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David Apatoff's The Life and Art of Mead Schaeffer is out

David and I worked together on the Art of Richard Thompson book, and he's a talented guy. I've gladly bought most (all?) of his illustration history books. Plus I saw him in the Arlington Library parking lot today, and that reminded me to let people know about this. ...
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Co-Founder Of DC’s Signature Theater Resigns Following Allegations Of Sexual Assault

Two actors have publicly accused Eric Schaeffer, who has been the Northern Virginia company’s artistic director since its beginnings in 1989, of repeatedly grabbing their genitals during public events in 2016 and 2018. Signature management says that a two-month investigation in 2018 by an attorney for the company found the allegations “not credible,” but Schaeffer decided to resign this week after the actors made their accusations public on Facebook over the weekend. – The Washington Post
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Co-Founder Of DC’s Signature Theatre Resigns After Sexual Assault Allegations

Eric Schaeffer, founding artistic director of the Tony-winning Signature Theatre, resigned late Tuesday after an actor made public his allegation that Schaeffer sexually assaulted him during a Washington awards show in May 2018. – Washington Post
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Signature Theatre Denies Allegations of Sexual Assault Against Co-Founder Eric Schaeffer

Signature Theatre is denying sexual assault allegations against its co-founder and artistic directorEric Schaeffer. [Author: BWW News Desk]
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University of California Will Stop Using SAT, ACT

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Wall Street Journal: The University of California board of regents voted Thursday to stop using the SAT and ACT college admissions exams (Warning: source paywalled; alternative source), reshaping college admissions in one of the largest and most prestigious university systems in the country and dealing a significant blow to the multibillion-dollar college admission testing industry. The unanimous 23-to-0 vote ratified a proposal put forward last month...
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Your Ministry Will Take a Lifetime: My Counsel for Younger Men

Some of us can read a text like “The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, which shines brighter and brighter until full day” (Proverbs 4:18) and wonder why our light still feels so dim. The verse teaches that if you are walking with the Lord, your life is dawning more and more with “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Colossians 1:27). The passing years of his care are making you more compelling, more relevant, more fruitful — not less. And someday soon your glory will blaze like...
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South Dakota executes man in '92 slaying of former co-worker

Charles Rhines was executed by lethal injection at 7:39 p.m., after the U.S. Supreme Court declined to halt the execution despite three late appeals. "Ed and Peggy Schaeffer, I forgive you for your anger and hatred toward me," Rhines said, before thanking his defense team. Rhines, 63, ambushed 22-year-old Donnivan Schaefer in 1992 when Schaefer surprised him in the midst of burglarizing a Rapid City doughnut shop where Schaeffer worked.
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The Latest: Executed inmate: 'I forgive' parents of victim

A convicted killer executed in South Dakota used his last words to speak to the parents of his victim. Charles Rhines was executed Monday evening at the state prison in Sioux Falls for the 1992 slaying of 22-year-old Donnivan Schaeffer. Rhines ambushed Schaeffer when Schaeffer interrupted him as he was burglarizing the doughnut shop where Schaeffer worked.
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South Dakota completes execution after delays awaiting final SCOTUS appeals

As reportedin this AP piece, in South Dakota "Charles Rhines was executed by lethal injection at 7:39 p.m., after the U.S. Supreme Court denied to halt his execution despite three late appeals."  Here are more details of the crime and appeals: Rhines, 63, ambushed 22-year-old Donnivan Schaefer in 1992 when Schaefer surprised him while he was burglarizing a Rapid City doughnut shop where Schaeffer worked. Rhines had been fired a few weeks earlier.  Rhines ambushed him, stabbing him in the stomac...
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When Ted Turner Tried to Colorize Citizen Kane: See the Only Surviving Scene from the Great Act of Cinematic Sacrilege

Could there be a greater act of cinematic sacrilege than colorizing Citizen Kane? For most of the past 78 years since its premiere, Orson Welles' debut feature has been widely considered the greatest motion picture ever made: witness, for instance, its domination of Sight & Sound magazine's critics poll from 1962 until its slip to second place under Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo in 2012. Artistically innovative in ways that still influence movies today, it would seem that Citizen Kane requi...
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‘The Hustle’ Screenwriter Jac Schaeffer on Her Female Con Artist Comedy and the Upcoming ‘WandaVision’ Series [Interview]

It’s clear Jac Schaeffer is going to be a writer we’re following for a long time, since she wrote a screenplay for Black Widow and is running Marvel’s WandaVision for Disney+. Even now, her current film captures the hearts of ‘80s movie buffs like me. The Hustle is a remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Rebel Wilson and Anne Hathaway in the roles originated by Steve Martin and Michael Caine. Penny (Wilson) is a petty con artist catfishing guys. Josephine (Hathaway) is a high class ...
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‘The Hustle’ Trailer: Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson Are Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

The Steve Martin/Michael Caine comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels gets an update with The Hustle, starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson. Hathaway and Wilson play con artists who team up with go after the men who have wronged them. Hilarity, unconvincing disguises, and questionable accents follow. Watch the latest The Hustle trailer below. The Hustle Trailer  I have absolutely no problem with female-centric remakes of older films. At the same time, wouldn’t it be cool if filmmakers started...
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Francis Schaeffer: Will Today’s Pain Lead to Death or Birth?

