction point of travel technologies over the history of the region.  From wagons, to trains, and now auto highways, Gila Bend, has functioned as a meeting point.I got some groceries and then toured the museum at the city's visitor center.It's a small museum, basically contained in one large room that is part...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 46: Painted Rock Petroglyph Site and Campground

Left the Cottonwood Canyon Road BLM campsite today and found a spot at the Painted Rock Petroglyph Site and Campground about 15 miles west of Gila Bend, AZ.It's a BLM campground, featuring nice big spots with space between the sites and pretty level as well.  For the $8 camping fee, there's pit toilets and a garbage dumpster along with a camp host.  Not bad.  It wasn't crowded, perhaps slightly less than half full.It's right next to the Painted Rock Petroglyph site itself.From wikipedia:  LINKTh...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 45: Maintenance Day

A cloudy day with wind making the temperatures which reached the mid-60s seem cooler.Still the clouds made for a nice sunrise: Found there were tasks to be done on Scarlett, the 2014 Ural Sidecar Rig and I spent some time at the hardware store in nearby Florence, AZ sourcing the right bolt.One of the two bolts which held the starter motor in place had fallen off and I noticed it this morning.  I think I failed to secure it properly while working on the failed clutch parts last month.  Sigh....
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 44: Checking out Cottonwood Canyon

Today was the day to ride Scarlett to see what lay to the east along Cottonwood Canyon Road.Turns out, I didn't get very far.One road turned out to be blocked, there's apparently some kind of livestock operation behind locked gates.Further on, the road got bad really fast....and I wasn't up to a kidney busting ride today and so I stopped early on for this picture. Going back to the fork in the road, I took the one on the right instead and wound up stopped by the entrance to an open pit quarry...
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The Southwestern Sojourn - Day 43: Miami

Jan 07Miami, Arizona that is.  More on this name in a bit. After two days of overcast skies, I woke to a clear sky! Having spent my teenage years in Miami, FL....I tend to notice when other locales are named the same, such as the one in Ohio.Today I rode Scarlett over to US Highway 60 and headed east towards the town of Miami, passing Superior along the way and turning around eventually at Globe, AZ. Copper Boomtown Miami  Catholic Shrine by the Miami welcome sign How the town got ...
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