Doctrinal rightness and rightness of ecclesiastical position are important, but only as a starting point to go on into a living relationship—and not as ends in themselves. — Francis Schaeffer Francis Schaeffer (1912–1984) was an evangelical missionary, theologian, and writer, best known for founding L’Abri with his wife, Edith. After studying at Hampden-Sydney College, Westminster Theological Seminary (where he studied under Cornelius Van Til), and Faith Theological Seminary, Schaeffer pasto...
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Jac Schaeffer to Serve as Showrunner on Vision and Scarlet Witch Series

Jac Schaeffer to serve as showrunner on Vision and Scarlet Witch series According to The Hollywood Reporter, Marvel Studios has tapped Jac Schaeffer to serve as writer and showrunner on the in-development The Vision and Scarlet Witch series, which is expected to be the first show Marvel Studios will produce for the Disney+ streaming platform. Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen are expected to reprise their roles as the titular superhero couple. PB = PB || {}; ...
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Marvel’s ‘The Vision and Scarlet Witch’ TV Series Finds a Showrunner in ‘Captain Marvel’ and ‘Black Widow’ Screenwriter

The last time we saw Vision (Paul Bettany) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), one was having his head torn apart by Thanos and the other was being turned to dust by a godlike snap. But, spoiler alert, they get better – they have a new series coming to the Disney+ streaming service. And now, that new series has a showrunner and a title. The Vision and Scarlet Witch will be run by Jac Schaeffer, a writer who has already built up a solid track record with Marvel Studios. The Hollywood Reporte...
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I’m Thankful for Francis Schaeffer

Note from CM: It is Thanksgiving week in the U.S., and I’d like to take each day leading up to the holiday to share a few of the blessings I’m thankful for. I’ve decided this year to focus on some people and things that have had an impact on me personally, so you may find my list a bit quirky. Nevertheless we each have unique factors that have shaped us and made us who we are. You’ll meet a few of mine this week. • • • I’m Thankful for Francis Schaeffer A quiet disposition and a heart giving t...
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J. Michael Jones: Finding a Christian (metaphysical) View of Nature, Part I

Note from CM: Today we welcome yet another “Mike” to our group of iMonk authors. J. Michael Jones. Mike blogs at J. Michael Jones, where you can also find information about his books. Here is a brief bio: J. Michael Jones lives with his wife, Denise, in Anacortes, Washington. They have five grown children. For 35 years, Michael has had a career as a PA in neurology and medical care in the developing world. He has written over 30 articles in national and international medical journals and publi...
Tags: Amazon, France, Church, Religion, West, Pakistan, Jesus, God, Christian, Christ, Pacific Northwest, Mayo Clinic, Rogers, Michael, Marie Antoinette, Sunday School sinks after getting its most bearish target on Wall Street (JD) shares dropped more than 5% Monday after  Morgan Stanley slashed its price target. CEO Liu Qiangdong was briefly detained in the US over Labor Day weekend due to a rape allegation. He denied any wrong doing and has returned to China. Liu will no longer attend a state-run artificial intelligence forum in Shanghai this week, Reuters says. Watch stock price in real time here. dropped more than 5% Monday after  Morgan Stanley slashed its price target to $25 from $37, the low...
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‘The Predator’ Has a Bonkers Ending, But It Was Originally Significantly Different

The Predator is in theaters this weekend, and even though it’s not faring too well among critics, yours truly found it to be a truly enjoyable, bloody, pulpy, action-packed extravaganza with the perfect amount of Shane Black‘s signature humor and an outstanding ensemble cast to bring it all together. Plus, it has one wild ending that sets the stage for something huge in a possible sequel. But The Predator ending was originally significantly different than what ended up on the big screen, and it...
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Japanese Musicians Turn Obsolete Machines Into Musical Instruments: Cathode Ray Tube TVs, Overhead Projectors, Reel-to-Reel Tape Machines & More

In the 1940s and 50s, experimental composers like Halim El-Dabh, Pierre Schaeffer, and Pierre Henry began making experimental compositions that Schaeffer would call musique concrete. They used tape recorders, phonographs, microphones and other analog electro-acoustic devices to create music, as Henry put it, from “non-musical sounds.” These techniques became mainstays of more familiar audio art, such as the radio and television sound designs of the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop. With the ad...
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10 Books Every Christian Should Read

I believe that of all the questions I receive, the most common relate to books. What are some books I ought to read? Can you recommend a book on this subject or that subject? What should I read next? I’m happy to answer such questions, but thought I might be able to answer a bunch at once by suggesting 10 books that every Christian ought to read. Transcript As you can probably imagine, I get a lot of feedback from people who watch these videos, people who read my websi...
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Director Cate Shortland Might Helm Marvel’s ‘Black Widow’ Movie

Marvel is narrowing down their search for a Black Widow director. Reports indicate several female filmmakers are on the shortlist to helm the film, but Australian director Cate Shortland might be the finalist. Marvel Studios has been promising fans a Black Widow solo movie for years. The boilerplate answer from Kevin Feige and Marvel was that the film would happen “when the time was right.” That time is apparently now, because Marvel is getting serious about making the Scarlett Johansson-sta...
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Weekend A La Carte (June 16)

Today’s Kindle deals include something old and something new. Logos users, click here to get a free copy of Schaeffer’s Escape from Reason. (Yesterday on the blog: The Controversy Behind the Revoice Conference) Psalms for Men Who Are Struggling This was helpful to me yesterday. “ The Psalms made no sense to me when I was in college because they sounded so bleak. Here were these compositions that were supposed to be so worshipful, but the Psalmists just spent too much time com...
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Rationality and Faith: An Excerpt from Escape from Reason

This month’s free Ebook is Escape from Reason, Francis Schaeffer’s classic examination of postmodernism and Christianity’s response. Escape from Reason is justifiably ranked as one of the greatest apologetic works of the twentieth century, in part due to Schaeffer’s overwhelming compassion for those lost in humanism that engages the Christian heart and mind on every page. In this excerpt from Chapter 7, “Rationality and Faith,” Schaeffer insightfully contrasts man’s eternal significance as a cre...
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June’s Free Ebook: Escape from Reason by Francis Schaeffer

Christian apologist Francis Schaeffer profoundly impacted twentieth-century evangelicalism. And few books have shaped the modern Church’s understanding of the culture more than his classic work, Escape from Reason. Escape from Reason is Schaeffer’s masterpiece of postmodern analysis. He unpacks humanism’s presuppositions and pushes post-modernism to its logical conclusion–total meaninglessness. But in that despair, he counters with the answer to modern man’s existential crisis—the gospel of Jesu...
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50 Years of The Outer Space Men at Five Points Festival

Hitting the scene in 1968 and licensed to Colorforms, The Outer Space Men were a group of seven bendable action figures designed by toy inventor Mel Birnkrant. Each of the original seven figures represented beings from other planets in our solar system including Alpha 7, The Man From Mars; Astro-Nautilus, The Man From Neptune; Commander Comet, The Man From Venus; Colossus Rex, The Man From Jupiter; Electron+, The Man From Pluto; Orbitron, The Man From Uranus; and Xodiac - The Man From Saturn. ...
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Mother of murdered actress Rebecca Schaeffer pours her grief into one-woman show at Hollywood Fringe Festival

When Danna Schaeffer hears that one of her friends has welcomed a new grandchild, she’s happy for them. But she feels awkward, too. Danna Schaeffer, mother of murdered actress Rebecca Schaeffer, comes to terms with her grieving process and talks about it publicly in “You in Midair.” The show has its L.A. premiere at Hollywood Fringe Festival, from June 3-17. (Photo by Owen Carey) As the 74-year-old Portland playwright put it, “It does ring that horrible bell of sadness: I don’t have those, I...
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Zero tolerance makes zero sense, and other stories

Here are a few odds and ends that merit readers' attention: Learning the ropes Politico ran a nice feature on Nueces County DA Mark Gonzalez, focusing on his much-ballyhooed "biker gang" connections. Proponents of revenge-porn restrictions must face 1A contradictions Houston attorney Mark Bennett picks apart a forthcoming law review article trying to salvage a legal justification for Texas' anti-revenge porn law. Prosecutors and legislators hoping to rewrite the law after the Texas Court of Crim...
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Another Look: I Know It’s Not for Everyone, but I’ve Found an Oasis in a Mainline Church

Note from CM: Yesterday’s back and forth prompted me to look up this post I wrote in 2012. Some things have changed in my life since then, but the main message of the piece still holds up. • • • I Know It’s Not for Everyone, but I’ve Found an Oasis in a Mainline Church In other essays here on Internet Monk, I have described my own journey through the post-evangelical wilderness. I grew up in a mainline church (United Methodist), but most of my spiritual journey has been in evangelicalism. I ha...
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No Small Pastors

Most pastors serve in small churches. Pastors of small churches experience many blessings: we get to know a particular group of people we know by name. We get to shepherd people, not manage complex systems. If you pastor a small church, you get to enjoy blessings that many pastors of large churches don’t. But there’s a tradeoff: many pastors of small churches feel like failures. We hear the message — sometimes explicit and sometimes implied — that small churches should grow large, and that capab...
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